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  1. i just need to beat king boo and thats it but its hard.Whats the esiest way to beat him without getting killed?

    User Info: batman7252

    batman7252 - 6 years ago


  1. When he's in the Bowser costume, just keep your distant, till he throws three spiked balls at you. When the balls stop moving, get right up next to one and suck it up. (This will only work if your close to it it, because the balls not very sensitive to the vacuums suction.) Then go up to bowser and wait till he leans his head down to blow fire at you or he'll try to suck you up. Then let go of the ball so it will smash into him. I suggest doing this at a angle, cause if you shoot head on you'll most likely get damaged from the fire that bowser might spew, before he gets hit. Then Bowsers head comes off reveling King Boo, who will start flying around. Thats when you start sucking him up. But Watch It, Bowsers head will start firing ice pieces at you, just keep moving while your vacuuming and he'll miss. Repeat the steps till King Boo's Defeated.

    User Info: DarkFuryBeast

    DarkFuryBeast - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. It took me forever to beat Bowser and King Boo! But I beat them. Here is how:
    Step 1: Get your life at 100 before fighting them.
    Step 2: Don't get near Bowser or else he'll hurt you.
    Step 3: Get a spikey ball in your vaccum and when Bowser is about to use fire, throw the spikey ball at his head.
    Step 4: Vaccum King Boo's life out to destroy him, but watch out for Bowser's ice balls.

    User Info: ryry500

    ryry500 - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. listen carefully: Get out of range of his fire and vacuum breath or you're dead. Move about two to three pillar space away from him and wait for his spike balls, but don't just stand there. Get away from his throwing path cause the spike ball hurt, just hide behind the pillars and once he has thrown them all, suck it up and don't let go. Now here's the difference on wether he will run or jump towards you. If you were father than three pillars away from him he will jump and you're gonna screw it up. Otherwise if he runs, go and shoot the side of his head once he stops, if you shoot the bomb head on,you will get caught in the explosion. Follow the instruction above about sucking king boo and you'll do fine. oh and when you whip him to around 200hp, bowser will run around like crazy diagonally across the stage. Just watch how much hp you are taking from boo and run to the other side of the stage when he puts his head upside down

    User Info: aurastorm1997

    aurastorm1997 - 6 years ago 0 0
  4. Make sure your health is full. Keep at a distance for most of the battle. Get a mine and hit Bowser/King Boo with it, then start sucking him up and keep doing this until you win.

    Easy when you know how.

    User Info: JMISBEST

    JMISBEST - 3 years ago 0 0

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