Review by Kaoii

Reviewed: 11/09/03

Fun and horrors in a box!

I got Luigi's Mansion soon after getting my GameCube, and I was in for a ride. When I first got it and started playing I thought it would be another typical Mario game(Saving someone from Bowser and getting killed half a dozen times on the way). It turned out to be a great game after I started playing for a while.

I was personally impressed by Luigi's Mansion's rock solid visuals and rock solid sound. Most of the game was try eye and ear candy. The gameplay was kind of repetitive, however. A lot of people and myself were also quite disappointed in the length of the game as well.

Game Play [8/10]
The control for Luigi's Mansion is fantastic. It is easy to learn and work with, and there is a tutorial in-game just incase you have any problems!
The difficulty factor on a scale of 1 to 10 scores a 6. The game isn't too hard and it isn't too easy, just how most players like it. The difficulty factor here is another reason why casual gamers would probably like this game. One of the things I noticed here was the mansion throughout most of the game is very easy but when you finally get to the final boss the game goes from about a 6 to 10 into a 10 to 10 on the difficulty scale. That might just be my opinion, however.
The fun factor on this game on a scale of 1 to 10 scores a 7. It does get aggravating having to go repeatedly from say a room in the first floor to a room in the fourth floor looking for something you may have missed. Some puzzles are also a bit aggravating. An example is there is a puzzle where you have to guess 2 ghosts in a box. The odds are in a 1 out of 10 chance.
Something you will notice is that almost every piece of furniture in this game is interactive. Mirrors, musical instruments, drawers, almost everything can be used.

The repetivity is the main downfall of the gameplay's score. Some gamers may find this game aggrivating and pitch it.. at times I was tempted to, but I kept on. Doing puzzles over and over and over and over and OVER again is too much for a lot of people to handle.

Story [9/10]
The story here is great. Luigi wins a mansion in a contest that he did not enter that is full of ghosts and they have kidnapped Mario. Sounds like a typical Mario game but the plot becomes much more sophisticated later on in the game.
The only reason I gave this segment a 9/10 was because of miscallaneous plot holes that I noticed while playing the game. There are some things are aren't explained very well, but if I told you what they were it would spoil the game.

Graphics [10/10]
The graphics in Luigi's mansion really show the power of the Nintendo GameCube. There is a lot of eye candy throughout most of the game. I also never noticed any framerate drops while playing.
The first few things you will notice while playing is the lighting. The lighting appears to have been well planned and thought over. Shadows look excellent and furniture in the mansion shines when it is struck by light.
Another thing you will notice visually is that there is dust in the house. LOTS of dust. It also appears to be well planned, it doesnt get in the way at all and it doesnt clutter up the screen.
Mirrors also work great. They show exact reflections instead of just a shimmering effect with some backround in them that only actually show your player moving around.
Another thing I noticed is that whenever you start the suck up something like a bedsheet or a tablesheet, it moves like it should. Meaning, it flows in the air before it actually goes back to its original position.

Overall the graphics in Luigi's Mansion are truly awesome. I'm sure most others agree.

Sound [10/10]
The sound is just as good as the graphics. Whether it be from mice running across the hallway or bats fluttering their wings, or even simply Luigi whistling, everything sounds amazingly real and adds extra experience and fun to the game. What is a game if it doesnt sound good?
Luigi's Mansion supports surround sound as well (what game now doesnt?), which also makes it more fun to hear.
Even if you arent using surround sound the game will still sound very real, so dont worry about that.

Replayability and Game Length [8/10]
The game length is rather disappointing. It only took me about five to seven hours to finish this game. Other games such as Super Mario Sunshine and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron took me weeks or months to finish and unlock everything. At some times I think they spent too much time on the game visually and too less time on the length.
However, the replayability makes up for this. Once you finish the game you have the option to go back and play through to mansion again to collect more gold and try to beat your high score. You may want to compete with other players on getting higher scores than them as well.. it can be a lot of fun.

Final Rating: [9/10]
The game was and still is very enjoyable, but the difficulty and the time it takes to finish Luigi's Mansion is what made me give it a 9 instead of a complete 10. If they had only have made the mansion a floor or two larger and just a tad bit harder, it wouldve been much more fun.

Buy or Rent?: [Rent]
You should rent this game and see if you really like it.. you will probably be able to finish it before you even give it back. If you really enjoy it, go ahead and buy it. Since its a 2001 game it would only cost you about 30 or 40 american dollars.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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