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    Portrait Ghosts FAQ by JStock

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 09/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Luigi's Mansion FAQ: Portrait Ghosts V2.2
    By Joe Stock (maddenfaq@hotmail.com)
    Copyright 2001,2002 Joe Stock. Luigi, Mario, etc... Are the copyrights of
    This FAQ is only to be posted on the web site listed below. If you find it
    anywhere else, please contact me. If you want permission to post it, email me.
    	You have the right to print this FAQ for your reference, but you may not in
    any way try to sell it for profit. It's about 5 pages long according to MSWord.
    	You are welcome to email me with questions about the portrait ghosts,
    corrections, or comments. Just include (FAQ) in the title, since I expect some
    people will send my name to a spam list. If you don't include (FAQ) in the
    subject, it'll be assumed to be spam and deleted automatically.
    	Do not send me questions on how to do anything in the game except for beating
    the portraits. This isn't a walkthrough.
    Version 2.2
    	Turns out you DO need to beat Uncle Grimmly. Fixed that. Thanks Mew3135. Biff
    Atlas is found in a room called the "Rec Room", not "Weight Room". Thanks Joey
    Knox. Added Lydia's number. Thanks Alex Riebs. Also correct some minor spelling
    and grammar mistakes.
    Version 2.1
    	Corrected location of Miss Pentunia. Previous versions had her in the bedroom,
    not the bathroom. Thanks to Brian Barrett for the correction.
    Version 2.0
    	I expect this to be my last version. I've made some more corrections,
    including fixing the rewards for a few ghosts that were wrong. If there is
    anything still wrong, I'll correct it and credit those who pointed it out.
    Version 1.3 1/14/02
    	Corrected the Sky/Water question for Melody. Thanks to Pat Parr and Buster913
    for the correction.
    Version 1.2 11/27/01
    	Fixed up the information on Melody, added all the gallery numbers and a little
    more on King Boo.
    Version 1.1 11/23/01
    	Made a number of corrections and added Bowser.
    Version: 1.0 11/23/01
    	The FAQ is complete except for how to beat Bowser.
    This FAQ only covers how to beat the Portrait Ghosts. Nothing else. The numbers
    are only the ones assigned to the portraits in the gallery and don't seem to
    mean anything in-game.
    1) Neville "The Bookish Father"(Found in The Study)
    	Well first books from the bookcase will attack you. Just use your vacuum to
    suck them up. Once they're done, get behind his chair, but don't face him
    directly, I personally just look at the wall. He'll yawn and there's your
    opening. Your reward is a key.
    2)Lydia "The Mirror-Gazing Mother"(Found in Master Bedroom)
    	Just use your vacuum to move the right curtain to the side, exposing the hole
    in the window. She'll get cold and her heart will be exposed. Your reward is a
    4) Chaucey "The Spoiled Baby"(Found in Nursery) ****Boss****
    	This is one of the boss ghosts. It takes a lot to expose its heart. First you
    got to get him out of the crib. Use your vacuum on the rocking horse. Than when
    he's near the horse, suck up the ball (This can be tough at first, just point
    the hose down and it'll come to you.) and than let go of R to shoot it at the
    baby. The baby will get very pissed off and shrink you to mouse size and you'll
    end up on the crib. Avoid the rocking horses and the balls. After the balls are
    done, one will be sitting there by the baby. Capture it with your vacuum and
    shoot it at the baby. It'll cry and its heart will be exposed. After vacuuming
    it for a bit, it'll than try to stomp you, but it goes in a pattern, so it's
    easy to avoid. Than it repeats the previous attacks. Keep tossing the ball when
    you can till it's beat. Your reward is the key for the area.
    10) The Floating Whirlindas  "The Dancing Couple"(Found in the Ball Room)
    	Not very hard. Just shut off your flashlight and wait for them to do a twirl.
    The gentlemen will be exposed. Suck away. Your reward is a key.
    8) Shivers "The Wandering Butler"(Found in the First Floor Hallway)
    	You must have the fire medal and the key for the laundry room. Light up the
    candles that are walking back and forth in northern part of the hallway, with
    your fire element. Shivers appear and run away. Chase him to the Butler's Room.
    He'll sit down on the stool, clearly tired. His heart is now exposed, go for
    it! Your reward is a key.
    5) Melody Pianissima "The Beautiful Pianist" (Found in the Conservatory)
    	First, push all the instruments. They'll play the Super Mario Brothers theme. 
    Melody will appear and play another song and than ask a question. She'll either
    play the theme music for "Water" levels or music from Super Mario Brothers 3.
