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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rolent X

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 10/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Fox Adventures
    Nintendo Gamecube
    By Justin Ridenour aka Rolent X
    Version 0.5
    E-mail: RolentoHeat@aol.com
    Copyright 2002 by Justin Ridenour. Do not use this document anywhere else 
    without my permission, or you will face the fury of my army of flying monkeys. 
    Version 0.1 - Up through the beginning of ThornTail Hollow.
    Version 0.2 - Up to the end of ThornTail Hollow.
    Version 0.3 - Up to the second Krazoa Spirit and the Medium Scarab Bag.
    Version 0.4 - Returning the third Krazoa Spirit.
    Table of Contents
    1) Story
    2) Characters
    3) Controls
    4) Main Objectives
    5) Using the Staff
    6) Sidekick Commands
    7) Items
    8) Cheat Tokens
    9) Walkthrough
    First Krazoa Spirit
    	9.1) Galleon
    	9.2) Krazoa Palace
    	9.3) Krazoa Shrine
    	9.4) Krazoa Palace
    First SpellStone
    	9.5) Arwing Flight
    	9.6) ThornTail Hollow
    	9.7) ThornTail Store
    	9.8) Secret Cave
    	9.9) ThornTail Hollow
    	9.10) Ice Mountain
    	9.11) SnowHorn Wastes
    	9.12) ThornTail Hollow Passage
    	9.13) ThornTail Hollow
    	9.14) SnowHorn Wastes
    	9.15) Arwing Flight
    	9.16) DarkIce Mines
    	9.17) Boss Galdon
    	9.18) ThornTail Hollow
    	9.19) Moon Mountain Pass
    	9.20) Volcano Force Point Temple
    Second Krazoa Spirit
    	9.21) Moon Mountain Pass
    	9.22) Krazoa Shrine
    	9.23) Moon Mountain Pass/ThornTail Hollow
    	9.24) Krazoa Palace
    	9.25) ThornTail Hollow
    Second SpellStone
    	9.26) LightFoot Village
    	9.27) Cape Claw
    	9.28) Arwing Flight
    	9.29) CloudRunner Fortress
    	9.30) Cape Claw
    	9.31) Ocean Force Point Temple
    Third Krazoa Spirit
    	9.32) LightFoot Village
    	9.33) Krazoa Shrine
    	9.34) Krazoa Palace
    Third SpellStone
    	9.35) ThornTail Hollow
    	9.36) Arwing Flight
    	9.37) Walled City
    	9.38) Boss: King RedEye
    	9.39) Volcano Force Point Temple
    Fourth Krazoa Spirit
    	9.40) ThornTail Hollow
    	9.41) SnowHorn Wastes
    	9.42) Krazoa Shrine
    	9.43) Krazoa Palace
    Fourth SpellStone
    	9.44) ThornTail Hollow
    	9.45) Arwing Flight
    	9.46) Dragon Rock
    	9.47) Boss: Drakor
    	9.48) Ocean Force Point Temple
    Fifth and Sixth Krazoa Spirits
    	9.49) Walled City
    	9.50) Krazoa Shrine
    	9.51) Krazoa Palace
    	9.52) Boss: Andross
    1) Story
    Eight years have passed since Andross was finally overthrown by the daring 
    Star Fox team. Following the celebrations, Fox McCloud and friends returned 
    to the only life they knew - and endless patrol of the Lylat system, guarding 
    against ongoing threats to their territory.
    Boredom soon stuck, causing Fox's close friend Falco Lombardi to simply 
    disappear, leaving only rumor to suggest that his lone-wolf nature had 
    finally led him to pursue a more free and profitable life.
    Then Slippy Toad traded his pilot's wings for a place in Weapons R&D, 
    demonstrating a natural flair for invention, while Fox's old friend and 
    mentor Peppy Hare retired from active flight duty to concentrate on a role 
    as navigator and general advisor.
    The Great Fox itself had also seen better days. Keeping a ship of that size 
    in prime condition cost serious money and well-paid jobs for fighter pilots 
    and mercenaries were increasingly difficult to come by.
    So it was that Fox and co. found themselves drifting through the galaxy, 
    waiting and hoping for General Pepper's hologram to pop up with just the kind 
    of high-stakes, high-reward mission that they needed.
    2) Characters
    Fox McCloud - Eight years after the defeat of Andross, Fox McCloud had matured 
    as a leader and continues to be recognized as a great hero. he's still an 
    active pilot, and his many skills with weapons and martial arts are often 
    called into play.
    Peppy Hare - Although retired as a pilot, Peppy Hare has close ties to Fox 
    and remains on the team as an effective advisor. Despite his increasing 
    absent-mindedness, he is still well-respected by everyone.
    Slippy Toad - Recently Slippy Toad has been devoting a lot of time to Cornerian 
    Weapons R&D, though he continues to work with his good friends in the Star 
    Fox team. His upgrades to ROB and the Arwings prove invaluable.
    Falco Lombardi - Falco Lombardi left the team several years ago and hasn't 
    been seen since, though one things for certain: whatever the circumstances, 
    Falco and Fox will always maintain a strong friendship.
    Tricky - It's hard to believe that the mischievous Prince Tricky will one 
    day rule the EarthWalker Tribe. And with his father imprisoned, the future 
    of the world looks bleak: could an unlikely partnership be the only hope for 
    Dinosaur Planet?
    Krystal - The only survivor of her doomed home planet of Cerenia, Krystal 
    roams the galaxy in search of answers. When a distress call draws her to a 
    small planet in the Lylat system, Krystal suspects that she may be finally 
    be drawing closer to the truth...
    ROB the Robot - After several rebuilds by Slippy, ROB has now been infused 
    with much more personality and has gradually become recognized as a 
    full-fledged member of the Star Fox team.
    General Scales - Rejected as a ruling tribe, the twisted SharpClaw and their 
    self-appointed leader Scales have amassed an army to overpower all. In recent 
    times, the General's power has dramatically increased - is he in this alone?
    EarthWalker Tribe - One of two ruling tribes of Dinosaur Planet. Their great 
    strength and speed have helped them grow into a respected family of Dinosaurs 
    (although the CloudRunner may disagree).
    CloudRunner Tribe - The other ruling Tribe of the Planet, the CloudRunner 
    are a proud and valiant race whose Queen becomes a valued ally in the struggle 
    to overthrow General Scales.
    ThornTail Tribe - These friendly creatures live amidst the foothills of the 
    mighty Ice Mountain. Their knowledge of the local area and the Mysterious 
    Warpstone make them valuable allies.
    LightFoot Tribe - A spiritual and reclusive Tribe, the LightFoot are seldom 
    seen. The appearance of SharpClaw in the area has only served to heighten 
    their natural suspicion, as Fox will soon find out for himself.
    HighTop Tribe - These gentle giants are easily spotted from a distance as 
    they tower over the rugged environments of the planet.
    SnowHorn Tribe - Thick, woolly coats and massive endurance have seen the 
    SnowHorn Tribe through many years of harsh living. This strength could prove 
    priceless to Fox in his quest.
    RedEye Tribe - Flesh-eating Dinosaurs and deadly killers, the RedEye Tribe 
    were safely under EarthWalker control until General Scales set them loose 
    to overrun the Walled City.
    3) Controls
    ***Fox McCloud Controls***
    Start Button - Pause the game and bring up the Communicator.
    Control Stick - Walk/Jog/Run/Aim.
    A Button - Staff Action/Use/Select Items.
    B Button - Put Away Staff/Cancel.
    C Stick - Weapon/Sidekick/Item Inventory.
    Y Button - Assign from C Stick Inventory.
    X Button - Avoid.
    Z Button - First-Person View.
    L Button - Cameral Control/Sidestep Mode
    R Button - Defend.
    ***Arwing Controls***
    Control Stick - Moves the Arwing. Left and right move it left and right, up 
    makes the Arwing dive and down makes the Arwing climb.
    A Button - Fires lasers.
    B Button - Fires a Bomb.
    L & R Buttons - Pressing them banks the Arwing letting you move more quickly. 
    Press them quickly to do a 360 and reflect an attack.
    X Button - Brakes.
    Y Button - Speed up for a short amount of time.
    Start Button - Pauses the game and brings up the Communicator.
    4) Main Objectives
    The main objectives of your quest is to find the four SpellStones and the 
    Krazoa Spirits. The four stones are forged of Dark Matter and absorb energy 
    from the planet to keep it together. The Krazoa Spirits bring life to Dinosaur 
    Planet. They were hidden when General Scale's army attacked the EarthWalkers. 
    You must return them to Krazoa Palace.
    5) Using the Staff
    Krystal's magical staff is your main weapon in Star Fox Adventures. You can 
    use it to open doors, lift heavy rocks and open up crates.
    You can find Magic Caves throughout Dinosaur Planet that hold upgrades to 
    your Staff. The Staff will rumble and glow when you get close to one. When 
    you find one, it will add a new icon to the C Stick inventory. Highlight the 
    icon and press A to use it or just assign it to the Y Button. When you use 
    one of the powers, your Staff Energy meter goes down. Get gems from Magic 
    Plants to refill your meter.
    When you encounter an enemy, press A to bring out your Staff and go into 
    Lock-On mode. You can get out of Lock-On mode by pressing the B Button. Press 
    A again to do a standard attack. You can perform a combo by quickly pressing 
    the A Button repeatedly. Press A and then Left, Right or Down to also do a 
    combo. You can also use Upgrades in battle too.
    While battling, your enemy may defend before attacking you. Use X or R to 
    avoid or defend against them. Some of your enemies are also resistant to your 
    Lock-On mode.
    6) Sidekick Commands
    Prince Tricky will be your sidekick throughout your adventure on Dinosaur 
    Planet. There are commands that Tricky can perform on your behalf.
