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"Luigi's Mansion"

Luigi's Mansion was one of Nintendo's rare attempts to use make a game using characters from Super Mario Bros that is not Mario, so they instead used Luigi. Will this completely fail for Nintendo? Read on to find more.

Story- Luigi has won a mansion in a contest he didn't even remember entering into. Mario found out about and decided to meet him at his new place. On arrival Luigi meets up with a Scientist who saves him from some ghost and explains that Mario might be in danger and the Mansion is crawling with ghosts. He then gears Luigi up with a super charged vacuum and a flashlight and sends him on his way. The story is only about 10 hours I beat it in a days time was very simple and boring.

Game play- Out of date, the game controls are inverted and it can get annoying when trying to suck in a ghost with your vacuum and you go up and the nose goes down. There is only like eight or nine different ghost in the game all taken down the same way stun with flashlight then suck in with vacuum. It is sad when N64 games had better controls and at least gave you the option for inverted aim. But with that being said I can't take to many points off it's a first generation gamecube game.

Graphics- Sad to say it is one of the better looking gamecube games. It is more along the lines of super Mario sunshine graphics but in a darkroom with a night light on.

Enjoyment- The game is fun no doubt about that. It takes some time to get the controls down and the ghost battles repeat a lot but there is really nothing truly horrible about this game besides the incredibly crappy story.

Sounds- If you have played any old Super Mario game before you will hear the same music because it seems Nintendo doesn't wanna break a five to make a whole new set of jingles for each of their games. On the plus side it does have one new song for the title screen. Which is used throughout the game as Luigi will not shut up and continues to whistle this annoying little tune through every hallway or room.
There is no voice acting besides Luigi's and Mario's stereotypical Italian catch phases.

Replay Value- Low, once the game ends you have nothing else to do.

Buy or Rent?- Rent or borrow, Luigi's mansion is not a buy kinda game it's just to used for that one day you have nothing else better to do.

Verdict- 6.6 out of 10. This game needed more of everything. This game was short and easy like a midget hooker.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/21/10

Game Release: Luigi's Mansion (US, 11/17/01)

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