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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      _____ _____   _   _____ _____  ____ _   __      _________________
     |  ___|_   _| / \ |  _  |  ___|/ _  | \ / /   __/           _____/
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     |___  | | | / /_\ |    _|  ___| | | | | |  /          __/
     ____| | | |/ _____| |\ \| |   | |_| |/ ^ \/       ___/
    /______| |___/     |_| \_|_|   |____//_/ \________/
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         / \ |  _ \\ \    / /|  ___| \ | |_   _| | | |  _  |  ___|  ___|
        / _ \| | | |\ \  / / | |__ |  \| | | | | | | | |_| | |__ | |___
       / /_\ | | | | \ \/ /  |  __||     | | | | |_| |    _|  __||___  | 
     _/ _____| |_| |  \  /   | |___| |\  | | | |     | |\ \| |___ ___| |
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                                   |/                    | |
                         D I N O S A U R   P L A N E T
    An FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
    Version 1.2
    E-mail: cyricz42@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ
    3. Controls, Menus, and Basic Tips
    4. Characters
    5. Items, Collectibles, Powers, and Abilities
    6. The ThornTail Store
    7. Enemies
    8. Walkthrough
       A. Prelude
          i. General Scales' Galleon
          ii. Krazoa Palace
          iii. Krazoa Shrine 1
       B. Chapter 1 - Star Fox Reporting
          i. Arwing Mission - To Planet
          ii. ThornTail Hollow
          iii. Ice Mountain
          iv. SnowHorn Wastes
          v. White Grubtubs
       C. Chapter 2 - DarkIce and Hot Lava (SpellStone #1)
          i. SnowHorn Wastes
          ii. Arwing Mission - To DarkIce Mines
          iii. DarkIce Mines
          iv. ThornTail Hollow and Moon Mountain Pass
          v. Volcano Force Point Temple
       D. Chapter 3 - Fly Me to the Moon (Krozoa Spirit #2)
          i. Moon Mountain Pass
          ii. Krazoa Shrine 2
          iii. Krazoa Palace
       E. Chapter 4 - Sea and Sky (SpellStone #2)
          i. Cape Claw
          ii. Arwing Mission - To CloudRunner Fortress
          iii. CloudRunner Fortress
          iv. Ocean Force Point Temple
       F. Chapter 5 - Dance of the LightFoot (Krozoa Spirit #3)
          i. LightFoot Village
          ii. Krazoa Shrine 3
          iii. Krazoa Palace
       G. Chapter 6 - Roar of the RedEye (SpellStone #3)
          i. ThornTail Hollow
          ii. Arwing Mission - To Walled City
          iii. Walled City
          iv. Volcano Force Point Temple
       H. Chapter 7 - Race Through the Snow (Krozoa Spirit #4)
          i. ThornTail Hollow
          ii. SnowHorn Wastes
          iii. Krazoa Shrine 4
          iv. Krazoa Palace
       I. Chapter 8 - Prison Break (SpellStone #4)
          i. ThornTail Hollow
          ii. Arwing Mission - To Dragon Rock
          iii. Dragon Rock
          iv. Ocean Force Point Temple
       J. Chapter 9 - The Krazoa God (Krazoa Spirits #5 and #6)
          i. Walled City
          ii. Krazoa Shrine 5
          iii. Krazoa Palace
          iv. The Final Battle
    9. Miscellany
       A. Fuel Cells
       B. Cheat Tokens and Game Well Maze
       C. Staff Energy Upgrades
    10. Standard Guide Stuff
       A. Legal
       B. E-mail Guidelines
       C. Credits
       D. Version Updates
       E. The Final Word
    1. Introduction
    Hi, and welcome to my Star Fox Adventures FAQ!  This FAQ is meant to 
    provide you with full strategies on conquering this, the final 
    masterpiece from Rare to Nintendo.  In this game, Team Star Fox answers 
    a distress call from Dinosaur Planet, and it's up to Fox to get down 
    there and stop the planet from tearing itself apart.
    2. FAQ
    Q: What is Star Fox Adventures?
    A: SFA is an action-adventure game, with just a little bit of flight 
    sim.  It comes to us from Rare and Nintendo.
    Q: Why is Fox starring in this game?  Didn't it used to be Dinosaur 
    A: Yes, this was originally intended to be released on the N64, starring 
    a furry guy named Sabre.  Nintendo wanted to make a Star Fox game that 
    wouldn't focus so much on flying.  Rare and Nintendo mutually decided to 
    introduce Fox into this world.  The transition actually goes pretty 
    Q: Is this really the last game from Rare for a Nintendo system?  What 
    are your thoughts on Rare, now?
