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"If you have a Gamecube, but don't have Super Smash Bros. Melee....You've PWNed Yourself!!!"


This game totally lives up to any persons high expectations when this was released. It outright surpasses it's prequel in every way shape and form and plus this game has kids over the entire country claiming they are the best Super Smash Brothers Melee-er ever. I've still haven't played a multi-player fighting game greater then this and I've been waiting to long for one to rear it's face. Only another sequel can potentially become better then this, if Nintendo ever decides to make one. Nintendo's only possible fear of it being horrible is the only reason I see why it wouldn't be created. Other then that in my opinion this game is and will always be Nintendo Gamecube's greatest game ever, and will continue to be until a sequel comes out.

Gameplay 10/10
This has some of the most flawless moves I've witnessed in any game in a long time. There are enough jaw dropping techniques just waiting for you to perfect just to leave your opponent on his knee's, or in the air........whichever one you prefer. From ground shaking punches and kicks, to sound blasting explosions this game will sure to have your fingers aching. There are also countless amounts of unlockable characters, stages, trophies, items, and other hidden spoilers just waiting for you to reach them. This game most have took months to perfect for the creators just so we can really enjoy this game even after completion. It took me plenty of months to get as far as I did so I expect this game to not be a quick cake walk for anyone. Even the best Melee-er in the world. So if you had any high expectations, this game will exceed every one of them that you have. That's if you haven't played this yet at all.

Sound/Music 10/10
This aspect shares a lot of the games spotlight. The music in this game is so remarkable with enough bass to slightly muffle a strong collision. Many songs were really fun to listen to. Especially the theme song that comes up when you turn on and press start to enter into the options. Not the one that comes up often but the one where you have to repetitively go back and forth to find. And the Jukebox is probably the only one to rival that of the famous music of the classic game Streets of Rage 2. The Jukebox has plenty of music that is arguably unskippable and probably the best to listen to while pummeling your brother, sister, cousin, friend or enemy. The creators of this really worked hard on this aspect, and their hard work came to this.

Graphics 10/10
This is the best thing of the game flat out. This is what the game is known for. The graphics for this game is so phenomenal that you would see details for something that a normal person would have never worried about. Samus' charged blast looks like something out of a digital anime made by the best. Mario's fireball looks like an actual blast unlike in the prequel where it looked like a colorful circle. Bowsers fire breath looks like the creators filmed an actual flame-thrower and used that as inspiration to make the fire look real. Same goes for Captain Falcons, Raptor boost and Falcon punch. Where his fist looks like an actual phoenix. Especially the scenery, anyone who loves highly detailed backgrounds and battle fields would love Hyrule Temple, Final Destination, Big Blue, Venom, Rainbow Cruise, Fountain of Dreams, Brinstar, and especially Mute City.

Controls 10/10
This is another note worthy part of the game. Even though at first you will be trying your hardest to learn the controls because everything is really weird, but once you perfect this game and everything in it you'll be teaching friends how to properly play. The jumps are easy to perform as well as maneuvering your character from one side of the stage to the other. The controls play a huge part in the game because the many techniques you pull off have to be on point and have to be effective when it's time for a collision. Most good players come up with good strategies in an instant and everything is flawless. And those people are the ones who've perfected the controller. Just give it a little while and you will perfect the controls in no time.

Characters 10/10
This is probably the only thing that rivals the games graphics. These characters aren't made up just to fit the games story line or nothing like that. The characters are specifically made by Nintendo and they are only accessible from Nintendo. Basically when Nintendo was first started characters like The Worldly known Mario, The Mystical Elf Link, The Infamous Samus, The Cunning Pilot Fox, The Simple Minded Kirby, The Beloved Yoshi, The Powerful Donkey Kong, and The Red Hot Evil Bowser where all created as mascots so to speak for Nintendo and was basically known for the systems. But then as the years came by so did all the characters like Captain Falcon, Ness, Pikachu, Ice Climbers, Marth, and many others. But then when N64 was made, Nintendo made up a game where all of their created characters are pushed into one solid dimension. That game is what we call Super Smash Brothers 1. And that game itself was one giant hit and stayed that way until the sequel came totally snatching the spotlight. And what's a good fight without classic hand to hand rivalry battles. We have Mario vs. Luigi, Link vs. Marth, Roy vs. Young Link, Captain Falcon vs. Gannondorf, Peach vs. Zelda, Donkey Kong vs. Bowser, and Samus vs. Sheik. These characters where definitely brought together for us to determine the best of the best. And whoever did this made a good job, and I bow to them.

