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"Duke it out with your favourite Nintendo characters..."

Duke it out with your favourite Nintendo characters...
This is a truly wonderful game, but all games have their flaws. Although it's not perfect, it's definitely worth buying.

Gameplay - 10/10

We'll start with the controls. The controls in this game are really great. Each character has a unique set of attacks, using the A and B buttons. If you want to be a true master at this game, you'll have to master the attacks. Each attack has it's own purpose. If your character has knocked your opponent over the edge, you could use a ''meteor smash'' to make sure he doesn't get back on the platform. If you've got someone at high damage and you want to do a finishing move, try a ''smash attack''. If you've got someone at the edge, then throw him off! The list goes on and on. The main reason to get this game would be for the multiplayer. The multiplayer in this game is perfect. You could play for hours on end, round after round, with a friend or a computer player. You can change the round type to make it more exciting too. There is a classic stock match in which the players have a set amount of lives, the last one standing wins. I like to do team battles with my friends against increasingly harder computer players. There is also time match, in which you have unlimited lives, but to win you have to get the most KO's. There is a coin match, in which you have unlimited lives, but you win by getting the most coins. You get coins in this match by attacking people or knocking them off. There are many more like lightning melee, tiny melee, and super sudden death. And if you've got lots of people to play, try Tournament mode! There are also three different one-player modes, Classic, Adventure, and All-star. In Classic, you progress through a number of special stages, and bonus stages with your life refilled for each one. In Adventure, you progress through a bunch of different environments and whole ''worlds'' in between the levels. In All Star you fight every character in the game in progressively harder battles, without your life refilled in between each one. Another fun thing to do if you don't want to do a melee match is an event match. There are fifty-one event match scenarios to play, each one unique. Some if these event matches will unlock new things once beaten. There is also the stadium, where you can do the Target Test, Home-run Contest, and Multi-man Melee.

Characters/Stages/Items - 7/10

This is where the game is brought down, because of the characters. Of course all the characters from the prequel are included, and there are some new good ones, but it's the ''clones that everyone dislikes. These ''clones'' are new characters, but they are almost exactly the same as another one. The new Dr. Mario has almost the same move set as Mario. Young link the same as Link, Falco, the same as Fox. Of course they are different in some ways -- Young link is slightly faster and less powerful, Falco is slightly slower and stronger than Fox, but they are still mostly the same. I think that Nintendo could have come up with some new move sets, but they didn't and we've still got some great characters. There are plenty of stages to play on, each one very unique with, moving and sometimes dangerous environments. A lot of these stages have to be unlocked, but it's worth it. You can even play on some of the old stages from Super Smash Brothers. There is a very large selection of items to use in the game too. There are melee weapons, ranged weapons, recovery items, and character enhancers. You can smash someone off the stage with a baseball bat, blast someone away with the super-scope, eat a maximum tomato to recover your health or grow big with a mushroom. Each item has a history in a different game and thorough description in the trophy section.

Graphics - 10/10

The graphics in the game are really good. You could probably count the hairs on fox's chin if you wanted to. There is no frame lag at all. You could set the view on close up and put it on slow motion and watch how detailed the actions really are. The stages are very detailed, and the backgrounds are very cool. In the Menu screen, there are cool backgrounds that have the menu ''previews'' and moving things that make it look like the inside of your GCN or something.

Story - 7/10

I'm not going to mark this one really low, because most fighting games don't have really detailed stories, but I think a little more effort could have been put into some kind of a story. Like how the characters got together, why they're fighting. Something like in Mario Party would have been good. It's a competition, that's all.

Replay - 9/10

There is very good replay value in this game. You can play in the stadium, one-player mode, event matches and melee matches to unlock levels, characters, and trophies. You can try to get all the bonuses, special messages, and even things that won't unlock anything new. My goal is to get 1000 KO's with every character (bragging rights). There is always more to do in SSBM!

Sound - 10/10

The music and sound effects in this game are really good. Some of it really brings back memories… There are some great classic tunes from old games, and new remixes too! Each character also has it's own set of sound effects when they jump, attack, and say their victory sayings.

Overall - 8/10

This is a truly great fighter. It's great in almost all ways. Definitely a buy or at least a rent. Try not to get too addicted!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/05/03, Updated 03/05/03

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