    A: Yes, Nintendo has sold its shares in Rare back to Rare, and Microsoft 
    has taken them up.  My feelings?  Well, although I will definitely 
    miss Rare, business is business, and I definitely see Nintendo's 
    reasons for letting them go.
    Q: What do I do with Cheat Tokens?
    A: Go talk to the WarpStone and ask to go to the Game Well Maze.  Find 
    your way to the center and you'll find a well to drop the Token in.  If 
    it gives you a "Cheat Activated" message, go to the Main Menu and 
    look around for something new.
    Q: How do I get back into LightFoot Village?
    A: There are three trees with targets on them.  Hit the target closest 
    to the gate, then the one furthest, then the middle one.
    Q: Why can't I go back to other areas after I get to the Krazoa Palace 
    for the final time?
    A: Rare's sadism?  I dunno.  If you wish to return to the planet and 
    do more stuff (or fly the Arwing missions), you must make your final 
    save no later than earning the fifth Krazoa Spirit.  Once you get that 
    Krazoa Spirit, you're past the point of no return.
    Q: I've only got 99%!  Where's the 100th percent?
    A: Percentage of the game doesn't count secret stuff, just actual events 
    in the game.  As the latest you can save is before (or during) fighting 
    the last boss, the last percent point is obviously the defeat of the 
    final boss.
    3. Controls, Menus, and Basics
    Control Stick: This controls your character's movement, and their 
    aiming when using a ranged weapon.
    A Button: Generic action button.  This attacks, examines things that 
    have an "A" floating above them, and selects things from menus.  In 
    the top right corner of the screen, you'll often see a description near 
    the A button for what it does, specifically.
    B Button: Cancel Button.  This puts away your weapon, and cancels 
    selections from menus.
    X Button: Evasion Button.  Without a weapon, this is a forward roll.  
    When in combat, it's a series of different flips and rolls.
    Y Button: Quick Inventory.  When in your C-Stick Inventory, press Y to 
    select an item for later use.  Once you've selected the item, press Y 
    and you'll use it without going into inventory.
    Control Pad: PDA Display.  This switches the function of Fox's Personal 
    Data Assistant, in the lower left corner of the screen.  It toggles 
    between maps, general area information, and a compass that seeks out 
    Fuel Cells.
    L Button: Pressing the L Button will center the camera behind your 
    character.  Holding it down all the way will keep your view focused 
    straight ahead, and allow you to sidestep.
    R Button: Defend Button.  If you have the staff, this will generate a 
    force field when not in combat, and will be a simple block while in 
    Z Button: First-Person.  This will bring the camera into your 
    character's eyes.  Move the Control Stick to look around.  If you've 
    picked up the Hi-Def Display, you can use the C-Stick to zoom in and 
    C-Stick: Inventory.  Left and right will cycle through the three 
    inventories: Weapon (yellow), Sidekick (blue), and Item (red).  Up and 
    down will scroll through all the items in those lists.  Select one to 
    use with A, or save it with Y for later use.
    START Button: Pause Button.  In addition to stopping the frenetic 
    action, you can also chat with General Pepper, Slippy, Peppy, or save 
    your game.
    Control Stick: Moves the Arwing around in the corridor.  Like old Star 
    Fox games, the Arwing is always flying straight ahead, and you can only 
    re-orient yourself in the corridor, not turn around.
    A Button: Fire lasers.
    B Button: Fire bombs.  Hit again to detonate prematurely.
    Y Button: Boost.  Hold for a burst of speed.
    X Button: Brake.  Hold to slow down.
    L/R Buttons: Roll.  This tilts your Arwing on its side.  Click the button 
    all the way to perform a barrel roll, which creates a small shield 
    that'll make you resistant to damage for a second.
    START Button: Pause and Communicator.
    Main Menu: On the title screen, pushing Left and Right will allow you 
    to focus on different members of Star Fox.  Fox covers jumping into the 
    game and erasing save files.  Peppy covers options: widescreen and 
    rumble.  Slippy covers the audio volumes.  ROB covers the subtitles in 
    In-Game Menus:
    General Pepper: This is your basic inventory count.  On the front side 
    are all the major items you've collected, as well as your status in 
    health and power.  Tapping the C-Stick will allow you to see what 
    special items you've picked up.
