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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    Luigi's Mansion
    Copyright 2004-2007 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
    Most Recent Update: March 3, 2007
    Originally Created: December 28, 2004
    Version: 1.0
    -------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
    Section 1*
    Section 2*
    Area One*
    Area Two*
    Area Three*
    Area Four*
    Section 3*
    Ghost Catalogue*
    Hidden Mansion*
    Gold Mice Locations*
    Treasure Amounts*
    Luigi's New Mansion*
    History of Luigi*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
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    Welcome one and all!  This guide is for Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's chance to soak
    up the limelight in a game that does not have "Mario" in its title.  Really,
    Mario must have an ego the size of Greenland.  Regardless, this game is
    definitely worth renting, and even worth buying.  This game is three years old,
    and so it's is probably better (and easier) to buy it.  Luigi's Mansion is a
    short title, but it is good all the way through.  And, if you like it enough,
    you can play a second quest of sorts.  Luigi's Mansion was the main title on the
    Game Cube when it was first released, and, usually, the console release game is
    meant to wow its first users.  That alone is a good indication that this game
    will be excellent.  Plus, if it's any consolation, this game was made for Luigi
    fans.  Viva Luigi!
    By the way, if you see this walkthrough on any website other than GameFaqs or
    GameSpot (they are an affiliate of GameFaqs), please e-mail me.  With your help,
    we can put a stop to plagiarism of this guide.  Thanks a bunch.
    You can navigate this guide easily with using a combination of keys on your
    keyboard.  Press CTRL and F, or Apple and F if you have a Mac, at the same time
    to bring up a Find/Search box.  Type in the name of whatever section you need
    and press Find/Search.  That's why I put the asterisks (*) by each of the
    section titles, to distinguish the names from times I might use a word in the
    text.  I hope that helps you get through the document.  The trick is getting to
    this section.
    Luigi's Mansion has a terrific plot for one reason - it stars Luigi!  Yes,
    little brother Luigi has a game of his own at last (unless you count Mario is
    Missing).  Luigi's adventure starts on very strange circumstances.  Below I will
    summarize the events that go down before the game begins.
                             |    Summarized Storyline    |
    One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi received a letter.  Apparently he had won
    a mansion in a contest he didn't even enter.  A map was enclosed with the
    message; Luigi set out for his prize after Mario did.  When he arrived, though,
    it was nothing he had expected.  It was an old and run-down mansion rotting at
    the edge of an eerie forest.  As he approached it, a ghost jumped out at him,
    followed by an old man.  The man had a vacuum-like device that sucked up the
    ghost and saved Luigi.  How convenient!  The little old man was named Elvin Gadd,
    or Professor E. Gadd (pretty punny).  Equipping Luigi with the vacuum (the
    Poltergust 3000), Luigi decided to venture into the haunted manor.
    Luigi is a bit of baby when it comes to ghosts.  For some unknown reason he is
    afraid of ghosts that spew fire and the like.  He also is uneasy in the dark,
    which is the primary element in the game.  Of course, there's more to the story
    than this.  It unfolds as you play.  Now for a cast of characters.
                              |    Cast of Characters    |
    Luigi: Luigi is the little brother of Mario, the main man in Nintendo.  Luigi
    has always been shadowed by his big brother, but now it's time for him to step
    up to the plate.  On a side note, Luigi is slightly afraid of the dark and is
    not exactly known for his bravery.
    Mario: The older of the Mario Brothers, Mario spends his time saving princesses
    and thwarting the evil Bowser with his little brother tagging along.  Mario's
    been the star child ever since the two were babies.  Mario went into the mansion
    ahead of Luigi and he hasn't come back yet.
    Toad: Toad, the loyal subject of Princess Peach of Mushroom Kingdom, came to the
    mansion to find the missing Mario.  You see, Mario is the boyfriend of Peach
    (the unsaid truth), and the lady in pink wants Mario back, and now!  Toad is
    much more afraid of the dark than Luigi, but he is often very useful to Luigi
    during the game.  In Luigi's Mansion, Toad can be talked to in order to save the
    Professor E. Gadd: Elvin Gadd is a rather eccentric old man that lives near the
    mansion.  Several ghosts that inhabit the mansion were let loose, and he wants
    Luigi to capture them with his invention, the Poltergust 3000, so that he can
    lock them away in portraits.  Now that's a hobby.
    There are no other characters in the game at a glance.  There are two more that
    I might add, but I don't want to spoil the plot for you.  Now for the
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    ||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
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    ===================================Area One*====================================
                             |    The Poltergust 3000    |
    As Luigi reaches the end of the forest using his exaggerated map, he finds his
    prize mansion.  Inside, you get to control Luigi for the first time.  Press A to
    call Mario, who went into the mansion ahead of Luigi.  Walk up the stairs and
    try to open the large door at the top with A.  You cannot, as you'll find.  Go
    back downstairs and you'll see a key dropped by a strange spirit.  Return up the
    stairway and try to open the main doors there.  This time Luigi can make it
    through.  In this room, the parlor, a ghost appears!  And after it a strange man
    with a vacuum tries (and fails) to capture it.  After talking to Luigi, three
    more ghosts chase the two out.
    He introduces himself as Professor E. Gadd in his Ghost Research Laboratory, the
    Lab.  The professor says that he has been living in the area since he was in his
    twenties and that mansion only appeared a few days ago.  He also says that a guy
    with similar clothes, only red, entered the mansion and never came out.  With
    that said, Gadd gives you his device so that you can enter the mansion and save
    your brother.  Learn the controls well, grasshopper.  Aside from the Poltergust
    3000, the vacuum that you use with R, you also have the Game Boy Horror.  It
    lets you look through the room for ghosts that are invisible to the naked eye.
    Now you have to pass training.  The best way to reel in a ghost is to flash some
    light on them via the flashlight to stun them, and then suck them up into the
    Poltergust.  The heart shows how much resistance it has left.  When it has 0, it
    will be caught.  Tilt the control stick in the direction opposite the ghost to
    suck away at their heart points.  You can catch more than one at a time, by the
    Remember that you can turn off the flashlight by pressing B.  This does have a
    use, as sometimes you will stun ghosts and not be able to reach them if they are
    at a distance.  At the end, the professor takes you to the Gallery.  He once had
    21 ghost pictures, and now only frames hang on the walls.  Talk to the professor
    and then talk again.  Go back to the lab.  Now go the mansion.  It's time to
    bust some ghosts.
                                  |    The Parlor    |
    When you enter you'll see Toad, the loyal subject of Princess Peach (of Mushroom
    Kingdom).  He came in search of Mario and cannot find him.  Talk to him to light
    up the room.  He then lets you save.  You save the game by talking to Toads.
    Note that the chandelier here may fall.  Now go up the stairs and out of the
    Foyer.  The room you enter is the Parlor.
    Suck (R) the lit candles to extinguish them.  They will begin to speak to you
    about darkness and fear and stuff.  You too, buddy!  Once you dispatch three of
    the ghosts, a chest appears.  Open it for a key.  This key opens a door in the
    parlor.  Getting it also causes the room to light up.  Shake the hutch, the
    table, and the lamp for money.  To collect it easily, use R to suck it in.
    Collecting money makes your game score better.  When you're done, use the key on
    the north door.
                                 |    The Anteroom    |
    The door shuts as soon as you enter.  There is a new type of ghost in this room.
    Previously, all ghosts that you saw had 10 HP and were orange.  The new type is
    pink/purple and has 20 HP.  Defeating them all lights the room.  Shake things
    for money and then go left through the door.
                                |    Wardrobe Room    |
    Aside from the usual ghosts, this room sports a new type that has 40 HP and very
    good reactions.  Keep your flashlight off and it will appear behind you.  This
    green ghoul throws bananas to try to cause you to slip up.  Since its reactions
    are so fast, make sure to be very close to it before you light it and suck it in.
    Make sure to check the wardrobes for ghosts.  Clearing them all illuminates the
    room and causes a key to appear.  Since you cannot reach it alone, use the
    suction of the Poltergust 3000 to bring the key to you.
    It opens a door in the upper level of the Foyer.  If you go through the left
    door you'll be brought to a Toad on the balcony.  Save with him if you'd like
    and then go the Foyer.  You can do this easily by pressing X and by searching
    the mirror in the Wardrobe Room.  All mirrors in the mansion link to the one in
    the Foyer as a sort of warp.  When you get to the door, Professor E. Gadd sends
    you a message on the Game Boy Horror.  He suspects that a gallery ghost is ahead.
    Listen to his advice and then go through the door.
                                   |    Neville    |
    The doors in the hallway are traps - most of them anyways.  Press Y to use the
    Game Boy Horror's map.  If the door that is displayed is not shown on it, then
    it is a trap.  Also, you can use your suction to try to shake the door.  If it
    shakes, it's a real door; if not, it's a trap.  You'll also find some ghastly
    rodents in the hallway.  To the point, go through the only door that you can
    using the Game Boy Horror.  It is the very first door in the hallway.  In this
    room, the Study, lurks the first of the gallery ghosts.  In the rocker in this
    room is Neville, the father of a family of ghosts in this wing of the mansion.
    There are books in here that give you clues for later parts of the game.
    However, you're main concern is capturing the ghoul living here.  Using the Game
    Boy Horror you can learn Neville's weakness.
    He becomes solid when you are not facing him.  Face away from him to watch him
    and then wait for him to yawn.  When he is off-guard yawning, shine your light
    on him and suck the bookworm in.  He has 100 HP, making him the strongest ghost
    you've met so far.  Gallery ghosts also hold treasure.  If you suck up more HP
    from them in a single swipe (that is, not letting them get away), they give more
    treasure in the form of pearls.  Once you've caught Neville, he'll appear in the
    gallery.  Depending on how much fight he put up, his painting will be either
    very angry of more natural.  Open the chest that appears for a key.  Enter the
    hallway and go through that door.
                                    |    Lydia    |
    The Master Bedroom is home to Neville's wife.  The vain Lydia spends all her
    time in front of a mirror.  The draft that's let in surprises her and exposes
    her heart.  Stun her with the flashlight and then win a place for her in the
    Poltergust 3000.  Beating her lights the dark room and causes a chest to
    materialize.  Maybe it's just me, but the treasure chests look exactly like the
    boss chests in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  Notice that you can see
    Toad's hat out the window.  Anyways, open the chest and take the key.  Return to
    the hallway and you'll hear a baby cry from behind a door.  Weird...  Go through
    the door that you unlocked using the Game Boy Horror as a guide.
                                |    Boss: Chauncey    |
    The Nursery is eerily quiet.  Even the dead baby (also creepy) in the room is
    silent.  However, this ghost, named Chauncey, wants his rocking horse to move.
    Before you do so, check the dresser in the corner of the room for a heart (they
    replenish Luigi's health).  Now use the Poltergust 3000 to rock the horse.
    Chauncey repositions himself and asks you to play with him.  Chauncey, however,
    is a bit more dangerous.  Using its rattle it will fire its three teddy bears at
    you.  Suck in the bouncy ball in the room (remember that you can aim the nozzle
    of the Poltergust with the C Stick) and release R to fire it at the phantom
    For giving him an owie, you have to fight for your life.  Using a spell, Luigi
    becomes tiny and ends up in an arena made of Chauncey's crib.  Like his parents,
    Chauncey has 100 HP.  The first hazard in the fight is an air fleet of rocking
    horses (I'd like to see what the designers were doing when they thought of
    this.).  Although Luigi is kind of slow, you can still avoid the horses.  If two
    fly at you, run between them.  After his horseys, Chauncey lets a bunch of balls
    at you.  Dodge them as best you can and suck in the one that remains.  Fire it
    at Chauncey and he will be susceptible to the Poltergust.  Try to beat him this
    time.  If you fail, Chauncey will start bouncing around the arena on his stomach
    and then start the process over.  Repeat until you win.