Stages/Scenery 10/10
This is also something to definitely love. The Stages are perfectly made to fit any lover of scenery's desires. From Hyrule Temple to Mute City you will definitely have a good time fighting opponents while using your surroundings as an advantage. Plus beware of Stages like Brinstar, Venom, and others because your surroundings can also be the end of yourself if you do not stay cautious of your battlefield. Stages like Brinstar can seriously damage you if you touch the acid that ascends and descends. Others like Corneria where you have to be very slick and a quick thinker to dodge the battle ships that shoot at you. And also watch out for the Pokemon Staduim because the stage alters the appearance at almost all the time. For the scenery you can almost be in a daze by staring into the background or foreground of stages like Final Destination, Mute City, Fountain Of Dreams, Rainbow Cruise, Hyrule Temple, and others that aren't on the top of my head. But overall the scenery is something that took the creators hard work to perfectly make. We were not dealing with amateurs when HAL made this game.

Items 10/10
This is what makes battles what it is now. Ruthless! No matter what position you are in the game, if you're in the lead or getting close to losing a life, if your opponent gets their greedy hands on good item either say good bye to yourself, or knock it far away from them. They are that powerful! The items in this game are made specifically to tip the battle in your favor or in your opponents favor. Good items are the Home Run Bat, the Beam Sword, the Hammer, the pokeball, the Motion Sensor Bomb, and the Bob-Omb. When placed in the opposite hands of your own, you can easily be defeated no matter what the level computer you have it on. That's what makes the items something to love and something to worry about at the same time.

Loading/Standby 10/10
What loading? What is this loading of which you speak of? I know of no loading that this game possesses. Just kidding around. This game has absolutely no endlessly boring loading time. This game only probably spends less then 4 seconds on loading anything. Anything higher is probably extremely big. And it comes as no surprise to many Gamecube owners because Gamecube is known for it's extremely speedy loading times unlike the PS2 which is known for it's games and X Box which is known for it's weight, I meant graphics. But anyway SSBM wastes no time in shooting you into play. And wastes no time in getting you from point A to point B. This little aspect of the game definitely lives up to the Gamecube's powers, and stays that way.

Earnings/Achievements 10/10
This is the part of the game that will have you playing for months to completely finish. From getting every last trophy to every last battle bonus you will definitely spend a portion of your year finishing this game completely if you're that committed to beating your games. There are also other things like the getting all the special messages where you have to do a specific deed to be sent the message. One of those where like throwing a pokeball during play and view and a specific pokemon has to come out. And others like where you have to play many...many battles to get a message regarding that. But the main thing to earn is the trophies. Ah yes the trophies, the most popular thing in the game that everyone worries about. There are many trophies in the game to get and mostly all of them are a walk in the park to get others are just difficult and whatever is left are virtually impossible for any regular melee-er to get. But once you get all the trophies, rejoice your butt off.

Extras 10/10
This aspect of the game puts Super Smash Brothers Melee in video game history. No other game tops this when unlocking all of the extra stages, extra characters, and extra battle modes comes to the picture. This aspect of the game was probably spent months on to finish. And yet they even probably spent even longer to add finishing touches. Extras like the endless amount of Event matches are also something to love and loathe at the same time. Where the game tells you what to do in a certain period of time and when you complete it, you move on to the next event match. Other things like "Break the targets" where you have you pick a character and that character has a specific stage where he/she goes around destroying all the targets. Some of the targets are hard to get to so you have to exercise each strategy that comes to your head to get that target. Others like Home Run Contest where you have to hit a bag with a bat as far as you. The smartest thing to do is to damage the bag as much as you can before the time runs out and take a swing. It's as simple as that. Other extras like Melee mode where you have to defeat many Captain Falcon/Zelda simulations also know as Wireframes. But overall the Extras in this game are either hard to complete or are a complete cake walk in the park.

Overall 10/10
In conclusion, this is Gamecube's finest work. And yet Nintendo still fails to top this masterpiece. I have never played this game and been angry all of the time. Most of the times where I was happy playing the game is when I beat something I tried so hard to finish. At those times I was either jumping around my room or pummeling the character that gave me most grief. But I never thought I'd play a game that took 500 hours off of my life, and actually enjoy it! But I am as happy as the next guy to have finally beaten a game as long as this one. This game had me committed with a capital "C" when it comes to completely beating this game and to tell you the truth I never want to go through the stuff I had to through to beat this game ever again. And I mean ever. So save as much copies as you can to all your memory cards because someone will eventually erase one of those copies like someone did to me. Thank God I had another saved file. But this game is definitely Gamecube's finest, and if you have a Gamecube and do not have this game. You might as well log out of life!

Buy or rent?
If you sat by this whole review and read it I think my answer would pretty much be self-explanatory.

Okay, okay buy the darn thing. You will not regret it.............unless you have a low patience.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/27/04, Updated 09/28/04

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