Where are all the blue ghosts?

  1. The ones that pop out and give you money if you catch them?

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    A_T143 - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. - Wardrobe Room: in the right wardrobe
    - Study: in the chair behind the desk
    - Breaker Room: in the left table
    - Storage Room: in the right chair
    - Dining Room: in the left cabinet
    - Kitchen: in the dishwasher
    - Rec Room: in the right bike
    - Nana's Room: in the right sofa
    - Billiard's Room: in the table with a chess
    - Twin's Room: in the bed
    - Cellar: in the left box
    - Sealed Room: in the right chest
    - Conservatory: in the piano seat
    - Hidden Room: in the right chest
    - Nursery: in the cradle

    Remember that they only appear when the room is still dark and they only appear once, so if they disappear before you caught them, they are gone forever. Also, the last three ghosts only appear during the blackout.

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  1. I think some of the FAQ's can answer this question.

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  2. Nintendo's answer is spot on.

    You should close this question once you can.

    Hope you find all the blue ghosts. :D

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  3. Check the "codes"section

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