Review by FSolowczuk

Reviewed: 09/14/01 | Updated: 09/14/01

Pretty fun actually

At first, this game seems to start off slow and uninvolving. The whole intro thing got me a little tired and bored as I mashed at the big red button. Heck, it was all in Japanese, I got lucky to even get THAT far! After about 3 pure minutes of wandering around getting used to the awkward but not bad Gamecube controller I was ready for some action!

The gameplay ranges a lot as the game shifts from puzzles to ghost catching. Your movement resembles more that of a 2D game rather than 3D but still expect a massive world to explore like Mario 64... but 2D-ish. You still have massive levels which sometimes closely resemble Castlevania SotN. I just beat this game and it took me a solid 6 hours but that's with a lot rushing. The whole thing wasn't UBER FUN but it's a poor man's SotN IN A WAY. I'd like to add that a ''poor man's SotN'' is still pretty darn good. Unfortunately, the game never really gets deep enough for me to really get into it that much. The bosses are fun and so are the puzzles but the game could of used more items and upgrades. Overall, this game surprised me as to how enjoyable it really was.

The graphics weren't mind blowing but they were VERY satisfactory. Luigi and everybody else seemed to look ''plastic'' at first but they grew on me. Luigi's facial expression are too goofy for me. Luigi seems more ''Japanese'' than Marion too. Sometimes the NPCs you meet just don't look as good as Luigi. The Bosses are extremely well detailed. And oh yeah, not a sign of slow down. I could capture SOME aliasing if I looked close enough at my 40'' HDTV.

They seems strange at first but they also grew on me. The buttons are really large and I really wasn't expecting that. The buttons are very well positioned for this game. I don't have to look at the controller in tense situations. I dislike the D-pad's positioning cause like so many other, I just hate analog.

It was really surprising to hear the music. The music fit flawlessly with the dark feel of the game. It's not forced to be dark and it's not too kiddy. The sound effects were sometimes annoying but at other time super. The sound effects are deep and strange. I could really tell the music was high quality since it played at 48000hz rather than the standard 44000.

I think this game should be in everyone's library. I had more fun with this game since Castlevania SotN (but not as much). Nintendo made sure that this wasn't some blow-off launch title. This is truly and fun game and shouldn't be missed.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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