    Besting the baby gives you a gold treasure chest to open.  Inside is the Heart
    Key.  It lets you open the door on the ground floor of the Foyer.  After getting
    it, Luigi gets a message.  Luigi returns to the lab and he sees the Ghost
    Portrificationizer.  Take a load off your pack and three pictures are made, one
    of Neville, Lydia, and Chauncey.  You also total up your G (money).  Gold coins
    are worth 5,000, Bills are worth 20,000, and Gold Bars are worth 100,000.  You
    also get to save.  Return to the mansion.
    ===================================Area Two*====================================
                                 |    The Bathroom    |
    Remember that the chandelier in the Foyer can fall; move when it does.  When you
    approach the door on ground level, the Heart Key dispels the barrier that made
    the door impossible to open.  Pass through the double doors to the main hallway
    on 1F.  The hallway sports some new enemies, too.  Suck in bats regularly to
    defeat them.  Bomber ghosts drop down from the ceilings and attack you.  Some
    just drop down and do nothing.  There are also new yellow ghosts.
    From the start of the hall, go right and then up.  Go left at the fork all the
    way and take the upper doorway.  This room, the Bathroom, has new ghosts in it,
    too.  These ghosts are easier to defeat than others, but they hold you down by
    attacking.  You get a message after defeating them from E. Gadd.  He tells you
    that you can shake the control stick back and forth to loosen their grip.  Upon
    defeating both, the room is lit.  Use the Poltergust 3000 to pull back the
    shower curtains.  Use it again to take the key.
                             |    Floating Whirlindas    |
    Use the Game Boy Horror to reach the room you unlocked.  There are deceased Shy
    Guys in this room, the Ball Room.  Use your vacuum to pull their masks off and
    then hit them with the flashlight like normal.  Each has 20 HP and there are six
    of them.  When you beat them, two gallery ghosts that only count as one appear.
    Stand on the spinning turntable that they are on to see them clearly.  When they
    bow, beam them and reel them in.  They have, of course, 100 HP.  A chest with a
    key to the room north of this one forms afterwards.  Before you leave, use the
    vacuum to search the right chandelier in the room.  A gold bar should come out.
    Now go through the north door.
                               |    The Storage Room    |
    First, you have four normal ghosts to contend with.  Two of them are new, red
    types.  When you've lit the room, the mirror should show a switch on the wall
    opposite it.  Use the mirror to see what you're doing and hit the switch.  This
    causes the wall to extend to the left.  There is a "Danger" poster there with a
    Boo (without an outline, so it looks weird) on the cover.  Suck it in with the
    Poltergust 3000 and another switch is revealed.
    Press the switch and a fog rises from the grating.  Tons of Boos pop out, led by
    King Boo!  Since early Mario games, Boos have been shy ghosts that populated
    haunted houses and dungeons.  King Boo is a large one that is the leader of them
    all (and hates Mario for pounding Boos).  E. Gadd calls you back to the lab for
    a briefing.  He believes that not only did the band of Boos set the gallery
    ghosts free, but that they kidnapped Mario.  He then reveals the Boo Radar, a
    secret function of the Game Boy Horror.  With it, you can track down and capture
    the Boos hiding in the mansion.
                                 |    Boo Hunting    |
    There are Boos to be found in many of the old rooms we've been in.  You need
    five Boos captured (there are 50 in all) to move on to the next room.  Here are
    the names of the Boos and what rooms you can find them in.  Use the radar (it
    flashes when a Boo is nearby, red being the closest) to track them down.
    Parlor: BamBoo (30 HP)
    Anteroom: Bootha (50 HP)
    Wardrobe Room: GameBoo Advance (30 HP)
    Study: TaBoo (50 HP)
    Master Bedroom: Boolicious (30 HP)
    Nursery: TurBoo (50 HP)
    Ball Room: Boo La La (60 HP)
    Storage Room: GameBoo (50 HP)
    The Boos may move around the room or throw bombs at you if you're close on their
    heels.  If you miss a Boo, it may run into another room (sometimes a dark one).
    GameBoo was either really lazy or really stupid to hide right there.  After
    catching five (you should collect all of them), Elvin suggests that you go to
    the Washroom and wash up.  The Washroom, located off the hallway, is now
                                 |    The Washroom    |
    The Washroom is just below the Bathroom.  Inside is a weeping Toad.  Apparently
    (he was good to make it this far into the mansion), he dropped something really
    important into the toilet.  Assure him that it is all right and the room is
    illuminated.  Use the vacuum to open the lid of the toilet and out comes a key.
    You can save with Toad here before going, by the way.  Navigate the hallway to
    the room you unlocked using the ever-so-useful Game Boy Horror.
                          |    The Fortune-teller's Room    |
    Use the Game Boy Horror to see into the soul of the gallery ghost present in
    this room, Madame Clairvoya.  Then use the flashlight on the crystal ball on the
    table.  After you do, she appears and you can talk to her (the seer of dropped
    items).  You cannot capture her for now, or even utilize her psychic skills.
    Your only option is to move to the next room, to the right.
                            |    The Fire Element Medal    |
    I wonder if real tycoons actually have rooms filled with mirrors in their houses.
    The Mirror Room is home to six invisible ghosts that you must use the mirrors to
    see.  Defeating all six causes a grand chest to form.  Inside is a red medallion.
    Take it and E. Gadd calls you up.  When you defeat a fire element ghost (which
    can't be seen in mirrors, ironically), you can expel fire from the Poltergust
    using L.  Before moving on, take out the resident Boo of the room, Kung Boo.
    Now fill your fire meter using a ghost from the lit torch to the right.
                              |    Light the Candles    |
    To brighten up the Fortune-teller's Room, we're going to need a full tank of
    fire.  Go in the four corners of the room and use the fire to light the torches.
    To conserve Fire Power, aim with the flashlight before using L to release any
    flames.  This causes a key to appear in the room.  Pull it into reach with the
    Poltergust 3000 and you'll have access to a new room.
                               |    The Laundry Room    |
    Go to the room that you now have the key for and you'll encounter many ghosts.
    Defeat them all and a chest with lots of money in it forms.  Also, Boogie is in
    this room.  He has 40 HP.  Before you leave this room, use the Poltergust to
    open the lid on the washing machine.  Out comes Mario's Cap!
    He must have lost it when inside the mansion.  Take it to Madame Clairvoya and
    see what she can see.  After quite the theatrical performance and calling Luigi
    a hack, she basically says that Mario is not dead (but we cannot be sure that he
    is alive.).  Mario has four other items hidden somewhere in the mansion.  If you
    take them to Madame Clairvoya, she can give you hints as to where you can find
                                   |    Shivers    |
    It is time to catch a gallery ghost.  Shivers floats around the main hallway of
    1F and thinks of how he can woo Melody.  Maybe if he was burning with fiery
    passion (come on, people!) she would notice him.  Light the candle he carries
    around with him and he starts freaking out.  Follow him down the hallway (he
    zigzags) to the Laundry Room.  He then goes south into the Butler's Room.
    That's where you can capture him.  Shivers is the butler of the mansion, you see.
    Doing this causes the room to become bright and a chest to materialize.  Inside
    is a key.  Before exiting the room, though, you should capture your eleventh Boo,
    PeekaBoo.  It has 40 HP and a terrible disposition (couldn't help myself).
                                 |    Hidden Room    |
    In the Butler's Room, use the Game Boy Horror to see a mouse hole by the rolls
    of paper.  Search it (A) with the GBH and a wind comes out and drags you in.
    The room you end up in is the Hidden Room.  First dispatch the bats and then
    open the chests.  Some have icy ghosts inside.  To beat them, ignite their
    frozen bodies and then catch them as normal.  Defeat all the icy spirits to
    light the room and cause a green chest (serious cash, my friend) appear.  Before
    you open it or do anything, catch the Boo here (GumBoo, 40 HP).  Also note that
    there are Gold Bars in the lamps in this room.  Your suction will bring them
    right to you.  When you're ready to leave, use the Game Boy Horror to focus on
    the mouse hole.
                                    |    Melody    |
    Go to the room that is shown as unlock-able on the Game Boy Horror.  This is
    the Conservatory.  It actually is a pretty cool room.  Shake all the instruments
    (A) and they will start playing music.  Together they play the song from the
    first level of Super Mario Bros., the classic NES game.  When they are all
    playing, approach the piano to see Melody (the supposed spectral beauty of the
    ivory keys).  Listen to her piano sonata (a song from Super Mario Bros. 3 or the
    underwater theme from Super Mario Bros.).  Tell her that it was featured in
    "Super Mario Bros. 3" or "Underwater" (depending on your question) and you'll do
    battle with music sheets.  Vacuum all her music sheets and then capture her.  A
    chest forms in the room, but before opening it, make sure to capture this room's
    Boo (Boomeo, 40 HP).  Open the chest for a key.
                                  |    Mr. Luggs    |
    An especially fat ghost named Mr. Luggs spends his afterlife in the Dining Room.
    His awful heartburn lets him breathe fire.  If you need Fire Power, there's a
    torch in the corner of the room.  Also, don't open the hutch.  Inside is a
    Poison Mushroom that will shrink Luigi.  Carefully move around this room; there
    are bananas everywhere.  Better yet, suck them up into the bottomless Poltergust
    3000.  Light the candles around the gluttonous ghoul to expose him.
    Suck up his food and don't let up.  Some waiters will try to serve him more;
    capture them like normal ghosts.  At this point, Mr. Luggs starts spitting
    fireballs at you.  Run around the room dodging them until he tuckers out and
    collapses on the table.  That's your cue to turn on the Poltergust and capture
    him.  Doing so lights the room and makes a chest form.  Open it for major money.
    Also, Boodacious is hidden in this room.  Capture him (he has a whopping 80 HP)
    and you'll be able to go left to a new room.
                             |    Water Element Medal    |
    First you should deal with the possessed pots and pans by means of Poltergust.
    Second, open the refrigerator in the Kitchen to see an icy ghost.  Burn it and
    then capture it as you would normally.  Doing so makes the room bright and a
    chest form.  Inside is the Water Element Medal!  Now you can capture water
    element ghosts from sources of water, like the sink in this room.  You can also
    extinguish flames and purify ghosts.  Note that there is a Boo in here named
    Booligan.  Catch it and then douse the flames in sweet water.  Now you can go
    through the door.
                                    |    Spooky    |
    Spooky is the adorable little puppy dog of the mansion... or a bulldog.  The
    Boneyard introduces a new enemy, Mr. Bones.  To make him appear, first you must
    fill Spooky's water bowl.  Spray it and he will drink up, and then proceed to
    chase you around the yard.  This awakens Mr. Bones, the ghost of a skeleton.
    Look, don't ask.  Beat Mr. Bones as you would a regular ghost; beam him and reel
    him in.  It has 30 HP.  Doing this makes a bone appear before Spooky.