    Peppy Hare: This is the map section of the comm.  On the front, you'll 
    see a full map of Dinosaur Planet, and you'll be able to look at all 
    areas visited.  The area where you have something to do next has a 
    special mark.  Using the C-Stick will show you the other side, where you 
    can see what maps you've collected.
    Slippy Toad: Slippy's always watching, and on hand to offer advice.  If 
    you've no clue what to do next, chances are the Slipster has a good 
    hint for you.
    Basic Tips:
    Don't forget about Slippy.  His information is actually quite invaluable. 
    You should definitely have a chat with him if you don't know what to do 
    This may go without saying, but like most Rare games, it defintely is 
    worth it to you to explore every nook and cranny.  When you get new 
    abilities, poke around for places to use them, as there undoubtedly will 
    Combat is actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it (to the 
    point of tedium, especially when fighting basic Sharpclaws).  I've found 
    that there are three different types of combos: leaving the Control 
    Stick neutral (multi-kick), holding Down while tapping A (spin and 
    charge), and holding any other direction while tapping A (jump slash).  
    Please correct me if this isn't the case.  The heart above your enemy's 
    head is its life, so you can watch yourself whittle him down.
    There are also special moves you can pull out of dodging.  If you roll 
    forward and attack, you'll do a jump-slash.  Attack again to do a 
    spinning jump slash.  If you roll to the left or right and attack, 
    you'll do a low sweep.  The sweep is devastating against a Grunt that 
    has been doubled up.
    Note the locations of boxes that hold health-restoring items and Magic 
    Plants.  They do regenerate after time, so exploit that fact.
    The only thing that will cause you to officially pass out is for your 
    energy to be depleted.  Long falls into "nothingness" will not kill you 
    at all.  Instead, they deposit you back at the beginning of the area 
    with the drop, and everything you had done between that and falling is 
    That's all I've got for now.  Anyone with any more ideas can submit 
    4. Characters
    Main Characters:
    Fox McCloud: Savior of the Lylat System, Fox hasn't been doing much 
    since his victory over Andross eight years ago.  This new mission to 
    Dinosaur Planet could well justify his standard fee.
    Krystal: A young lady from Cerinia, Krystal is also answering the 
    distress call on Dinosaur Planet.  She's armed with her staff and a 
    wealth of magical powers.
    Tricky: Fox's sidekick throughout the game, Tricky is the Crown Prince 
    of the Earthwalker Tribe.  He'll be able to lend a hand in exploration, 
    if you've got enough of his favorite food.
    Supporting Characters:
    Peppy Hare: Having retired from active duty, Peppy hangs on with Star 
    Fox as their tactics advisor.
    Slippy Toad: Ever the tinkerer, Slippy signed on with R&D in Corneria 
    recently, but is still helping out Star Fox whenever he gets the 
    chance.  His recent contribution was a jukebox to the Great Fox.
    ROB the Robot: Slippy's been constantly upgrading ROB to the point where 
    he's now a valued member of the team, as opposed to just an AI for 
    Great Fox.
    General Pepper: The commander-in-chief of the Cornerian armed forces, 
    Pepper sometimes calls on Star Fox for help in dangerous situations.
    General Scales: This tyrant and his Sharpclaw tribe were rejected from 
    society by the more peace-loving tribes.  He's currently massing an 
    army to take over Dinosaur Planet for his own ends.
    Warpstone: A being of living rock, this giant does exactly what his 
    name implies; he magically transports our heroes to new locales.
    Tribes on Dinosaur Planet:
    EarthWalker: One of the two ruling tribes on DP, these most resemble 
    Earth's Triceratops.  They're fast, strong, and wise.
    ThornTail: These are one of the more peaceful tribes, living in 
    Thorntail Hollow and protecting the Warpstone.
    LightFoot: Resembling Earth's Velociraptors, this spiritual tribe has 
    become more suspicious with the growing Sharpclaw infestation.
    CloudRunner: The other of the two ruling tribes are related to Earth's 
    Pterodactyl or Pterandon.  They're a proud and valiant race.
    HighTop: Resembling the giant herbivores of Earth, these giants are 
    among the most gentle on DP.
    SnowHorn: These woolly mammoths have adapted to the harsh life of the 
    SnowHorn Wastes.
    RedEye: Resembling Earth's giant flesh-eaters.  These dinosaurs were 
    under EarthWalker control until General Scales took them over.
    SharpClaw: A rather anthropomorphic breed of dinosaur.  They believe 
    themselves the superior of the dinosaurs races.
