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"Very FUN!"

Luigi’s Mansion, as you all know by now, is Luigi’s first time that he is starring in a launch game by Nintendo. Luigi has stared in games before, but this is the first game where Luigi is the only character you play with. Luigi now has his own game on the Nintendo Gamecube and I am sure he is loving it, until he gets a letter from Mario telling him to meet him at a mansion. So Luigi goes to the mansion and finds that Mario is nowhere to be found! Luigi walks inside the mansion and immediately finds that the lights are not on! Luigi meets up with a little short professor whose name is Professor E. Gadd. The Professor says that he saw somebody that looked like Luigi but had red clothing on instead walking through the mansion. Luigi knows that it must be Mario. The Professor gives Luigi a vacuum entitled the name of the “Poltergust 3000.” This vacuum was made specially to suck up ghosts. So Luigi begins his journey to save Mario with a deluxe vacuum on his back and a flashlight in his hand.

Luigi basically goes through the mansion room to room sucking up ghosts and solving puzzles on the way through. Some of the ghosts require puzzles for their heart to appear to give you the ability to suck their useless soul into your vacuum. There are also various puzzles to solve to earn extra money. Shigeru Miyamoto and his team really put a lot of thought into the gameplay. You can suck basically anything with your vacuum to see if it contains anything useful. Your Gameboy Horror (which will be referred to as the Horror from now on) in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen shows your coins, bills, and gold at all times. When you suck up “portrait” ghosts the Horror screen shows the amount of pearls that you have. When you suck up those special ghosts pearls will come out as you suck them up the faster you suck them up the more pearls you will get. Pearls are worth a lot of money so I suggest you get as many as possible and try to suck up all ghosts in one try. The Horror can be used to look at rooms using a first-person view from Luigi. It can also give you a map of the mansion that shows which rooms you have visited and which rooms you have cleared. The life meter is in the bottom of your screen all the way to the left. Your life can only go up to 100. Once you get to the part in the game where you can collect Boos (no, I am not talking about that kind of boos) there will be a Boo Counter to the right of the life meter. There are 50 Boos in the game. Once you have the ability to suck up elemental ghosts your element counter you appear to the right of the Boo Counter. When you get a key the map on the Horror will automatically come up and show you which room the key unlocks.
The start-up menu is pretty straightforward with 3 save files and on Options menu. In the options there is a place to turn the Rumble Feature on or off and a brightness test to see if your T.V. is at the right brightness. But who cares about that stuff right? All I wanted to see is the Pikmin movie. The Pikmin movie is pretty long and shows off Pikmin really good.
Overall, this game is one of the most fun games I have played in a long time. The gameplay will get you addicted very quickly and keep a strong hold on you until the end.

Luigi’s game is definitely one of the games at launch that Nintendo chose to show off what the system’s first-generation software can do. Luigi looks great in the game. His vacuum hose bounces around when he walks, his nose bounces up and down when he walks, and his whole body just looks and flows great in the game (that sounded gay, but I am NOT gay, lol). When Luigi uses his vacuum you can see dust particles in the air being forced into the vacuum. The things you suck at with your vacuum shake. When you use your flashlight it realistically shines light on the different rooms. When lightning strikes the light comes through the window and casts a shadow off Luigi and everything else in the room. Enough about Luigi, now lets talk about the mansion. The walls and furniture in the mansion look good, but could have been better. The ghosts look great and flow very, very well in the mansion.
Overall, the graphics are probably the best on the system so far except for Star Wars: Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II.

Luigi hums to the game’s theme song! Yes, I know, it’s great! When Luigi’s life is lowered his humming and whistling get more desperate! Also by pushing the A button (you know, the big green one) when you aren’t around anything Luigi will yell out Mario’s name. When he says this he also gets more desperate as his life lowers. The music also gets really into the feel of the game. When you are catching a ghost the music is different and more fast-paced.
Overall, the main theme is the only one ever played while walking around in the mansion. I am not saying it’s not good, believe me I hummed it while I was playing too. I am just saying it will get repetitive after awhile.

Luigi’s Mansion control is very original. The analog stick is used to move Luigi and move through menus. The D-Pad is not used for anything. The giant A button is to call Mario’s name and to open doors and examine things. The small B button is used to turn the flashlight on and off. The start button is obviously used to pause the game. The X button is used to go into the 1st person perspective of Luigi. The Y button is used to look at the map of the mansion. The Z button is used to look at the stats of your game like your coins, etc.. The C-Stick it used to move around the vacuum cleaner or flashlight. The R button is used to suck up things with the vacuum. The harder you push down on it the more the vacuum sucks in. The L button is used to expel elements out of your vacuum. The L button is used the same way as the R button as to the harder you push down on it the more element it expels. Overall, the C-Stick will take about an hour to get really good at it, but when you do get good at it; they are the most innovative controls I have seen for a game.

Replay ability- 9/10
Fun Factor- 10/10
Longetivity- 6/10
Rent, Buy, Stay Away-
I suggest that you Buy this game because you are going to want to play this numerous times to figure out how to get all of the coins, money, gems, etc.. Rent it if you want to go through it once and never play again. Just don’t Stay Away from it.
Box Beauty-
Front-Title “Luigi’s Mansion” in the shape if ghost-like figures. Below title is Luigi with the pose like the kid from Home Alone and with ghosts flying around him.
Players- 1
Peripherals- Memory Card (3 blocks)
ESRB Rating- E for Everyone

Luigi’s Mansion is fun and will last you awhile. I give you one recommendation though; don’t rush through the game. Take your time and try to find every secret. Enjoy the game; this could be the last time Luigi has his own launch game!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/12/02, Updated 07/19/02

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