    This makes him leave guard dog duties to lick it.  That's your chance to capture
    it.  Before you go any further, here's a tip.  Water the plant here until it
    grows a stem.  Once you beat the second boss, water it some more.  Once you've
    cleared the third area, water it again.  The flower that results bears a very
    valuable diamond.  Anyways, trek into the Graveyard by searching the doghouse
    entrance with the Game Boy Horror.  The wind will take you to the Graveyard of
    the mansion.
                                |    The Graveyard    |
    Three Mr. Bones enemies have assembled to stop you.  Defeat them like you did
    the last.  Remember that you may want to turn your flashlight off to get close;
    they have very short stun periods.  When you're done, one of the gravestones
    begins to glow.  Before you approach it, shake other graves for hearts to
    restore some health.  When you're ready, walk up to it and lightning will awaken
    the dead.
                                |    Boss: Bogmire    |
    Bogmire is a shadowy specter that uses other spirits to attack.  Suck up the
    shadows to form a ball varying in size depending on the shadow you chose.  Then
    aim for Bogmire, the pink/purple ghost.  Release the ball and it will hit
    Bogmire, making him solid.  At this point you can start vacuuming him like a
    normal ghost.  It may take a few tries (you usually run into other shadows) to
    get his HP down to 0 from 100, but be persistent and you'll win easily.
    The prize for winning is a golden chest.  Within is the Club Key!  Now you can
    go further into the mansion.  However, the professor calls you to his lab to
    unload the Poltergust 3000.  The Ghost Portrificationizer will make portraits of
    Mr. Luggs, the Floating Whirlindas, Melody Pianissima, Shivers, Spooky, and
    Bogmire.  You also cash in all your treasure.  You can even save.  Now it is
    time to return to the mansion and take on the next set of ghosts.
    ==================================Area Three*===================================
                                |    The Courtyard    |
    The hallway on 1F and most of the rooms connected to it are now ghost-free.
    Approach the door at the end of the hallway and the barrier will be broken.  Go
    through the door.  The Courtyard is very large and has a well in the middle of
    it.  A little bit past the well is a birdhouse.  Vacuum it and Mario's Letter
    will come out.  However, the Courtyard is much nicer to be in if it is lit.
    Defeat all the ghosts in the area and it lights up.  And a chest forms, too.
    Open it for a ton of money.  At the right end of the Courtyard is a shed.
    Inside is Toad, sobbing at what he saw in the well.  Why don't we check it out?
    Shake the statue on your way there for a lot of coins and then go up the ramp
    and climb down the ladder into the dry well.  Welcome to Bottom of the Well.  Go
    right and you'll look into a strange altar.  Inside is a painting of Mario!
    King Boo is standing there watching him suffer.  Go back and you'll see a ghost
    hanging down from the ceiling.  Flash it and vacuum it to illuminate the room.
    It also causes a key to fall down.  Take it and climb up the well.  Use the key
    to enter the room at the right end of the Courtyard.  By the way, you can now
    console Toad, letting you save.  And if you listen closely in the Courtyard, you
    might just hear Mario cry out for help...
                                  |    Biff Atlas    |
    The Rec Room has a lot of exercise equipment in it and one buff ghost.  Mr.
    Luggs should check it out.  If you use the Game Boy Horror to read his heart,
    he's talking trash about Luigi.  Go to the punching bag and press A so that
    Luigi can punch it.  When it hits Biff, a brawl ensues.  Hit him twice more
    while avoiding his strong arms and he will faint.  Now he is weak; bag him in
    the Poltergust.  Aside from adding a gallery ghost to your collection, this room
    serves another purpose.
    Go left to the treadmill and run on it for a while.  Feel the burn, Luigi!
    Shortly after starting a key pops out.  This key is not actually required to get,
    but it is a convenient shortcut (you can reach the stairs to the second floor
    from the main hallway).  Before you leave, open the green chest for a diamond,
    gold bars, and a whole mess of coins and bills.  You can also catch a Boo in
    here (Booreguard, 100 HP).  This time Elvin tells you about the elemental
    triangle (that is, if you caught sixteen Boos).  Now it is time to go up a notch.
                                |    Mario's Letter    |
    As long as we're here, let's go see what Madame Clairvoya has to say about
    Mario's Letter.  She tells us nothing we don't know already; she talks about the
    painting and the altar and that we need more items.  Will do, Miss.
                              |    Ice Element Medal    |
    From the Recreation Room, go south to see stairs.  If you're going from the
    Foyer, open the door opposite the Washroom to reach the stairs.  Make sure to
    have water ready when you do (get it from the Kitchen).  Extinguish the flames
    at the top of the stairs and go through that door.  This is the Tea Room.
    Defeat a few ghosts in here to light it up.  Notable things about the Tea Room
    are the unique gravity switches.  When you press the floor switch, you rise to
    the ceiling and vice versa.  When you've lit the room, suck out a red gem from
    the teapot display to the right.  Also be aware that the seventeenth Boo is here,
    Mr. Boojangles.  He is considerably weak (50 HP).  Anyways, use the switches to
    reach a white chest.  Inside is the Ice Element Medal!  Now you can shoot ice.
                             |    The Second Washroom    |
    Exit the Tea Room and go left into a hallway.  Go directly across to the second
    story Washroom.  Take the water element ghost to have a tank of water and then
    approach the toilet.  A ghost with a flaming heart will pop out.  Cool it down
    with some water and then defeat normally.  This lights the room and reveals a
    chest, within which is a bundle of cash.
                                 |    Miss Petunia    |
    Exit this room and take the door above the Washroom door to enter a second
    Bathroom.  Inside is a showering ghost named Miss Petunia.  To catch her you'll
    need the ice element (in the tea room is a bucket of ice that you can use).
    Petunia spends all her time in the hot shower, and will send a ball of water
    your way if you pull back the shower curtains.  When you do, avoid the water and
    then ice her tub.  A sneeze indicates that she is weak.  You know the drill -
    capture Miss Petunia with the Poltergust 3000.  A chest forms for doing so
    containing a key for a door on 1F.  Before we go there, however, we will capture
    a few more ghosts and Boos.
                                     |    Nana    |
    The door across from the Bathroom houses a gallery ghost named Nana (in Nana's
    Room).  Anyways, Nana is one disgruntled grandma.  Press A by the balls of yarn
    to spill them on the ground.  Vacuum one up and then release it at Nana.
    Hitting her three times makes her vulnerable to the Poltergust.  Catching her
    lights the room.  Before you go on, find and catch LimBooger.  He has 100 HP.
    This time Elvin tells you that a ghost artist named Van Gore is responsible for
    creating the lesser ghosts.  Now take the key from the chest that formed.  It
    opens a door in the west wing of the mansion from Area One!
                                  |    The Twins    |
    Go back to Area 1 and open the door right of the Nursery.  Welcome to the Twins'
    Room.  The Twins are the other children of Neville and Lydia.  To see them, look
    at the helicopter on the ceiling.  Use the C Stick and the Poltergust 3000 to
    rotate them until they show up.  Choose to play hide-and-seek with them and go
    outside.  Come in when they okay it and they will be hiding in boxes.  Approach
    them and press A to open them.  It would seem that it is always random, but
    there is one way to tell if they are inside or not.
    If the box moves when you use suction on it, they are inside.  The Twins will
    accuse you of cheating when you victor and start riding their toys around the
    room.  Suck the scoundrels' toys right from under them and then catch them.
    You'll have to catch both of them separately, giving them a combined 200 HP.
    When you win, the room lights up and a chest appears.  Inside is Mario's Shoe.
    Now use the Boo Radar to locate Booris.
                                 |    Mario's Shoe    |
    This time Madame Clairvoya tells us a little something about Mario.  She says
    beware of King Boo (-Mario).  Apparently, this Boo who wears a crown has
    captured Mario.  Still not too useful, Madame Clairvoya.  While you're here,
    take Fire Power from the Mirror Room.
                                 |    Astral Hall    |
    Go down at the turn in the hallway on 2F and go through the first door.  Light
    all the candles and stand in the star in the middle of them all.  The doors are
    locked and ghosts appear for a fight.  There are seven in all, four of which are
    Shy Guys.  To defeat them (remember from the Ball Room) suck off their masks and
    then beat them normally.  When you've lit the room, there's a Boo by the name of
    Boonswoggle to catch.  When you have added it to your collection, go right.
                                 |    Observatory    |
    Press A by the telescope to look through.  The moon sure if full tonight.  Go as
    right as you can and you will get hit by a comet.  Instead of letting it hit you,
    suck it in.  Aim for the moon and fire the comet at it.  The moon is destroyed
    in an explosion (way to go, Luigi).  Somehow that makes a shiny path form.  At
    the end is a Power Star.  Mario's got a ton of them.  Go up to it to get Mario's
                                 |    Mario's Star    |
    What does Madame Clairvoya have to say about this item?  Mario is trying to say
    something about the Boo-power.  Apparently (E. Gadd already told us this), when
    a large number of Boos assemble, their power grows.  After that reading,
    Clairvoya fears that she has not enough strength for more than one more reading.
    In other words, we find one more item and she'll be weak enough to catch.
                                |    Slim Bankshot    |
    Remember the key we got from the Bathroom on the second floor?  The second-to-
    last room on the first floor is the Billiards Room.  To beat Slim, the occupant
    of the room, vacuum one of his billiard balls when he fires it and then launch
    it at him.  Three hits make him susceptible to the Poltergust 3000.  Take this
    pool shark down, all 100 HP of him, and room lights up.  Not only that, but a
    green chest forms.  Open it for a few bills, coins, gold bars, and a diamond
    (ooh).  You can also catch your twenty-first Boo in here.  He's Boohoo and he
    has 50 HP.
                             |    The Projection Room    |
    Right of the Billiards Room is the Projection Room.  Inside is a grand total of
    five ghouls.  However, they don't come out to play until you start the show.  Go
    up to the projector and press A to turn it on.  You're going to have to rely on
    the shadows shown on the projection screen to know where they are.  Once you've
    beaten them all, the room is illuminated and a chest forms.  Inside is Mario's
    Glove, the last item that Mario dropped!  Before you leave the room, make sure
    to pursue and capture Boo # 22, ShamBoo.  It is in the 50 HP league.
                               |    Madame Clairvoya    |
    Go to Madame Clairvoya and let her investigate the sweaty glove.  Mario must
    have had three gloves with him because both of them were in the portrait.  This
    is her worst vision yet.  She sees Bowser!  Is Bowser pulling all the strings in
    the mansion?  In any case, Madame Clairvoya is ready to return to her painting.
    Suck her in and the room finally lights up.  And a chest forms, too.  Inside is
    a key to a room on the third floor.  Now we can capture a Boo hiding in this
    room.  Its name is Booigi (pronounced like Luigi) and it has 40 HP.
                               |    The Safari Room    |
    Go down the second floor hallway until you reach a set of stairs.  Take them up
    and then go south through a locked door that you have the key to.  Make sure
    that you have a tank of ice stored up (Tea Room).  I don't know who actually has
    a safari room in their home (no offense), but apparently they do here.  Blow
    some wind at one of the trophies on the wall and the ghost hunt begins.
