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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kodos86

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Luigi's Mansion FAQ/Walkthrough
    by Kodos86, copyright 2002- 2003, all rights reserved
    Version 1.2
    Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
    Man, it's been a while since I made a new FAQ, mainly due to school. I'll
    probably be coming up with guides at a somewhat more frequent basis, but don't
    expect much from me until after schools out (June 7).
                    0. T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    0. Table of Contents
    1. Updates
    2. Basics
    3. Enemies
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Boos List
    6. Portrait Ghost Information
    7. Outro
       - Credits
       - Legal Mumbo Jumbo
       - Contact Information
                             1. U P D A T E S
    Version 1.2: Fixed a typo in the legal section.
    Version 1.1: Please check the contact section for information on my e-mail
                 address change.
    Version 1.0: Initial update.
                                2. B A S I C S
    This would be where you will find basic information about controls, items, etc.
    L = Shoot an element out of the vacuum.
    Start = Pause the game.
    Control Stick = Move Luigi.
    B = Hold down to turn off flashlight.
    C Stick = Control the direction of the flashlight or vacuum.
    R = Suck up ghosts and other items.
    X = Search mode.
    Y = View map.
    Z = View item list.
    A = Examine things, open doors, display the next message, and select options.
    There are 3 elements in the game: fire, water, and ice. After finding the
    medals for each element, elemental ghosts will appear, which (after being
    sucked up) let you shoot out fire, ice, or water (depending on the ghost). Fire
    works against water, ice against water, and water against fire.
    Hearts: These allow you to regain health.
    Coins, bills, and gold: Collect these to increase your score.
    Pearls: Portrait ghosts will drop these while being sucked up. The portrait
    will look better if you collect more of these.
    Keys: Use these to open locked doors.
                              3. E N E M I E S
    Normal Ghosts: These ghosts are throughout the mansion, and aren't that hard to
    capture. If, instead of showing a heart, a ghost shows an element, you must use
    the element it is vulnerable to against the ghost. Below is the subdivision of
    normal ghosts:
             Regular Ghosts: These ghosts will simply try to attack you by
             slugging you, and don't present much threat.
             Grabbing Ghosts: These will try to grab you and do damage. Some of
             them must be defeated with elements.
             Ceiling Ghosts: These ghosts drop off of the ceiling and present
             almost no threat at all.
             Banana Ghosts: These green ghosts will drop banana peels, which make
             you slip, and cause damage.
             Explosive Ghosts: These are found in some hallways and explode in
             your face if you try to trap them.
             Mask Ghosts: These look like Shyguys and carry pitchforks. Vacuum up
             their masks and then stun them.
    Treasure Ghosts: Similar to regular ghosts, except that they are blue, and will
    disappear for ever soon after you see one. If you catch one, you will recieve A
    LOT of money.
    Elemental Ghosts: Capture them to be able to expel elements.
    Portrait Ghosts: These are basically mini-bossess; you have to capture them so
    they can be turned back into portraits. Plenty of them won't actually attack,
    but they don't show their hearts as easily.
    Boss Ghosts: There are 4 of these ghosts, 1 at the end of each area. You fight
    them in a seperate area apart from the mansion, and you will return to the lab
    after beating one of them.
    Boos: There are 50 Boos throughout the mansion. Unlike other ghosts, they can
    move through walls to other rooms, and are not easily trapped in the vacuum.
    Ghost Animals: These include ghost mice and bats. They are easily sucked up.
    Fake Doors: Not actually ghosts, these are fake doors which slam in your face
    if you open them. Fake doors do not appear on the map screen.
                          4. W A L K T H R O U G H
                                AREA 1
    Talk to Toad to get the lights in this room to come back on. Then, head up the
    stairs and through the only unlocked door.
    In here, you should see several paintings, as well as candles with purple
    flames. Use the vacuum to blow out the candles, and the portraits will start
    talking to you. The portraits get pissed off over you blowing out the candles,
    and taunt you about there being ghosts in the dark. BRING IT ON! Suck up the
    ghosts that come after you, and get the key.
