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"Not exactly lives up to Nintendo's standards, but a solid game nonetheless."

Ah, Luigi's Mansion. It's probably not what you would expect for a Mario launch title. You don't go around jumping on Goombas trying to save the Princess, but instead you go around sucking up ghosts trying to save Mario. Sorta like Luigi becomes a Ghostbuster. Even with all these changes, Luigi's Mansion is a solid game, worth the purchase for every die-hard Nintendo fan, and maybe just a rental for the casual gamer.

Graphics - 10/10
This, without a doubt, is the best looking title to date. With its crisp textures, insanely detailed lighting effects, shadows, and very nice polygons it surpasses Rogue Leader, MGS2, and Halo. There is no noticable load times, which is a definant plus, as it plagues even the best games. There isn't a very big selection of enemies, but that's the only a minor flaw.

Sound - 7/10
Nintendo didn't pay nearly as much attention and work to the audio of this game as they did to the graphics. With the A button, Luigi yells out ''Maaarioooo!!!'' which will definantly put a smile on anyones face, the first few times. After that it gets plain boring. If there were more variations of how he says it, then it better.

Gameplay - 7
Here is where things start to fall down a bit. First things first, this game is short. There I said it. Very short. Shouldn't take a person more than 5-6 hours. Mario 64's life span was twice the amount of this game. But even though the game's short, it is fun. A very satisfying experiance. The bosses are fun to play against, but there are very few bosses in this game. If you like solving puzzles, then this game will definantly not dissapoint. Many of the puzzles will undoubtenly make you scratch your head, and quite a few of them will probably make you look for help on the internet. If the game were a bit longer, then the game would be more enjoyable.

Replay Value - 6
Once you beat the game, a hidden mansion will be unlocked. It's basically the same as the regular mansion 'cept it's a bit harder and a few minor tweaks. Most gamers will probably beat this mode, adding a couple of hours to the gameplay. Then there are ranks. Each time you beat the game, you get a rank depending on how much money you get. Only the hardcore games will want to try to get the Grade A ranks, as its a pretty hard task. After that the replay value is close to none. The game isn't very fun to play over and over again, since all the game is sucking up ghosts and collecting moolah.

Overall - 7
Even with all the cons of the game, it brings about a very satisfying experiance. The game is just plain fun to play, which is should all come down to. But not everyone will feel their $50 was well spent. I reccomend only the die hard Mario fans to buy this game, since to get the total experiance the game should be beat multiple times. The casual gamer would probably want to just rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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