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"Over as soon as it really starts"

Luigi's Mansion came out years ago when the gamecube was still considered new, and when it was still okay to have a 3D game without Voice Acting, or rather just giber-jaber as apposed to actual voices. But is this game still the "masterpiece" it was then? Not really....

Luigi's Mansion, like all of the other Mario games, doesn't focus on story. In a nutshell, Luigi wins a mansion in a contest that he didn't enter. Now, if Luigi had any sense he'd just trash the E-mail/letter/ect. like everyone else. But because he's a video game character and isn't allowed to have more common sense than a brain-dead monkey and goes and checks out the mansion. It turns out that it's haunted and he has to use a vacuum given to him by a crazy professor who probably stole his Doctorate to rid it of it's ghosts (I think Ghost Busters is going sue someone!). Oh, and because it's a Mario game SOMEONE has to get kidnapped, and Mario is the unlucky subject of Nintendo's wrath and is trapped within a painting. Sucks to be him. Now Luigi also has to save is brother.

As far as game play goes, you go into a room, you suck up every last ghost like Kirby after a 5-year diet and then (sometimes) capture the Portrait Ghost of the room. Rinse, wash, repeat. Other than that, there's not much else. Well, there are a bunch of coins and gems and such that you can collect, but it's not like you ever spend it on anything so it's kind of pointless... Oh, there's also a side quest (kind of) where you have to go around capturing Boos which is just like capturing every other kind of ghost only these guys can go through walls and are more resistant to the vacuum. This "going through walls" thing keeps the Boo hunting exiting... until you hit the basement where's there's three really small rooms really close to each other that you have to case the damned Boos through... yeah, that part was 'fun.' You also get an occasonal boss, which is basically just like capturing any other kind of ghost only this one hits harder and takes a lot more to grab. Speaking of hitting hard, you hit points don't ever regenerate in this game, and finding hearts can be a real pain in because most of the time all of the cabinets, beds and other furniture only hold useless money, making hearts far and few in between. At about half-way you start to get elements, fire, water and ice (when did ice become an element?). Elements have to be used on certain kinds of ghosts, usually bosses. But this doesn't make a very big over-all impact on the game as a whole. Another thing worth mentioning is the Gameboy Horror (or was it Gameboo?). This handy little device is good for.... um.... showing you the map and not much else.... yes, when using this you go into first person which is only really useful once or (maybe) twice in the entire game. While in first person mode you can examine objects, but this doesn't prove very helpful. Most of Luigi's Comments on the Mansion's interior are boring and repetitive, but you can examine the ghost's hearts which gives you hints to how to beat the boss (or start the battle) if you're too lazy to do this game's equivalent to rubbing every item you have on every last part of the room... that is blowing and/or sucking everything with you vacuum.

The on problem I had with Luigi's Mansion is that it was just too short, just as I was starting to really get into it I ran into the problem of there having no more floors. As my friend once said, "It's like you're eating a muffin, then half-way through, no more muffin!" Which is a real shame because it could have been a great game if they had only put in just one more floor.... oh well. To bad D.L.C was unheard of then.

In the end, Luigi's Mansion is a fun little game that wroth picking up if you can find a used copy for cheep. Although the Boo catching can get somewhat annoying and the Gameboy (boo?) horror could have been more useful it's still an amusing game that's worth checking out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/01/08

Game Release: Luigi's Mansion (US, 11/17/01)

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