    In here are some more ghosts; suck them up and get the key.
    Wardrobe Room
    Check the dresses hanging up in here, and Luigi will reveal some, erm, things
    we didn't know about him... Anyway, check the wardrobes to release some more
    ghosts, including some green banana eating ghosts that will leave their banana
    peels on the ground. Get the key, and head to the Foyer, and to the next room.
    In here, you will meet Neville, your first portrait ghost. He's somewhat
    smarter then regular ghosts, and doesn't show his heart as easily. What you
    have to do is get up against the middle of the wall, and wait with your back to
    him. When he yawns, his heart will appear, allowing to stun him and capture
    him. Get the key.
    Master Bedroom
    In here you will see Lydia, who has nothing better to do then endlessly do her
    hair. Use the vacuum to open the curtains, letting in a draft. Her heart will
    appear; suck her up and get the key.
    In here, you will fight your first boss battle, and a rather easy one at that.
    Blow on the rocking horse, and Chauncy will come over and challenge you. Suck
    up the ball, and shoot it at him. Chauncy will then start whining about how
    everyone's bigger then him, shrink you, and send you to a seperate boss screen.
    Chauncy will will try to hit you with rocking horses, and then balls. Grab one
    of the balls and shoot it at Chauncey to make his heart appear, allowing you to
    capture him.
    Get the key, and Professor E. Gadd will take you back to the labb, and turn the
    captured ghosts into portraits.
                                    AREA 2
    Unlock the big door in the Foyer, allowing you to enter the next area.\
    In here you will appear grabbing ghosts; if they grab you, rotate the joystick
    rapidly to break the grip. Capture them to reveal a key.
    Ball Room
    This room contains mask ghosts, which look like spectral versions of the Shy
    Guys from Super Mario Brothers 2. Vacuum on them to suck up their masks,
    allowing you to stun and capture them. After capturing them, the Floating
    Whirlindas will appear. As they dance around the room, the ghosts heart will
    eventually appear; suck them up, and get the next key.
    Storage Room
    First order of business in this room is to capture the ghosts. Then, look at
    the mirror: you should see a button on the wall. Press it, and the wall move.
    Head over to the newly opened section of the room, and you should see a sign
    marked "DANGER". Suck up the sign to reveal another button; push it. A thing in
    the floor opens up, releasing a group of Boos, which scatter after seeing your
    vacuum. E. Gadd will take you back to the lab, and give you his speel on
    catching the Boos.
    You know need to capture 5 Boos to continue, after which, the washroom will
    become unlocked.
    Check the toilet in here to reveal the key to the Fortune Teller's room.
    Fortune Teller's Room
    Shine your flashlight in the crystal ball to reveal Madame Clairvoya, who needs
    people's items to see to future. What a phony. Head through the other door to
    the Mirror Room.
    Mirror Room
    There are several ghosts in here, but they are invisible. To see them, you must
    look in the large mirror to see their reflections. Capturing them should be
    easy after that. You get a chest in here with the Fire element; now you can
    expel fire after sucking up a fire element ghost from a torch. Head back to the
    Fortune Teller's Room, and light the candles in there to reveal a key.
    Head to the middle of the hallway, and you should see a shadowy figure moving
    back and forth with a large candle. Use the fire to light the candle in order
    to reveal Shivers the Butler, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Count
    Dracula. He freaks out, and heads toward the Laundry Room, and into the
    Butler's room while gibbering madly; follow him!
    Butler's Room
    Shivers will sit down in here and start to jabber some more. At this point, his
    heart will appear. Stun him and vacuum him up to get a key. While in the
    Butler's Room, look at the mouse hole with the GB Horror. After examing it, you
    will be sucked into the Hidden Room.
    Hidden Room
    This appears to be a stockpile of treasure; 2 of the chests contain LOTS of
    money. The others contain ghosts which must be killed with the Fire element.
