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"Luigi the best? Naah!"

Luigi's Mansion is a very interesting game that is fun for nearly every new Gamecube player. However, it is not so good for more of the advanced players or anyone who would prefer a more difficult game. And anything else is more difficult. A 3 year old could beat this game! Read on to find out why it is not so exciting.


The story of this game is interesting, if not strange. It is bare of decorative twists and turns in the plot line that I really enjoy seeing in games. It goes like this: Luigi had won a mansion in a contest he had not even entered (Lucky Duck!). Mario, being the plumber he is went to check it out and disappeared inside the mansion. OOH! Luigi goes to find his brother and finds some ghosts and Professor E. Gadd. Luigi must defeat the ghosts and rescue Mario from their clutches! (Finally a game that has no Mario active in the game!) The story however, is better than Super Smash Bros Melee (one of the worst storylines ever... FIGHT!) and parts of Mario Sunshine. Seriously,using an overhyped watering can? Not cool.

Story: 7/10


The graphics are good except for the continuous error of disappearing behind walls or half of you on the other side. It is strange to see a pillar or some other piece of furniture or decorative material become transparent. Sometimes it even shows the room you are in and the one that your other half is on - a wall in the middle of the screen. The flashlight is actually very accurate and remarkable. The best graphical effect is definitely how the lightning creates shadows and illuminates the room. This is actually quite impressive. The movies are good but tend to come up too much (i.e. a ghost appearing, a door opening or chest glittering). The graphics do have sharp edges but unique touches to their quality, such as Luigi's nose. Stare carefully if you want to notice it. However, please do not go searching for "deformed" body features on Luigi. If you want eye candy, search somewhere else. Definitely do not look here. The graphics belong in a slightly above average cabinet for other games such as this one.

Graphics: 7/10


The sounds in this game are very annoying and irritating, especially Luigi humming and whistling. It is very annoying and gets on your nerves, but it makes you work hard to beat the room or hallway faster to get rid of it (only to have it start again in the next room). It is an annoying encouragement. The calls for Mario that escape from Luigi's mouth are fine, but annoying if a sibling or friend makes them scream constantly for Mario (Maario? MARIO! Mariiio!?). The background music is definitely a positive improvement from his dreaded screeching. Everyone I have talked to wishes that all the sounds were like the background music. One more thing is the ghosts cry out and their sounds are definitely positive. This game actually has the most annoying sound since the Super Nintendo machine! Compared to most N64 games Luigi's Mansion's sound is definitely a case of overrating and biased examples. Listen to whatever you want while playing, just not this! MAAAARRRRRIIIIIIIIOOOoooooo! Now make that really annoying, over and over again!

Sounds: 7/10


One thing that is annoying is that the A button calls for Mario when you are standing still or running. Calling for Mario does nothing but infuriate you and is simply useless in the game. Who put this in, anyway? Whoever decided to make the A button useless needs to be shot. The control style is similar to Mario Sunshine but is simple and easy to control, despite the lack of jumping. The gameplay could be the best part in this "action" game, however annoying and flawed. The gameplay of this game is very simple actually, and your fingers flow around on the controls. The controls are very easy to memorize and easy to control as well. Sucking and turning on your flashlight are second nature for Mario Sunshine fans, who do that sort of thing all the time when playing Mario Sunshine. There are many things that take a lot of time to execute and you have to walk all around the mansion. Another thing bothers me is that there is no jumping, just like in the Zelda games (excluding Link's Adventure). I constantly press the A button thinking it will jump but surprisingly it calls Mario (to my annoyance). Whenever Luigi is hit, he falls down to the ground, so the second he gets up he is hit and on the ground again. In the start menu, it is annoying how you can switch it to and from sidestep or standard walking mode. OOF!

Gameplay: 9/10

Replay Value:

This is where the game rather loses the few threads that are keeping it together and loses the knots tying it with beginners. Once you play the game once, everything is the exact same as the last time. The replay value really lowers this game score. Let us just say that once you beat the game it is as boring as a regular old N64 game (not one of the good interesting ones). The replay on this dulling game is definitely horrible, and it drags it down into the depths of the ocean. The depths of the ocean consist of nobody playing down there (result: nobody plays the game) and is very boring down there, definitely horrible. This game has virtually no unlockables that you would go back for. Getting knocked over again and again is NOT fun.

Replay Value: 5/10

Scores: Story: 7/10 Graphics: 7/10 Sounds: 7/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Replay Value: 5/10 Overall: 7/10


Overall, the game is a fairly exciting action game as long as you have not seen much of Gamecube, and have never watched someone play it or a better game before. But, after you are better and play harder games, such as new releases or something like that the game definitely dulls on you and is as easy as plucking a grape off it's stem. This game is very dissatisfactory if you are used to the high standards and expectations in harder or newer games. Between annoying sounds, flawed gameplay and very poor replay value, this game is most likely going to sit somewhere collecting dust until you head to trade it in for a couple of bucks. Really, that's all it's good for. Lack of difficulty truly kills this game, as you can beat it in less than 4 hours.

Rent or Buy:

Renting would be better for this game because owning it would bore you and lead you to exchanging the game for something more solid, while renting would give you seven days (all you need) to beat it several times and not have it on your hands for a short period of time for less money! Renting would be definitely adequate for your gaming style unless you are a collector or a fanatic about Luigi and Mario. If not, take my advice and rent this game if you want to play it at all. This game is okay to buy if you have many siblings who are younger, who do not get tired of watching someone open doors or this kind of game. Renting would be better, but buying would be fine if you want to spend your money on it. The difficulty in this game is quite low, I can beat it in less than 3 hours. That's very short compared to most of the games made today, such as Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, taking upwards of 30 hours to complete. By the way, that's an excellent game, and you should check it out!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/21/04, Updated 01/10/06

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