Review by Mathew1986

Reviewed: 10/15/07

Luigi's back, and this time he's won his own mansion...or has he?

Luigi's back with his own game, and it really is a fantastic game. Even know it's been out since 2001, and it's one of Gamecube's finest games ever, and even know it is one of Gamecube's launch titles, I'm greatly amazed with it. I've had it for awhile, and I think I've done just about everything I can do, even play Hidden Mansion over, and I enjoyed my 2nd playthrough more then I did my first. So, with nothing left to do, but replay it over & over, I have decided to write a review for this game. And I hope you enjoy it, and helps you make a decision to get this game by the end of this review.

Storyline: (9/10) (Hugh Spoilers, Only read if you don't mind to.)

Luigi has suddenly won a mansion?.....out of nowhere?....and ontop of it, he don't remember entering any contest at all, I wonder why? Anyways, After he has arrived, he finds Professor E. Gadd, which invented The Poltertgeist 3000, which works like a vacuum cleaner. They now get chased out of the mansion, and they go to his lab now where they talk a bit at, and now Luigi finds out that he has to go back inside, because E. Gadd said he saw his brother Mario went inside, but never came back out. Which means, you got a very twisting, ghost capturing mission, that will sure give you a great scare! He also explains that King Boo & the other Boos have stolen his artwork, and you got to get them back for him. Which might be the cause of Mario missing aswell, well you'll just have to play for the rest to figure out whats up with this Mansion. Storyline in this game gets a 9 out of 10 from me, it'll get interesting from there on out.

Graphics: (10/10)

I honestly believe graphics cannot get any better then this, The graphics are really outstanding. I don't really see any flaws here, ghosts look very good, the character models look better, Graphics easily gets 10 out of 10 from me.

Gameplay: (10/10)

Gameplay is top-notch of the line, Basically, you go around with a vacuum cleaner, and you have to capture just about every ghost that you can to advance to the next area. It's pretty simple to do, and very fun at the same time. Sometimes it can get annoying, but you will bare with it. Gameplay is really where it's at in this game, very fun. Even know it might seem short with 4 Area's, Those 4 Area's will definitely keep you busy. Even the boss fights are fun to play, and challenging at the same time. I think the most part that I enjoyed are capturing Boos. Anyways, I enjoyed the gameplay alot, so Gameplay gets 10 out of 10 from me.

Sound/Music: (8/10)

This isn't the best feature on the game, but it's still decent. I love the music in this game, and you can play the old Mario Bros tunes in this game aswell, which is pretty sweet if your a fan of the old Mario Bros. Sound is alright, even know the characters in this game they don't actually talk, they just make sounds as they speak, which is alright, it's not a drawback at all for me. Anyways, the atmosphere sounds can really sound realistic and sometimes spooky, but not that spooky. If you press A when your not trying to push onto anything, Luigi will yell out Mario's name. But, all in all, this is like music to my ears. Sound & Music easily gets 8 out of 10 from me.

Controls: (9/10)

Now to the Controls for this game, They are good, basically, when your wanting to suck up ghosts, just hold in the B(Red Button) for the moment, to turn your flashlight off, so you can trick the ghost. And when they get near you, shine it on them, and quickly hold in the Right analog stick, and reel them on in your Vacuum Cleaner. And basically that's it on most matters, And now onto the Gameboy Horror features, you can view your map with the Y Button, you can check your inventory and check on the gallery ghosts that you have caught so far, simply by pressing the Z button, and go left & right from there to view. And if you want to look around better, use your Gameboy Horror camera, simply by pushing your X button, you'll need to do that in somecases in the game, to examine stuff better. And, press A button if you want to shake on stuff manually without using your vacuum to do it. And if your not pushing A on anything, he'll yell out "Mario!?" The weaker he gets, the more worry and scared he will sound. Controls are easy to work with right after you get done with Training at the beginning of the game, after that, you'll be going around that Mansion and showing those ghosts how you work. And if you don't learn the controls very fast, take your time in training, and you will eventually get the hang of it after a few trys. Controls gets a 9 out of 10 from me.

Play Time/Replayability: (7/10)

I don't think people would want to play this EVERY single day, but after the first couple of times you play it through, going through the Regular Mansion, and then The Hidden Mansion, I can see people going back to this every once in awhile for fun, or just to beat it all over again. Now, personally, I think it's got alot of replay in it. Just doesn't have to be every week, or even every year, you can go back to play this year after year if you want, and try not to get bored of it so fast, It's really a great game. Get all you can out of the first couple of times, and in the future you can come back to it, and start over.

Overall: (10/10)

I very much enjoyed this game, and I don't really think much less of it, I actually think it's perfect, besides a few tweaks, but it's not really a big of a deal to me. Which might be a problem with other readers, but me, I honestly don't think anything's wrong with it. But don't take my word for it, because this might not be your type of game that you would enjoy playing. It's not for everyone though, because people would perfer other games over this. But this game sure goes along the line in my top 10, I love Luigi >3.

Rent, Borrow, or Buy?

If your not a real Luigi fan, or you don't like these type of games much, I'd say you should just give it a rent or borrow it if you can, just because this isn't for everybody that's fond of it like I am. But, if you a die-hard Luigi fan, I'd say go get it, you'll love it. And if you like the adventure type of games, It's a worthy to try it atleast. Every game sure does to atleast need to be tried out anyways, who knows, you might actually love this game like I do.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Luigi's Mansion (US, 11/17/01)

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