    There are two types here - green ghosts (40 HP) that throw bananas and there are
    blue ones with 30 HP that pound the ground.  You'll have to freeze the latter
    before you can catch them normally.  When you've beaten them all, the room is
    flooded in light and a chest materializes.  Inside is a key.  Also, you can
    catch Little Boo Peep in here.  It has 100 HP.  This time Elvin tells you that
    non-Boo ghosts only appear in directions that you're not facing.  Anyways, go
    through the left door to a hallway.  Go north as far as you can and open that
    door.  Note that you must have 20 Boos at least to get this far.
                               |    Boss: Boolossus    |
    As soon as Luigi steps outside, the Boo Radar goes crazy.  Shake the statues for
    some extra health before the battle.  As you go left you see fifteen Boos in a
    great circle.  Fifteen of the monsters assume their true power - the mysterious
    power of Boos!  When they merge together they make the mighty Boolossus
    (colossus-derived).  Now, even with the Poltergust 3000, Luigi cannot fight this
    giant.  The only way to beat Boolossus is to divide and conquer.
    Avoid his bounces and lure it over to the unicorn statues.  Note that they are
    frozen.  Use this to your advantage and take Ice Power.  You can still influence
    Boolossus's movements a bit with your vacuum.  Your goal is to make it hit the
    horn of the unicorn.  When you do, Boolossus pops back into its fifteen original
    Boos.  Run around and freeze as many as you can.  When they are frozen, suck
    them up easily.  This reduces the size of Boolossus, too.  Capturing all fifteen
    wins you the battle.  Take the gold chest out and you'll have yourself the
    Diamond Key!
    Professor E. Gadd calls you up.  He sure does have a strange sense of taste
    (picked dandelions with barnacles in a diesel marinade.  Yum...).  Just now you
    captured 15 more Boos.  Put them through the old portrait-maker and you'll have
    a portrait of all the following: Madame Clairvoya, Biff Atlas, Nana, Miss
    Petunia, Slim Bankshot, Henry and Orville (the Twins, also Wright brothers), and
    Boolossus.  After summing up your fortunes, it's time to return to the mansion.
    ===================================Area Four*===================================
                                  |    Power Out    |
    Return to the Balcony where you fought Boolossus.  This should be a cakewalk for
    you, considering that all the ghosts have evacuated to the third floor and a
    portion of the second.  The Diamond Key lets you pass into the next portion of
    the mansion.  However, when you do the mansion is struck by lightning!  Lights
    out means one thing for you - ghosts everywhere.  Since the ghosts do inhabit
    the entire mansion, Toad has left the building.  You'll have to go without
    saving until the power is restored.  For now, let's go to the next room off the
    Balcony as you originally intended.
                              |    The Telephone Room    |
    In this new hallway, go through the right door at the very end.  Inside, the
    phone is ringing.  Approach it and answer the phone.  You can choose to be
    Bowser or Luigi.  Choose Luigi and you can save with the Toad.  Choose Bowser
    and he'll hang up.  The second phone call comes from Professor E. Gadd.  He
    tells you that only one ghosts hides in the REALLY dark places, and that's Uncle
    Grimmly.  I don't see why professor E. is calling him his uncle, but I'm not the
    one to judge.  Anyways, now is the best (and only) time to catch him.
    Apparently, he prefers rooms with mirrors.  Guess what room we're going to.  As
    soon as the phone call ends, you'll be assaulted by ghosts.
                                |    Uncle Grimmly    |
    High-tail it out of that room and back into the hallway.  You might think that
    the Mirror Room would be the logical hiding place for the uncle, but that is not
    so.  He is actually in the Wardrobe Room on 2F.  Why?  I do not know.  However,
    you can avoid actually fighting most ghosts (there high numbers prevent you from
    really engaging them) by stunning them with your flashlight and running.  Uncle
    Grimmly is a serious ghost, but he is not too tough to catch.  Face away from
    him to see the dour old bean and wait for him to raise his hands.  That's your
    cue to suck him in.  After your fight with the grim geezer, you get a key from a
                                  |    Lights On    |
    When entering the main hallway of the first floor from the Foyer, go right all
    the way to a door that is unlocked.  Open it and go down the stairs to BF, the
    basement floor.  At the bottom, go through the north door with your new key.
    You'll be in the Breaker Room.  Aside from a few ghastly rats, there's nothing
    to worry about here.  Go to the switch and flip it to return power to the
    mansion.  The ghosts in Areas One through Three are now gone.  Before leaving,
    make sure to catch the Boo present (Boo B. Hatch, 200 HP).  Also be sure to take
    the key.  When you exit this room, go south again to another new room.
                                  |    The Cellar    |
    In the cellar are a few common ghosts and piles of dirt.  Use the Poltergust
    3000 as a vacuum, literally, to clean up the dirt and then capture the ghosts.
    Beating them all lights the room and makes a chest form.  Inside the chest is a
    key for a room on 3F.  Before leaving the cellar, catch the 100 HP-strong
    Booripedes.  This brings your Boo count up to 41, more than enough to beat the
    game.  However, there's a gem worth 20,000,000 G given to you if you catch all
    50, so you should go the extra mile for ten more once you have 40.
                         |    The Telephone Room Revisited    |
    This time we can actually do something in the Telephone Room.  In the chests
    you'll find Mr. Bones enemies.  Defeat both of them and the room is lighted.
    The green treasure chest is good incentive for doing this, but you also get to
    face a 300 HP-Boo, Boomerang.  Catch it and you'll only have eight more to catch.
    Go north to the next room.
                            |    The Clockwork Soldiers    |
    Tinker with the clocks in the room and music will start to play.  Make all three
    play in unison and the toy soldiers come to life.  They are vacuum-able shortly
    after they fire the corks out of their guns.  Each has 100 HP; catch all three
    to light the room.  Not only does this make a path to the roof, but it lets you
    find Boocaster (300 HP).  When you have Boocaster under your belt, step into the
    small house opened by besting the soldiers.
                                   |    The Roof    |
    There are plenty of Shy Guys to go around on the roof.  When you've disposed of
    them (remember how to beat them?  Snatch their masks with the Poltergust 3000
    and then capture them like regular ghosts), two icy ghosts form.  Use the
    bonfire's Fire Element ghost to give you a full tank of flames.  Now defeat both
    of these ghosts to make a treasure chest form.  Go left and climb the ladder for
    the treasure - a key.  Now, although it is not necessary, you should climb the
    right ladder and fall off the plank.  This turns out to be a chimney and your
    only entrance to the Sealed Room.
                               |    The Sealed Room    |
    This room is filled to the brim with gold!  But there are also ghosts in the
    room.  If you can help it, take out the lesser ghosts first.  This way, you will
    have no distractions when dealing with the larger ones.  When you defeat all of
    the ghosts locked in the room, you get a key from a chest to that last two rooms
    of 2F.  When you've cleared out the ghosts, open all the chests and collect the
    minor treasure.  The real treasure lies on the right wall.  There are a total of
    four Gold Bars there (counting the one in the chest).  Also, the upper-left
    trophy can be shaken for a fifth Gold Bar.  Now, you may be wondering how you
    get out of here.  On the north wall is a mirror covered by a sheet.  Suck the
    latter and search the former with the Game Boy Horror.  This warps you to the
                               |    The Sitting Room    |
    Return to 2F and open the only locked door there.  Light a few torches in the
    room and an army of ghosts will assail you.  Switch to Water Power using the
    Water Element in the vase in the corner and you can beat the last two fiery
    ghosts.  When you've beaten the last of them, the room is lit.  You can now find
    Boolivia, a weakling Boo with only 100 HP.  Now go right to another room that
    you haven't visited.
                                   |    Sue Pea    |
    One of the few ghosts in the mansion to have their own cinema, Sue Pea forever
    slumbers in the Guest Room.  The room is upside-down, too.  Now, this may just
    be an experienced guess, but no one likes water doused on them when they're in
    bed, right?  Spray water on Sue Pea three times and she'll show her heart to you.
    Pull back on the control stick when trying to catch her (as usual), but let her
    drag you forward when a clown doll is flying at you so you can continue the
    struggle.  When you've captured her, a chest appears on the ceiling, err, floor.
    Exit and reenter and you'll feel an earthquake between.  Upon your reentry, the
    room is right side-up.  Take the chest and then the Boo here.  The Boo Boonita
    has 100 HP.  If you don't understand the pun intended with the name, "bonita" is
    Spanish for pretty.  Also, it could be "bonnet," or other words, but my money's
    on bonita.
                                  |    The Armory    |
    Every good mansion needs an armory.  Go to the Balcony and head through the left
    door.  This time around, take the lower-left door.  This room does not, as you
    would expect, have living suits of armor in it.  Instead, you must face ghosts
    that are hiding in them and around them.  Open the chests in here to uncover a
    few.  There's a Gold Bar in one chest.  Anyways, defeating them all gets you a
    key to a room in the basement.  Also, you can find a 150-HP Boo here named
    UnderBoo.  Catch him and then go north one room.
                                    |    Jarvis    |
    There's quite a bit of treasure in here aside from a gallery ghost.  Jarvis is a
    weird spirit that makes jars and hides in them.  He wants the moustache to
    challenge him to a game of jars.  You see, he pops out of the jars in a Whack-a-
    Mole fashion and you must ice him (have Ice Power from the frozen pot before you
    attempt this).  If you can hit him seven times consecutively, you win.  It's
    really easy, considering how slow he is.
    I don't know if it's intentional or not, but Jarvis always appeared in a jar I
    was not facing.  When you meet the challenge, he gets angry at having lost and
    starts to attack you.  Now you can capture Jarvis.  Doing so makes a green chest
    form.  Open it for the treasure.  Also, shake the pots for Gold Bars and gems.
    Also, a ghost by the name of TamBoorine lives in here.  It has 200 HP.  When you
    have it, we can go to the Basement.
                                |    The Pipe Room    |
    Go to the hallway past the Cellar of BF and open the upper-left door.  As you
    may or may not know, Mario and Luigi are plumbers.  This should be a piece of
    cake for the green machine.  By defeating them all you light the dim room.
    There's a Boo named Booffant with 300 HP lurking in here.  Take the Ice Element
    in here from the can and then shoot the acidic water to freeze it.  Walk across
    the ice and press A by the switch.  Hitting it causes water to stop flowing in
    the room.  Use the wooden plank to cross over the ice and go to the chest.  You
    can now unlock the room below this.
                                  |    Sir Weston    |
    For whatever reason, a gallery ghost down here named Weston likes to spend time
    in Cold Storage.  It is so cold that even Luigi will hug himself for warmth
    (which makes your flashlight useless).  Take the Fire Element in here and beware
    the icicles above.  Make your way to the fire pits around him and light them.
    This makes Weston quite unhappy.  He starts sending mounds of ice at you.  Dodge
    them carefully and melt the ice block that Weston is encased in.  This makes Sir
    Weston ready to be caught and stuffed in the Poltergust 3000's tank.  Also,
    don't forget to catch the Boo in here.  It is Boolderdash with 150 HP.  Now you
    have (if you've been using my guide) only one Boo left!  And that Boo will be
    found in one of the only rooms we've yet to visit.
                               |    Vincent Van Gore    |
    Go to the third floor, the first hallway before the Balcony.  The final room of
    the third floor is above the Safari Room.  Upon entering the Artist's Studio,
    you'll see several paintings of common monsters in the mansion.  You'll also see
    their creator, Van Gore.  Vincent is responsible for creating all of the lesser
    ghosts in the mansion (non-Boo or gallery ghost ghouls).  He even made
    sculptures of Biff Atlas and Lydia.  And as you might expect, Vincent shields
    himself with a battalion of twenty-one ghosts.  You must defeat his small army
    before you can even touch painter-boy.  Even as you fight, Vincent Van Gore is
    working on a new piece.
