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Reviewed: 12/13/05

My Favorite Game of All Times

Super Smash Bros. has been set in history as one of the best fighting games of all time. When it was first released, gamers all over the world rejoiced, as they set expectations for this sequel to Super Smash Bros. Well, these expectations were exceeded. With a variety, of characters and attacks, this game stands above the rest of its kind.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics of this Nintendo game were mind-blowing for its time. As one of the first releases, for the Gamecube, this game set the standards for all other games. But unfortunately for Nintendo fans, this game was probably one of the best graphics of the era. The character design and animations are excellent, and the background scenes as well. The only minor flaw with these graphics is that some of the apparent minor things aren't as perfect as they could be, such as items. As you can plainly see, the graphics of this video game really increase the quality of play.

Characters: 10/10

The characters of this game are what makes it a true classic. The characters of this game are made up of characters from a variety of other legendary Nintendo games. Both classic and recent, these characters are adored by fans everywhere. Characters such as Link, from the beloved Zelda series, and Mario, who all know and admire make appearances in this game. Also, characters from way back when appear in this game, such as the Ice Climbers and Mr. Game & Watch. In fact, this game has even taken some characters from Japan, like Roy and Marth from the Fire Emblem series. The moves of the characters are also quite varied. Even if the appearance is similar, as in Dr. Mario and Mario, their attacks are completely different. Even characters from the same game have totally different fighting styles, such as Metwo, Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff. Also, each character has their own flaw which makes the characters overall fair. For example, whenever Pichu does a smash or in any case when he uses electricity, minor damage is dealt to him. Also, a flaw of Roy is that when his sword is completely charged up, the resulting explosion does damage to him. As you can see, these various Nintendo characters really make this video game a video game.

Gameplay: 10/10

From the various event matches to the bonus rounds, Super Smash Bros. Melee exceeds expectations in one player gameplay. The three modes, Classic, Adventure, and All Star are totally different, each requiring a different amount of skill. The different difficulty levels also add a twist. Obviously, very easy could be completed with the least amount of skill, whereas very hard is only reserved for the most superior gamers. While adventuring through the various one player bonuses, you will unlock several secret characters, eleven in total. Another new bonus in Super Smash Bros. Melee which increases the productivity of the gameplay is trophy collecting. With over 250 figurines for you to collect, trophy collecting adds a new twist to the game. Although somewhat irritating, having a wide array of trophies is hard to obtain, but full of bragging rights. In conclusion, the gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Melee is also an important component which sets it up as a wonderful game.

Extra Components: 10/10

Words cannot describe the greatness of the extras in Super Smash Bros. Melee. From the various events to the just as mysterious secret characters, HAL doesn't cease to make a wonderful installment. In addition, the quest for searching for trophies is quite a task. Trophies can be obtained in various ways, from spending well deserved coins to acquiring them along your way to defeat the enemy in one player. In fact, they even have included many figurines from Japanese Nintendo installments. Also, there is a one player sequence known as the Stadium. In this, there are three options. First, there is the Home-Run Contest, in which you see how far you can hit a sandbag with a home-run bat. Various things can be unlocked in this mini-game. Next, there is the Multi-Man Melee. In this mini-game, there are various tests of skill, such as the 15-minute Melee, which tests your endurance, and the 100-man Melee, which tests your skill. Last of all, there is the Target Test. This is an advancement from the Target Test in the original Super Smash Brothers. The goal is to destroy ten targets and overcoming a series of obstacles. In conclusion, there are various extras which put Super Smash Bros. Melee above the rest.

Control: 10/10

The control of Super Smash Bros. Melee is yet another perfect component. The control is very loose, which allows you to execute a certain command without much of a hassle. From smashing with the control stick and A button to just simply using the C-stick, the various control commands can really set off this game with a bang. Even during your first play, the control is so free, you'll be able to handle the most complex commands such as air dodging and shield rolling. As you can see, the control of this game is basically perfect and far more superior to other Gamecube games in the looseness category.

Sound: 9/10

The music in this game is quite wonderful according to the way it managed to compile music from many Nintendo games. It even created many remixes that add a unique aspect to a game, such as the Fire Emblem remix in the Hyrule Temple stage. Also, the Pokemon remix in the Kanto Stadium stage is a great aspect to the music of the game. Each stage has its own music which sets a tone for the whole stage. The mood set by this music also dictates the way you control your character indirectly. A few flaws of the sound aspect in Super Smash Bros. Melee include the sound apart from the music, like the special effects. In conclusion, the sound of this game is nearly perfect, especially the quality of music.

Fun Factor: 10/10

This is quite easily the most fun game I have ever played in my whole life. This is no lie, for those of you still wishing to purchase this game. What really makes this game fun is the sheer brute force you can inflict on your friends' characters. From pummeling the enemy in the ground, to blowing them up with Bom-Ombs, the entertainment this game will give to you cannot be surpassed. Not only is the fighting aspect of this game incredibly fun, but the strategy part is as well. For example, strategy is required to complete all of the Break the Targets. Determining the correct move to destroy a red and white circle may not seem like fun, but you are most certainly wrong. There may be certain alternatives to breaking certain targets, and its amusing to try to figure out which is the most time efficient. In conclusion, the fighting element of this game is an essential part to Super Smash Bros. Melee's perfect fun factor score, yet the strategic part is also.

Replay Value:10/10

This is a wonderful game to replay, even though it's not the typical role-playing game. Because of the various characters and the skill required to complete all of the event matches, replaying this game is both entertaining and increases your skill. Also, this game NEVER gets old. I have been playing this game ever since it was released, and I still haven't gotten bored of it yet, even after four years. This is a wonderful game to play with friends, even after you have completed all of the single player quests. As you see, the replay value of this game is valuable, as this game will never, ever become old in the eyes of both me, and in the eyes of any gamers who have come across this game.

Overall: 10/10

To me, this is not only the best Nintendo game of all time, but my favorite game of all time period. The graphics, characters, gameplay, extras, control, sound, and fun factor really make this video game to me a classic for years to come. Gamers who marveled at the superiority of the original Super Smash Bros. will be even more stunned by the perfection of Super Smash Bros. Melee, the sequel. Even people who aren't fans of fighting games will appreciate this game as one of the greatest of all times. Super Smash Bros. Melee has set an era for all Nintendo games to emulate and admire. In conclusion, this new installment to the Nintendo series, Super Smash Bros. Melee, must be the greatest of all times.

Good Things that stand out about this game:
The various character attacks
The music
The graphics
The secret characters and obtaining them
The event matches (the difference of strategy needed to conquer each one)

Bad Things that stand out about this game:
To me, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong about this game! If you haven't purchased this game yet and you own a Nintendo Gamecube, you must do so immediately!

All in all, you must buy this game, whether or not you're a fighting game fan or not.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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