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"Luigi goes solo!"

When a new Nintendo console is released it generally means the release of a Mario game. With the GameCube this is not the case, instead we have Mario's younger, taller, skinnier, brother, Luigi taking all the shots.

The game will start as Luigi makes up his mind to go and explore a spooky mansion that he inherited from his heirs. Now equipped with a flashlight Luigi begins his journey through the mansion. Soon after he realizes that the mansion is haunted.

Now in a room filled with ghosts Luigi is saved by a strange mad scientist who is evidently researching the strange behavior of the mansion. He then hands Luigi a Vacuum Cleaner and asks Luigi to go and clean up the mansion of all the haunts (Ghost Busters anyone?)

Although the E3 demo only lasted to this point I could see that this game is going to be amazing. Although, there were still many unanswered questions such as: Will the whole game just be based in this boring mansion? and When will Mario Play His Part? All these questions hopefully will be answered when the game is released in Japan.


Nothing short of fantastic. This is one part of the game that truly uses the Nintendo Gamecube to its limit. Boasting many amazing features (including Real Time lighting for Luigi's flashlight) which helps another great feature is helping the game with the darkness of the mansion so it doesn't really effect the gameplay. This is again, mainly because of the Real Time lighting. It can really 'use' the graphics to a certain extent. The mansion is incredibly detailed to the extent that you can see titles on books and the words 'Soy Milk' on a container in the fridge. I presume that the graphics will improve even more with the finished product and we can wait assured that Luigi's Mansion will be a great game in the graphical sense.

Game Play:

Again, Amazing. The GameCube's controller is perfectly suited to this game. With the 'C' Joystick controlling Luigi and the 'D' Joystick controlling Luigi's flashlight, the game runs extremely smoothly. The Frame Rate is far from drag and Luigi his no real hiccup in his movements. The game is extremely fun for all ages. The vacuum and the many other gameplay features are good fun and easy to use. The game is rumored to be quite big in size and levels, this is again questioned because of if the whole game is set in the mansion, you couldn't possibly have more than twenty levels. The gameplay has used the fullest extent of the GameCube's power, and we should see a fantastic Game to play when it is released.


We don't really know, for the E3 demo was soo short. Although we can tell that it should last for quite a while, from what we saw. This is made up by the variety of things you can do. Vacuuming the curtains, or cleaning out the fridge are some things that you can do when
become slightly bored, or when you are feeling adventurous, go suck up some ghosts. One question mark was on if Luigi did nothing but explore the mansion. If this is the case it shouldn't 'really' effect the lastability although if Nintendo have not fully cleaned the title to perfection it may become a cause, although knowing Nintendo basically all their big titles are perfected and this should be no acception.


Great. Works like a dream. The Dolby Surround Sound helps the game to extraordinary limits. The speech and music are flawless. Music at times spooky and at times happy 'Mario' style music. The game's sounds go with the atmosphere, as of when Luigi is whispering, he is usually in a dark, haunted, position, as of when he is speaking boldly and loudly, he is usually far away from any haunts. From what the demo boasted the games sound will be extraordinary.

Although at E3 we only had a minimal demo, we experienced some of the most advanced techniques ever, such as:


Real Time Lighting
Shadow Effects
Transparency Effects
High-Polygon Count
Steady Frame rate
and many more!


Overall, Luigi's Mansion looks extremely detailed and a fun game to play. Buy this game when the GCN is released! The game's strongest feature is the graphics, although the sound and gameplay don't lag behind much either.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/08/01, Updated 12/28/02

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