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Reviewed: 11/23/01 | Updated: 11/23/01

Luigi's first big game.. And its Great!

Introduction: When I got the Gamecube, I also got StarWars, Wave race, and Luigi's mansion. Even though, StarWars is My favorite, I have played Luigi's Mansion the most. This game, perhaps a little too short, is still awesome.

Graphics: Wow! The graphics are really good in this game. Its cartoony, but it really fits. The lighting effects are super.

Play Control: At very first, using the control stick, And, the ''C'' stick, may seem a little hard, but it becomes very easy, very soon. The Control stick, controls Luigi, and The ''C'' stick, aims his flash light/vacuum. Your'll need to use these together to catch the mansion's ghosts, bats. E.c.t The other buttons all work out nice and easy, as well.

Music: I don't really remember the music much, most likely because the music is usually over powerd by Luigi humming / Whistling. Still its a nice little touch though. My favorite music would be, when fighting the boss Boolossus.

Sound effects: Not bad. Ghosts make a little ''Screaming'' noise, when they appear.. Your flash light ''clicks'' when you turn it off.. just little stuff like that.

Story: The story is good, and its a twist from the basic ''Mario has to save the Princess'' story line, witch had become a normal thing in the Mario series. Of course, that story line is good, but this time Luigi finally gets a chance. Heres the story.. Luigi Gets a letter telling him, He's won a Big mansion! Luigi calls and tells his Brother Mario to meet him there, and then Luigi sets off. After getting lost in the woods, Luigi arives late.. But Mario is no where in site.. All the sudden, ghosts come out to attack Luigi, and there followed by a strange old man who trys to suck them up, with a vacuum. When he fails, the two escape to his lab. He is E.Gadd, paranormal researcher, and he tells Luigi, the ghosts must have took his Brother Mario. Giving Luigi his vacuum, He sets him off, to clear out the mansion and save Mario. The story unfolds as the game goes on, revealing a plot, that involves the Boo's. Pretty good!

Gameplay: In this game, Luigi goes from room to room, in the huge Mansion, solving puzzles, Sucking up ghosts with his vacuum, and grabbing keys. You also search for the Boo's. You can beat the game with only 40, but its fun to try and find all 50. Theres money all over the mansion, and you can cash it in, at the end of an ''area'' for Gold. Your total Gold is used at the end of the game, But I wont spoil it for you! Anyway, you should grab a bunch, and know that you usually loose coins when your hit. Through out the game, your'll find five items that Mario left behind. You can take them, to a certen ''Friendly'' ghost, to learn more about Mario's whereabouts, and the Plot. There are three Element medals you can find, that allow you to reverse the vacuum and expel, either Fire, Water, or Ice. You can activate your element meter by sucking in an Element ghost, of that kind, after you have the medal. These elements can be used, to solve puzzles, and suck in Element ghosts. There are also ''Gallery Ghosts''. The paranormal researcher, E. Gadd, went all over the world collecting famous ghosts, for his gallery. But the Boo's released them. Now its Luigi's job to try to get them back as paintings for E. Gadd. There are four big boss's as well.

Challenge: *Sniff* it always seems great games, are a little too short. The game is short, even the first time around, but it becomes Even more short, a second time around, because you already know how to solve the puzzles! At first, the puzzles are mind boggling, but once you know 'em you most likely wont, forget 'em. To make the game longer, though, there are side quests. ((Well, a few anyway.))

Replay value: Great replay value. Right after I beat the game I started it again. Theres around four reasons to play the game again, Including that its just plain fun. The other things, I won't get into because, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

Score chart:
Graphics: 10 / 10
Play Control: 10 / 10
Music: 8 / 10
Sound effects: 7 / 10
Story: 9 / 10
Gameplay: 10 / 10
Challenge: 5 / 10
Replay value: 10 / 10
Overall: 10 / 10

Final word: This game is one of My all time favorites. It sort of reminds Me of an R.P.G, and R.P.G's are My favorite types of games. Its also nice to see, Luigi finally stepping out of the shadows, and getting in a game of his own.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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