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"Luigi finally gets a chance... and wastes it."

Luigi's Mansion is a game in which Luigi must go through many rooms of the mansion and keep defeating all the ghosts. Now, somewhere in the game, he releases 50 Boos from a cage and has to wrangle them all back with his ghost-sucking vacuum. This is not the best game ever, but not the worst either.

Storyline: 7 / 10

Once in a lifetime. A Mario game (other than any Mario Bros. level game) that has a storyline to it. Luigi has to go through a mansion and rescue his brother. Not the best idea, but it's certainly unique.

Sound/Sound Effects: 9 / 10

The sound of Luigi's Mansion was excellent. The music is ghastly, and it fits the game very well. The only problem was when you start sucking up the ghost. The music turns strange, and its very weird to listen to. The sound effects were better. The money was awesome, because it made that "cling cling-ity cling" sound when it scattered across the floor. The sound effects were absolutely flawless.

Graphics: 8 / 10

The graphics were okay. The mansion itself was great, and the ghosts were pretty good, too. The weird thing is that Luigi looks TOO three dimensional. Plus, the money isn't that great either. It seems to be two dimensional. Other than that, the graphics of Luigi's Mansion were great.

Amusement: 5 / 10

This game was not amusing. Through the first five minutes, it was considerably fun. You got to catch ghosts, and collect money, and get hearts for more health. But after the first five minutes is when you realize: This is all I have to do? It gets pretty boring after that. And the last two bosses are extremely difficult. It took me five or six times to defeat the second-to-last boss, and three tries to beat the last one. This game is not fun.

Replay Value: 5 / 10

This game is not worth playing again unless you do the hidden mansion (another mansion that has harder ghosts, but a stronger vacuum). It is the same thing over and over again. Flash the light on the ghost, then suck him up with your vacuum. Also, the game only takes like three hours to beat. I would advise not to replay it if you get it.

Rent or Buy:
I would only rent it, because it is fun for a little while, and if you can beat it, you've only used up three hours out of your week or so.

In conclusion, I rate Luigi's Mansion a seven out of ten. Its not the worst game in the world, but it certainly isn't the best, either.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/13/09

Game Release: Luigi's Mansion (US, 11/17/01)

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