"The best and only party fighting game you will ever own!"

This is a sequel to the very popular Super Smash Brother for Nintedo 64. The game became so well liked and popular they decide to make a sequel for the Gamecube. The game is based on many Nintendo based characters using their well know abilities to fight and become the top fighter. Most of the characters are from Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. This game has many modes of play and a whole bunch of characters. This has pretty much every aspect in the first SSB is in this one with even 3 returning stages. This just has more variety of option to make the game a lot more fun.

You fight in 2-D form and try to knock any and all of your rivals out of the arena in any direction. The battle can contain 2-4 characters. You can also make teams of either: blue, red, or green. You must attack your rivals to raise their percentage of damage. Every time a character is attacked their damage goes up. The higher the damage the further a character flies. When a character goes far enough (up, down, left, or right) they will be KO'd.
Every character has different attack and moves, but you use the same control combination to attack, jump, etc. A is your basic punches and kicking. When using the Control stick with A you can make the attack stronger. B is the character's special unique attack that has a connection with them in the past. When being attack you must use your character's recovery moves. Some characters can jump better than others. Most characters have a final jump that give them one extra boost using B+up. Also they are many items that give you an advantage or can backfire against you. You have containers which have items or explore. You have projection items that shoot the enemies from afar. You have transforming items that give you a special power for a short will. Also you have many beating items that can really send your opponents flying even at the lowest of damage. Food items take damage away. Finally Pokeballs release one of 30 different pokemon that delivers an unique attack. There are almost 30 stages all that have true differences. Some stages move left and right where you have to keep up with them or be KO'd. One moves up and down. Most stages stay still, but have many hazards and obstacles to avoid. Some stages have no obstacles and do not move at all. All in all the stages are a real treat and can even bring back memories. The classic one is close to the same mode as N64, but more random. The characters you fight are lined up are completely random. One game you might fight Giant Link another you may fight Giant Mario. The end will always be Master Hand. If you complete the fist 10 levels in 5 minutes you will face the Crazy Hand who is trickier than Master Hand. In Adventure mode the battles are all the same and all lead up to a fight with an oversized Bowser. You will fight Giga Bowser if you complete the first 12 stages in a short amount of time. Some time the characters can be random and different on certain stages. There are a few hidden stages that only appear when certain requirements are met. The All-star mode sets you to fight all 25 characters. You will start by fighting one opponent at a time. The after the 4th battle you will face 2 after the 8th you will then face 3 fighters until all the characters are eliminated. You have only 1 life in All-star mode. The event matches put you in a special rules match. Some you must defeat a character in a certain amount of time with Ko'ing another character. Some you must protect one character from another until time runs out. There is also a stadium where you can practice the Bonus stage ''Break the target'' and become better and faster at completing the targets. Each character has a different stage so this also add to the game. Home Run Contest is where you try and damage a sandbag and then hit is with the bat to send it flying as far down a measuring field as possible. Multi-man Melee sets you up against wire framed fighters that have no special moves. You either try and see if you can defeat all the fighters or just survive the time limit. You will be reward for doing some of these mini games. In VS mode you can fight with 3 computers or friends and customize the rules to how you see fit. Make up to a 64 player tournament or even battle in wacky situation battles. Finally there is a training mode that allows you to practice moves, combos, and characters.

There are all the characters that should have been in SSB and then some in this game. In fact there are 26 different characters total almost all completely different with a few clones. All the 12 original characters are back in this one with 14 more. Each character has there own different strengths, weaknesses, recovery, and usage. Many characters will seem better than others. Just depends on the style and strategy the game player has. This has many Mario characters such as: Peach, Bowser, and Dr. Mario. Also a few Zelda Characters such as Young Link, Sheik, and Zelda. A couple of Pokemon is also staring in this game such as Mewtwo and Pichu. The rest of the characters are pretty solely and are the only character from the game they came from such as: Samus, Ness, and Kirby. Overall the list of characters in this game is great and really enjoyable. Zelda can transform into Sheik making her two character in one and that is where the 26th character comes from

All the levels are designed very nicely and given so much like into them. The characters are all colored nicely and the models are built to great proportion. The graphics make this already great game even more pleasing to see. Even some of the original graphics were kept to make the game look even more devoted to the classicness that the characters still have. There are any very detail characteristics that make the game even more enjoyable to look at.

All the music is this game is really great. The tunes are very enjoyable and I even like the new remix to some of the old classic songs. The characters voice all are very well sounding and have that nice little ring to it. None of the characters are annoying to hear and almost every tune is worth listening to. The only real annoyance a character can be is when they taunt after KO'ing another player. All in all the sound of this game will make the mute button worthless.

It will take anyone forever to unlock all the stage characters, and get all the trophies. To get all the characters you must complete certain task such as fight 100 battles or complete classic mode. Some characters take a lot of play time to unlock. Many stages are unlocked by completing the stadium mini-games. All in all you should complete all the event matches and complete Classic, Adventure, and All-star mode with every character. there are 11 characters and stages to unlock all which can take at least a week. The trophies will take months of playing. I hope you are ready for a seemingly never ending game. You will make a career out of this game if you want a perfect save, but it is worth it.

There are many modes of play in this game as well. In 1-P you can go in an adventure mode or do the classic mode from N64. Also after all the characters are unlocked you can play All-star where you have to fight all 25 characters. Also in event match you can fight in over 50 battles with special rules and perimeters. In VS mode you can standard fight, make a tournament, or right in special melee. In the special melee you can make all the characters have HP, high damage, be giant, invisible, small, fast, or slow. Also you can customize the rules. You can have a time battle where the most KO's scored in that time wins. Stock where the last player with any stock left wins. Coin for the player who grabs the most coins at the end of the time limit. Also Bonus for the person that fights with the best style. Also you can set handicaps for unbalanced teams or unskilled players. You can increase the damage ratio making a player fly farther for the higher the ratio. Also you can turn items and stages on and off to show up. You can also increase the rate that items show up. You can also turn team attack on or off. With all these rules and modes off play the replay is endless. Also if you get 3 friends you can make up your own event matches in VS. mode with friends. Also you can invent new ways to play and set restriction on certain characters making it a very thrilling battle.

YES!! This game has so much playtime, replay, and extras you will be playing forever. This game is got to be the best fighting game every made and only 20 dollars!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/09/04

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