    If a question mark symbol appears over Tricky's head, highlight the icon 
    within Tricky's C Stick inventory and press A. If he has enough energy, Tricky 
    will do as you ask. You can cancel one of his commands by using his Heel 
    Tricky also warns you of nearby enemies and other characters before you can 
    see them by displaying an exclamation mark above his head.
    You must feed Tricky Blue GrubTubs so you can use his commands. Each command 
    uses up some of his energy. If he's low on energy and can't use a command, 
    he'll display a GrubTub symbol above his head. GrubTubs are stored in the 
    C Stick inventory. Select them and feed Tricky to restore his energy meter.
    7) Items
    Here's a list of he items in the game and what they do.
    Dumbledang Pod: Restores a half of a hit point.
    Pukpuk Egg: Restores a whole hit point.
    Firefly: Use with the Firefly Lantern to light dark rooms.
    Fuel Cell: Use to fuel the Arwing.
    Grubtub Fungus: Use to fill Tricky's meter so he can do tasks.
    Rock Candy: Give to the WarpStone to get his help.
    Tricky's Ball: Play with Tricky using this ball and he'll change colors.
    Bafomdad: Let's you continue from where you died.
    Bafomdad Holder: Let's you hold ten Bafomdads.
    Firefly Lantern: Use to hold Fireflies.
    Hi-Def Display Device: Use to see far away.
    SnowHorn Artifact: Give to Blue SnowHorn to let you take his test.
    Small Scarab Bag: Let's you hold 50 Scarabs.
    Medium Scarab Bag: Let's you hold 100 Scarabs.
    Large Scarab Bag: Let's you hold 200 Scarabs.
    8) Cheat Tokens
    Throughout the game, you'll be able to get eight Cheat Tokens. I've said where 
    they appear in the walkthrough, so you'll know then you get there. You don't 
    really get anything useful from them, so I'll let you be surprised from what 
    you get. Three give you new options, and five give you messages.
    9) Walkthrough
    ***First Krazoa Spirit***
    9.1) Galleon
    You'll start your game as Krystal as she's flying on the back of a HighWind. 
    Fire at the ship that's in front of you while avoiding the fireballs that 
    it shoots at you. You won't have to worry too much though, since you don't 
    have a life meter. 
    After hitting the ship enough times, it will rise and you'll have to shoot 
    out it's rotor. Fire at it's blades and after a few hits, each one will fall 
    off. Now you'll go back to avoiding the fireballs. After hitting it some more, 
    it will turn around and the Dino face on the front will come at you and shoot 
    fireballs. Fire at it until it goes up in flames to defeat the ship. 
    The HighWind will drop you onto the top of the ship. You can hear a voice 
    from somewhere.  Run down the stairs and go ahead until you get to the wall. 
    To your right is a cage with a young HighWind in it. Press A to talk to it. 
    A door will open near where you landed. Turn around and run back to the open 
    door. Run down the stairs and into a room to find a key. The key is to Krazoa 
    Palace. Run back up to where the cage was and a cutscene will start where 
    you get to meet General Scales. After a short scuffle, you'll be on your way 
    to Krazoa Palace.
    9.2) Krazoa Palace - There are two jellyfish roaming around the area. Roll 
    away from them using the X Button. Run up to the fallen EarthWalker and press 
    A to find out that it isn't safe at Krazoa Plaza. Run up to the door on the 
    left of the plaza and select the Gold Key with the C Stick. Press A to open 
    the door to Krazoa Plaza. Inside you'll find a fuel barrel. After you pick 
    it up and throw it, more will appear at the fuel pod outside. Use them to 
    defeat the jellyfish and open crates to find items. 
    Use a barrel to blow up the crates that are blocking your way to the right 
    of the area. Grab another barrel and run down the ramp. Avoid another 
    jellyfish and run around the fallen pole. There is a big crack in the wall 
    in the back of the room here. Throw a barrel at it to blow the section in 
    the wall up.
    To the right you'll find two jars with items inside. Open them up if you're 
    low on health. To the left is a jellyfish, another jar and a fuel barrel 
    dispenser. Before you go there, go to the center and talk to the EarthWalker. 
    Grab the barrel there and blow up the crates blocking your way. Now go get 
    another barrel from the dispenser and enter the new open area. Wait until 
    a flame goes out before you run by it. There's another cracked wall at the 
    end. Throw two barrels at it to open the next area.
    Pick up a barrel and walk onto the big button on the floor that opens up the 
    next room. Set the barrel down on the button to keep the door open. Talk to 
    the EarthWalker here and a cutscene starts. Enter the door that opens after 
    the cutscene to take the Spirits test. Stand on the glowing center of the 
    room and press A to enter the Shrine.
    9.3) Krazoa Shrine
    Go into the next room and climb up the ladder. Watch the pattern of the fire 
    at the top and run past them. Climb down the next ladder while the jellyfish 
    is farthest away form you. Avoid it and climb the ladder on the other side. 
    Grab the barrel there and kill the jellyfish to open the next passage. 
    Go back and grab another barrel and use it to kill the jellyfish in the next 
    room. Go back and get another to set on the button at the start of the room. 
    Run past the fire and into the open room to find the Krazoa.
    You must complete a test of observation here to get the Krazoa Spirit. You 
    must watch as the urns in the room rotate and find the Spirit three times 
    to get it. You'll return to the Krazoa Palace after getting the Spirit.
    9.4) Krazoa Palace
    Re-enter the room with the EarthWalker for another cutscene. Step on the 
    platform on the back of the room and it will rise up to an opening. Enter 
    and go to the right to release the Krazoa spirit. Someone is watching you 
    though. After the spirit is released, an attack from the mystery aggressor 
    will leave Krystal trapped in a crystal. How ironic.
    A cutscene starts with some humorous banter between Fox and the crew. General 
    Pepper appears on the hologram and asks Fox to help save Dinosaur Planet. 
    With money involved, you know he's up to the task.
    ***First SpellStone***
    9.5) Arwing Flight
    You only have to fly through one Gold Ring here to lower the Force Field to 
    Thorntail Hollow. Shoot the meteorites, meteors and enemy ships to avoid 
    taking damage. Shoot the "S" boxes open to get power ups. Try to fly through 
    enough consecutive Gold Rings and you'll be rewarded with an extra four hit 
    points. This stage isn't that very long, so fly through the ring and you'll 
    be in Thorntail Hollow soon enough.
    9.6) Thorntail Hollow
    A cutscene will start after you land with General Pepper explaining how to 
    use your Communicator. Test it out after he leaves. Head to the right and 
    look for a circle of flowers. You'll find the Staff in the center of it. Pick 
    it up and a cutscene starts explaining its uses. 
    Walk around the area and talk to the ThornTail's that roam the area. Use the 
    Staff to move rocks and find Scarabs to buy items with. Across the river is 
    a doorway that leads to the ThornTail store.
    9.7) ThornTail Store
    Talk to the dinosaur inside and he'll tell you about the store. Here's what's 
    located in each room. You'll need scarabs to buy items though.
    Blue Room
    Dumbledang Pod	3 Scarabs
    Bomb Spore		5 Scarabs
    Pukpuk Egg		6 Scarabs
    Dumbledang Pods	10 Scarabs
    Firefly		10 Scarabs
    Fuel Cell		10 Scarabs
    Grubtub Fungus	12 Scarabs
    Pukpuk Eggs		15 Scarabs
    Red Room
    Cape Claw Map	5 Scarabs
    Dragon Rock Map	5 Scarabs
    Krazoa Palace Map	5 Scarabs
    Ocean Force Point	10 Scarabs
    Rock Candy 		10 Scarabs
    Tricky's Ball	15 Scarabs
    Bafomdad Holder	20 Scarabs
    Firefly Lantern	20 Scarabs
    Hi-Def Display	20 Scarabs
    Snowhorn Artifact	130 Scarabs
    Purple Room
    ThornTail Hollow Map		5 Scarabs
    Moon Pass Map			5 Scarabs
    LightFoot Village Map		5 Scarabs
    Darkice Mines Map			5 Scarabs
    CloudRunner Fortress Map	5 Scarabs
    Walled City Map			5 Scarabs 
    Exit and head back to ThornTail Hollow. Cross the river again and head left 
    to a building. Four SharpClaws will come out to attack you. Defeat them and 
    a message from Krystal comes up. A door opens across the river from where 
    you are. Cross and enter the room. Your Staff will start shaking. Lift the 
    rock in the middle of the room to open up the Secret Cave.
    9.8) Secret Cave
    Follow the path down to the end to find a room full of energy crystals. Jump 
    in the water and swim to the center of the room. Press A to get your first 
    Staff upgrade, the Fire Blaster! The entrance where you came in the room is 
    now closed. Use the Fire Blaster to shoot the red button to the right of the 
    door to open it. Run back to the entrance and exit the Secret Cave. 
    9.9) ThornTail Hollow
    When you get back to ThornTail Hollow, there are a few flying enemies around, 
    so watch out. Buy a Bomb Spore from the store and plant it in front of the 
    waterfall to the left of the store. Shoot the Bomb Spore with the Fire Blaster 
    to open a secret area. Inside is some power ups and Fuel Cells.
    Go to the area where you fought the four SharpClaw's and target the large 
    red button on the top of the building there. Shoot it with the Fire Blaster 
    to open the door. Go inside and a cutscene will start with the Queen 
    EarthWalker. After some fine translating work by Slippy, she'll ask you to 
    go to Ice Mountain and save her son, Price Tricky. 
