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"Face it Luigi, Mario won't be around forever"

Well, at first I was a little weary of this title. I mean, a 21 year old playing a “kiddy” game? What would people think? It wasn’t until I visited my uncle that I found out truly how much I’ve been missing. Originally, we rented this for my little cousin, but I found that I was playing this game more then she was. And I was loving every minute of it.

Graphics – 10
Oh man, it’s rare for a launch title to have this good of graphics. I mean, this just might even rival those of (dare I saw it) newer PS2 titles. I mean, every single frame of this game should be hung in an art gallery. Not a jaggy in sight, I am impressed. The environments are cool and extremely well drawn. In fact, you might forget you’re playing a game and think you’re watching a Disney movie.

Sound – 10
Man, this is cool. It’s got eerie music (not too eerie, this is a kids game remember). I love it when your walking along, hit the A button and Luigi calls out in this frightened voice “Mario?” I just love that. I also love the little cut screen that plays when Luigi tries to open a locked door. You hear this creaking from the doorknob. It really drives the point that the mansion is uninhabited. Also, I get a kick out of Luigi when he starts to whistle or hum to the eerie background music.

Characters – 9
Hay, it’s Luigi in his first solo game. Well, sorta. Luigi goes through this mansion busting ghosts and along the way tries to find Mario. Toad is also in this game acting as a save point and the professor aiding you along the way who for some reason sounds like an ewok from Star Wars (luckily everything he says is translated). All in all, I say Luigi is as cool as his brother Mario.

Control – 8
Controls are weird to get used to, but not too hard. What’s really hard (for me anyway) is using the two analog sticks in unison with each other. In heavy ghost busting action, the main analog stick controls Luigi’s legs, and the C stick controls his Poltergeist 3000 (that vacuum cleaner he’s got strapped to his back). The X button brings up the Game Boy Horror. This device allows him to search around the room for ghosts and even get hints from some ghosts as to how to capture them. The Y button brings up the floor map and the Z button brings up your inventory.

Replay – 10
This game is awesome and really fun all the way through. Of course this game is not totally ghost busting bliss. There are also puzzles you have to figure out. Certain ghost need motivation, and that’s what you gotta figure out. The puzzles are quite easy, and they just about give you the solution if you search for it or wait for it.

Overall – 10
This is a great game that’ll no doubt become a classic. If you own a Gamecube, this is a must-have. This game is sure to please even the most “mature” of adults.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/27/02, Updated 01/27/02

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