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"A Very Great Game That Is Only Weakened By It's Length"

Luigi is one of those characters that you loved to play as or would love to play as, but in most cases, he isn't an option. He's always ''just Mario's brother''. Well, looks like Nintendo finally realized that most gamers would want to play as Luigi, and have given them what they wanted; a game where you play as Luigi and only Luigi (Mario Is Missing! should not be classified as a game due to the fact that it, well, just plain old sucks). The only thing that they should have done differently is made the game longer. Well, read on and I will explain why Luigi's Mansion is such a good game.

The story starts out when Luigi wins a contest for a mansion that he didn't even enter. Luigi goes to the mansion and finds out it is very old and looks, and well, is haunted. He finds this little professor guy that built a vacuum that sucks up ghosts and he obtains one from him. It's called the Poltergust 3000. He also finds out that Mario was captured by the ghosts, and he must get him back from them, which is why you are playing the game in the first place. You will also come into contact with Toad, who was sent by the Princess to find Mario. Now, that's a change. Since when does the Princess save Mario?

The controls are very well set-up. They are also very responsive. You have a button to use the ghost vaccuum thing; an action button that also doubles as a way to call out Mario's name; a button to make the Poltergust 3000 shoot out either fire, ice, or water; a button to pull up the map; a button to see your current game status (like how many coins you have and stuff like that); and a button to use this device called the GameBoy Horror that will let you scan things to get information on them.

Luigi's Mansion is kind of like Resident Evil, but for a younger audience. I say this because you are hunting the undead (ghosts in this game and not zombies) in a mansion (that's where some of the Resident Evil games take place), but the way it is different is how there are no guns, gore, or anything that would scar a kid for life and give them nightmares for weeks.

There are lots of kinds of ghosts. To catch most of them, you usually have to flash your flash light at them to make them unable to move for a second, and then suck them up. Some ghosts might need to have something else done to capture them, though. You might have to freeze them, send a flame of fire at them, or shoot water at them. You can usually tell by looking at them though.

In most rooms, there will be a mini-boss that will usually require you doing something special to get the ability to suck them up. This will involve having to interact with the room to do something usually. Every so often, you will have to face a real boss, which aren't that hard, but much harder than anything you had faced before it. Overall, the variety in enemies is great.

The mansion is very well designed. There are lots of trick doors and stuff like that to hurt you. You will have to use this map thing to figure out what is a trick door and what isn't until you memorize which ones are rooms and which aren't. If you open a door that isn't one, you will get hurt by the door swinging and smashing you. Every door in the house starts out locked. You will have to explore rooms and suck up mini-bosses among other things to get a key to a room, then repeat the process. The mansion is 3 floors, along with a basement and a roof.

Luigi is able to interact with the environment to do things like open chester drawers, shake things, and stuff like that. Sometimes when you open things, a ghost might pop out if you haven't cleared that room yet. When you clear a room, the lights in it will come back on and stay on. You will have to interact with things in the mansion to get coins and cash, get hearts to get life, and solve puzzles.

Another way to interact with the environment is to suck up water through thing like a fountain or bathtub's spout to enable the vacuum to shoot water, suck cold air out of things like a refrigerator's vent or out of an ice cooler to enable the vacuum to shoot ice, or suck out these little fire things out of things like candles or these torch things to enable the vacuum to shoot out fire. This comes in handy a lot when trying to solve puzzles and stuff like that.

The replayability in the game isn't that good. There is nothing to unlock or anything at all, but you can play the game over and over for replayability. That's the only thing there is to do. A lot of people that bought the game like replaying it. It all depends. The game is kind of short. If you take your time and stuff, it might take anywhere from five to eight hours to beat, just because of trial-and-error things. Overall, the replayability is average, but the gameplay is great.

The graphics are great. Everything looks really nice and there are some really good lighting effects in the game. You can light candles and stuff with your fire-shooting vaccuum to light up a little of the area and use your flashlight. There are virtually no load times at all, which is always a very nice thing to have. All of the characters in the game are designed very well. The sound is good, too. Everything sounds nice. Overall, great graphics and good sound.

The game is very good, overall. Since it's price tag is only $30, I would probably have to tell you to buy it. It's a very good game, that is only flawed by it's lack of replayability. If you don't think you would want to play it over, you should just rent it. Either way, you must play this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/29/03, Updated 06/29/03

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