    She'll let out a cry and the ThornTail that was blocking the WarpStone in 
    the far left of the stage will move. Go to the store and get a Bomb Spore 
    and a Rock Candy. Plant the Bomb Spore where the ThornTail was and blow it 
    up to make an opening in the wall. On the other side, give the Rock Candy 
    to the Warpstone and he'll help you. Press left to warp to Ice Mountain, up 
    to go to a maze and right to go to Krazoa Palace. We're going to Ice Mountain 
    for now.
    9.10) Ice Mountain
    To the left of where you start is a fuel barrel dispenser. Grab one, but be 
    quick with it because it has a timer on it to explode. Run straight ahead 
    while avoiding the cannonballs the SharpClaws shoot at you. Throw the barrel 
    at the boxes that block your way. Defeat the two SharpClaws and a Fire Blaster 
    box will appear above a door towards the beginning of the area. Go back and 
    shoot it to open the door below. A cutscene will start with Tricky running 
    off. You'll have to give chase on a snowspeeder. 
    Press A to accelerate and B to use your brakes. You're racing with two 
    SharpClaws here. Be careful of the bombs they lay to try and slow you down. 
    There aren't many sharp turns here, so you shouldn't have much trouble. If 
    you lose to them, you'll just start over at the beginning. If you win, a 
    cutscene will start and you'll find Prince Tricky.
    Follow the path until you come to some Blue Grubtubs. Hit them with your Staff 
    to stun them and pick them. Feed them to Tricky and he can find secrets for 
    you by selecting it in the C-Menu. Look for a brown spot on the ground and 
    a "?" will appear above Tricky's head. Have him dig and you'll find a switch. 
    Use Tricky's Stay command to make him sit on it and quickly run inside the 
    door and use your Staff on the switch. A platform will rise in the lava.
    Go back and climb down the wall by the lava. Roll towards the next platform 
    to jump across. Climb the wall on the other side and follow the path to find 
    a crack in the wall. Use Tricky's Find Secret command to open a hole in the 
    9.11) SnowHorn Wastes
    You'll start by battling two SharpClaws. Tricky will run off, so you'll have 
    to catch up to him when you're done. Go straight and a dino will pop out of 
    the ground. Defeat it and keep going to fight three more SharpClaws. After 
    you win, a cutscene will start and you'll learn Tricky's Heel command.
    On the right side of the area, by the tree is a Secret Cave. Use Tricky's 
    Find Secret command when he has a "?" above his head to enter it. You'll find 
    a Staff Energy Meter inside that will increase your meter.
    Exit and talk to the SnowHorn. He won't help you on an empty stomach, so you'll 
    need to find some Alpine Roots buried in the area. There are two, so use Tricky 
    to help you find them. The first one you feed him nets you the Small Scarab 
    Bag which lets you carry 50 Scarabs. When you give him the second one, a big 
    block will fall on the geyser.
    There are two spots here where the block is useful. You can use it to get 
    the two Fuel Cells and you can use it to climb up to a higher area. Just look 
    for the two torches and push it by them. Climb up and follow the path down. 
    When you get to level ground, turn around to your left and you'll see a 
    SnowHorn. Dig near him to find a BafomDad. At the end, there is two ways to 
    go, you can't go left yet, so pay the SharpClaw 25 Scarabs to use the passage 
    to ThornTail Hollow.
    9.12) ThornTail Hollow Passage
    Follow the path to the water, but watch out for the fire bats. Get in the 
    water and swim with the current until you see a platform with a big button 
    on it. Have Tricky stay on it to keep the gate open above. Climb up the wall 
    and go into the open gate to find a switch. The switch inside changes the 
    current. Don't do it. Just follow the water to it's end and follow the path. 
    Flip the switch at the end to get back to Thorntail Hollow.
    9.13) Thorntail Hollow
    As soon as you exit the passage, you'll hear Tricky's mom crying. Tricky will 
    run off to find her, and you must follow suit. There are SharpClaws here now, 
    so be careful. Go back to where you met the Queen before and Tricky will tell 
    you that you'll need White Grubtubs to save her. 
    Before you go into the well, go to the store and buy a Lanturn and a Firefly.
    Find the large circular well to the right when you exit the building. Use 
    Tricky to dig into the crack in the wall. You'll be on your own inside. Climb 
    down the ladder and drop to the floor. Be careful of the mushrooms and their 
    powder. Follow the path until you get to a small lake. Plant a Bomb Spore 
    on the spot in the middle. Blow it up to find a Secret Cave. Inside is the 
    Staff Rocket Boost. Exit and shoot the Bomb Plant on the pedestal to get some 
    Bomb Spores. 
    Go back to the first room and use the Staff Rocket Boost. Watch out for the 
    plant on the wall and go into the next room. Walk out onto the bridge and 
    plant a Bomb Spore. Blow it up and a block will fall to the ground. Drop down 
    and push it onto the button to open a gate. If you don't have a lantern and 
    fireflies, you can't go any further. If you do, plant a Bomb Spore and blow 
    it up. Slide down the ladder to the next area.
    You'll need to find six White Grubtubs here to feed to the Queen. The first 
    one is right near the ladder. You'll find one more in the main area, and one 
    in each of the two dark areas. To get the last two, look for the rocket pad. 
    Rocket up and you'll find the last two White Grubdubs. 
    Exit and head back to the Queen. Feed her the White Grubdubs and a cutscene 
    will start with the Queen explaining what happened to the planet. She will 
    ask that Tricky accompany you and request that you go back to SnowHorn Wastes 
    and find a way to DarkIce Caverns. She'll also give you a SharpClaw Prison 
    Key that they dropped when they attack. Now it's time to head back to SnowHorn 
    Go back to the tunnel you used to get from SnowHorn Wastes to Thorntail Hollow. 
    Switch the flow of the water and follow the tunnel back to the Wastes.
    9.14) SnowHorn Wastes
    Straight ahead from the tunnel exit is a keyhole. Use the prison key on it 
    to open the gate. Go left to find Garunda Te imprisoned in ice. You'll need 
    to give him three Iceweeds to give him the strength to escape. A mob of 
    SharpClaws will attack you while you try to do this. They are unlimited, so 
    only fight them if need be. Get behind the Iceweed tree so you're facing 
    Garunda Te. Hit the tree with your staff to make Iceweeds fall. Kick it towards 
    Garunda Te, and when it gets close enough, he'll suck it in. After number 
    three, Garunda busts out and tells you that he's the Gatekeeper of one of 
    the SpellStones. He'll open up the entrance to DarkIce Mines for you.
    Go back through the tunnel to ThornTail Hollow and go to your Arwing. See 
    if you have enough energy cells to fly to DarkIce Mines. If you don't, get 
    on the higher platforms to the right of your Arwing. Use a Bomb Spore to find 
    some in a cracked wall. You can also jump to the high platform further out 
    and climb the wall to find two more. There's also a cracked wall near the 
    Warpstone that has energy cells too. Once you have enough, fly to DarkIce 
    9.15) Arwing Flight
    To get rid of the Gatekeeper force field, you need to fly through three golden 
    rings. There are a lot of big asteroids here that bounce around, so you'll 
    have to move quick to avoid them. You'll have to watch for the rings since 
    it's easy to miss them here. Some of the rings move around too. This won't 
    be a long flight.
    9.16) DarkIce Mines
    You can either go left or right to get to the upper ground. I took the right 
    way. You'll have to walk over narrow ground while fireballs shoot at you. 
    Watch the fireballs patterns and run across while they're down. There's only 
    one way to go, so you won't get lost here. Once you get to the snowy area, 
    defeat the two SharpClaws. Also watch out for enemies in the snow here. Talk 
    to the three SnowHorns and one will ask you to help him escape. The others 
    will tell you that Scales took the SpellStone into the mine. You'll need to 
    find a way in.
    Look for the cave with the snow blocking it. Tricky can dig through. Crawl 
    in and defeat the two SharpClaws. Open the chest to find a Shackle Key. Exit 
    and unlock the SnowHorn that asked for your help. For your trouble, you'll 
    get a Cog. 
    Go left and drop down to the platforms over the water. Watch out for enemy 
    fire and jump from platform to platform until you reach the cogs and lever. 
    Put the cog on the machine and pull the lever to extend the bridge. Jump back 
    across the platforms and climb up the wall. 
    Across the bridge, you'll find two SharpClaws beating a SnowHorn. Defeat them 
    and the other enemy nearby and the SnowHorn will thank you. He notices that 
    Tricky hasn't learned his Flame attack. Tricky will try it and learn it. The 
    SnowHorn would love to help, but is weak. Find an Alpine root to give him 
    Go back to the area with the three SnowHorns and use Tricky's Flame to melt 
    the sheet of ice covering the cave. Enter and kill the flying lizard. Use 
    Flame to light a fire and the ice will melt. Drop down onto the grate that 
    opened and follow the path down. Kill the lizard by the block. Melt the next 
    ice sheet that you come to and have Tricky dig to find an Alpine Root. Go 
    back and push the block back to where you entered and hop back up to the room 
    with the fire. Exit and take the root to the injured SnowHorn. He'll need 
    one more to be of any help. Drop down into the valley where the boulders roll 
    around. Run towards where the boulders come from and you'll see a cavern 
    covered with ice on your left. Have Tricky use Flame and dig inside to find 
    another Alpine Root. Take it back to the SnowHorn and he'll get up and let 
    you ride him. 
    Climb the ladder and press A to get on the SnowHorn's back. Walk straight 
    ahead and take a right to find the gate. Use the SnowHorn's Tusk Attack to 
    smash it. Inside, a SharpClaw spots you, but instead of firing his cannon, 
    he chooses to go inform someone else. Get off the SnowHorn on the platform 
    to your left. Climb down and follow the wall back to find an ice cavern. Have 
    Trick use Flame to open it up.
    Go through the cavern and climb the ladder to your right on the other side. 
