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"Simply The most complete Game EVER!"

Gameplay 10/10

The most important thing about any game. This Game is just so fun; you will never tire of it, ever. With 8 different single player modes, 50 challenges and almost 300 highly detailed trophies each with their own biography, you will never be stuck for something to do. One other thing is that almost everything has a top score, for each mode and for each character, which gives you about 200 high scores you can keep trying t beat. Each of the 25 characters plays so differently, you will soon settle on a favourite. People say this game is all about button bashing, it isn’t, its all about timing and precision (although occasionally a bit of button bashing will come into play). Then there is the multiplayer. This game is simply the best multiplayer game ever, possibly even beating the likes of goldeneye, Perfect dark and MarioKart. There are so many multiplayer options that you could never get bored of playing it, The original Super Smash brothers only had 2 modes of multiplayer game and that nearly never got repetitive. Something else worth mentioning are the levels, there are at least 25 of them, all totally different, If you wanted a more strategic battle you cold choose the temple which is huge, but if you wanted a frantic brawl you could choose a small level like kirby's fountain. Also like the first game, there are so many hidden depths to each characters fighting styles, you could just sit there for hours on end with a friend with the timer off, just finding out new little things (I did that everyday for 2 years with SSB).

Graphics 10/10

The graphics is this game are so pretty, you may not notice how much detail and time has gone into this game, because it is viewed from afar. But when you get up close to each Character using the games nice little pause mode or camera mode, you can really see. The Animation on each character is top class, each characters face changes as they are fighting so they react to being hit, or if something is about to hit them, again you can really appreciated this is you pause the game. Although most people may not notice (because they are to busy playing) but each character has their own real time shadow, and even get reflected. There is no hint of slow-down whatever unlike the first game which would if allot of pokemon or items were on stage, You can throw at least 15 Pokemon balls and their fully 3d pokemon will come out and perform their moves and it will not slowdown at all, even with 4 players. The trophies are so lovingly modelled and textured you won’t believe how many of them there are, it must have taken forever to make them. This Game features some really great texture work, which totally puts Ps2 games to shame. Each Level also has its own them, with some levels sprawled out into the horizon in fully 3d; there are things going on in the background that you may not even notice. Each level fits in nicely with its type of game, i.e. Ness' level is nice and cartoony, yet the Zelda themed levels are the same style as the N64 games.

Sound 10/10
WOW! The music is such an improvement over the original, and its really adds to make the game such a great game. Each of the 25+ levels has its own music, some of which are amazing and sound more like something from a Movie than a videogame. The in game sound effects also fit in excellently. But the music is definitely the best music I have heard in a game of this type.
Longevity and extras 10/10
with all those trophies too collect, all those top scores to keep beating, levels to unlock. And the Multiplayer, you will never ever get bored. The game also keeps an exact record of time and date of when you unlocked everything, which seems pointless but is a nice extra all the same. There is also a huge set of records of multiplayer battles, which tells you hundreds of averages about the multiplayer battles you’ve had. I never got bored of the first game, but there is even more to do in this one. Also worth mentioning are that there are at least 28 video clips, which include the short clips you get when you beat a mode with a character, to the 13 minute video showcasing each character, item and gamemode. There is also the lovely opening FMV. It seems really weird to see FMV on a Nintendo console, but its really good.

Overall 10/10 I cannot stress this enough, do not rent it, and BUY IT! This game is simply one of the most complete games ever, not to mention THE best game ever. This game gets even better if you have 4 friends, but even if you don’t there is still the huge Single player game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/08/01, Updated 12/08/01

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