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"Is Luigi's 1st game all its cracked up to be ?"

Luigi’s Mansion starts of with a 1 minute (roughly) intro which introduces you to the games plot. Luigi is walking through some dark woods gets out the map to his mansion then we see a shot of the mansion and 2 birds which look pretty evil in a sense then were back to Luigi, he opens the door and says hello.

The game is basically about a guy/plumber named Luigi and the lucky guy has won a nice mansion. Now this all seems great but unfortunately the mansion is haunted by ghosts.
Once in the house you are only aloud into one room which is found out by walking around and trying to open the doors. Then a ghost appears and drops a key and then………. Well I have said to much you’ll have to find out for yourself.

During the beginning of the game your introduced to a little old guy and because of my ability not to speak Japanese I don’t know what his name is but he helps a lot along the way including portrait making. The guy lives out side the mansion in this under ground base area.

Somewhere at the beginning Luigi realizes his brother Mario has disappeared and your mission is to find him, so basically you’re in a haunted house you must find Mario and suck the ghosts up.

To help with the ghost catching Luigi is given a vacuum by the strange man who lives out side. Whilst the plot may not sound deep this game is fantastic.
The hardest thing to get used to when 1st playing is the control scheme for moving Luigi, and under options you can choose your controller scheme.
The house consists of 4 floors and over 90 stages and a cast of weird ghosts including a big fat guy who likes jelly and a temperamental baby.

The biggest emphasis in this game is puzzle solving which ranges from the dancing ghosts to waking the baby up. Some of the puzzles are rather easy but some involve more thinking, Some have stated that this game is 5 hours roughly depending on your pace but with my pace I would say more like 10 hours because its not as easy as some may think you cant just go walking into each room pull out your vacuum and catch a ghost you need to make sure your health is full which can be replenished by sucking sheets and opening drawers. Once a room is cleared of all the ghosts (except for boo’s) the light turns on.
Another feature in Luigi’s Mansion which is clearly displayed is the physics ranging from watching sheets wrinkle as you suck at them with your vacuum to walking around yelling Mario and knocking on walls.

The vacuum can also be used as a flame thrower and water gun to help with some puzzle solving but probably what sets the game apart from other horror genre games such as resident evil is the fact that Nintendo have added humor to the game.
A smile comes across my face when I hit the button for Luigi to yell out MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOO, which is said in many ways and watching Luigi cower and get scared is also fun and its not only Luigi who is funny some of the ghosts are to like the guy that sits at the table scoffing down jelly.

Luigi’s Mansion manages to show of the Gamecube’s graphic capabilities by displaying smooth textures and highly detailed objects.

This game is fantastic and it may be short but its fun and sure to appeal to people of all ages. The graphics are brilliant the story’s original the sounds well suited and Luigi is funny what more could you ask for in a launch title
Turn the lights of grab some popcorn put Luigi in and get ready for a night of screams and laughs.

Gameplay: Could concept and very funny 9/10

Sound: How can you get sick of listening to Luigi yelling Marioooooooooo 9/10

Graphics: Smooth and Highly Detailed and never slows down 10/10

Depth: Short but sweet 8/10

Overall: Seeing Mario may have been short but it was worth it 9/10

Over All Thought:
Where the hell is Mario? Luigi’s 1st game may be a short one and I am glad Mario wasn’t shown much because it would have taken the Luigi Out of the game and I cant wait to see what Luigi’s future as a solo character has to offer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/01, Updated 11/12/01

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