    Enter another cavern to find more missing Cogs. Use the Rocket Blast pad and 
    walk forward to drop to a broken bridge outside. Jump across the platforms 
    until you see a cavern to your left. Enter and defeat the SharpClaw to get 
    access to the SharpClaw Cannon.
    You have two purposes with the cannon. Shoot the board with the X on it to 
    your right, and to kill all of the SharpClaws that come out of the building 
    in the center of the area. The force field on the bottom of the cannon will 
    open after this. After you kill them all, get back down to ground level. Enter 
    the building the SharpClaws came out of to find a Cog.
    Go put the Cog on the bridge machine, and then get the second cog from the 
    cave under the Cannon. Put the Cog on the bridge machine and then enter the 
    passage you opened with the cannon. There's some strong wind in this area, 
    and you can't continue here yet. Go up the ramp on the left and use Tricky's 
    Flame to open the cave. Inside is the last Cog. Put the Cog on the machine 
    and pull the lever to extend the bridge.
    Cross the bridge and follow the passage until you come to a wall with a crack 
    in it. Have Tricky dig through and crawl through yourself. There's a machine 
    in the center of the room with a fire symbol on four sides of it. Use your 
    Fire Blaster to blast the button near the roof. You have one minute to have 
    Tricky blast each of the symbols with Flame. After you do, a door will open. 
    Go through the door and Fox will jump. It looks like he's going to fall into 
    the fire, but there's a bridge there. Run across and you'll find ice in the 
    center of the room. Have Tricky use Flame to melt it and you'll find the 
    Dinosaur Horn. Go back to the area where you got the third Cog and use the 
    Dinosaur Horn on the ground that has a picture of it. The SnowHorn will come 
    and you can now move forward after getting on it's back.
    The SnowHorn's power meter will go down as you walk in the storm. Walk over 
    the Alpine Roots and follow them to find your way. Look for the two torches 
    towards the end and that's where you need to go. Tricky's run off so you'll 
    need the SnowHorn's help. Have him bash the wall and then get off the SnowHorn. 
    Kill the SharpClaws inside and then hop on the Snowspeeder.
    Follow the Snowspeeder path to the end and you'll fall onto a conveyor belt 
    with flames coming out of the sides. Time yourself to run through the flames 
    and the exit is to the right of the fire at the end. Get off and kill the 
    Sharpclaws to open up the force field. Look for the Staff Booster pad and 
    use it. Crawl through the hole you find and you'll end up on the Iceball track. 
    Use the holes in the wall to avoid the Iceball, but don't touch the wall or 
    you'll take damage. At the end is a flamethrower. Shoot the button above it 
    with the Fire Blaster to turn it off. Open the chest to get the Silver Prison 
    Gate Key.
    Go back to the floor and use the bridge by the force field opening to go out 
    to the flamethrower platform. Walk with the flamethrowers so they don't get 
    you and use the bridge to go to the next one. Avoid the next one and you'll 
    get to the cages where Belina Te and Tricky are being held. Use the key to 
    unlock Tricky and go back across the bridge. You're going to get burnt, so 
    be careful.
    Go into the force field cave and use Tricky's Flame to melt the ice. Open 
    the chest to get the Gold Prison Gate Key. Go back and use it to free Belina 
    Te. After talking to her, she'll get angry and smash a wall. You'll have to 
    meet her downstairs. When Fox turns around, have Tricky dig into the wall. 
    Head into the next room and use your Flame Blaster to shoot down the two funny 
    looking stalactites on the ceiling. Jump across them and flip the switch. 
    Go back to where you came into the room and go left. Kill the dino and use 
    your Staff Booster to fly up high. Jump across the broken platforms and kill 
    the flying dino. Don't fall in or you'll take damage. Jump onto the other 
    side and push the block down. Jump down and enter the cave. Kill the SharpClaws 
    inside and continue to find yourself on a conveyor belt with flamethrower. 
    Get across them to find Belina Te. She'll tell you about the SpellStone, but 
    it's up to you and Tricky to find it.
    Kill all of the SharpClaws and climb the ladder. Pick up the barrel and take 
    it up the ramp. There are nonstop barrels coming at you, so you'll have to 
    be careful. If you're hit once, you lose your barrel. Watch the patterns of 
    the barrels and you'll make it ok. Take a left at the top and go across the 
    bridge to the next platform. Set the barrel down on the barrel symbol and 
    climb the ladder. Look around for a switch and activate it to make a robot 
    bring the barrel up. Grab it and go across the bridge. Avoid the flamethrowers 
    or you'll lose the barrel. Get around them and run across the next bridge. 
    Throw it at the cracked wall to find a switch. Activate it to open a bridge 
    next to the barrel ramp.
    Go back to the ramp you came up with the barrel and go across the open bridge. 
    Enter the very hot room and activate a switch to your left. This will bring 
    a bridge up by the flamethrowers that will let you get to the cannon. Go back 
    out the way you came, but be careful of the Iceballs. Get back up near the 
    flamethrowers and cross the new bridge. Climb the ladder and kill the 
    SharpClaw near the cannon. 
    Use the cannon to blast the "X" on the two pillars. A ramp will rise in the 
    lava. Go back to the floor and cross the ramp to find a teleporter. Teleport 
    to find Boss Galdon.
    9.17) Boss Galdon
    Walk up to the frozen boss and have Tricky use Flame. After you defrost Galdon, 
    run around behind him and hit his tail four times. After this, Galdon will 
    swallow you. Inside his mouth, you'll see the SpellStone in his uvula. Hit 
    it a few times, but watch out as it bounces around. After  you hit it enough 
    times, Galdon will spit you back out. Equip your Flame Blaster and avoid 
    Galdon's attacks until he starts to stretch back a little. Take this clear 
    shot at the weak spot on his throat. Do this three times and he'll swallow 
    you again. Hit his uvula a few more times and you'll get the SpellStone.
    Time to go back to ThornTail Hollow. Get back in your Arwing and you'll fly 
    though the first Arwing stage again. 
    9.18) ThornTail Hollow
    A ThornTail will run up to you and ask if you can help them. The SharpClaw 
    extinguished their beacons. Go to the Fireweed tree near the castle and hit 
    it to knock some down. Hit the rolling Fireweed to put it out. You can now 
    safely pick it up. You'll need to get three of them. The first beacon is on 
    a ramp to the left of the building the Queen is in. Put the fireweed on top 
    and have Tricky use Flame to light it.
    The second one is in the area where the WarpStone is. To find the third, get 
    on top of the platform near where the Queen's building is. You'll see the 
    poison mushroom in front of it. Get on it and jump across the platforms until 
    you see a switch. Flip it and enter the door that opens to find the last one. 
    You'll be rewarded with the Moon Gate Key.
    Go through the area to the left of the Queen's building and avoid the poison 
    mushrooms. Hop down and plant a Bomb Spore in the soft ground. Blast it to 
    open up the cracked wall. Walk until the ground falls out from under you. 
    You have a life meter that goes down as long as you're down there. Move to 
    the left opening and jump to the platforms when they're low. Hop to the opening 
    and jump into the upward wind to get out. Follow the path to reach Moon 
    Mountain Pass.
    9.19) Moon Mountain Pass
    Watch out for the hot steam and follow the path until a cutscene starts with 
    two SharpClaws spotting you. They'll bombard you with barrels, so you better 
    be quick dodging them. Get by the barrels and go under the building the 
    SharpClaws are in. Climb up the ramp behind it and enter the building. Defeat 
    the two SharpClaws and a force field will disappear. Hop back down and go 
    further ahead to get into the Volcano Force Temple.
    9.20) Volcano Force Point Temple
    Go straight until you find a room with platforms that come out of the wall. 
    Don't jump to them until they just come out. Hop across all three and continue. 
    Look for the hole in the floor with the flame coming out. Wait for it to go 
    down and jump down the hole. Go straight and use the Rocket Booster pad to 
    get to the higher level. Flip the switch to the right and jump up to get a 
    Bafomdad. Turn around and jump down. Run up the conveyor belt while avoiding 
    the barrels.
    Avoid the fire bats and hop across the break in the floor. Use the SpellStone 
    on the hole in the floor to open the next area. Kill the SharpClaw and you'll 
    see two orbs on each side of the room. Stand so you can see both the orbs 
    and the color changing torches. Use your Fire Blaster to shoot at the orbs 
    when their torch is the same color. Shoot both to open the door. Use the 
    SpellStone to go to the next area.
    Walk up to the force field and turn around to make four SharpClaws appear. 
    Defeat all four of them to open the force field. Have Tricky light the two 
    furnaces in this room to extend two platforms. Climb up the ladder and jump 
    across to the door. Go in and jump over the holes when the flamethrowers are 
    out. Climb the ladder to get outside the temple. Collect some gems and climb 
    back down another ladder. Avoid more flamethrowers and you'll come out in 
    the same room. Watch out for the other platform since it goes in and out of 
    the wall. Get across and enter the next room to find a secret cave. Go to 
    the end and press A on the platform in the water to get the Ice Blast.
    Head back to the room where you extended the platforms and use the Ice Blast 
    on the two torches to put them out. Go back around to the other side and do 
    the same to the other two. A platform will rise to the middle of the room. 
    Get on and press A to go down to the underground. Go forward until you reach 
    the room with the two holes for SpellStones. Peppy will pop up and give you 
    a history lesson on the Force Points. Put the SpellStone in it's spot and 
    a door will open. 
    Go back to the door where you came into the room, and use your Ice Blast to 
    put out the fire to your left. Enter the door and stand on the platform to 
    go up. There's a fire passage straight ahead, but you can't go forward yet. 
    Climb up one of the ladders and extinguish the four torches with your Ice 
    Blast to open the door at the end of the fire tunnel. Slide down the ladder 
    and go through the door at the end of the fire tunnel.