    When you have bested all twenty-one of his masterpieces in combat, he will
    become susceptible to the Poltergust's suction.  Reel him in and his latest
    painting - a golden chest - spits out the final key.  You got the Spade Key!
    Before we go and use it, let's take out the fiftieth and final Boo, Bootique.
    It has a whopping 300 HP, but it should be easy for an experienced Boo hunter
    such as yourself.  Catching it gives you a gold gem.  It is worth a ton of G.
    Now we can move on to free Mario and fight King Boo.  Or, if Madame Clairvoya
    was right, Bowser.
                               |    The Secret Altar    |
    You need at least 40 Boos to enter this room, but you should have all 50 if you
    were using my guide.  You should have all 50 anyways.  Go to the Basement.  Make
    sure you have as much gold as you'll want at the end of the game.  Enter the
    main hall of BF and go north twice.  You will enter the Secret Altar.  King Boo
    doesn't notice you either!
    Walk forward some and Luigi will stop.  King Boo is talking to himself, unless
    Mario can hear him in his painting.  The king simply must have a Luigi painting
    to add to his collection.  Before the epic battle, King Boo spins the room
    around and the Mario painting turns to Bowser.  It sucks Mario in and he appears
    on the rooftop.  And then Bowser falls to the arena.
                                |    Boss: King Boo    |
    King Boo got a little help in this fight.  But, Bowser does have one fatal flaw.
    First, sometimes he throws bombs (like the ones seen in Super Mario 64) at you.
    Second, he often uses a suction attack to try to draw you into his mouth.
    Combined, these attacks could leave Bowser toothless.  But before I explain
    further, you need to know how to survive the beast.  First, all his attacks do a
    lot of damage.  His weakest attack, hitting you with the bombs, does 5 damage to
    you.  He also has 20 HP attacks that include crushing you when he jumps.  First,
    the safest place to be in this arena is away from Bowser.  Just run away.  If he
    jumps, keep running so that he just barely misses you when he lands.  He can
    also make Poison Mushroom appear if Bowser lands on one of the pillars in the
    arena.  Remember, if you're too far away from him, he will jump after throwing
    the bombs.  Anyways, when you can, suck in one of the bombs and then launch it
    at Bowser's head.  The easiest time to do this is when he's using his suction
    attack, but fire works well, too.
    This decapitates Bowser!  And out comes King Boo!  That Bowser is just a
    mechanical disguise.  To take full advantage of this, constantly suck out King
    Boo's tremendous health (500 HP) and move around in circles to avoid the Bowser
    suit's ice balls.  Eventually, you will have weakened King Boo down to 200 or
    less HP.  At this point, Bowser's head goes on backwards.  This leads to another
    attack, touching Bowser.  Since he's so big, he might blindly cover the entire
    arena.  Try to run away until he straightens his head and resumes the normal
    You've won when King Boo has no health left.  Professor E. Gadd calls you to
    congratulate you.  Luigi takes the painting (he must have collapsed when he saw
    Luigi come) and as he exits, the mansion disappears.  The treasure inside,
    however, was real, and the professor welcomes you to take it.  Really, E. Gadd
    made a killing out of this.  He not only got all of his gallery ghosts back, but
    he got two extra ones (Boolossus and King Boo).  Not to mention all of the Boos
    he got.
    You should now have the following haunts captured in art: Uncle Grimmly, Jarvis,
    Vincent Van Gore, Sue Pea, Clockwork Soldiers, Sir Weston, and King Boo himself.
    That's 23 out of 21 paintings.  Now it totals up your final treasure.  You want
    to have more than 100,000,000 G.  Now for the reverse process!  Mario is made
    into his old self; no more Paper Mario.  Aw, brothers reunited.  Luigi's crying
    and laughing at Mario.  Now let the credits roll.
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  But, even though your game is erased,
    you can still play again with a more power Poltergust 3000!  This time, it
    will be easier than ever to get treasure.  Also, at the end of the credits
    they show Luigi's new mansion, the one he bought with his treasure.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ================================Ghost Catalogue*================================
    One of the best parts of Luigi's Mansion is collecting all the ghosts.
    Professor E. Gadd's entire motivation for giving you the Poltergust 3000 is that
    he needs his 21 gallery ghosts returned to their painting forms.  Here I will
    list every gallery ghost and then the names of all of the regular ghosts.  Also,
    I'll have a list of the 50 Boos with their stats.
    Note: There are three different possible paintings for each gallery ghost.  Each
    depends on how well you did in capturing them.  Aside from boss ghosts, it
    depends on how many times you took with the Poltergust (how many times you had
    to restart the suction).  For boss ghosts, it depends on how much health you
    lost in the fight.  The best painting often shows compliance, while the worst
    usually shows them angry of disobedient.  Also, you can tell how well you did by
    the frame of the painting.  Bronze is the worst, silver the middle, and gold the
    best.  Each ghost, except for bosses, has 100 HP.
    Note: There are 50 Boos in the game, 15 of which are caught at the same time
    when you catch Boolossus.  The other 35 are found hidden in the mansion.  Use
    the Boo Radar in the rooms that I specify to catch them.  Also, Boos may run
    into different rooms.  If you cannot catch them, save and quit.  When you
    restart the game, they will be in their old locations.  Another thing to
    remember is that, given enough time, Boos will hide in rooms they flee to.  You
    only need to catch 40 Boos to beat the game, but collecting the last 10 is worth
    it; you get a diamond worth 20,000,000 G.
                                   Gallery Ghosts
    Name: Neville
    Room: The Study (2F)
    Weakness: Neville, the father of Henry, Orville, and Chauncey, spends most of
    his time reading books.  However, he lets his guard down when he yawns.  That's
    when you can capture him.  His perfect picture is of hom in his rocket reading a
    Name: Lydia
    Room: The Master Bedroom (2F)
    Weakness: Lydia, the wife of Neville, will waste countless hours on her hair.
    To disrupt her and expose her heart in the process, use the Poltergust to pull
    back the curtains in the room.  Because the window is broken, a draft is let in
    and Lydia is vulnerable while attempting to fix it.  Her best portrait shows her
    combing her hair with a blue background.
    Name: Nana
    Room: Nana's Room (2F)
    Weakness: Nana is an expert knitter.  Check her balls of yarn with A and they
    will fall to the ground.  Nana is upset and she starts attacking you.  Vacuum up
    the balls of yarn and release R to fire them at Nana.  Three hits make her
    susceptible to the Poltergust.  Her perfect picture is wavy; she is in a
    red/orange background and her full body is shown.
    Name: Chauncey
    Room: The Nursery (2F)
    Weakness: Chauncey is the Area One boss.  Rock his rocking horse and he wakes up.
    When he forces you to play with him, go along with it and beat the toddler.  See
    my guide for details.  Chauncey's best portrait shows him holding his rattle
    with a thumbs-up sign on the other hand.
    Name: Melody Pianissima
    Room: The Conservatory (1F)
    Weakness: Check all of the instruments in the room to make them play the old
    Mario together.  This awakens Melody, who will play a piano sonata for you
    shortly after.  Answer "Super Mario Bros. 3" or "Underwater," depending on your
    question, and she will do battle with you.  Vacuum her music sheets and then go
    after her.  Her best portrait shows her sitting down, both hands set forward as
    if on the arms of a chair, and her head facing to the right.
    Name: Miss Petunia
    Room: The Bathroom (2F)
    Weakness: Miss Petunia loves taking hot showers.  Pull back the shower curtains
    with the Poltergust 3000 and she will chuck some water at you.  Avoid it and
    then freeze the water with ice.  This makes her heart show and allows you to
    capture her.  Her best picture shows her arms raised with a slightly pink
    Name: Madame Clairvoya
    Room: Fortune-teller's Room (1F)
    Weakness: Madame Clairvoya is definitely your friend among the gallery ghosts.
    Focus your flashlight's light on her crystal ball and she will appear.  If you
    show her any of Mario's five dropped items, she will read them and tell you
    something about Mario's current condition.  Once she's exercised her power five
    times, she will be weak and will ask that you return her to her painting home.
    Her best picture shows her chair and she is covering the eye-cloth around her
    mouth with her hand.
    Name: Shivers
    Room: Butler's Room (1F)
    Weakness: Shivers, the butler, wanders the hallway outside the Conservatory
    while he thinks of how he can show Melody his true feelings.  His clue is a
    terrible pun; he wants to show her his "burning passion."  Light his candelabra
    with fire and he will shriek, zigzagging through the hallway to the Butler's
    Room.  That's when you can catch him.  His portrait shows him holding a lit le
    close to his face with a completely black background.
    Name: Sue Pea
    Room: The Guest Room (2F)
    Weakness: Sue Pea, a little girl that sleeps constantly, is the only ghost that
    you do not have to ever see in the course of beating the game.  First, fall into
    the Sealed Room from the Roof from the right chimney.  Get the key to the
    Sitting Room in here and then use the mirror to warp back to the Foyer.  Clear
    the Sitting Room and go right to the Guest Room.  Squirt Sue with water three
    times and then you will be able to catch her.  Her best painting is a close-up
    to her face with a pink background.
    Name: Floating Whirlindas
    Room: The Ball Room (1F)
    Weakness: Once you've defeated the Shy Guys that populate the Ball Room, the
    turntables start spinning and these two can be seen if you are close to them.
    They are a couple that dances the night away.  They are vulnerable when they
    take a bow.  Their best portrait has both of them facing the screen.
    Name: Mr. Luggs
    Room: The Dining Room (1F)
    Weakness: Mr. Luggs fills his time stuffing his face with food.  Light the
    candles around the obese ghost and he will be visible to you.  Vacuum away his
    food and two waiters will come out to serve him more.  Capture them like normal
    ghosts and take away the rest of his food.  Due to his heartburn, he will spit
    fireballs at you for a while.  Your cue to capture him is when he collapses from
    fatigue.  His best portrait has an intense background and he is sticking his
    tongue out.
    Name: Jarvis
    Room: Ceramics Studio (3F)
    Weakness: Play Jarvis's game in which you must freeze him with ice each time he
    pops out of a jar.  If you connect seven consecutive hits, he will get angry and
    start tossing pots at you.  Dodge them and find a place for Jarvis in the
    Poltergust's tank.  Jarvis's best portrait shows him in a jar with a yellowish
    Name: Spooky
    Room: The Boneyard (1F)
    Weakness: Spooky is a guard dog that patrols the entrance to the Graveyard.
    Fill his water bowl with water and he will start chasing you.  The racket
    awakens a Mr. Bones.  Defeating Mr. Bones makes a bone appear for Spooky.  While
    eating it, Spooky is vulnerable.  His best portrait is actually kind of bad.
    Spooky is shown completely black with his tongue sticking out (darn modern art).
    Name: Henry and Orville
    Room: The Twins' Room (2F)
    Weakness: Henry and Orville are plane-enthusiasts (how punny).  Make them appear
    by using the suction power of the Poltergust to make the helicopters spin.
    Agree to play hide-and-seek with them and you'll exit and reenter the room.
    Open the boxes that shake when vacuumed and you'll find them.  They accuse you
    of cheating and get on their toy planes, flying around the room.  Suck up their
    rides and capture both of them individually.  Their best portrait shows them
    with a white-to-black background that is thinly striped.
