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"One of, If not, THE best fighting game out there."

Introduction: I've never been a big fan of fighting games, but this is a truly awesome game. Its more then a fighting game, really. Its got so much depth it boggles the mind! I would have made a review, much sooner, for this game, But I was too busy playing it. Its hard to get away from. You may get mad, and stop for while, but you'll most likely come back. Now, on to the review!

Graphics: Really great. The Introduction for the game, is amazing. And the rest, is great too.

Play Control: Its very interesting. Even the play control has depth. You can make your attacks stronger, by pushing toward your foe, before an attack. And if you do it really hard, your'll do a ''Smash'' attack. Unlike other fighting games, the Fighter's special moves aren't really hidden. Each one has, a ''B'' Down and ''B'', Up and ''B'', and Forward and ''B'' special move. Of course there are other moves, too. You can even put up a ''Timed'' shield, with the ''R'' button. How thoughtful.

Music: The music is mostly, all songs from Nintendo's old games. There all good, and can really bring back some memories. There are other, new songs, as well, witch are good, too.

Sound effects: Punching, kicking, Fighter's yelling.. Them kind of sound effects.

Story: Well, there isn't any. You just fight through the many modes. But, this game is fine without a story.

Gameplay: This game, is a fighting game, staring an all-star cast, of nintendo's video game hero's. You've got, Mario, Link, Bowser, Pikachu, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey kong, Captain falcon, Fox Mccloud, Ness, Ice climbers, Kirby, Samus, and Zelda. Yep, theres that many. And heres the great part... Theres a ton of secret fighter's! Ok, now on to the many game modes. Theres ''Classic''. A one player mode, where you pick a fighter, and fight through the Battles. Theres also, three special stages. ''Break the Targets'', ''Snag Trophies'', and a ''Race''. Then theres Adventure mode. You'll still fight, but you'll do other things as well. Like, fighting Goomba's in the Mushroom Kingdom, or Trying to find the Triforce, in a Dungeon. Then we have event mode. Set events, that you must fight through. There one of the hardest things, in the game, and theres a total of 51. You'll have to be pretty good, to unlock them all, though. Then we have, the ''V.s'' mode. If you have more then one controller, this can be the most fun mode. Theres tons of rules to set, and modes to play. And good for you, the game keeps track of all sorts of data, including V.s battles. Then theres the Trophies. All through out the game, in many ways, you'll find trophies of Nintendo's past. They range, from Items, to Character's, to Areas, from all sorts of games. Theres over 300, and, as long as I've been working on it, I only have over 200, at this time. The easy way to get trophies is to use the lottery. By playing the many game modes, you earn coins, and the more you put into the ''Lottery'' the better your chances of getting a trophy. As you get tons of trophies from the lottery, it will become harder and harder to get them, and your'll have to pay more coins for a good chance. Theres Many other modes, too.

Challenge: The hardest thing in the game, to Me, would have to be the events. They can get you in raged sometimes. . . Very in raged. Very, very, ve.. er.. Back to the review. Theres ''Very easy'' to ''Very hard'' Settings for classic and adventure mode, but you wont get that lucky on the events. There mostly all hard. Trying to unlock everything can be hard, but its fun enough to come back to.

Replay Value: Wow! From one to ten, One being bad, ten being best, it would be about a million. Let's see.. A ton of secret fighters to unlock.. Over 300 trophies to earn, or get from the lottery.. Over five, secret arenas.. More events to unlock... Tons of modes to beat.... And, then theres the V.s mode. Witch, if you have some friends to play it with, can boost the rating over a million. The depth is.. Deep. Very deep. And in a fighting game of all things. The replay value, could be the best thing about this game.

Score chart:
Graphics: 10 / 10
Play Control: 9 / 10
Music: 8 / 10
Sound Effects: 8 / 10
Story: 1 / 10
Gameplay: 10 / 10
Challenge: 8 / 10
Replay Value: 10 / 10
Overall: 10 / 10

Final word: In to fighting games? Buy this game. Not really in to fighting games? buy this game. I'm not a fan of fighting either, but this game is One of the best. But you should know.. This game is addictive, so don't be surprised if you find your self up 'till three A.M, working to unlock a secret, or beat an event!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/14/01, Updated 12/14/01

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