    You'll find two moving platforms with flamethrowers between them. Time your 
    jumps so you don't get burned. When you reach the other side, Tricky will 
    be too scared to jump over the moving platforms. There are Fire Blast symbols 
    on the back of the two platforms. Blast them and they'll stay still so Tricky 
    can jump across. Have Tricky use Flame on the furnace to your right to open 
    the door. Step on the teleporter and press A to go to the Force Point. Put 
    the SpellStone in it's correct spot and you'll go back inside the Temple. 
    Exit the same way you came in and head back to Moon Mountain Pass.
    ***Second Krazoa Spirit***
    9.21) Moon Mountain Pass
    Fox and Tricky will hear Krystal's cries. A Krazoa Spirit will appear and 
    tell you of her situation. You'll have to pass his test. First enter the room 
    that he opens and use your staff to lift the rock to open a secret room. Enter 
    and you'll find Ground Quake for your staff. Exit and walk up to the crater 
    to make a monster pop out. Use Ground Quake to make it spin and attack the 
    weak spot on its back. Hit it twice to get a Moon Seed. Plant the Moon Seed 
    in the soft earth next to the crack in the wall. Have Tricky use Flame on 
    it to make it grow. Climb the vine that appears and you'll find another 
    monster. Defeat it the same way.  There's two places you can grow it here. 
    The left one just leads to some gems, and the right lets you jump across to 
    the platform with a Bomb Spore plant on it. Shoot the plant before jumping 
    across and defeat another monster to get a Moonseed. Get the Bafomdad and 
    hop down. 
    Go forward to defeat another monster. Defeat the rest of them in the area 
    and plant the Moonseed to climb up. Go into the cave and use a Bomb Spore 
    to blow up the wall. A cutscene will start with a meteor crashing into the 
    Pass. Find three rocks and put them into the front three of the gas leaks 
    to lift the meteor. Go under it and defeat another monster. Plant a Moon Seed 
    to continue and go down the ramp. Plant a Moon Seed to your left and climb 
    up. Kill the flying lizard and plant a Moon Seed to your left. Climb up to 
    find a Cheat Token well. Climb back down and continue going upwards to find 
    the teleport to the test.
    9.22) Krazoa Shrine
    Go straight and climb up the ladder to your right. Avoid the fire bat and 
    jump in the water. Watch out for the whirlpools as you swim across. Extinguish 
    the fire with your Ice Blast and climb up the wall. The water here is too 
    shallow to get across. Turn around and shoot the red button on the roof with 
    your Fire Blast to raise the water level. Swim across and kill the jellyfish. 
    Get some Pukpuk eggs from the crates if you need them and head to the right. 
    You'll have to walk across some narrow platforms here while avoiding 
    flamethrowers. Walk across when they go off. On the other side of the room 
    is the Krazoa. Talk to him to take the Combat Test. To win, you have to defeat 
    the SharpClaws before the time limit is up. Hit them with combos to win in 
    9.23) Moon Mountain Pass/ThornTail Hollow
    When you come out of the Test, head back to the beginning the same way you 
    came in. Head back to ThornTail Hollow and talk to the WarpStone. Have him 
    send you to Krazoa Palace.
    9.24) Krazoa Palace
    The WarpStone can't warp dinosaurs, so you're on your own here. Go straight 
    up the ramp and kill the four SharpClaws to open the force field. Turn around 
    and go back outside. You'll see a fuel barrel on the left. Grab it and quickly 
    head back inside since it has a timer. Go into the dark room and use your 
    Lantern. Go up the ramp to your right and follow it all the way around until 
    you find the second ramp going down. Go to the floor and throw the barrel 
    at the cracked wall.
    In the next room, there are two more of the orbs with the color changing 
    torches. There is also a flamethrower overhead the button between the 
    torches. Shoot the orbs with the Flame Blast when the torches are the same 
    color. Now shoot the flamethrower three times with the Flame Blast to destroy 
    it. Go back to the last fuel barrel and carry one back to the button. Set 
    it on the button to keep the door open.
    Kill the two SharpClaws in the next room and stand on the platform in the 
    back to rise to an opening. Go left and use the air jets to go up. When you 
    get onto solid ground, use another air current to get on top of the palace. 
    After a cutscene with Fox drooling over Krystal, four Krazoa faces will come 
    out on the sides of the platform she's on. Go down and stand in front of one 
    and press A to release your Krazoa Spirit. The Spirit will then suck you in 
    and teleport you back to the WarpStone.
    9.25) ThornTail Hollow
    The WarpStone will give you the Medium Scarab Bag, which holds 100 Scarabs. 
    Now it's time to go to Cape Claw. Go back to where the third beacon was and 
    go straight to find an area with water on each side. Jump in the water and 
    swim to the other side of the fence. Keep going straight to reach LightFoot 
    ***Second SpellStone***
    9.26) LightFoot Village
    Kill the two SharpClaws here while going straight forward and you'll find 
    a machine that wants you to pay 60 Scarabs to go to Cape Claw. Pay and move 
    on. You have to go through a maze here. Take the left path and you'll get 
    through without much trouble. Follow around until you get to a circular area 
    with a ladder. Climb down and then climb down the next ladder. Instead of 
    taking the next one, walk across the narrow platform and climb up. Head 
    outside to find Cape Claw.
    9.27) Cape Claw
    Get out into the open and kill the SharpClaw. Head downwards and a cutscene 
    will start with Tricky thinking he sees someone. Head left and use the Fire 
    Blast to shoot the red button behind the waterfall. This will bring a bridge 
    out. Cross and go right. Get in the water and head towards the HighTop that's 
    being guarded. Kill any of the spitting dinos that get in your way and pay 
    the guard 25 Scarabs to pass. Kill the SharpClaw and talk to the HighTop. 
    He buried four gold bars and needs your help to find them. The first one is 
    buried near the ramp you came up to get to the HighTop. Swim across the water 
    to the sandy area with the thorny plant wall. Kill the SharpClaw and dig to 
    find the second gold bar. Have Tricky use Flame on the thorns to burn it. 
    Kill the SharpClaw on the other side and have Tricky dig in the water to find 
    the third gold bar. Leave and to the sandy area by where you originally got 
    in the water. Kill the SharpClaw and dig to find the last gold bar. 
    Give the gold bars to the HighTop and he'll stomp the ground. A ladder will 
    drop by where you originally got in the water. Swim back there and climb up 
    the ladder to flip a switch. The switch opens a gate door. Go down and jump 
    across the hole to another platform. Enter the gat that opened. Not much 
    happens now, but when you try to leave the door closes. The four blocks in 
    the room move and expose gas exhausts. You have a short amount of time to 
    move the four blocks back over the exhausts. After you do, the door reopens 
    and a gate opens where you got the fourth gold bar. Go to the gate and talk 
    to the Queen CloudRunner. It seems that Scales locked her up here. She'll 
    open up the path to CloudRunner Fortress for you to get the next SpellStone. 
    Tricky won't go with you this time since the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners 
    don't see eye to eye. Head back to ThornTail Hollow and board your Arwing.
    9.28) Arwing Flight
    You'll have to fly through five gold rings to open the force field. There 
    are a lot more obstacles to fly through here, so watch out. Towards the end, 
    stay towards the center to fly through the hole in the terrain. Pass all five 
    and you can enter CloudRunner Fortress.
    9.29) CloudRunner Fortress
    The CloudRunner Queen will go ahead of you. Go straight and kill the 
    SharpClaws. Go down the ladder to the right of the gate and swim across the 
    water to a button. Step on it and a timer will start. You must jump through 
    all three star rings before the time is up. Jump across the crates quickly 
    to do this. Once you do, a Fire Blast switch will appear above the gate. Climb 
    up and blast it.
    Go through and kill the SharpClaws. Now head up the spiral ramp, but don't 
    get hit by the robot flying around. Climb down the ladder to the left of the 
    gate at the top. Flip the switch to open the gate. If you want, destroy the 
    crate and use the Rocket Boost to reach some power ups. Go through the gate 
    and a cutscene will start. Once it's over, you'll find yourself in a prison 
    without your staff.\
    Push the loose block to get out. Go left until you find yourself in a room 
    with caged dinos and a sleeping SharpClaw guarding your staff. Walk slowly 
    behind the cages on the right of the room. Don't wake the SharpClaw up or 
    you'll find yourself back in your prison. Go straight in the hallway and climb 
    down the ladder to your left. You'll find an air current, a button and a fuel 
    barrel. Put the fuel barrel down in the air current and step on the button 
    to blow up the roof. Slippy will now teleport a SharpClaw disguise in.
    Put the disguise on and go back to the SharpClaw that's guarding your staff. 
    He'll head off for a break. Get your staff and flip all four switches to 
    release the cages. The dino you release will give you the Power Key. Go up 
    to the area where you went down the ladder and use your Fire Blast to shoot 
    the symbol on the roof. Climb up the walls on this room, but watch out for 
    the robot lights or you'll get shocked. Climb up three walls to reach the 
    Run across the courtyard while avoiding the robots. Walk up the stairs onto 
    the platform with the CloudRunner picture on it. Push all three CloudRunner 
    logos to open three gates. Get down and extinguish the fire with your Ice 
    Blast and use your Rocket Boost to enter one of the gates you opened. Open 
    the box inside for a Light Gem.
    Find the crate that has the switch behind it and flip it to drop a ladder. 
    Go up and extinguish the two fires with your Ice Blast. Go back down and press 
    the left of the three CloudRunner buttons. Quickly run back and climb the 
    ladder. Open the box in the gate to get another Light Gem.
