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Reviewed: 10/18/05

It is one of the best games on GameCube.

What can I say about it? This is just a fabulous game. I am not really a fan of GameCube games, but this game is an unbelievable one. I would disrespect this game if I give you a brief idea in one sentence. Each section has its rights and I shall outline those rights to you.

Story 9/10

The game is very interesting, and builds a strong incentive to play it repeatedly and addictively. The story goes like this; Luigi wins a mansion in a contest he never entered in the first place. Undoubtedly, Mario runs to discover the mansion, and checks it out. Unfortunately, Mario failed to know that there was a slightly spooky thing about this mansion. The spooky thing was that this mansion was haunted with ghosts. Eventually, he gets caught and trapped by the ghosts.

On the other hand of the story, there is a genetic freak scientist that captures ghosts. After capturing the ghosts, he gathers all of them on separate painted portraits. The scientist is called E.Gadd. Somehow, Boo ghosts set free all the ghosts in the paintings. Apparently, E.Gadd asks for Luigi’s help, which he happily accepts. As Luigi is on his mission, he realizes that his brother is trapped there, and the story goes from here. Luigi is trying to save Mario, and capture all the ghosts in the mansion.

This is quite a double mixed idea. I mean it is similar to Ghostbusters, and also similar to the old Casper game on PS1. This is a great unique mixture. It was really risky to move away from the style of Mario games, but it was really a great progress.

Control 9/10

Honestly, at the beginning it was very confusing, and irritating to get used to the controls. Basically, that’s because you have to move the camera along with all your actions. This is done in order to have perfect visuals that suit you. You could use the Game boy horror feature by pressing the button X. This is a device that is used for two entertaining purposes. The first one is getting tips from several ghosts on how to catch them. Secondly, it mainly acts as ghost radar. This is a great help. As you will enter many rooms in the mansion, you will have to use both analog sticks. One is used for movement, and the other is used for moving the camera. There is also another feature that I will explain later in this review, which is the vacuum, and it is used by the C stick.

Now, after explaining most of the controls, I would like to outline my opinion in this section. This is really a tough, and annoying part of the game. It only irritates you at the beginning, but later on when you get used to it, it will be very easy. You will even hardly remember what made it difficult in the first place. Enough on this section and lets go to the next one.

Sound Affects and Music 10/10

The sound is just incredible. You will be in a pretty quiet mansion, but Luigi keeps on whistling when he is in a good mood, and this is a nice touch. You could make him shout out calling Mario in a shivering tone. This is done by pressing the button A. Also there are moments when you capture a ghost. The music keeps you enthusiastic, and excited. There are many other features included. There are mice squeaking, and bats flying around. In addition, the sound of thunder certainly helps in creating a spooky atmosphere. Also the humming of Luigi when he gets nervous. These are all extremely tremendous features that successfully created the exact environment a player should be in.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are basically the backbone of this game. Everything in the mansion looks great. The image is firm, and very colourful. When the lightning strikes through the windows of many rooms, it just lights up the room beautifully. You will be amazed of the high quality that is produced. The shadows along with other objects in the game appear perfectly. The mirrors in each room reflect your image exactly the same. This is rarely done in other games. Also you could see the reflection of other objects when you are not in front of the mirror. This is a simple, but brilliant effect. The reason is the production of an exact reflection, other than having a blurred and unclear one. I mean that the reflection is highly accurate, and produces perfect detailed visuals. As I mentioned before, you will be attracted towards the colourful atmosphere you are put in. This creates a blend of a comfortable environment, and a spooky atmosphere. Now onto the next section.

Game features 10/10

Well, the mansion here is enormously detailed. The ghosts are funny, but they are not scary as you may think and you will enjoy catching them. There is a nice part in the game that shocks you. That part is when the ghosts appear surprisingly from nowhere, which happens several times in the game. You will get in the beginning of the game a device to catch these ghosts. It is a highly modified vacuum cleaner called the Pultergust 3000. You get it from E.Gadd and you will play in the game carrying it on your back.

Anyways, the most astonishing fact in the game is its interaction features. The game is exceedingly customized and I truly mean it in every way possible. Everything is interactive and you could suck up the rugs, plates, and even jars. In addition, you could also suck up curtains in rooms and bathrooms. Moreover, you could suck up bed sheets and table sheets. Also, you could open each and every drawer in the mansion. It builds up an everlasting atmosphere and I mean you will be curiously insane towards discovering, and checking out the mansion. The way in which you suck up a rug or a mat is realistic and I mean it will be difficult at the beginning, but when you continue sucking the rug, it will curl in the air and into your Pultergust 3000. This is a great affect. Nintendo purely does it and it also shows a puff of dust the moment it is sucked. Now I will talk a little bit on ghosts.

You have to do the following in order to catch a ghost. First you flash the light onto the ghost to expose its heart, and then quickly suck it up. Some ghosts differ from others in their strength. When you suck up a ghost you will have to cope with it. I mean it will move around madly trying to run away. As you are doing that, you have to reduce its strength to zero. When this is completed, the ghost is yours. There are also extra features. For example, there are the golden mice that rarely appear in the game. However, you will be completely annoyed since these mice are not easy to catch. Anyways, if you get lucky or even great at that, you will be rewarded a lot of points. Nintendo handled every tiny detail in this game including dust. I proudly say that Nintendo completely aced this section.


This game is quite a short one. I finished it comfortably within a week and it added up to a total of eight to nine hours to finish. Since there are many secrets that are nearly impossible to reveal from the first time, you will enjoy discovering them in a second try. Although it is very interesting and exciting to go back and play it over and over again, I strongly recommend that you rent it. This game is really an enjoyable game that changed my mind towards GameCube. Yet this is truly one of greatest games I ever played on GameCube, and it certainly deserves a try.


Mario is the oldest most enjoyable game I had ever played. Although it was simple with even simpler stages to pass, it was undoubtedly for all ages. In the past, we used to play this game in a style completely different to this one. The game as I stated earlier was a stage-by-stage game, and the character had a certain number of lives with points collected in order to increase the life number. Nowadays, Nintendo drifted away from this style as the GameCube produced high standards in a game, and surely something had to be changed. Enough on the past.

The game now has Luigi as the hero, and this may seem a bit odd. Nevertheless, this is not a big deal, and it is great to see a variation in the style. This is sincerely a very brave, but risky shift. Though there were high risks, astonishingly this game launched successfully into a new stage of its life. The device is mainly the most helpful part in launching this game, and its graphics are unbelievable and amazing. Furthermore, the sound is magnificently influential and the control is considerably normal, and needs time to get used to. The story is more interesting than before, and played a significant role in enjoying this game. Thus, do not hesitate, and go ahead and rent it.

Overall Rating 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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