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"Looking for a reason to buy a GC? Well here it is!"

The original SSB for the N64 was simple, yet fun; a very stupid idea, yet a very good idea. Beating the crap out of Nintendo characters with other Nintendo characters? Yes, I was a skeptic at first. Even reluctant to rent the game at first, I was. But now, it is one of my top 5 favorite N64 games. SSB:M is like the original, except better, much better.

Gameplay: 10/10

Ah yes, the only real reason you need this game. Does the game shine so bright in any other category? No. Gameplay is where it's at. One-player action is superb, with a possible 25 characters and plenty of modes, not to mention 292 trophies to collect. But, now that you have beaten the game a half a billion times and are getting a bit tired, what do you do? The answer is multi-player. This is the greatest multi-player game of all time. Fast, furious, and most of all fun. You can't help but smile after each battle, even if you lose to your worst enemy. But, you don't have a friend to play with... No problem! You can play against up to three computers at a time in versus mode.

Graphics: 8/10

High polygon characters are extremely well done and animated. The trophies are very pretty, and the items look good too. The particle effects and explosions are superb. However, low polygon backgrounds and other details lack somewhat. Nonetheless, this never hinders gameplay at all, and you won't notice any small imperfections because of your preoccupation of trying to win. Besides, this game has NO frame rate problems at all, which is a relief.

Sound: 10/10

The kicks, punches, blocks, slashes, thrashes, clashes, and everything here sounds great. Music is clear and very high quality. There is some speech in the game, but not a whole lot. A great new feature is the ability to set either the music or sound effects louder if you so desire.

Replay: 10/10

Getting all trophies, all characters, all hidden levels, and beating all break the targets and so on will take a long, long time. Mastering every character will take even longer of a time. Once you do have everything and have mastered everyone, the game just starts opening up. Beating your friends is more satisfying after you master the game, and you can challenge yourself. Set 3 level 9 computers on a team against you with 10 lives each. Now, kill yourself 5 times and still try to win. Fun things like this will add over 100 hours of gameplay, maybe 200!

Overall: 10/10

If you don't have a GC, get one, along with this game. If you have a GC but not this game, get it now. You only punish yourself by not doing so.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/07/01, Updated 03/28/02

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