    Push the middle CloudRunner button and climb up the tower of crates to your 
    left when you run back down. Run past the SharpClaws and enter the gate to 
    the left to get the last Light Gem. Look for the door with the opening to 
    put the Power Key in to open a door to the power room. Quickly put the three 
    gems in before your power meter runs out to start up the air current back 
    where the dinosaur was. Go back to where you entered the area to talk to him 
    Float up one of the air streams and go to the right and kill the three 
    SharpClaws. Step on the pad at the end and use your SharpClaw disquise to 
    get through. Kill all five of the SharpClaws to lower the force field. Go 
    into the room with the fuel barrel and put your disguise on. This is the only 
    way you can pick it up. Carry it two rooms over and put it on the barrel pad. 
    Quickly climb up the ladder and stand on the SharpClaw pad to have a robot 
    bring the barrel up. Throw the barrel at the closed area to the right to open 
    it. Go into the next area and kill the SharpClaws. Change into a SharpClaw 
    and stand on the pad to lower a ladder. Climb up and flip a switch to your 
    left. Now go and talk to the Queen CloudRunner in her cage. It seems the floor 
    isn't very stable. Jump out to the crate to the left and to the next switch. 
    Flip it and the gate will open again. Go back through across the air current 
    and grab another barrel. Jump back across the air current and push the barrel 
    across if it gets stuck. Toss it at the pillar holding the cage up to release 
    the Queen. It seems her four babies have flown away. She gives you the 
    CloudRunner Flute and requests that you bring them back.
    The second this conversation is over, a SharpClaw will be trying to get one 
    of the babies. Go back to the area where you killed the five SharpClaws and 
    you'll find him to your right. Defeat the SharpClaw and use the Flute to get 
    the baby to go back to it's mom.
    The second of the babies is in the section where you found the gems. Use the 
    air current there go get up and head to the right. Kill the two SharpClaws 
    and send the baby back to mom.
    The third is on the platform you used the Rocket Boost to reach earlier. Go 
    under the rubble to get back there. Defeat the three SharpClaws and send the 
    little one back.
    The fourth one is on the left side of the area where you saved the first. 
    Get back there quickly and defeat four SharpClaws. Send the little one back 
    and go talk to the Queen. She'll open up the treasure room so you can get 
    the SpellStone. Go back to near where you saved the first baby and go under 
    the arch. Go down the ladder and walk along the pathway to reach the treasure 
    Kill the two SharpClaws and go right. Hit the switch so the air current goes 
    down. Go back to where the fuel barrel is and use your SharpClaw disguise 
    to pick it up. Go down the air current in the middle room and pick the barrel 
    back up. Run into the dark room and use your lantern to see a crack in the 
    wall to your right. Blow it up to find a ladder going down. There's also a 
    Bafomdad in this room if you want to get it before you go down. 
    You'll find Scales down here. After another confrontation, three of his goons 
    will take off on Speeders with the SpellStone. Hit each one three times to 
    destroy it. You'll need to destroy the front one to get the SpellStone. After 
    a cutscene with the CloudRunners, it's time to head back to Dinosaur Planet 
    and find the Ocean Force Point Temple. 
    After the Arwing Flight, head back to Cape Claw.
    9.30) Cape Claw
    Get into the water and look for the two SharpClaws attacking the LightFoot. 
    Defeat them and after a cutscene, you'll get a Fire Gem. Head up by the big 
    Krazoa face and climb the ladder. Stand on the pad and use your SharpClaw 
    costume to open the door. Go in and have Tricky Stay on the button there to 
    make a platform rise. Get on it and jump over to the switch. Activate it and 
    a waterfall will some flowing to the left of the Krazoa head, exposing a 
    Leave and get back in the water. Swim to the tunnel that opened and swim though 
    while avoiding the whirlpools. At the end of the tunnel is a Krazoa face with 
    another Fire Gem in it. Take it and the water will rise in the room you're 
    in. This water is coming from the room above where you got the first Fire 
    Gem. The Krazoa's mouth will open giving you access to the room. Head up into 
    the room and put the two Fire Gems in the Krazoa's mouths. One activates, 
    but the other doesn't. Turn around and flip the switch on the left front of 
    the room to lower a platform. Get Tricky to Stay on it and rise it back up. 
    Use Tricky's Flame to turn the thorns and sunlight will activate the other 
    Flame Gem and open the door between them. 
    Inside, you'll find a room with shallow water and a button. If you step on 
    the button, a gate will rise. You need to find something to set on it. Get 
    up by the gate and turn around. Use your Flame Blast to shoot the red button 
    on the roof and the water will rise. Enter the newly opened area and use 
    Tricky's Flame to burn the thorns and expose a block. Push the block into 
    the water and use Flame Blast to shoot the button again to lower the water. 
    Push the block onto the button to keep the gate open. 
    On the other side of the gate, run up to the entrance of Ocean Force Point 
    Temple and climb the two ladders. Defeat the SharpClaw and use the SpellStone 
    to open the door. Run down the ramps to get inside the Temple.
    9.31) Ocean Force Point Temple
    Step on the button in front of the wall with lights on it. The lights that 
    light up show which tiles you can step on to get through the electric field 
    behind you. Step on one of the lit ones to deactivate a row. Defeat the 
    SharpClaws on the other side and swim to the left. Avoid the enemies and get 
    on the platform. Jump over to the twisting platforms and flip all three 
    switches to turn off the water. Jump back in the water and swim around to 
    the left to where one of the drains got shut off. Swim left and climb up the 
    wall. You'll find a teleporter that you can't use yet. Shoot the orb through 
    the flame when it's the same color to activate the teleporter. Use it to reach 
    the Lower Chamber.
    Go into the room behind the teleporter and you can bust a crate open for an 
    item. Bust the middle crate in the back of the room to find a Rocket Booster 
    pad. Use it to reach some Fuel Cells. Go into the door to the right to find 
    a flooded room. Hop in the water and flip the switch on the left side of the 
    room to lower the water level. Flip another switch on the ground to open a 
    door. Find the SharpClaw pad and stand on it while wearing the disguise to 
    open a secret door with a block behind it. Grab it and push it into the space 
    around the statue in the middle. Hop up into the hole in the statue and jump 
    over to the water level switch. Switch it to make the water rise. Swim over 
    to the new door.
    In the room is a platform in the middle with four torches on it and four red 
    buttons. Find the furnace here and have Tricky light it with Flame. This will 
    start a time limit. Shoot the red buttons to make the snake statues pour water 
    on the flames. The torch platform will rotate, so shoot the snakes where you 
    know a flame will be under. Hit all four and a couple red buttons will appear 
    in the room next to this one.
    You have to move the platform the red buttons are on by shooting the buttons. 
    You have to get the platform between the colored torches. Follow the 
    directions like you're looking at the flames from south of the pit. Right, 
    up, left, down, right, and up will activate the Rocket Boost in the teleporter 
    room. Go back and use the Rocket Boost to reach the higher level. Follow the 
    path all the way around until you see a color changing torch and an orb. Shoot 
    it while the flame is green to open path to the teleporter on the same 
    platform. Walk down and use the teleporter to get to the SpellStone room. 
    Place the SpellStone in it's correct spot. It's time to head back to ThornTail 
    Hollow, but you'll have a detour in LightFoot Villiage.
    ***Third Krazoa Spirit***
    9.32) LightFoot Village
    Fox and Tricky will come upon a baby LightFoot here. Fox awes over how cute 
    he is, but it's a trap. Fox awakens to find himself tied up. The LightFoot 
    you met earlier told his tribe that you stole the SpellStone from him and 
    gave it to the SharpClaws. You can't fight on your own, but a grateful 
    CloudRunner will help you out for saving the Queen. When the LightFoots start 
    to come at you, press A when the moving bar is in the green part of the meter 
    to get the CloudRunner to use Flame on the LightFoot. After each one you 
    defeat, the green bar will get progressively smaller. You'll have to have 
    better hand/eye coordination to nail the green bar. Afterwards, the 
    CloudRunner thanks you.
    There is a Krazoa Spirit hidden here. You'll now have to find several Wooden 
    Block Carvings to place in holes on the platform you escaped from. Slide down 
    the ladder and have Tricky dig to your right to find the Circle Block. Swim 
    across the water to the area you can get on the bridge from. Dig there to 
    find the Triangle Block. Near the platform with the holes, you'll find a bunch 
    of GrubTubs and some thorns. Have Tricky use Flame and you'll find a Rocket 
    Boost pad on the other side. Have Tricky dig here first to find the Square 
    Block. Go put all three blocks in and some platforms will rise by the totem 
    pole in the center of the village. 
    You'll find a platform you can jump to in the water by the block platform. 
    Jump to it and jump across the others to reach a Rocket Boost pad. Use it 
    and run to the hut. Slide down the ladder and run across the bridge to find 
    the LightFoot king. In order to get to the Krazoa Lair, you must complete 
    two tests. The first will have you activate the four Totem Poles in less than 
    2 minutes and 30 seconds. The second will have you trying to push MuscleFoot 
    into a pit.
    Climb back up the ladder and activate the first totem pole. Jump across the 
    newly risen platforms to activate the second totem pole. Use the Rocket Boost 
    pad behind the thorns you burnt to reach the third pole. On the far east of 
    town is a wall you can climb to reach the fourth totem pole.
    The second test is a battle against MuscleFoot to push him into the pit. I've 
    gotten a few emails about this. It isn't that hard, I beat him on my first 
    try in 3 seconds. Just rapidly hit the A button. Set it down and rapidly press 
    it with one of your index fingers. That's all it is, no tricks, no secrets.
