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"Classic Nintendo Feeling"

Gameplay (10/10) - Wow! This game is fun! After reading many online reviews, I didn't have high expectations for this game. Granted, the game may be short compared to many others these days, but it is just the right length in my opinion. Sucking up ghosts, rescuing Mario, and tip toeing through a haunted mansion is just plain fun. The control mechanics are perfect. The use of two analog sticks was pure genius, and the controller feels as if it was made for this game alone. One thing I also noticed is the rumble feature in this game was executed perfectly. The puzzles in this game weren't too hard, but not as easy as expected. The way the puzzles were introduced in this game reminded me a little of the Zelda series. It's as if Mario and Zelda games were crossbred, and Luigi's Mansion was the result. Absoulutely stunning results in my opinion.

Story (6/10) - The story is elementary and nothing to write home about. Don't expect a Final Fantasy epic with this game. Everything in the story came at no surprise to me. It was typical of a Nintendo Mario title.

Audio/Video (10/10) - The lighting effects in this game are revolutionary. I purchased six of the Gamecube launch titles, and Luigi's Mansion has the best graphics found in any of them. I'm sure in years to come, people will look back on Luigi's Mansion and recognize it as a pioneer in lighting and physics in video games. The little graphical touches in this game really make it stand out. Things like paper fluttering in the air and realistic shadows cast by every object imaginable really boggles the mind. Kudos to the experts at Nintendo for developing some amazing algorithms. This game is the perfect example on how graphics can be used to enhance gameplay.

Replayability (4/10) - This would be higher, except I really have no desire to really go through the game again. Bigger and better things are on the way. But I'm sure in a couple of years, I'll probably pick it up for a quick play.

Overall (10/10) - I recommend you purchase this game, especially if you're a collector like me. Nintendo has a reputation for developing ''kiddie'' games. While sucking ghosts with a vacuum cleaner may sound ''kiddie'' to a few teenagers, it certainly was appealing to this 26 year old. That's what's great about Nintendo's games. They appeal to all audiences. Lugi's Mansion is a Nintendo classic, and you will definitely enjoy it for years to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/26/01, Updated 11/26/01

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