    After they are taken care of, a chest loaded with more money will appear.
    Laundry Room
    While heading back through here, stop to capture some ghosts, revealing another
    chest. Then, check the washing machine to reveal Mario's hat.
    You should see several instruments in here; activate them, and Melody
    Pianissama will appear. She then plays one of several random tracks from the
    classic NES and SNES Mario games, and asks you a question about it. Answer the
    question correctly and she will challenge you to a battle. Suck up her music
    sheets, and then her heart will appear; suck her into your vacuum to get a key.
    Dining Room
    As you approach this room, you will hear the sound of someone scarfing down
    food like mad. Enter the room, and you will see Mr. Luggs, a ghost who is fat
    as hell, pigging out on food. Suck on the food with your vacuum, and 2 ghosts
    will come out to serve some more food. Capture them, and suck up the rest of
    the food. Once the food disappears, Mr. Luggs will get rather ticked off.
    Apparently, he has some acid reflux problems, as he will start breathing fire
    at you. Dodge the fire and he will eventually get tired and go to sleep, and
    let his heart appear; suck him up, and you'll get some treasure.
    First order of business is to use the vacuum to get the fridge open; if you try
    to open it normally, it'll slam in your face. Out of the fridge comes a ghost
    that must be killed with the fire element; do so, and a chest will appear with
    the water element. Suck up the elemental ghost that comes out of the sink, and
    use the water to get rid of the fire on the door.
    Go up to the doghouse, and get Spooky to come after you. After chasing you
    around for a bit, Mr. Bones will come out of the ground. Suck him up, and a
    bone will drop to the ground. Wait a few seconds, and Spooky will go after to
    the bone. When that happens, stun him and suck him up! Now, go over to the dog
    house, and check it with the GB Horror. A small breeze will come out of the
    house and suck you through the doghouse, and into the Graveyard.
    Check the gravestones in here; a few of them will give you hearts, and one wil
    release 3 skeletons. Capture the skeletons, and a weird light will appear at
    the gravestone to the far end of the cemetary. This will lead to a cinema in
    which Bogmire pops out of the gravestone, scares the crap out of Luigi, and
    takes you to a boss arena. Bogmire is harder then the first boss, but not by
    much. Several black Bogmires will appear, as well as the real Bogmire, who is
    purple. Suck a black Bogmire up, and shoot it into the purple Bogmire. He will
    be enveloped in a black circle, which allows you to catch him in the vacuum. Be
    careful not to hit the other ghosts will sucking him up. After beating him you
    will get a key and complete Area 2.
                                   Area 3
    As you head through here, check the birdhouse to get Mario's letter. Then,
    climb through the well into the bottom of the well.
    Bottom of the Well
    Head all the way to your right, to a small opening. This will let you see into
    the Secret Altar. In there, King Boo has Mario, trapped inside a portrait! As
    you head back to the exit, a ghost will drop down. Capture him to get a key.
    Rec Room
    In here, you can see Biff Atlas lifting weights. Go up to him and him the
    punching bag so it knocks him on the ground. Be sure to move over, or the bag
    will swing back and knock you on your ass. Atlas will get mad, and start trying
    to punch you. Hit again with the bag to stun him, and suck him up, giving you a
    lot of treasure. Before leaving the room, walk on the treadmil for a bit to
    reveal a key which can be used to connect both parts of this floor.
    Head up the stairs to the 2nd floor, and use water to get rid of the water in
    front of the door to the Tea Room.
    Tea Room
    Go in here and capture the ghosts, revealing a treasure chest on the table. To
    get to it, go over to the circle by the bookshelf, which will let you walk on
    the ceiling. Head over to the spot above the table, ands hit another circle to
    land on the table. Open the chest to get the Ice Element.
    Now, head to the left corner of the floor, where there are 3 unlocked doors.
