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"Finally a Mario game where Luigi is the star!"

This a pretty nice game. It is short but it is fun. Work your way through 4 areas(with a lot of rooms) sucking up ghosts as you try to figure out the ''Missing Mario'' mystery. The controls are pretty easy actually(oh yea, the controller is very comfortable) The X button shows you a map of the Mansion. It will show where Luigi is and what Key goes to what door. The Y button Brings out the ''Pictures Mode''(as I call it) of the Gameboy HORROR. This allows you to sort of take a picture of something. This can help you figure out things. The R button makes the vacuum suck up ghosts, money, coins, gold bars, and more. The B button turns the flashlight on and off. The control stick (of course) moves Luigi throughout the mansion. The Z button lets you look at your items. The L button puts your vacuum in reverse to shoot out fire, ice, or water once you have the medals for them. The C stick(which takes a little time to get used to) changed Luigi's direction. The start button pauses the game. The game isn't too hard but every once in a while it will get confusing. Too bad the game is short:(

Story I give it 8/10. It is a pretty nice story. You are Luigi. Luigi has just won a Haunted Mansion. Yes a HAUNTED Mansion! Oh no! Mario is trapped inside the Mansion!!!! But where is he........? Guess you will have to just find out!

Audio. the music is pretty nice in this game. I give it a 10/10. I even found my self humming the music from time to time!

Video I would rate this 10/10. The graphics are soooo awsome for the game! Nintendo gamecube is the perfect system for these graphics. Luigi and every thing else looks very realistic. The shadows are awsome! Also the mirrors are cool. They show the exact reflecting of everything like it should!

Replayability I would say 7/10. I will definitely play this again, but I won't do it in a hurry. the game is pretty short, but fun. I am not very excited about replaying this but I will eventually.

To buy or rent? that is the question! Well, I suggest you buy this game if you are a real Mario fan. If you like to beat your games then sell them, I would suggest renting it first. I hope this has helped your make up your mind about Luigi's Mansion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/20/01, Updated 07/09/03

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