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Reviewed: 07/08/11 | Updated: 10/17/11

Move aside ghostbusters Luigi is in town!

Luigi is always in Mario’s shadow despite the fact that he is just as heroic as Mario (though less brave). However in Luigi's mansion Luigi finally gets his own unique game. Is this game worth searching for (you will only find it used nowadays) or should you save your money for something else?

Story 9/10

Luigi has won a mansion in a contest that he never entered! When Luigi gets there he learns from a Toad that Mario is missing. Luigi is attacked by ghosts but is saved by Prof Egad. Egad teaches Luigi how to fight ghosts and arms him with the Poltergust3000. Can Luigi save Mario?

Game play 9/10

2 things that make this game so darn fun. Firstly you capture ghosts. Capturing them isn’t easy though. They will pop out of nowhere oftentimes behind you. Most ghosts you have to stun them with your flashlight and then you can suck them up. However they will try to escape and put up quite a struggle often attempting to drag you into other ghosts or obstacles. And there are boss ghosts that each has a unique way of exposing their weak point before you can capture them. Secondly you collect money. Coins dollar bills gold bars and even gemstones are hidden in the mansion. there are many secrets that are very rewarding to find. Overall exploring the mansion is fun.

Graphics 8.5//10

Everything looks good (remember this game came out in 2001) and there are some subtle things to. When you open a cabinet you can see dust flying and when in a dark cold room you can see luigi’s breath etc. The lighting for its time was revolutionary.

Controls 9/10

The controls are simple and easy to use. Not much to say here.

Music/sound 8.5/10

The music is very good though you will mostly be hearing the main theme of the mansion the whole game. However it never gets annoying. The sound is good but not stellar.

Replay value 7.5/10

Once you beat it you unlock the hidden mansion (an more difficult version of the mansion) Good enough to pick up and play every once and awhile.


A unique fun game
Luigi gets his own game
Good controls
Collecting money and catching ghosts is great fun
The main theme of the mansion is very good


Only takes 5-10 hours to beat the game


Overall this is a unique fun (but short) game that finally puts Luigi in the spotlight. IF you have a wii or gamecube BUY THIS GAME. You won’t regret it. There is a Luigi's mansion 2 coming out next year so you should get this before it comes out.

Overall score 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Luigi's Mansion (Player's Choice) (US, 09/25/03)

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