    5. Items, Collectibles, Powers, and Abilities
    There is most defintely no shortage of pickups lying around Dinosaur 
    Planet, as Fox and friends will soon find out.
    Common Items -
    These are the most common items found in the game, and you'll be 
    thankful for it.
    Dumbledang Pods: Found in containers and on defeated enemies, one pod 
    will restore two small life energy pieces (half a big piece).
    Pukpuk Eggs: Found in containers and on defeated enemies, one egg will 
    restore four small life energy pieces (one big piece).
    Energy Gems: Found lying around, or in Magic Plants, these gems restore 
    your Staff Energy.  Green restores a tiny amount.  Red restores a little 
    more.  Yellow restores a lot (most of it when your meter's still small).  
    Blue completely restores your Staff Energy.
    Scarabs: The currency of Dinosaur Planet.  They're found in containers 
    and under rocks.  Green scarabs are worth one.  Red are worth five, and 
    Gold are worth ten.  Use them to purchase items in the ThornTail Store 
    or to give to other beings.
    Expendable Items -
    These items are used during the course of your adventure.  They're not 
    as easily collected as Common Items, but a sharp explorer should be able 
    to pick up places to find them quickly.
    Fuel Cells: ROB dropped a ton of cells so that your Arwing could get 
    around, but an error caused them to be scattered all over Dinosaur 
    Planet.  You need to find Fuel Cells so you can power your Arwing to 
    take you to the four areas that are above Dinosaur Planet.  Although 
    there is a finite number sitting around the planet, you can buy as many 
    as you want from the Storekeeper, and you don't need all the ones lying 
    around to finish the game.
    Blue Grubtub Fungus: These mushrooms are given to Tricky so that he can 
    perform tasks for you.  You can carry up to 15 of them.  You can give 
    Tricky a total of five at a time (you can view his status in the upper 
    left corner).  You'll find them lying around.  They'll freak if you get 
    close, so you have to whap them with your Staff to pick them up.
    Bomb Spore: You'll find these in their respective plants.  They look 
    like round pods with smoke coming out of them.  Shoot them with the 
    Fire Blaster and they'll explode, causing three Spores to drift out.  
    Once you collect them, you can use them on circles of soft earth, 
    mostly which are near walls.  Once you plant them, shoot from afar with 
    your Fire Blaster and they'll explode, taking out any obstacles in 
    the area.  You can carry a maximum of seven.
    Firefly: Once you buy a Lantern, you can use it to contain these 
    floating balls of irridescence.  When you've captured them, select the 
    Lantern from your inventory and a Firefly will float out and follow you 
    around, lighting up dark areas.
    Moonseed: These strange crescent-shaped seeds are guarded by Kalda 
    Choms.  When you defeat them, they'll leave behind a seed.  The place 
    to use these seeds is patches of dirt that are next to cracks in walls.  
    Plant them, and then have Tricky use his Flame on them, and the plant 
    will shoot up the wall and you'll have a makeshift ladder to scale.
    BafomDad: These bouncy guys are your extra lives.  If you fall in 
    battle, and are carrying one of these, you'll automatically be fully 
    restored.  In the beginning, you can only carry one, but buying a 
    BafomDad Bag at the store will allow you to carry ten.
    Major Items -
    These are special or story-driven items.
    Hi-Def Display Device: Pick up this for 20S in the Store.  You can use 
    it to activate the Zoom feature when you go into first-person mode with 
    Firefly Lantern: For 20S, you can pick up this item at the Store.  With 
    it, you can capture Fireflies in the field.
    Dinosaur Horn: This is found in SnowHorn Wastes.  When you find a pad 
    with the horn on it, blow it!
    Spellstones: There are four Spellstones in all: two are Fire Spellstones 
    and two are Water Spellstones.  They're formed of Dark Matter and 
    contain the power of Dinosaur Planet and prevent it from tearing itself 
    apart.  When you find them, you must return them to their respective 
    Force Point Temples.  Oh, and every time you collect one, you'll get 
    an extra big energy piece in reserve.
    Krazoa Spirits: These ancient phantasms are responsible for all life on 
    Dinosaur Planet.  They were hidden to prevent being exploited by General 
    Scales.  They must be returned to Krazoa Palace.
    Staff Powers -
    Found in underground passages, any time you're near a shrine that can 
    empower your staff, your staff will glow green and vibrate in your 
    Fire Blaster: Your first power is a simple shot of red energy.  It's 
    not serious fire, as in, it can't ignite things, but it can cause 
    damage and hit far-off buttons.  You'll find it in ThornTail Hollow 
    behind the well.