    After you complete the test, the King will make you a honorary member of the 
    LightFoot tribe and give you access to a secret area. If you'd like to, before 
    you enter, talk to the three LightFoot mothers that now appear in the huts 
    and they'll ask you to find their three children. The underground ones are 
    in the newly opened area. Chase them into the mist. The ones in the forest 
    are near the third totem pole. Chase them into the mist. The tree ones are 
    outside the gate. Hit the trees to knock them down. Talk to the mothers again 
    and they'll unlock some areas with items for you. One opens a well that gives 
    you access to a Cheat Token. Now it's time to head back to the new area.
    Go down to the floor and climb the three crates that are stacked. Stand on 
    the button on top of them to rotate the snake totem pole. Use your Fire Blast 
    to shoot the sections when they're in place. They'll get faster after each 
    one. Get them all and a gate will open. Follow the newly opened path to find 
    a teleporter to the Krazoa Shrine.
    9.33) Krazoa Shrine
    Bust open the crate to the right to find a Rocket Boost pad. Use it to reach 
    the upper area. Step on the button to open the gate at the end of this area. 
    Fun past all of the flamethrowers and enter it before it closes. In the next 
    room is a water filled with sharp stalagmites. Step on the button and quickly 
    jump in the water and swim as far as possible. Run through the rest and quickly 
    climb the ladder and enter the door before it closes. In the next room is 
    a ramp with barrels coming down it. Slide down the ladder and step on the 
    button to open the gate. Run up the ramp while avoiding the barrels as fast 
    as you can. Through the gate is the Krazoa Spirit. Talk to it to take the 
    Test of Fear. 
    To complete this test, you'll have to keep the bar within the green range. 
    Try to keep the bar as still as possible. You'll have to do this while three 
    raptors, flamethrowers and a ghost of Scales try to scare you. Last until 
    Scales picks you up and the Krazoa Spirit is yours. Head back to ThornTail 
    Hollow and have the WarpStone warp you to Krazoa Palace.
    9.34) Krazoa Palace
    Not to hard here. Kill the two SharpClaws and ride the platform up. Take a 
    left and use the air streams to reach the highest level. Use the SharpClaw 
    disguise to open the door and stand on the platform inside to release the 
    Spirit. You'll be transported back to ThornTail Hollow.
    ***Third SpellStone***
    9.35) ThornTail Hollow
    As soon as you return, you'll hear the cries of the mother ThornTail nearby. 
    A bunch of dinosaurs are stealing her eggs. You have to fight them off for 
    1 minute and 40 seconds. Your priority is ones that have eggs. If they get 
    one to a hole, you'll have to start over. When you succeed, the mother 
    ThornTail will open up a Secret Cave. Enter to find the Portal Device for 
    your staff. 
    Head to the Queen and she'll inform you that Tricky's father, the King 
    EarthWalker, has been captured and imprisoned in the Walled City. Use the 
    Portal Device to open the portal in the room and free the King's GateKeeper 
    powers. You can now fly to the Walled City.
    9.36) Arwing Flight
    You have to pass seven gold rings to drop the force field for the Walled City. 
    There are a lot more obstacles than before, with more big asteroids and mines. 
    Keep a careful eye out for the rings and you shouldn't have much trouble.
    9.37) Walled City
    The Walled City is overrun by RedEyes. Try to stay out of their site or they'll 
    try to bite you. There are two glowing circles on each side of the temple. 
    Use the Ground Quake on them to make a furnace rise. Quickly run to the temple 
    and enter the tunnel which torches correspond with the furnace color. Avoid 
    the flamethrowers and use Tricky's Flame on the furnace to make that furnace's 
    symbol glow on a platform behind the temple. Do the same for the other symbol 
    and the platform will pull back and expose a tunnel. Run down the tunnel to 
    find the King EarthWalker.
    The King EarthWalker doesn't have the SpellStone. You must find two teeth 
    to put into the RedEye statues so you can fight the King RedEye. Leave and 
    run across the bridge. Use Flame on the thorns so you can climb the wall. 
    At the top, plant a Bomb Spore in the dirt and blow it up to expose a Secret 
    Cave. Enter to find the Super Ground Quake. You can now attack the RedEyes.
    Hit the RedEyes with the Super Ground Quake and then find a Fuel Barrel nearby. 
    Throw it at the fallen RedEye to kill it. Kill all four and a force field 
    will open. Go to the other side of the wooden bridge and go right. Follow 
    the path up to the building and get the Golden RedEye Tooth.
    You must now find the four EarthWalkers and shoot the red buttons in the trees 
    by them. Two are south of the wooden bridge, one is near the Arwing, and one 
    is to the right of the bridge near the Arwing. You just need to look for the 
    small pass to get to him. A star ring will appear in the water. Jump in the 
    water and go through the ring. A timer will appear and so will another ring. 
    You have that much time to reach it. Go through all the rings until you jump 
    off the waterfall. Quickly enter the building before the time is up to reach 
    the Silver RedEye Tooth.
    Now head back to the King EarthWalker and place the two teeth. You'll now 
    enter the lair of the King RedEye.
    9.38) Boss: King RedEye
    This area is a complete square path. There are switches you need to step on 
    to start the electric field, and red buttons above gates to unlock the Fuel 
    Barrels. Grab a Fuel Barrel and time the electric field so you shock the King 
    RedEye. Throw the Fuel Barrel at the SpellStone on his forehead and run like 
    heck. Hide in a crevice until he calms down. After each hit, the distance 
    between the electric buttons will get smaller. You'll have to time yourself 
    and give a few seconds time to hit the button. Hit him four times to defeat 
    him and get the third SpellStone. Get in your Arwing and head back to ThornTail 
    Hollow. It's time to take the third SpellStone to the Volcano Force Temple.
    9.39) Volcano Force Point Temple
    When you use the SpellStone to open the first door, you can drop down and 
    plant a MoonSeed to find a Cheat Token. The stage is the same as before until 
    you reach the room where you have to put the SpellStone in the floor. To get 
    to the new door, you have to use the moving stones in the lava to jump to 
    the wall. Climb it and enter the door.
    Climb up the ladder and put out the torches with the Ice Blast in this order: 
    Blue, Green, Red, Yellow. Enter the gate that opens. Kill the two SharpClaws 
    and have Tricky sit on the switch so you can climb the ladder. Use Ice Blast 
    to put out the torch and flip the switch to enter the gate. Have Tricky sit 
    on the switch here to keep the block moving in the lava. Use Ice Blast to 
    put the fire on the block out and jump to it. Use Fire Blast to shoot the 
    orbs through the color changing torch. Hit all three and enter the next room. 
    Use the teleport to reach the SpellStone room. Put the SpellStone in and head 
    back to ThornTail Hollow.
    ***Fourth Krazoa Spirit***
    9.40) ThornTail Hollow
    Those flying lizards are back and attacking the ThornTails. Use your Flame 
    Blast to shoot them all. There are three for each ThornTail. Don't forget 
    the one on the way to Cape Claw either. Kill them all and a ThornTail will 
    give you the Large Scarab Bag. Get 130 Scarabs and buy the SnowHorn Artifact 
    from the store. Now head to SnowHorn Wastes.
    9.41) SnowHorn Wastes
    If you find the flowing river here with the ice pieces floating in it. Jump 
    on one and ride it to the end to find a Cheat Token. Now find the Blue SnowHorn. 
    He's on the other side of some water and you need to jump across some platforms 
    to get to him. He gives you a challenge. Stand on the Horn platform and blow 
    it to start the challenge. Before you start though, you may want to go ahead 
    and do a couple things to give you a few seconds time extra. Melt the ice 
    sheet behind the Blue SnowHorn and go through. Shoot a Fire Blast into the 
    eyes looking out of the tree to knock it over, giving you a bridge over the 
    river. There's another tree to the left of the waterfall you need to knock 
    over the same way. Now start the challenge. You must stand on all of the pads 
    and use the horn.
    1) Near the fire.
    2) Across the first tree bridge on the left.
    3) To the right of the third, jump off the edge.
    4) Near the SharpClaw that blocks the passage. 
    5) Near Garunda Te. 
    6) Cross the second tree bridge and climb the wall.
    A gate will open near the Blue SnowHorn giving you access to the Krazoa Shrine. 
    The gate is across the water near where the second Horn pad was.
    9.42) Krazoa Shrine
    Climb up the ladder to your right and you'll see a Fuel Barrel. Use the Flame 
    Blast to shoot the two flying lizards in the room to your left and then grab 
    the barrel. Run across the floor while trying not to fall in. Throw the barrel 
    at the wall on the other side to make an opening. Go back and grab another 
    barrel. Go back to the room you opened and put it on the barrel pad. When 
    the robot picks it up, use the switch to turn the flamethrowers on and off 
    so they don't blow the barrel up. Once it drops it on the other side, swim 
    over and pick it up. Take the barrel across the air current to the next room. 
    Set it down on the barrel pad and kill the SharpClaw. Pick it back up and 
    run up to the flamethrowers. When the middle one is out, throw the barrel 
    at the cracked wall to open up the Krazoa Spirit chamber. Get ready for the 
    Test of Strength. This is a test that all those MuscleFoot fans will love. 
    Just mash the A button again to defeat the SharpClaw and you'll get the Krazoa 
    Spirit. Five seconds for me baybee!!!! Back to the Krazoa Palace.
    9.43) Krazoa Palace
    Go to the rooms with all of the air jets. Use the lowest one to reach the 
    bottom level. Use the Portal Device to open the door to where you need to 
    drop off the Krazoa Spirit. You then will go back to the WarpStone.
    ***Fourth SpellStone***
    9.44) ThornTail Hollow
    The WarpStone will give you a hint on who the fourth GateKeeper is. It's the 
    quiet ThornTail. Talk to him and he'll open the get to Dragon Rock for you. 
    Time to take off.
    9.45) Arwing Flight
    You need to fly through all ten gold rings to bring the force field down. 
