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"One of GameCube’s first games... that makes buying a GC more fun..."

For those who hate this game or dislike think this is a very good game. I saw some screenshots a long time ago and couldn’t wait to buy it. I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t be shocked if some people didn’t buy it because its a kid game or they just don’t like Mario or they thought that it looked stupid...this short review should prove them wrong...

Gameplay/Story: Luigi wins a mansion far away in the woods...the creepy part is that he never entered the contest for it. Luigi tells Mario to meet him up there for some reason or another...and then Luigi finally heads for the mansion. Luigi finds out that the mansion is haunted and that Mario has gone missing...its up to him to take care of the ghost and find his brother....
You get a vacuum sucking machine from a guy that studies ghost that is used to suck the ghost into the pack where they won’t bug Luigi...he also helps you out during your quest using the Game Boy Horror. You have a flashlight that stuns the ghost for a few seconds letting you suck up the ghost. You go around the mansion collecting keys and items that will help you out when trying to move on to the next area. On the way, you find gold and “paper bills” that you can collect...I’m not too sure what they do yet. Little Toads will help you save your game while deep in the mansion and will give you hits and items. The game has lots of bosses and things to keep the game rolling. The game its self is very short...but that is if you play it a lot and rush it...good for little kids. Overall, the game play is very good...but the shortness is bad. Gameplay Score: 9/10

Control: Its good normal control...but its really hard to aim and get the right angle. I would also think that it would be hard for little kids that are trying to learn to play games. It does have quick control its not that bad. Overall...its ok... Control score: 8/10

Graphics: Very good graphics...3-d and 2-d are mixed and when Luigi opens doors and looks very life like. The halls and rooms have good detail...ghost aren’t that bad either. Small things like fire are ok...I think they could of done better. But overall...very well done... Graphics Score: 10/10

Audio/Sound: Nice sound...Luigi’s humming and calling for Mario. The ghost’s sounds are normal and the sound of the vacuum’s sucking is pretty cool. Theres really no bad sounds in the game.... Audio Score: 10/10

Re-Playable: I was told that there was a 2nd kind of option at the end of the game...but besides that...theres really no reason to replay it unless theres little kids around that like the game or you wanna collect all the gold and stuff. Replay score:9/10

Rent or Buy?: Depends. If you want a game for the family thats fun and you don’t care abut the it. If you just want to beat it and really dont like these kind of games...I would rent it.

Overall: Great game with a few bad parts to it, but its sure fun to sit and watch Luigi call for Mario and watch his breath. Overall Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/01, Updated 11/19/01

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