    Name: Clockwork Soldiers
    Room: The Clockwork Room (3F)
    Weakness: Wind up all the clocks in the room and they come to life.  They are
    vulnerable to your suction shortly after the corks are fired from their guns.
    You must catch all three to truly capture them.  Their gold-framed painting is
    of them with guns facing the screen.
    Name: Biff Atlas
    Room: The Rec Room (1F)
    Weakness: Biff is a muscle-bound body-builder that lifts weight day-in and day-
    out.  Check the punching bags to punch them right into Biff.  Trounce him thrice
    (three times) with the punching bags and he will faint.  That's when to turn on
    the Poltergust.  His best picture shows him flexing his arms.
    Name: Slim Bankshot
    Room: The Billiards Room (1F)
    Weakness: Slim is a pool shark that tries to attack you by ricocheting his
    billiard balls around the room.  Suck them in and then fire them at him.  Three
    hits make Slim yours.  His best picture shows him leaning in toward the screen,
    readying a shot.
    Name: Sir Weston
    Room: Cold Storage (BF)
    Weakness: Use Fire Power to light two fires by both bundles of sticks.  This
    makes the cold-loving arctic explorer angry.  He sends mounds of icicles at you.
    Quickly melt the ice block he is encased in and then you can catch him.
    Weston's best portrait shows him facing the screen with a blue background.
    Name: Bogmire
    Room: The Graveyard (1F)
    Weakness: Bogmire is a boss.  To fight him, beat all of the Mr. Bones in the
    Graveyard and then approach the eerily glowing grave.  See the guide for details
    on beating this shadowy specter.  His best picture actually is one of his shadow
    Name: Uncle Grimmly
    Room: The Wardrobe Room (2F)
    Weakness: Uncle Grimmly can only be caught (and must be caught) while the power
    is out.  This is because he only hides in the very darkest of places and he
    likes mirrors.  Grimmly fancies himself as pretty scary and will raise his arms
    in a lame attempt to creep you out.  When he does this he is vacuum-able.  His
    best portrait shows him flying forward from a dark vortex.
    Name: Vincent Van Gore
    Room: The Artist's Studio (3F)
    Weakness: Vincent is the worst of the non-boss gallery ghosts.  He "gives life"
    to his paintings.  He is the one responsible for the endless supply of lesser
    ghost enemies!  He has 21 one of them defending him.  Beat them all and he is
    fair game.  His gold painting shows him with a green background.
    Name: Boolossus
    Room: The Balcony (3F)
    Weakness: Boolossus's name is a pun of the word "colossus," an ancient Greek
    statue that was huge.  Boolossus is made up of 15 of the 50 Boos and it is,
    indeed, huge.  See the guide for specifics on beating it.  The best portrait is
    the only 3-D one.
    Name: King Boo
    Room: The Roof (Roof)
    Weakness: King Boo is the final boss of the game.  I won't spoil anything for
    you, but let's just say that he has some reinforcements to help him.  The best
    painting of him shows King Boo facing that reinforcement, Bow*cough hack*.
    Sorry, I'm afraid I can't repeat that.
    Name: BamBoo
    Pun: Bamboo.
    Quote: "I am BamBoo, if you please."
    Room: Parlor
    HP: 30
    Name: Bootha
    Pun: Bertha.
    Quote: "Looking for me?  Bootha!"
    Room: Anteroom
    HP: 50
    Name: GameBoo Advance
    Pun: Game Boy Advance.
    Quote: "Wanna play GameBoo Advance?"
    Room: Wardrobe Room
    HP: 30
    Name: TaBoo
    Pun: Taboo.
    Quote: "Speak not my name: TaBoo!"
    Room: Study
    HP: 50
    Name: Boolicious
    Pun: Delicious.
    Quote: "I am the yummy Boolicious!"
    Room: Master Bedroom
    HP: 30
    Name: Turboo
    Pun: Turbo.
    Quote: "I am Turboo, and off I go!"
    Room: Nursery
    HP: 50
    Name: Boo La La
    Pun: Ooh la la.
    Quote: "Allo!  I am Boo La La!"
    Room: Ball Room
    HP: 60
    Name: GameBoo
    Pun: Game Boy
    Quote: "Just call me GameBoo!"
    Room: Storage Room
    HP: 50
    Name: Kung Boo
    Pun: Kung Fu.
    Quote: "Feel the wrath of Kung Boo!"
    Room: Mirror Room
    HP: 40
    Name: Boogie
    Pun: Boogie (as in Boogie Fever).
    Quote: "Yow!  Get down!  I'm Boogie!"
    Room: Laundry Room
    HP: 40
    Name: PeekaBoo
    Pun: Peekaboo.
    Quote: "You found me, PeekaBoo!"
    Room: Butler's Room
    HP: 40
    Name: GumBoo
    Pun: Gumbo.
    Quote: "It's my own self, GumBoo!"
    Room: Hidden Room
    HP: 40
    Name: Boomeo
    Pun: Romeo.
    Quote: "Wherefore am I Boomeo?"
    Room: Conservatory
    HP: 40
    Name: Boodacious
    Pun: Bodacious.
    Quote: "Name's Boodacious!  Got it?"
    Room: Dining Room
    HP: 80
    Name: Booligan
    Pun: Hooligan.
    Quote: "Boy howdy, I'm Booligan!"
    Room: Kitchen
    HP: 80
    Name: Booregard
    Pun: Beauregard.
    Quote: "It is I, fair Booregard!"
    Room: Rec Room
    HP: 100
    Name: Mr. Boojangles
    Pun: Mr. Bojangles.
    Quote: "Jingle, jangle, Mr. Boojangles!"
    Room: Tea Room
    HP: 50
    Name: Boohoo
    Pun: Boohoo (crying expression).
    Quote: "Sniff.  I'm.  Boohoo!"
    Room: Billiards Room
    HP: 50
    Name: ShamBoo
    Pun: Shampoo.
    Quote: "Fresh, clean.  ShamBoo!"
    Room: Projection Room
    HP: 50
    Name: LimBooger
    Pun: Limburger.
    Quote: "stink, stinky, LimBooger!"
    Room: Nana's Room
    HP: 100
    Name: Booris
    Pun: Boris.
    Quote: "Call me Booris.  Und be avraid!"
    Room: Twins' Room
    HP: 100
    Name: Boonswoggle
    Pun: Boonswoggle.
    Quote: "I'm Boonswoggle!  Plooah!"
    Room: Astral Hall
    HP: 100
    Name: Booigi
    Pun: Luigi.
    Quote: "Hi, I'm Luigi!  I mean, Booigi!"
    Room: Fortune-teller's Room
    HP: 40
    Name: Little Boo Peep
    Pun: Little Bo Peep.
    Quote: "Little Boo Peep lost sheep!"
    Room: Safari Room
    HP: 100
    Name: Boo B. Hatch
    Pun: Booby hatch.
    Quote: "I'm Boo B. Hatch!  I'm nuts!"
    Room: Breaker Room
    HP: 200
    Name: Booripedes
    Pun: Euripides.
    Quote: "It is I, fair Booripedes."
    Room: Cellar
    HP: 100
    Name: Boomerang
    Pun: Boomerang.
    Quote: "Boomerang, coming at you!"
    Room: Telephone Room
    HP: 300
    Name: Boocaster
    Pun: Newscaster
    Quote: "Time for the six o' clock Boos!"
    Room: Clockwork Room
    HP: 300
    Name: Boolivia
    Pun: Bolivia or Olivia
    Quote: "I am Boolivia!  I hate you!"
    Room: Sitting Room
    HP: 100
    Name: Boonita
    Pun: Bonita is Spanish for "pretty."
    Quote: "I'm the lovely Boonita!"
    Room: Guest Room
    HP: 100
    Name: UnderBoo
    Pun: Underdog.
    Quote: "UnderBoo's makin' a comeback!"
    Room: Armory
    HP: 150
    Name: TamBoorine
    Pun: Tambourine.
    Quote: "Who's shaking TamBoorine?"
    Room: Ceramics Studio
    HP: 200
    Name: Booffant
    Pun: Bouffant.
    Quote: "I'm Booffaunt: nice hair, green."
    Room: Pipe Room
    HP: 300
    Name: Boolderdash
    Pun: Boulderdash.
    Quote: "Catch me?  Boolderdash!"
    Room: Cold Storage
    HP: 150
    Name: Bootique
    Pun: Boutique.
    Quote: "Bootique, c'est chic!"
    Room: Artist's Studio
    HP: 300
                                   Common Ghosts
    Name: Bat
    Notes: Bats come in several colors, but there are all essentially the same.  You
    just suck them up to beat them - no HP involved.
    Name: Mouse
    Notes: Mice also come in several colors.  They, like Bats, are easily defeated
    with some suction.
    Name: Flying Fish
    Notes: Flying Fish are quite scarce and are, in essence, the same as Bats.  They
    can be found in the Courtyard, for example.
    Name: Spark
    Notes: Sparks are the spiked fish that explode when you try to vacuum them.
    Douse them with water for a clean victory.
    Name: Ceiling Surprise
    Notes: Ceiling Surprises are long ghosts that drop down from above in hallways.
    They have no HP at all, which makes them very easy to beat.
    Name: Purple Bomber
    Notes: These are darker Ceiling Surprises that throw bombs as well as getting in
    your way.  They also have no resistance at all, which makes them sitting ducks
    to the Poltergust.
    Name: Bowling Ghost
    Notes: These are Gold Ghosts that roll bombs down narrow aisles to hit you.
    They are pretty rare.  The hallway connected to the Safari Room (when the power
    is out) is an example of where you might see one.
    Name: Gold Ghost
    Notes: These are your common, 10-HP enemies.  They quickly approach you and then
    claw you.  It was a Gold Ghost that gave Luigi the key to the Parlor.
    Name: Purple Puncher
    Notes: These are ghosts that try to punch you.  They each have 20 HP, making
    them fairly common enemies.
    Name: Blue Twirler
    Notes: Of this and the previous two ghosts, this is the strongest.  It has 30 HP
    and it pounds the ground to hit you.  Hitting you will either be by direct
    physical contact or by shockwaves.
    Name: Garbage Can Ghost
    Notes: These are 40-HP ghosts (very impressive for a common spirit) that throw
    banana peels around the room.  Step on them and you'll slip, losing health.
    Name: Grabbing Ghost
    Notes: There are two variations of Grabbing Ghosts.  Both, however, will grab
    and hold onto you.  Only one of them deals damage to you.  Rapidly shift the
    control stick from up to down to shake them off.
    Name: Temper Terror
    Notes: These are ghosts with fiery hearts.  You'll need to squirt them with
    water before they become vacuum-able.  They have 20 HP.
    Name: Blue Blaze
    Notes: These are ghosts with watery souls.  To expose their light-sensitive
    hearts you must use Ice Power.  They have 20 HP.
    Name: Flash
    Notes: There are a few ghosts with icy hearts.  You must burn them up before
    they become vulnerable.
    Name: Shy Guy
    Notes: This finally answers the age-old question: what's under a Shy Guy's mask?
    Apparently, a hood over two large, yellow eyes is under there.  Remove the masks
    by means of Poltergust 3000 and then they are like regular ghosts.
