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"A SMASH hit!"

If you thought that Super Smash Brothers couldn't get any better then you were definitely wrong! Here comes Super Smash Brothers Melee for Gamecube! A larger cast of characters, trophies showcasing various pieces of Nintendo's entire history, and new Smash action all with glorious Gamecube graphics, it's a Smash hit that cannot miss!

Gameplay 10/10
Wouldn't you know it? Up to 25 characters are available, as well as up to 3 different 1 player modes. You got Classic Smash, as well as an all new adventure mode, which is sure to delight new and old Smash Bros players alike. Show off your skills and unlock All Star to battle it out with all the games characters.

But you just cannot forget the new and improved Melee action. You liked the first 4 player melee option, try it in the new improved embellished worlds, taken from different games. Your favorite items along with some brand new items will greet you and make your matches even crazier than though possible. Besides the usual Stock and Time matches, you have 2 new modes for play. Coin and Bonus. Bash coins out of your opponents and win with the biggest stash, or try something that some players may have only dreamed of before. Complete for bonus points like you got in the original 1P version. Many more awards, and now you can obtain them in Melee matches. I've wondered what it would of been like to do that in Melee. Mine and others wishes were granted with this option.

Customize your Smash Bros Multiplayer experience with the customizable Item menu, Random Stage Selection, and unlock a mode to allow what stages are randomly selected. With the memory card you can save all your valuable statistics, from VS mode matches to all the gorgeous trophies you have collected, each with their own horde of priceless info that sends chills of nostalgia down the spines of new and old gamers alike. And don't forget to unlock the various hidden arenas included in the game! And also don't forget the awesome Snapshot mode to save awesome stills to your Memory Card!

Unlock the sound test to hear all your favorite Smash Bros tunes and sounds. But until you do that enjoy the modernized versions of some old tunes, as well as a couple of original tunes from a couple of NES faves. Greatly improved sound makes the great even greater.

Young and old can customize the game to their own liking, and save their Stats and Snapshots to as many Memory cards as desired. No worrying about loss of battery back up! You can set the game to your skill level including 5 different 1 player difficulties and 9 CPU settings in Multiplayer. And even if you are alone, you can scratch your multiplayer itch with CPUs so you can never go without a 4 player Smash Melee!

Although the games graphics aren't really rendered like such titles as Resident Evil, you can't go wrong that this is a glamerous show of computer animated sprites and displays. Kirby's Fountain of Dreams Arena and various showy attacks. I'm just going to cut it short and say the graphics are nothing short of spectacular! Utilize the Camera mode on Special Melee and take advantage of the crisp graphics!

Challenge-Low to High
Very Easy can make it to where the CPUs barely attack, whereas Very Hard will give a skilled player a run for their money. If you want to claim Super Smash Bros Melee supremacy, you should obtain most if not all of the 290 Trophies the game has to offer. If you manage to pull that off give yourself a pat on the back. Some like it easy, and some like it hard. This game does not disappoint

Replay Value-10
You got millions of different ways to play this game. If you get bored just play it a different way! Lets just see exactly how many different ways you can play this game, shall we?

I originally thought that control with Gamecube would be worse, but it's actually better than the original. The controls are much smoother and much more responsive, allowing for better maneuvering and gameplay. On top of your standard controls you can use R for a mid-air dodge that is sure to either save your hide or only make an expert look even better. For the most part, if your mess up on your control it's your own fault! Well, unless your controller got unplugged or knocked out of neutral position or otherwise something to do with your controller.

Buy? Rent? Borrow? Burn? Break to pieces? Microwave it?
I seriously hope you don't think about anything less than a rent because this game is spectacular! Nothing short of one of the finest works on Gamecube...or ever will be!

11 blocks to save your game data, and anywhere from 3-15 per snapshot (it will specify the number of blocks it needs to save the snapshot) Trust me, get a 251 block card. In fact get one JUST for this game if you can. The game automatically saves your data, so rest assured that you won't lose anything. Though if you are really worried, I highly recommend making copies of your SSBM data to other memory cards.

Memory Card, at least 1 controller, but I suggest at least 2, if not 4 controllers

1 Player can play every mode in the game, whereas 2-4 can play in Melee mode, Special Melee Mode, and Tournament Mode. Though you can have up to 64 human players in Tournament, since only 2 play at a time.

Company Info
Made By Nintendo, with the generous contributions of many other companies, all which can be featured in the end credits, shoot the credits with A to see them.

It's a must own! No collection would be complete without it! If anything, just get it and collect some trophies, learn a little about nintendo's history.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/05/03, Updated 02/05/03

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