    There are a lot more obstacles here than before, so watch out for those rings. 
    Miss one, and you lose.
    9.46) Dragon Rock
    Your first mission here is to release the EarthWalker. Go to the building 
    that has the ladder laced with flamethrowers. Avoid them going up, then head 
    to the right. Run under the flamethrowers and then go left. Avoid more 
    flamethrowers and grab a Fuel Barrel. Avoid the flamethrowers so the barrel 
    doesn't explode. Set it on the barrel pad on the other side and climb the 
    ladder. Step on the buttons under the flamethrowers to turn them off as the 
    robot passes. Pick it up on the other side and blow up the wood that's blocking 
    the door. Follow the flamethrowers in the next room and flip the switch to 
    free the EarthWalker. Head back down to the ground and go across to the other 
    side of the level to find him.
    To help the HighTop, you'll need to smash the Shield Generators by riding 
    the EarthWalker. One is on a side of the pillar straight ahead. You can tell 
    what it is, it's a green crack. Another is by the Arwing. The third is to 
    the right of where the EarthWalker escaped. The fourth is to the right of 
    where you opened the gate. Now go and use your Fire Blast to destroy all four 
    of the sniper robots to open a door.
    Head into the door to find the HighTop. You'll need to quickly shoot the four 
    red buttons with the Fire Blast to free him. If you don't do it fast enough, 
    they'll reset. Once he's free, you'll get on the HighTop's back and head 
    across the stage. You'll have unlimited ammo for your Fire Blaster, so blast 
    away at the missiles that shoot at you. Once you get to the other side, the 
    HighTop will hit a switch for you.
    Take out the three enemies inside with your Ice Blast and hit them to shatter 
    them. The force field will open when they're dead. Now run down to the red 
    button and Fuel Barrel. You can either stand on it yourself or have Tricky 
    sit on it. A robot will pick up the barrel and carry it towards the 
    flamethrowers. Shoot the red buttons under the flamethrowers to shut them 
    off. Once it gets to the other side, follow and head up the ladder.
    For the next part, you'll have to get the barrel across three air jets. If 
    that wasn't bad enough, there are flamethrowers in there too. Wait until the 
    flamethrowers go out and jump in to so the barrel is aimed at the other side. 
    On the other side of the air jets, throw the barrel at the boarded up door 
    to open it. Flip the switch on the other side to move the cage with the 
    CloudRunner. Hop down and have Tricky use Flame on the furnace to make a flame 
    appear up by the CloudRunner. Time it so it burns the rope and frees the 
    You'll now fly around the area on the CloudRunner. Fend off attacks from 
    missiles while shooting at the red orbs on the four towers protecting the 
    middle tower. Once all four are destroyed, the CloudRunner will drop you off 
    at the center tower so you can enter. Time for a boss battle.
    9.47) Boss: Drakor
    You'll chase Drakor around the area while avoiding his shots and 
    flamethrowers. If you see a red button, shoot it to turn the flamethrower 
    off. Look for "B" boxes and shoot them to get rings. Shoot his shots or you 
    will get hit. You can't hurt Drakor by shooting him from behind. You'll have 
    to hit him from the front. Keep firing away and once his life meter is out, 
    you'll get the fourth and final SpellStone. Time to head back to the Ocean 
    Force Point Temple.
    9.48) Ocean Force Point Temple
    Before you can enter, you'll need to access the cannon. Use the Portal Device 
    and the Ice Blast to reach it. Use it to blast open the door to the Temple. 
    You can also use it to get a Staff Energy expansion by shooting a pillar on 
    the beach and find a Cheat Token well by blasting a platform near the entrance.
    Once back in the Temple, you'll find nine energy tile rows instead of six. 
    You can use the Portal Device to get a Cheat Token well here.
    Once you go through the teleporter, go left. Defeat the SharpClaw and you'll 
    find a block in the next room. Push it into the little hole and climb it to 
    flip a switch. Jump over to the SharpClaw pad and use your disguise to open 
    another door. Jump over to the door that opens and flip a switch to raise 
    the water level. 
    Once in the next room, you'll see that the four torches are now different 
    colors. Each of the Snake statues are different colors too. You must blast 
    the red buttons to get the statue to spill water on it's corresponding torch. 
    Once all four are out, you'll have to get another block between the two 
    torches. To get it there, shoot it left, up, left, down, right, up and left 
    to activate the Rocket Boost pad. Use it and follow the path to find a color 
    changing torch and orb. Blast the orb through the torch to open a bridge. 
    Now teleport to the chamber and place the last SpellStone.
    All is still not right though. You must head back to the Walled City.
    ***Fifth and Sixth Krazoa Spirits***
    9.49) Walled City
    Talk to the EarthWalker King and he'll tell you that you need to return the 
    Sun and Moon Stones to the shrine. 
    We'll start with the Sun Stone. You must first push the four blocks onto the 
    sun markings. If one touches a moon block, you must start over. Push the block 
    next to the ramp down and onto the sun. Next push the block in the lower right 
    left, and then up onto the sun. Push the block furthest to the left, and up. 
    The final block goes right. Now go over to the temple and stand on the lift. 
    Press A to go up. Stand on the brown block and use your Hi-Res Goggles to 
    see through the sun and all the way to the sun on the other side of the level. 
    It will shine and open the temple.
    Enter the temple and use the Ice Blast on the two fire bats. You'll have to 
    pull the three blocks out of their holes and push them in the other holes 
    so all three pictures are showing. The next area is a maze. Run around first 
    to see where all of the switches are and have Tricky use Flame on the thorns. 
    Now go to the glowing circle and use the Super Ground Quake. You'll have a 
    short amount of time to activate all of the switches to make the invisible 
    walls disappear and get to the door. One of the switches you'll have to use 
    your Flame Blast to shoot from across a pit.
    In the next room, you'll have to shoot the red buttons through the hole in 
    the rotating circle. Shoot them in this order: left, up, right. Once you do, 
    a bridge will appear letting you get the Sun Stone.
    Now for the Moon Stone. To solve the block puzzle, move the one furthest south 
    to the left. Move the one above it down. Move the one furthest to the left, 
    down, right, up and left. Push the last block to the left. Do the same on 
    this temple as you did the last to open it. 
    Enter the temple and flip the switch to activate the gates. You'll have to 
    get through them, but be careful, the panels in the floor fall after you walk 
    on them. Hit the Super Ground Quake to start an invisible maze in the next 
    room. Go down, left and work your way around the room to the final room. It's 
    the same puzzle as the last one. Shoot the buttons in the same order, left, 
    up and right to make a bridge appear to the Moon Stone. 
    Go back to where you placed the teeth and place the stones to make the Krazoa 
    Shrine appear on top of the main temple.
    9.50) Krazoa Shrine
    Climb the ladder and step on the button. Quickly pass over the air jets and 
    the flamethrowers to get into the gate. Then use the air jets in the next 
    room to reach the platform on the middle. Ice Blast the flames and jump to 
    the platform near the gate. Turn around and use Fire Blast to shoot the red 
    button on the ceiling. In the next room, step on the button and use the air 
    jets to quickly get across the platforms with the flamethrowers. Get through 
    the gate to find the Krazoa Spirit. Now you must complete the Test of 
    Knowledge. The left side items are the Dinosaur Horn, the Gold RedEye Tooth 
    and the Asteroid. The right side items are the Wooden Carving, the CloudRunner 
    Flute and the MoonSeed. A flame will appear around them when you put them 
    on the right pedestal. Succeed within the time limit, and the Krazoa Spirit 
    is yours. After saying goodbye to Tricky, it's time to head back to the Krazoa 
    Palace. You'll automatically land on the roof.
    9.51) Krazoa Palace
    Drop down the air stream and into the center of the palace. Drop down to the 
    middle level and look for the red torches. Run through the door and go over 
    the air stream. Kill the SharpClaw and release the Spirit. Now to the main 
    room and climb up the ladder to a platform and Scales will confront you. Before 
    you battle, a mysterious voice demands that he gives you the last Krazoa 
    Spirit. Release it to a Krazoa face next to Krystal to release her. The spirits 
    will enter a giant Krazoa head and take off claiming to be the mighty Krazoa 
    God. Krystal will take her staff and start firing at it. Fox jumps in the 
    Arwing to take to the skies for the final battle.
    9.52) Boss: Andross
    I figured it was Andross that supplied Scales his power. Andross has three 
    Form 1: Shoot the glowing eyes and spot on it's forehead while avoiding it's 
    beam attack. Destroy all three and it will turn around exposing Andross' face 
    and hands. Shoot the glowing spots on the hands. Avoid them when they swing 
    at you and clap. Shoot the asteroids that Andross spits at you and try to 
    get the rings. Turn hard and rapidly spin to avoid being sucked in by Andross. 
    If he gets you, you have to start this form over. Destroy both hands to go 
    to Form 2.
    Form 2: Do the same as before, but the Krazoa head will also fire missiles 
    at you now. The same with Andross. Destroy the hands again and Andross will 
    try to suck you in. You'll be saved by your old running buddy Falco. It's 
    time for the third and final form.
    Form 3: Shoot the boxes that Falco drops to get a bomb. When Andross tries 
    to suck you in, shoot the bomb into his mouth to expose his brain. Rapidly 
    fire at his brain to deplete his life meter. Keep repeating this until he's 
    Congratulations, you've won!!!
    Thanks go out to Rare and Nintendo for making another great game. Too bad 
    this is one of Rare's final games for Nintendo. *cries* More thanks to 
    Gamefaqs.com and CJayC for hosting my guides on his site. Excelsior!!
    Thanks to Disgruntled Cajun who told me you can stun the red mushrooms with 
    the Fire Blaster.

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