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"A game so good, that the only game that comes close to this is the original."

I am the Ultimate Smash Bros. fan. I have spent hundreds of hours of gametime on the original Smash Bros. and when I saw the sequel, I was smitten. But... the title seemed too fast for me to get any strategy in there. Of course, this notion came from watching videos, which from my experience, is not a good idea.
Then came the horror of only seeing a rehashed title. Same items? Levels? Moves? Will I only be seeing everything the same but with only updated graphics?
If you are reading this review, then you are either fearing one of those things or something else. I am here to prove you totally, completely, wrong.

Is it too fast paced?

You like it slow enough so you can put some thinking into it. Or you don't want to be confused and end up button mashing. The game itself lets you choose how fast you want it to go but I won't lie to you. The game is more fast paced than the original but just enough to not let it get into the way. But like I said, the game lets you choose how fast you want it by changing the damage level (much like the 50-200% thing in the original.

Is it too slow paced?

First, let me laugh at you for even thinking such a thing. Then let me tell you that there is a lightening fast mode. This is exactly what it suggests. If you were at the Cube Club, it was put this on defualt.

Is it too much like the original?

Think of it like Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. The general objective of these games are the same. Yet they are so different because they FEEL different. Smash bros. is so much more beefed up then the original. Sure, the idea here is to throw the guy off the platform. But the characters are so fluid, smooth, and animated, that playing with them feels like a new experience. Just remember this: When I shot with Fox's beefed up laser, I got really gitty inside cause it was so fun. It was like a mini game: shot all characters with your laser. You may seem confused but buy this game and dimish any confusion.
And besides, if all games were the same, the Zelda series and the Final Fantasy series would have burned out long ago.

Is it worth it?

With some friends, yes. Alone, probably not.
Hopefully, I've dispelled all your doubts.

Graphics: 10/10

Unrivaled animation, effects and moves make the characters feel totally new and fresh. Awesome and very interactive environments. Every character has a few levels for themselves and Samus's are some of the best levels I've ever seen. (spoiler) In one of the levels, a monstrous dragon (a boss from Super Metroid, actually) comes out of the lava below you and cracks the stage. Impressive.

Sound: 10/10

Everything doesn't sound the same anymore. Samus's hook sounds like a machine and Link's hook sounds like a hook.
The music is unbelieveable. If you're a longtime fan of Nintendo, you'll recognize several pieces
(the Zelda temple music brought tears to my eyes)/

Gameplay: 10/10

It's really fun. It is the most fun game I have ever played. Ever.

Control: 9/10

Oh well, throw happy people can't get so throw happy anymore because the z trigger is so damn uncomfortable! You won't be using it anyway so don't worry. You won't even be looking at your damage percentage cause you won't have time. You'll get killed. At one point though, it all just CLICKS.

Replay Factor: 10/10

300 trophies, 26 characters, hard to master, 23 stages, 100's of moves, 40 items,.... and a fun factor that never goes down.

Don't listen to anybody dissing this game. If this isn't game of the century, I don't know what is. If you have a friend and a GameCube, get this game while it is available.
I promise, it will meet your expectations and pass them.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/08/01, Updated 12/08/01

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