    Answer correctly and she'll send her music sheets after you. Vacuum them all up
    and she'll be exposed. Your reward is a key.
    11) Mr. Luggs ""The Glutton" (Found in the Dining Room)
    	Fat boy here isn't easy. First, light up the candles. Than suck away some of
    the cake. Some angel ghosts will come to refill the cake. Suck them up. Once
    he's used up all his cake, he'll get real pissed off and shoot fireballs at
    you. Avoid them until he starts panting. He's exposed. Your reward is a lot of
    13) Spooky "The Hungry Guard Dog" (In The Boneyard)
    	Just avoid the dog for a little bit. Mr. Bones will appear and yell at the dog
    to shut up, than start throwing bones at you. Suck him up and a single big bone
    will be left in the Yard. Spooky will sniff it and there's your opening. No
    reward except for pearls.
    Tip: Search the Doghouse with the Gameboy Horror to open the pathway to the
    19) Bogmire ""The Cemetery Shadow" (Found in the Graveyard) ****Boss****
    	Simple, but hard. Suck up one of the black ghosts and they become a giant ball
    at the end of your vacuum. Shoot them at Bogmire (It's the purple ghost that
    changes places a lot.) When the black ball is in, he's exposed. This is tough
    because the black ghosts tend to break up your sucking, so does lighting bolts.
    But keep at it. Your reward is the key for this area.
    12) Biff Atlas "The Bodybuilder" (Found in the Rec Room)
    	Punch one of the punching bags into him by pressing A. Make sure it avoid the
    bag when it comes back or you'll get hit. After three knockdowns, he'll be out
    for the count and exposed. If you don't get him in one attempt, than you just
    have to knock him down once to get him exposed again. Your reward is money.
    3) Nana "The Scarf-Knitting Granny"(Found in Nana's Room)
    	Push the basket fall of yarn balls. The balls will fall. Suck one up and than
    shoot it at Nana. Do this three times and she's exposed. Note: when you have a
    ball on your vacuum, she will attack you, but she stays still and peaceful when
    you don't. Your reward is a key.
    6) Miss Pentunia "The Bathing Beauty" (Found in the second floor bathroom)
    	She's an easy one. Once you have the Ice Medal (it's in the Tea Room), just
    shower her bath with ice and she's exposed. Her reward is a key.
    17) Slim Bankshot "The Lonely Poolshark" (Found in the Billiards Room)
    	This one is tough. Exposing him can take awhile, but it's obvious what you do.
    Just hit him three times with pool balls that he shoots for you. Once you've
    done that, he's exposed. But I had a lot of trouble since he's good at dragging
    Luigi around and there is a lot of junk in the room to run into while being
    dragged. Your reward is money.
    14) Henry & Orville "The Twin Brothers" (Found in the Twins' Room)
    	First trick is getting them to appear. See that little wind-toy by the bunk
    bed? Okay, using your vacuum, spin that around. It's not easy, you have to move
    around with it, but after a few rotations, they appear. They want to play
    hide-&-seek. Leave the room for a moment and come back in. They'll be hiding in
    boxes. Just uses your vacuum on the boxes and those that vibrate, one of them
    is hidden in. Once you've found them, they attack. One drives a go-kart and the
    other flies a plane, dropping bombs. The trick is to suck up their vehicle,
    than they're exposed. Not easy since there's two of them. I found taking on the
    driver first helps, since the flyer stays in the air most of the time and even
    when sucking, the bombs are easy to avoid. Your reward is Mario's shoe.
    7) Madame Clairvoya "The Freaky Fortune-Teller" (Found in Fortune-Teller's
    	First you revel her by pointing your flashlight on her crystal ball. Than you
    have to speak to her every time you get an item of Mario's. Once you've done
    all five, she asks you to capture her. She doesn't fight at all, so you can do
    this in one try if you avoid the mushrooms she drops. That's it. Your reward is
    a key.
    22) Boolossus "Jumbo Ghost" (Found on the Balcony) ****Boss****
    	Walk over to the 15 Boos in a circle. They'll give you a "scare" and than form
    up into one big boo, that tries to stomp you to death. Just use your vacuum to
    keep them still. Than lasso them over to one of the statues. When the giant boo
    touches a spike, it'll break apart into the 15 boos. This is your chance. Suck
    up the Ice Sprit and freeze up each boo. Than capture them. Don't fiddle
    around; they don't stay frozen for long. After a few moments, the remaining
    ghosts reform into a smaller giant boo and you have to break them up again.
