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"One of the most original games available in years!"

Its notthing new, it just starts off with a creepy guys saying ''Nintendo'' and cuts right to creepy music, the title, the mansion in the background, and the basic menu option. Do not worry though, presentation never effects my overall scorings, it just reviews how cool the game look until actually gameplay.

While not mouth dropping, mouth drolling, or eye poping, the graphics are very crisp and detailed. The best part is the ghosts themselves. They are transparent and look totaly awsome in the games settings. Besides the ghosts the mansion is detailed down to even the fire on a candle. Even luigi is in good detail. If you want the gamecube launch game that offers the best overall graphics, your best bet is this game! and yes I have Rouge Leader.

Its very hard to master, and by the time you master the controls the game is almost over. You move with the joystick, aim your flashlight/vacume with C, turn the flashlight on with B, and use the Y and X buttons to bring up different menu's. Im not going to talk about the controls alot, but they are awkward and will take a long time to get used to.

Everything is perfect. The shaking chairs, flapping curtains, the ghosts laughfs, its all done great. But the best part is luigi. Instead of being silent the whole time, luigi hums the haunted music that plays when he is scared, and if you press the A button, luigi sreams out ''Mario!'', ''Mario?'', and ''Maaarrriiooo!'', depending upon how big the room your in.

Most reviews will talk about how short LM is, well to me the length of a game does not matter, its what the game is composed of that makes the difference, right? well anyway, your first time through it can take you anywhere from 3 hours if you dont try to collect everything, to 7 hours if you try and collect EVERYTHING. Notice how there is a big difference in times? thats because if you play the game searching for all 50 boos, all picture ghosts, all money, coins, gems, pearls, money ghosts, gold mice, and more, you will be spening awhile with this game! 6 or 7 hours is not bad at all. But once again, its the experience that counts. The only complaint I have is that it gets a tad bit repeative. Room after room all you do is solve similar puzzles which get to be the same after while, a bit more viarity would have been nice, but its a very original game!

Fun Factor-
Like I said before, the game is a bit repeative, which takes away 1 whole point in the funfactor, the second point is that the control is hard to master, and by the time you get the hang of it, the games is near done with. This effects the fun because knowing how to move correct and use all the features correctly is half the fun of the game, the hardest part is using the C button and combining it with the joystick at the some time, also using the B button as at the same time also.

Lasting Appeal-
Just because the lasting appeal got 5 does not mean that its bad, it just means that 5 points is for the few awsome hours you spend with the game, and -5 points after you beat the game, because its just not fun a second time through. This does not effect the overall average.

Final comment-
This is a must have gamecube game for anyone who can bare the 3-8 hour game time, and if you want an original game, or a graphical showpiece for your gamecube

Final Overall Score-

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/27/01, Updated 11/27/01

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