    When you come into this room, you should see the silouette of Miss Petunia in
    the bath. Use your vacuum to pull open the curtain, revealing an incredibly
    ugly woman who looks like a pig. Petunia will reward your perversity by
    knocking you on your pervert ass. Use the ice to freeze the water in the bath,
    after you can stun Miss Petunia and suck her up, and get a key.
    Check the toilet in here, and out pops a ghost. You need water to kill him, but
    a water element ghost will also pop out of the john too. Kill the ghost and get
    a bunch of treasure.
    Nana's Room
    In here, you'll see Nana knitting on a scarf. Go over to the table and press A
    on it to knock off the yarn balls. Suck up the balls, and shoot all 3 of them
    at Nana while she moves around on her rocker shooting beams at you to stun her.
    Capture her and you'll get a key.
    Astral Hall
    This room just looks odd to me, what with the star inside several candles; it
    looks like something used for devil-worship. Anyway, light the candles, and
    step inside the star, causing several ghosts to appear. Capture them, and head
    through the door to the next room.
    Yet another bizarre room. This one makes we wonder what the people who made
    this game were using... Look through the telescope, and you'll see a moon and
    stars. Then, what I think are supposed to be shooting stars begin falling into
    the room. Capture one in your vacuum, and shoot it back so it hits the moon.
    This can be irritating because of the aiming, but you will be rewarding by a
    pretty explosion as the star slams into the moon and goes nova. A weird looking
    bridge to remains of the moon appears. Cross over it and grab Mario's star.
    Now head down to the first floor, and enter the Billiards Room.
    Billiards Room
    In here you'll see Slim Bankshot, playing a never-ending game of pool. After he
    makes a shot, the pool balls go flying. Suck one up, and shoot it back at him.
    This will stun him, allowing you to capture Slim, giving you a lot of treasure.
    Head to the next room.
    Projection Room
    In this room in one of those really old projection movie players; these ghosts
    really need to get with the program and get a DVD player, or at least a VCR.
    Activate the projection, and ghosts start appearing. However, unless they grab
    you, you cannot see the ghosts. You can see the gassy thing that appears from a
    second when the ghosts manifest, as well as their shadows on the projection.
    Use that to see them, and then stun and suck up the ghosts. Doing so will give
    you Mario's glove.
    Now head back to Area 1, and head for the only uncleared room in there.
    Twin's Room
    In here, use your vacuum to spin around the mobile, causing Henry & Orville to
    appear. They will then challenge you to a game of hide and seek. Say yes, exit
    the room, and re-enter. The 2 ghosts are randomly hidden in 2 of the large
    boxes in the room. If you pick the wrong box, you have to exit and re-enter the
    room. Your best bet is to keep trying the same 2 boxes; you should, eventually,
    end up with them being the right boxes. Infuriated at the idea of you actually
    winning, Henry & Orville will call you a cheater and attack you. They hop on a
    racecar and an airplane, and chuck bombs at you (no wonder these two are dead).
    Use the vacuum to knock them off their vehicles, and stun them. Suck them both
    up, and you'll get Mario's Shoe.
    Head to the 1rst floor (Area 2).
    Fortune Teller Room
    Show Madame Clairvoya all of Mario's letters. Almost everything she tells you,
    you already know, although she does tell you that Bowser is back. After showing
    her all the items, she will ask you to capture her, and return her to her
    painting. Do so (she doesn't put up a fight), and you will get a key.
    Make your way up to the third floor, after grabbing some of the water element.
    Safari Room
    Use your vacuum on the deer heads, and several ghosts will appear. Some of them
    must be killed with water, and the others are of the banana variety. Once
    you've killed them, a key will appear.
    As soon as you enter this room, your Boo radar will almost overload, and turn
    bright red. Head to the left a bit, and you should see a circle of 15 boos. A 
    cinema then follows where they form into Boolosus, and start a boss battle.
    Boolosus looks deadly, but he is fairly easy. First, suck up the ice element
    nearby, and then use your vacuum to get ahold of Boolosus. You won't suck him
    up, but he will be caught in the vacuums flow. Move over to one of the 2
    unicorn statues, and pop Boolosus on it. He will then split into 15 Boos.