    Keep at it until you've captured all 15 ghosts, which count towards your Boo
    Total. Your reward is the key for the area.
    20) Uncle Grimmly "Hermit of the Darkness" (Found in the Wardrobe Room)
    	The only hard part is finding this guy. He is only out there when the power is
    off and since there are no lights, almost every room is full of ghosts. Just
    charge over to the Wardrobe Room. If you've forgotten where it is, go through
    the double doors in the lobby on the second floor, go through the Parlor to the
    Anteroom and the room to the left is the Wardrobe Room. Now he won't appear
    unless you're not facing him. So look to the side, than spin quickly around
    when he appears. He'll be exposed and you got him. Your reward is a key.
    15) Clockwork Soldiers "The Toy Platoon" (Found in the Clockwork Room)
    	There are three tables that have clocks on them. You have to push each to get
    them started. Once all three are going, the Soldiers will attack with their
    popguns. Just vacuum away at their "Keys" until they fall off, than they're
    exposed. You can even get two or three of them in your stream at once. Once
    they're beat, an elevator to the roof opens.
    9) Sue Pea "The Dozing Girl" (Found in the Guest's Room)
    	This is an optional ghost, but needed if you want all 50 boos and as much
    money as possible. I'll tell you how to find her first. On the roof, go to the
    right chimney and fall into it. You'll end up in The Sealed Room. This is a
    hidden treasure room. Beat all the ghosts and you'll get a key. Vacuum up the
    cloth and you'll expose a mirror to escape the room. Anyway, go to the Sitting
    Room (Which the key unlocks). In there, use the Fire Sprit to light the
    candles. Beat the ghosts, using the water element on the Fire Ghosts. Once
    you've beaten the room, go into the next room, which is the Guest's Room. Using
    the water element from the Sitting Room, wet Sue Pea's bed three times. She's
    exposed. Some horses will annoy you, but that's it. Your reward is some money.
    12) Jarvis "The Jar Collector" (Found in Ceramics Studio)
    	It's one of those classic carnival games. First, capture the ice sprit. Than
    walk up to the jars. Jarvis will appear and challenge you to get him seven
    times. There's only four vases he'll appear out of, but you have no room for
    error, since one mistake and you lose his game and get send back to the attic
    hallway. Just stay calm and spray him with the ice when he appears. Once you
    got him seven times, he'll be exposed. The only issue now is jars that roll
    around the room, trying to knock you over. Your reward is money.
    18) Sir Weston "The Chilly Climber" (Found in Cold Storage)
    	Well first vacuum up the fire sprit that comes out of the little grill. Than
    light up the two campfires with it. Sir Weston will appear and start attacking
    with ice spears (best name I can think of). Just warm up his protective ice
    cube and he's exposed. Your reward is a key.
    21) Vincent Van Gore "The Starving Artist" (Found in the Artist's Studio)
    	Get ready for the endurance test. When you enter, you see a series of
    paintings of monsters. After a brief chat, Vincent summons each painting to
    life, one at a time. Each painting contains three ghosts, which you must beat.
    Thankfully, most of them drop hearts when they die. Plus many times you can
    catch all three at once.  Once you beat all his creations, Vincent will be
    exposed and it'll be an easy win. Your reward is the key to King Boo's Room.
    You're almost there!
    23) King Boo ****Final Boss****
    	Warning: This is very hard. King Boo enters "Bowser" (Who I think is just a
    robot version of Mario's archenemy.) to fight you. Okay, Bowser has three
    A)The Breath of Fire: He just breathes fire. Just stay out of range and you'll
    be fine.
    B)Bowser's Vacuum: He tries to vacuum Luigi into his mouth. Stay out of range.
    C)Three Spiked Balls: He throws three spiked balls at Luigi. They explode after
    a few seconds.
    	Attack C is the key. Walk towards one and use your vacuum to 'catch it".
    (Note, it's too big to move towards you) Than walk it over to Bowser. When he
    leans down for either A or B, let it go towards his mouth. His head will come
    off and float around and King Boo will emerge. Vacuum him like any other boo.
    He's got 500 hit points. It isn't easy because Bowser's head shoots ice at you,
    which can freeze Luigi up and prevent him from moving for a few seconds. After
    a few seconds, he goes back into Bowser's body and the head reattaches. After
    you've dropped King Boo to under 200 Hit Points, the head will not attach quite
    right and Bowser will chase you around without a clue where you are for a few
    moments. Just a little fun during this tough battle. Repeat until you've
    captured King Boo. Game over.

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