Review by DarkNightwing

"Someone says 8.9, DarkNightwing says 10"

To date this is the best game I have ever played, and in the following statements I'm going to tell you why:

GRAPHICS: 9 out of 10

Although they don't live up to what the gamecube is completely capable of (see future releases) the graphics are nothing short of phenomal. Particle effects and real time lighting illuminate the most ingenious of all fighting games ever created. Mario wears denim not blue stretchy pants, Zelda's dress is commanded by realtime physics as are the items being thrown in every direction

CHALLENGE: 10 out of 10

Excellent! A smooooooth balance. I'm a terrible loser and when I lose I take out my anger on anything near me. And I had my moments with this game and the best part is that throughout my Nintendo career (12 years in about 20 days), I've been challenged but most games don't come close to the challenge that makes you come back for more instead of stomp off and attempt to break your system. Bottom line here is you're going to hit a few snags but you'll eventually work out strategies to get you past them. There is a tad of a learning curve (of course) in the transition from the first game to SSBM

CONTROL: 10 out of 10

The GCN's controller design is one of its best points and SSBM makes perfect use of the nifty fun stick. Many might expect a learning curve to appear when you pick up the GCN controller but the only difference between this game and SSB that will annoy you for sure, is the Z button throwing. Tons of people have complained about the Z button throwing, and at first it is a bit overwhelming but you get the hang of it within an hour. Other than that you use A for physical attacks, B for specials, and Y or X (or up on the stick if you prefer) to jump. Nice and simple.

GAMEPLAY: 10 out of 10

A sequel? Yes. But the game has been altered just enough that you get to immerse yourself in Super Smash Bros. all over again. Your favorite characters are falling faster and some have had some weight adjustments (Fox is lighter) but in the end you see it was all a change for the better. The people at HAL are ingenious, hats off to the Kirby creators.

SECRETS: 10 out of 10

Not something I usually rate a game on but for the sake of pushing this title over the top I'll talk about secrets. I was entirely skeptical about spoiler and rumor reports early in the go, but I was very glad to find out that the game totals 25 playable characters, that just destroys the original 12 for N64. Each character (I won't disclose them I could spoil it) is finely crafted in their own way even if they are just slight modifications of other characters. Earning them is half the fun, I've still got 100 trophies to go... this game is extremely deep for a fighter.

OVERALL: 10 out of 10

Although SSBM is a sequel it doesn't have that disappointing aftertaste when you spend 50 bucks on it just to play it on your new Gamecube. For all you parents out there not sure what game to get your kid, or for all you teens that are worried about what SSBM will do to your PS2 image, go out and get this game. It's all about the fun, the retro, the Nintendo. SSBM will be the gift for any GCN bearing soul during the holidays.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/08/01, Updated 06/07/03

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