    Freeze them, and suck them up. Eventually the remaining Boos will re-converge
    into a somewhat smaller Boolosus. Repeat the strategy until he's captured. You
    will then get an area key, and be sent back to the lab.
                                  Area 4
    Make your way back up here, and head towards the next door. All of a sudden,
    the lightning hits the mansion, the lights go out, and everything gets dark.
    I'M AFRAID OF THE DARK!!! Now, ghosts will repopulate all of the rooms you
    worked so hard to clear. Dirty bastards. You have to switch on the breaker, but
    that room has become locked suddenly. Head back to the first section of Area 1.
    Wardrobe Room
    Inside of this room, you'll see uncle Grimly staring at the mirror. Keep your
    back to him, and he'll eventually raisde his arms and let his heart appear.
    Turn around, stun him, and suck him up. You will then get the key to the
    breaker room. Head down to the basement.
    Breaker Room
    Inside of here is a large breaker switch. Walk up to it, and activate it. The
    lights go back on, and the ghosts leave the cleared rooms. :P
    This place hasn't been cleaned up in a while- dirt clumps everywhere. And I
    thought my basement was bad... Suck up the dirt clumps with your vacuum, and
    then check the barrels to bring out a few ghosts, including a blue treasure
    ghost. Capture them and you'll get another key. Head back to the 3rd floor.
    Telephone Room
    Wow. These room has those old phones with the rotary dials. Check the chests,
    and several skeletons will pop out. Capture them to get some treasure.
    Clockwork Room
    Activate the three clocks in here, and the 3 Clockwork soldiers will come out.
    Blow on their windup keys with your vacuum, and the windup key will fall off,
    stunning the soldier. Be careful not to hit the other soldiers while capturing
    one of them. You have to capture all 3 of them. Then walk into the middle
    structure, to get boosted to the top of the mansion.
    Hey, a bunch of ghosts have a campfire going on here! Don't they know that they
    could set the mansion on fire. Stupid ghosts. A bunch of mask ghosts will
    appear. Suck them, and you'll be able to get a fire element from the fire,
    which is needed to kill some of the next wave of ghosts. After capturing them,
    you'll get a key. Head to the right, and up the tower. Walk into the whole and
    you'll get dropped into a room.
    Sealed Room
    Holy good God, there's a lot of money in here. Check the treasure chests to get
    A LOT of treasures, as well as release a few ghosts. Capture the ghosts and
    you'll get a key. Then, suck the sheet off of the mirror. Check it with the GB
    Horror to warp back to the Foyer. Then, head over the room on the 2nd floor you
    just got a key for.
    Sitting Room
    Use fire to light the candles in here, and a bunch of ghosts will appear.
    Capture them as normal, and head to the next room.
    Guest Room
    Odd. The entire room is upside down. Sue Pea is in a bed ontop of the ceiling.
    She tells you not to wake her, which means you have to wake her up (messed up
    logic, eh?). Grab some water element from the previous room, and use it to wet
    Pea's bed. She will wake up, allowing you to stun and capture her, giving you
    some treasure.
    Head back to the 3rd floor now.
    Check the chests the in here to release several ghosts; capture them as usual.
    Then, check the suits of armor to release some more ghosts. BE SURE to check
    them from the BACK, or they will swing down a sharp pointed object like a mace
    or axe, and hit you (ouchies). Capture them, and you get another key.
    Ceramics Studio
    Check the pots in here, and Jarvis, who lives in a pot, will pop up and tell
    you that you have beat him before you can look at his pots. Suck up the ice
    element, and then you'll have to hit him with ice seven times, as he pops up
    from random pots. Don't worry, it's easy. Jarvis doesn't like loosing, and
    he'll attack you for winning. Jarvis will pop up from a jar, and allow you to
    stun and capture him, giving you some treasure. Head back down to the basement.