    Name: Waiter
    Notes: There are only two of these ghosts in existence.  When Mr. Luggs's food
    is stolen, two Waiter ghosts come out of the Kitchen to give him another serving.
    Each has 20 HP and behaves much like a regular ghost.
    Name: Mr. Bones
    Notes: Mr. Bones are just like Dry Bones, a classic Mario enemy, except they are
    translucent.  They are exactly like a Gold Ghost except they throw bones and
    they differ in that Mr. Bones has 30 HP.
    Name: Gold Mouse
    Notes: This is one of two money-yielding enemies.  There are ten different
    places where you can find Gold Mice, and they are located in another section.
    Catching them causes tons of treasure to go flying.
    Name: Speedy Spirit
    Notes: These are very fast ghouls that, when caught, give big bucks.
    Name: Fire Elemental
    Notes: Once you have the Fire Element Medal, you can capture these ghosts from
    Fire Power sources.  These include certain torches, fire pits, and candles.
    They have no health and are quite useful to you.
    Name: Water Elemental
    Notes: These are just like the Fire Elemental only they come from water sources
    and give you Water Power.  You'll need the Water Element Medal if you want to
    take advantage of their aid.
    Name: Ice Elemental
    Notes: By getting the Ice Element Medal, you can use Ice Power by capturing
    these critters.  They come from all places icy, like refrigerators.
    Those are all the names of the specters that you'll encounter on your trip with
    a bit of information about each.  These are the official names, by the way.
    Happy hunting.
    ================================Hidden Mansion*=================================
    Once you've completed the game a first time and you restart, Professor E. Gadd
    will have a new option when you talk to him.  You can go to the Mansion, the
    Gallery, the Training Room, or the Hidden Mansion.  The Hidden Mansion is the
    second mode of the game.  Some might say that it is difficult, while others
    would say it is easier.  Very little actually changes, really.  Here's a list of
    things to keep in mind.
                                 |    Differences    |
    - In the Hidden Mansion, ghosts are faster and harder to catch.
    - The suction power of the Poltergust 3000 is about 1.5 times greater, making
    ghosts easier to catch.
    - You can still go to the regular Mansion, but you will lose the upgrade to
    your Poltergust and the ghosts will become normal.
    - Everything else is the same as if playing a normal game.
    So, if you're into a second quest of sorts, you can keep playing Luigi's
    Mansion forever!  The fun just never stops.
    ==============================Gold Mice Locations*==============================
    There are ten Gold Mice that you should be conscious of when playing.  Gold Mice
    are first hinted at in a book in the study called "Darkness is Their Cheese" by
    C. Parmesan.  There are two types of Gold Mice.  Both of them are gold mouse
    ghosts that are completely optional.  They have no HP and can be sucked up like
    a regular mouse.  However, unlike regular mice, they give tons of G when they go
    out.  The two types of mouse are easy to differentiate.  Exactly half of them
    make random appearances.  That is, when walking in a certain room, there is a 25
    % chance that you will see a gold mouse.  The other half hide in hunks of cheese.
    Use the Game Boy Horror to check the cheese.  This flushes out the mice.  Here's
    a list of rooms that you can find Gold Mice in.  The first five are random (one
    out of four times you visit the room, the mouse will be there), while the others
    are cheese-related.
    1) The main hallway on 1F
    2) The Kitchen
    3) The Tea Room
    4) The main hallway on 2F
    5) The Sealed Room
    6) The Study
    7) The Fortune-teller's Room
    8) The Dining Room
    9) The Tea Room
    10) The Safari Room
    Look carefully for the cheese and mice.  Also, rooms must be dark if you want to
    find the mouse.  Lit rooms hold no mice.  Again, these mice can be completely
    avoided, but I recommend that you get all ten.
    ===============================Treasure Amounts*================================
    The reason that you would want to keep playing Luigi's Mansion is, aside from
    fun, getting the best mansion at the end of the game!  If you want it, you'll
    need more than 100,000,000 G.  G is the basic monetary unit in Luigi's Mansion.
    Usually money is expressed in coins, but Luigi must be in a different part of
    Mushroom Kingdom or something (where they use G). You can use the below chart to
    determine how much each treasure item is worth.  You can check your items by
    pressing Z, mind you.  In this way you can be sure that you have an appropriate
    number of G.  I list the items by type and then by worth.
    Note: You get pearls from non-boss gallery ghosts.  Also, there is a difference
    between stones and diamonds.  Stones are circular while diamonds have pointed,
    cone-shaped bottoms.
                   Monetary Unit                           Value (G)
                   Gold Coin                                   5,000
                   Bill                                       20,000
                   Gold Bar                                  100,000
                   Blue Stone                                500,000
                   Green Stone                               800,000
                   Red Stone                               1,000,000
                   Red Diamond                                 5,000
                   Purple Diamond                          2,000,000
                   Gold Diamond                           20,000,000
                   Small Pearl                                50,000
                   Medium Pearl                              100,000
                   Big Pearl                               1,000,000
    As you can see, getting just two Gold Diamonds would get you through 40 % of the
    entire treasure-hunting process.  There are two Gold Diamonds in the game and
    both of them are pretty easy to get.  I'll list how to get any notable items
                              |    Treasure Locations    |
    Gold Diamond # 1: You must start this before facing Bogmire.  In the Boneyard is
    a small plant, correct?  Water it until it grows into a flower.  Once you've
    beaten Bogmire, return and water it some more.  It becomes larger and has a
    ball-shaped top.  Once you've defeated Boolossus, come back and water it again.
    Tons of treasure falls out of the orb, among it a Gold Diamond.
    Gold Diamond # 2: Simply capture all 50 Boos.  15 of them come from Boolossus.
    See "Ghost Catalogue" for a list of where to find them.
    Big Pearl # 1-19: It is pretty challenging getting all 19 of the Big Pearls, but
    it isn't too hard.  You get a Small Pearl from pulling 10 points from a gallery
    ghost (non-boss).  50 points earns you a Medium Peal, while 90 earns you a Big
    Pearl.  In groups of ghosts, like the Clockwork Soldiers, only one will give you
    pearls.  If you get a Big Pearl, you also get the Medium and Small Pearls.
    Getting each Big Pearl (and pearls that come with it) accounts for 31,300,000 G.
    If you get the above diamonds, you've already got 71.3 % of the treasure.
    Here's a list of rooms that have treasure.  Treasure is any room with a Gold Bar
    or something more, not counting Red Diamonds (they're worth the
    equivalent of a single Gold Coin).
    Parlor: There's a Gold Bar in the chandelier.
    Anteroom: There's a Gold Bar in the northwestern corner's pot.
    Wardrobe Room: There's a Speedy Spirit (catching them gets you G) in the right
    2F Balcony: Water the far plant for a Blue Stone.  Water the higher plant for a
    Gold Bar.
    Study: Shake the chair that Neville is found in for a Speedy Spirit.
    Master Bedroom: Water the plant in here on two separate occasions for a Gold Bar
    and a Green Stone.
    Nursery: Shale the crib that Chauncey is found in for a Speedy Spirit.
    Ball Room: There's a Gold Bar in the chandelier on the right side of the room.
    Storage Room: Shake the chair on the right side of the room for two Gold Bars
    and a Speedy Spirit.
    Mirror Room: Shake the lit torch for a Gold Bar.
    Laundry Room: There's a Gold Bar, among other items, in the green chest that
    forms for clearing out the baddies.
    Butler's Room: Shake the object in the corner for a Blue Stone.  There's also a
    Speedy Spirit in here; look in the southeastern corner.
    Hidden Room: The green chest contains three Gold Bars and a stone of every color,
    among other things.  The lamps in here both contain a Gold Bar.  Also, there's a
    Speedy Spirit in the chest right of the green one.
    Conservatory: There's a Speedy Spirit hiding under the piano seat.
    Dining Room: There's a Speedy Spirit in the left hutch.  Also, you'll find two
    Gold Bars and a Purple Diamond in the green chest here.
    Kitchen: There's a Speedy Spirit in the oven.
    Boneyard: See Gold Diamond # 1 earlier in this section, please.
    Graveyard: Check the pipe in the southeast corner for a Red Stone.
    Courtyard: There are two Gold Bars in plants around the premise and two more in
    the green chest that forms by clearing out the enemies.
    Rec Room: There's a Gold Bar in the chandelier.  Other than that, there are two
    Gold Bars in the green chest along with a Purple Diamond.
    Washroom: There's a Gold Bar in a green chest in here.  This is the second story
    Washroom, by the way.
    Tea Room: There's a Red Stone in the teapot display case on the east side of the
    Billiards Room: There are two Gold Bars and a Purple Diamond in the green
    treasure chest.
    Nana's Room: Shake the rightmost chair to uncover a Speedy Spirit and two Gold
    Twins' Room: Shake the bunk bed for a Speedy Spirit.
    Safari Room: Shake the object by the armchair for a Gold Bar.
    3F Balcony: This place is just loaded with treasure.  Water the plants around
    here for two Green Stones and a Red Diamond (had to mention it).  Shake the
    plant in the southwestern corner and the one in the middle of the eastern wall
    for two Gold Bars collectively.
    Cellar: Shake the first barrel you see for a Speedy Spirit and two Gold Bars.
    Both tool racks have Gold Bars in them.
    Telephone Room: There's a Gold Bar in the green chest.
    Sealed Room: There are four Gold Bars in total along the east wall including the
    one in the chest.  There's one in the trophy in the northwest corner of the room,
    too.  There's a Speedy Spirit in one of the chests and quite a few other items
    Sitting Room: Water the plant in here for a Gold Bar.
    Guest Room: Water the plant in the corner of the room for a Blue Stone.  The
    green chest in here contains a Purple Diamond and a Gold Bar.
    Armory: Open the chests.  You'll find a Gold Bar in one.
    Ceramics Studio: Aside from the two Gold Bars and the Purple Diamond in the
    green treasure chest, there is another Gold Bar in a jar and a Red Stone in a
    different one.
    Secret Altar: Before stepping far enough for King Boo to notice you, you can
    find a Blue Stone in the chandelier and a Gold Bar by shaking the upper candle
    before the first set of pillars (right side of the room).
    Those are all the places in the mansion where you can find large sums of cash in
    the form of gems or gold.  However, there are many other caches of Bills and
    Gold Coins.  Although they aren't worth much by themselves, Bills and Gold Coins
    can be a considerable part of your overall G.  If you have just 500 Bills (it is
    very possible; they throw them at you with all those green chests), you can have
    10,000,000 G right there!
    Gold Coins are not worth much at all, though.  You'd be lucky if you got
    2,000,000 G out of them (400 coins).  Remember that Luigi drops coins each time
    he is hit.  Don't kill yourself trying to recover coins, but you should try to
    pick up dropped items.  If you stopped to get all of the above items, you'd
    easily get 100,000,000 G or more.  I left out a few Gold Bars found in the
    hallways (shake the pots).  Also, check out the Gold Mice section.  They give
    large sums of money.  Good luck.  Spend it wisely!
    ==============================Luigi's New Mansion*==============================
    The last portrait displayed in the gallery is of Luigi's new home.  The mansion
    turned out to be some sort of illusion and it disappeared into the night, but
    the treasure was real.  Professor E. Gadd used it to buy Luigi a new home.  The
    whole reason you'd want to get the treasure is to have a "Rank A" home.  Here I
    will list the requirements for different mansions and then give a short
    description.  If it says "Less than" it means that you must have less than a
    certain number but high than the requirement from the previous house.
