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"Not a plunger this time, but a vacuum"

Nintendo sure comes up with strange ideas lately. Plungers, Vacuums, Mushrooms, how stranger can it get. Anyways, about Luigi's Mansion. It's a great game if your new to Gamecube. Get this first before you try any other (there are some exceptions). So let's get on to the review.

Graphics 9.9/10 - I was blinded with the graphics of the Nintendo Gamecube! When you suck up ghosts with the vacuum, you can see the particles being sucked in! It's also cool when you open doors with keys, it's looks so real. And the flashlight animation was great too.

Sound 8.3/10 - Same ol same ol. Nintendo Gamecube has similar sound to the Nintendo64. Some of the sound effects were loud and scared me though. Like some bomb dudes were exploding, I didn't have them on my screen so I thought they were footsteps of a humungous monster and he was about to turn the corner any second. Heheh, this game scares people sometimes.

Story 9.1/10 - Not that descriptive, but it's ok. Luigi's won a mansion in a contest he didn't even enter, he told Mario and Mario was going to meet him there and when he gets there Mario is not there blah blah.

Controls 9.5/10 - Well, I just rated it this because of all the controls. There is more stuff to do than on the Nintendo64 because there are more buttons on the controller. New additions are the C Stick, X, and Y. The shapes is also an addition too. Wait... this supposed to be a Luigi's Mansion review not a Gamecube one... oops.

Difficulty 6.1/10 - Not that hard, I beat the game in 3 days. Although I didn't complete it fully (like if you beat Zelda on the Nintendo64, there's still more to do, Heart Containers, Skulltullas, etc...). So that's what makes the game more fun. The boss of the game was AMAZING looking (no spoilers on who it is), though, he was pretty easy once you know how to beat him.

Replay Value 8.8/10 - When you beat the game you'll get another mansion with the money you collect which will cause the player to want to play again on the new mansion. Replaying the game adds more stuff for you to explore. Maybe you'll run into something you never saw before and appears to be a new room you never been in or something. Thats exactly is what is in the new mansion.

Overall Score 7.4 - You gotta rent it to see if you like it. Some people may not like the idea of running around a mansion sucking ghosts up with a vacuum for an old man to save your brother. Sounds very strange indeed. If your a hardcore Mario fan though, you know exactly what to do. Snag a copy right out of the store, slip it straight into your Gamecube when you get home and enjoy life.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/23/01, Updated 11/23/01

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