    Pipe Room
    First, you'll have to deal with several ghosts in here. Then, use ice to freeze
    the green water, and walk over to the pipe. Head over, and activate the thing
    on the pipe to turn off the water. Head over, and grab the key from the chest.
    Cold Storage
    Grab the fire element in here, and then use it to light the 2 campfires near
    Sir Weston, who is frozen in ice. Sir Weston will get rather angry, and attack
    you. Icicles begin falling from the ceiling, and he also shoots ice at you.
    Shoot fire at the ice block he's frozen in, and the ice will shatter, revealing
    hbis heart. You get another key after capturing him. Head back up to the 3rd
    Artist's Studio
    Inside here is Vincent Van Gore, responsible for all of the regular ghosts in
    the mansion. He will then attack you with several types of normal ghosts. You
    will face, in order: 3 types of regular ghost, grabbing ghosts, mask ghosts,
    banana ghosts, and hanging ghosts. Each type appears with three of that type at
    once; try to capture at once, which will make it easier to capture them. After
    destroying his creations, Van Gore won't put up much of a fight. Capturing him
    will give the final key. Now head back to the basement.
    Secret Altar
    Enter the room, and you'll see King Boo staring at Mario, trapped in a
    painting. Boo then taunts you, and drags you into a Bowser painting.
    You appear in another boss arena, after which a beautifully rendered Bowser
    will drop from the sky. Generally, he will breathe fire or try to suck you up
    with his breath. He then tosses three spiked balls at you. Grab the middle one
    with the vacuum, and back up as Bowser comes towards you. Once Bowser lowers
    his head, shoot the ball into his face, causing it to blow up. (If you mess up,
    wait for the balls to explode, or wait for him to shoot out some more.)
    Bowser's head will pop off, and King Boo floats out. Use the vacuum on him like
    any other Boo; he has 500 health, so it shouldn't take more then 5 tries.
    Meanwhile, Bowser's head will try to shoot you with ice. Eventually, King Boo
    will re-enter Bowser's body. Once Boo gets below 200 health, Bowser will put
    his head on backwards and charge around aimlessly until he corrects it's
    placement. You'll get King Boo's crown after defeating him.
    The Ending
    After returning, and turning the ghosts back into portraits, E. Gadd will send
    the Mario portrait backwards through the machine, and revert Mario to his real
    form. After a brief cinema, it will go through some credits. You then get a
    letter grade based on your score for collecting treasure. You now have the
    choice to play through the game in the Hidden Mansion. The only real difference
    is that your vacuum is MUCH stronger and the ghosts do FAR more damage then
    before. You can also try for all gold frames and getting a better completion
                                5. B O O S  L I S T
    After releasing the boos, you have to go through the mansion to find and
    capture all 50 of them. When in a room, the radar on your Gameboy Horror will
    flash yellow if the room contains a hidden Boo; it changes to red if you are
    right next to where it is hidden; search the area to reveal the Boo. After it
    comes out, attempt to suck it up. If the Boo leaves the room, quickly head to
    the hallway, or whichever room the Boo appears to have fled to. If you are fast
    enough, the Boo will be out in the open, otherwise it will have found a new
    place to hide.
    The list names the rooms that you will find the various Boos in.
    Area 1
    1. Parlor
    2. Anteroom
    3. Wardrobe Room
    4. Study
    5. Master Bedroom
    6. Nursery
    Area 2
    7. Butler's Room
    8. Hidden Room
    9. Laundry Room
    10. Mirror Room
    11. Ballroom
    12. Storage Room
    13. Dining Room
    14. Kitchen
    15. Conservatory
    Area 3
    16. Rec Room
    17. Twins Room
    18. Fortune Teller Room
    19. Billiards Room
    20. Projection Room
    21. Tea Room
    22. Nana's Room
    23. Astral Room
    24. Safari Room
    25-39. Balcony (Boolosus)
    Area 4
    40. Guest Room
    41. Pipe Room
    42. Artist's Studio
    43. Armory
    44. Sitting Room
    45. Cermaics Studio
    46. Telephone Room
    47. Clockwork Room
    48. Cold Storage
    49. Breaker Room
    50. Cellar
    After catching all of the Boos, you get a big diamond.