    Rank H
    Required G: Less than 5,000,000
    Description: This is a green tent.  Talk about fancy living.
    Rank G
    Required G: Less than 20,000,000
    Description: Property must be expensive.  This is a one-room house.  All
    subsequent houses and this one included have a chimney.
    Rank F
    Required G: Less than 40,000,000
    Description: This is a one-story house with a central gable and two windows on
    either side.
    Rank E
    Required G: Less than 50,000,000
    Description: Basically, this is the Rank G house attached to a two-story,
    probably two-room, arrow-shaped structure.
    Rank D
    Required G: Less than 60,000,000
    Description: Picture the Rank F house except with the central gable extending to
    a second story.  It has two chimneys on either side of the gable.  All houses
    after this also have two chimneys.
    Rank C
    Required G: Less than 70,000,000
    Description: Here's where the houses start to get nice.  This looks like the
    Rank D house except the central gable is smaller.  Also, two two-story gables
    are attacked on either side (like the structure attached to the Rank E house).
    It's two chimneys are in the center.
    Rank B
    Required G: Less than 100,000,000
    Description: This is a two-story house (kind of like a block) that has three
    gables, the chimneys on either side.
    Rank A
    Required G: Over 100,000,000 G
    Description: This is easily the best house.  It resembles the Rank B house but
    is higher (possibly three stories).  It also has a huge green L at the center.
    In width, the house almost takes up the entire hill.
    That's just a bit of incentive for you to keep trying for that perfect house.
    ===============================History of Luigi*================================
    To commemorate Luigi's independence in Luigi's Mansion, I'm going to make a list
    of all the games that Luigi was in before (actually, before 2002).  In many of
    these games, Luigi was "Player 2."  Yes, Luigi was always the eternal understudy.
    However, Luigi's Mansion changed all of that.  The chart below shows what games
    Luigi has appeared in.  Here's a key for those of you who aren't fluent in
    system slang.
    C64 = Commodore 64
    NES = Nintendo Entertainment System
    SNES = Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    CD-i = Horrid System (CD-i)
    N64 = Nintendo 64
    GCN = Nintendo Game Cube
    GB = Game Boy
    GBA = Game Boy Advance
    VB = Virtual Boy
    Virtual Boy was a very minor system, but it did have two Luigi-appearance games
    on it.  After Luigi's Mansion and probably even after I posted this guide, there
    are more games with Luigi in them, but I do not list them.  The chart is
    organized by year, and then by system.
    Note: Remakes and multi-system releases are not counted.  Also, for purposes of
    western gamers, the Famicom is treated as the NES.
    Game Title                                System                         Year
    Mario Bros.                               Arcade                         1983
    Super Mario Bros.                         NES                            1985
    Wrecking Crew                             NES                            1985
    Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)               NES                            1986
    Mario Bros. 2                             C64                            1987
    Super Mario Bros. 2                       NES                            1988
    Baseball                                  GB                             1989
    Tetris                                    GB                             1989
    QIX                                       GB                             1989
    Super Mario Bros. 3                       NES                            1990
    NES Open Tournament Golf                  NES                            1991
    Super Mario World                         SNES                           1991
    Yoshi                                     GB                             1992
    Super Mario Kart                          SNES                           1992
    Hotel Mario                               CD-i                           1992
    Mario is Missing!                         NES                            1993
    Yoshi's Cookie                            NES                            1993
    Yoshi's Cookie                            GB                             1993
    Super Mario All-Stars                     SNES                           1993
    Mario's Tennis                            VB                             1995
    Mario Clash                               VB                             1995
    Super Mario RPG                           SNES                           1996
    Game & Watch Gallery                      GB                             1997
    Mario Kart 64                             N64                            1997
    Game & Watch Gallery 2                    GB                             1998
    Super Mario Bros. Deluxe                  GB                             1999
    Mario Golf                                GB                             1999
    Game & Watch Gallery 3                    GB                             1999
    Mario Party                               N64                            1999
    Super Smash Bros.                         N64                            1999
    Mario Golf                                N64                            1999
    Mario Party 2                             N64                            2000
    Mario Tennis                              N64                            2000
    Mario Tennis                              GB                             2001
    Paper Mario                               N64                            2001
    Mario Party 3                             N64                            2001
    Super Mario Advance                       GBA                            2001
    Mario Kart: Super Circuit                 GBA                            2001
    Luigi's Mansion                           GCN                            2001
    Super Smash Bros. Melee                   GCN                            2001
    If you don't think that Luigi was in a game, think again.  Many people don't
    think that Luigi appeared in Super Mario RPG, for example.  If you watch the
    ending credits, however, you'll see Luigi leading the parade at the beginning.
    Yes, cameos do count, to an extent.  That's partially how Luigi got to be in so
    many games starring his older brother.  But, I have left out his more obscure
    cameos, such as the Ingo-Luigi connection in Ocarina of Time, etc.  That should
    go to show you that Luigi has had it rough for many games.  It took all that
    time just for him to have a starring role.  Mario, on the other hand, has a much
    longer list, trust me.
    It's time for the interrogation session.  FAQ stands for Frequently Asked
    Questions.  If I get enough of the same question, I'll add it to the guide in an
    update.  Now for the questioning to begin.
    Question: Why should Luigi be the star?
    Answer: Think about this with me.  Mario's Mansion, a game where Mario is scared
    stiff every two seconds and reveals that Mario is afraid of the dark!  The fact
    is, Mario is too brave to star in a game about a haunted house.  Luigi, on the
    other hand, was assigned his cowardly personality just for this game.  It still
    has it in future games (like Super Mario 64 DS, for example).  I've read
    interviews that say that, originally, Mario was going to be the star, but Luigi
    became the main character during the development.
    Question: What happened to Luigi's jump?  And how come Luigi just can't beat the
    Boos like they do in Super Mario 64?
    Answer: Well, that may have dealt with Boos, but an entirely new breed of ghost
    was featured in this game.  Yes, this is the first Mario game to have human
    ghosts.  They cannot be trounced with a quick ground pound.  However, ghosts of
    humans do make a comeback in the Mario realm.  Just look at Paper Mario: The
    Thousand-Year Door.  It has the ghost of a Toad.
    Question: Is Bowser really the boss of the game?
    Answer: You'll have to play and find out.
    Question: What's the use of turning off the flashlight with B?
    Answer: You probably won't catch quick ghosts from afar.  If you do, their stun
    period will be spent trying to get over there.  Turn it off and then get close
    to them.  That's the best time to attack.
    Question: What's with the Poltergust 3000?
    Answer: It's the vacuum you use to capture ghosts.  There are actually two GCN
    Mario games where the brothers use machines.  Mario uses the FLUDD in Super
    Mario Sunshine.  And, as it turns out, both machines were invented by Professor
    E. Gadd.
    Question: I lost a Boo and now I can't find it.
    Answer: That's not a question, but I'll run with it.  If you cannot find a Boo,
    save the game and restart.  The Boo will be back in its original room.
    Question: Do I have to get all the Boos/gallery ghosts?
    Answer: You have to get at least 40 Boos to beat the game.  If you don't, you
    wont be let into the final boss room.  You can skip four gallery ghosts - Mr.
    Luggs, Sue Pea, Jarvis, and Biff Atlas.  Everyone else requires capturing.
    Question: How come I can't get on the Balcony?
    Answer: You need 20 Boos for that.
    Question: I just released the Boos and I cannot do anything.
    Answer: Once you've captured 5 Boos, the Washroom becomes open.  That lets you
    continue on.
    Question: How come I keep searching the cheese with my GBH and no gold mouse
    comes out?
    Answer: There are two possibilities.  Either you already have that Gold Mouse
    (already caught it), or you lit the room already.  In either case, you won't be
    able to catch the mouse at that point.
    Question: What are those dark mushrooms?
    Answer: Poison Mushrooms bounce around the room until they either disappear or
    hit you.  If they hit you, you will shrink and you won't be able to use the
    Poltergust 3000 until you grow back to normal size.  Poison Mushrooms were first
    introduced in the Mario game Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan).
    Question: Do I have to collect treasure?
    Answer: No, this is strictly optional.  It adds challenge to the game and makes
    beating it just a bit more satisfying.
    Question: Can I use your guide on my site/magazine/book?
    Answer: No.  Read my legal section for specifics.
    Question: What other guides have you written?
    Answer: I've written walkthroughs for many games; this is my eighteenth.  I know
    what you're thinking...  Anyways, check out this link for all my guides.
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: First, I'd like to set out a few guidelines.  All contact occurs through
    e-mails (not IMs or anything else), which must relate to the guide (no chain
    letters, socializing, etc.).  Please put "Luigi's Mansion" or the name of the
    guide in the subject.  Make sure to examine the entire guide before e-mailing me.
    In my prime, I answered e-mails pretty regularly, but now it's on a very
    irregular basis with lots of gaps, so it's in your best interest to read the
    guide instead of waiting for me to answer your questions.  I don't open
    attachments.  Finally, be specific in your question.  Thanks in advance.  You
    can e-mail me at:
    And there you have it, folks!  Get ready to knock your socks off!  That's right...
    the Legal Section is up next!
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    =========================Credits and Legal Information*=========================
    I know everyone's just dying to know who helped me write this guide, so let's
    get down to the credits, shall we?
                                   |    Credits    |
    First, I'd like to thank myself for playing the game, writing the guide, and for
    just being plain great.  The man!  The myth!  The legend!
    Second, let's give a big hand to Nintendo.  This game may not have been directed
    by Mr. Miyamoto, but it sure was awesome.
    Third, I'd like to thank GameFaqs.com for giving my guide a home on their site.
    You've made it real easy for me to post my guides.
    Now that the cliche general credits are done, let's make a list of individuals
    who helped me along the way.  I list who they are (their alias or e-mail) and
    what they did for the guide.
    - metroid03820, who supplied me with several tips.  First, that elements don't
    appear in mirrors; that the poster in the Storage Room is a Boo without an
    outline (I originally said "black demon-like thing"); that you can vacuum doors
    to see if they're real or not (fakes don't shake); that Neville is not a
    "poltergeist" by the strict definition of the word; and that you can hear Mario
    yelling if you listen closely in the courtyard.  He also mentioned that Mario
    Kart DS references the Poltergust 3000 with a kart called the Poltergust 4000.
    So, thanks for all the info, metroid03820!
    Those are all the people who helped me so far, but I'm sure the list will grow.
    Now for the single most exhilarating moment of your life - reading the legal
    section.  It's about as exciting as watching someone watch a silent movie in
    black and white about a guy watching a silent movie in slow motion.
                              |    The Legal Section    |
    First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, productions,
    idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor goes to Nintendo, not me,
    and I do not deny this.
    Second, this document is Copyright 2004-2007 Brian McPhee.
    Third, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights contained in
    this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing
    information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their sites,
    books, magazines, etc.
    Did you see the way I delivered?  Legal sections are the best.  But seriously,
    this is the end of the guide.  It has been a blast playing this game and writing
    the guide.  I probably wouldn't have picked the game up again if it weren't for
    this guide, and writing it has been a ton of fun.  Can't wait to pick up the
    controller again and write another one.  But in the the meantime, you'll have to
    be satisfied with my signature sign-off.  Yes, get ready for his great escape,
    his fantabulous catchphrase, a string of words that has withstood the test of
    time...!  See ya later.

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