              6. P O R T R A I T  G H O S T  I N F O R M A T I O N
    NOTE: This text comes directly from the game, and is probably the copyright of
    Nintendo (I'm not sure if game text is copyrighted). However, I checked with
    the company, and I believe it's legal to reproduce game text word for word.
    Neville- The Bookish Father, 42 years old
    Neville spends his afterlife reading all the books he missed while living.
    Lydia- The Mirror Gazing Mother, 34 years old
    She's stashed her hidden savings away to prepare for her long afterlife.
    Chauncy- The Spoiled Baby, 1 year old
    He cries loudly and never sleeps through the night, but since he was born a
    ghost, this seems natural.
    The Floating Whirlindas- The Dancing Couple, ??? years old
    Once the local waltz champions, they can no longer compete, since their feet
    don't touch the floor.
    Shivers- The Wandering Butler, 72 years old.
    He wanders the house, endlessly searching for his master's will. He hopes he's
    included in it!
    Melody Pianissama- The Beautiful Pianist, 26 years old
    Despite playing moving melodies, she has a surly disposition. Oddly enough, she
    loves video games.
    Madame Clairvoya- The Freaky Fortune Teller, ??? years old
    Her close connection to the spirit world lets her see nearly 49 days into the
    Mr. Luggs- The Glutton, 30 years old
    He prefers all-you-can-eat buffets to 3 meals aday. He ate himself to death,
    but still wasn't satisfied.
    Spooky- The Hungry Watch Dog, 4 years old.
    This creepy canine will sink his chops into any seemingly edible thing in
    Bogmire- The Cemetery Shadow, ??? years old.
    A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure what to fear or what
    to despair of these days.
    Biff Atlas- The Bodybuilder, 26 years old
    This bodybuilder loves muscles and lilies. Why lilies? They symbolize purity.
    Miss Petunia- The Bathing Beauty, ??? years old.
    The Miss Ghost runner up from 6 years ago, she hasn't had much modeling work
    Nana- The Scarf Knitting Granny, 76 years old
    She's still knitting the scarf she never finished in life. It now streches to
    871 feet.
    Slim Bankshot- The Lonely Poolshark, 29 years old
    Slim's a legend in the world of competive pool. Too bad he's never played a
    living soul.
    Henry & Orville- The Twins, 4 years old
    The twins like to play hide and seek, but since they both hide, the game never
    seems to end.
    Boolosus- Jumbo Ghost, ??? years old
    When the shy, timid Boos get together, their body and their attitude get BIG!
    Jarvis- The Jar Collector, ??? years old
    He loves his antique jars so much that he now lives in one. He can hardly
    contain himself!
    Sue Pea- The Dozing Girl, 7 years old.
    What was meant to have been a short nap seems to have turned into eternal rest
    for sweet Sue Pea.
    Vincent Van Gore- The Starving Artist, 59 years old
    Despite failing to sell a single painting in 30 years, this stubbon man refuses
    to let his art die.
    Uncle Grimmly- Hermit of the Darkness, 45 years old
    Adrift in the darkness, he tends to keep to himself, which suits the rest of
    the family just fine.
    Clockwork Soldiers- The Toy Platoon, ??? years old
    They once belonged to a tightly wound toy collector, but now they run without
    any winding.
    Sir Weston- The Chilly Climber, 30 years old
    This strange fellow's icy abode may be the reason he hasn't warmed up to being
    a ghost.
                                 7. O U T R O
    Nintendo: They made the game and system you've been using. The portrait ghost
    information also comes directly from the game.
    CJayC: For posting this FAQ and designing GameFAQs.
    Hub130: Pointed out the typo in the legal section.
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