    Rocket Boost: When you find a small floor tile with blue light coming 
    out of it, you can use that spot to boost yourself pretty darn high, 
    once you collect this power.  You need to hold down the button to 
    charge up the boost.  You'll find it in the well in ThornTail Hollow.
    Ice Blaster: This is a much shorter range power than Fire Blaster.  
    Hold down the button and you'll let out a steady stream of frigid air.  
    You can douse flames with it, and freeze enemies.  You'll find it in 
    the Volcano Force Point Temple.
    Ground Quake: This power will cause you to jump up and slam the staff 
    into the ground, stunning all enemies in the area.  It's particulary 
    effective on Kalda Choms.  You'll find it in Moon Mountain Pass after 
    returning the first SpellStone.
    SharpClaw Suit: This disguise will allow you to go unnoticed amongst 
    enemies, and if you step on yellow pads with red light, you can 
    activate them.  Also, there are some boxes and barrels you can only 
    pick up when in disguise.  You'll find it in CloudRunner Fortress 
    after being captured.
    Portal Device: After finding and restoring the third Krozoa Spirit, 
    you'll be able to get this after saving a mother ThornTail's eggs.  
    When you come across a portal, use this to open it and pass.
    Super Ground Quake: You'll find this in the Walled City.  It's more 
    powerful than the standard Ground Quake and knock over really big guys.
    Tricky's Abilities -
    You have a strange relationship with your little dino pal.  Although you 
    two talk like partners, you order him around like a pooch.  These aren't 
    exactly found, so much as Tricky just up and tells you what he can do.  
    If Tricky can use one of his special abilities in a specifica area, a 
    "?" will appear above him.
    Find: If you find small circular patches of rock, have Tricky use this 
    command to dig up what's underneath.  Also, Tricky can dig through 
    small weak sections of certain walls.
    Stay: Use this ability if you want Tricky not to move, such as when 
    you need him to weigh down a switch, or if you're sick of him 
    following you.
    Heel: Use this command if you want to cancel Tricky's Stay command.  
    He'll come running to your side.
    Play: Once you've purchased Tricky's Ball from the Store, take a break 
    and throw it around so he can chase it.  If you throw it enough, 
    Tricky will change colors.  He changes colors every ten throws.  Some 
    have suggested (and I myself believed) that changing Tricky's colors 
    actually changed how he acted in the game, making him faster or more 
    efficient.  After observing this for a while, I can say it's untrue.  
    This is just a color change.
    1st: Yellow with purple top
    2nd: Purple with yellow top
    3rd: Green with blue top
    4th: Green with yellow top
    5th: Purple with blue top
    6th: Blue with purple top
    7th: Greenish-yellow with purple top
    Flame: Once you've made some progress in SnowHorn Wastes, Tricky will 
    start using this power.  If you find any ice walls, or bramble patches, 
    or anything that could be set fire to, use this command.
    Arwing Powerups -
    When in flight, there are several pickups available to fight off the 
    spaced invaders.  Some are in containers and you have to shoot them to 
    open them up.
    Energy Ring: A sliver ring.  This will restore your shields when 
    they're depleted.
    Bomb: A red circle with a B.  Fire this with B and you'll take out a 
    cluster of enemies.
    Twin Laser: Two green lines and an L between.  This will allow you to 
    fire both the Arwing's lasers linked.  Find a second one to get Hyper 
    Lasers, which are quite rare.
    Gold Ring: Self-explanatory.  These allow you to progress in the game.
    6. ThornTail Store
    In ThornTail Hollow, there is a door that leads down a wall and over a 
    little climb and into the Store.  The Storekeeper will explain the whole 
    deal when you first arrive.
    The basic deal is that when you select an item, the Keeper will show up 
    and show you its base price.  You can haggle him down lower if you 
    wish.  You can't make a lower offer than half the price, and he'll just 
    say it's too low, anyway.  After the first time, raise the price and 
    suggest it.  If he says it's too low three times, he'll call you a 
    cheapskate and you'll have to try again from the beginning.
    NOTE: You can't even haggle something unless you have the required 
    amount of Scarabs for the base price.
    The center of the Store has a well from where you can buy a Cheat Token 
    for 20 Scarabs (look in the Extra Items section for info about Cheat 
    Left Chamber - This chamber mostly has common and expendable items:
    Dumbledang Pod - 3 Sb
    3 Dumbledang Pods - 10 Sb
    Pukpuk Egg - 6 Sb
    3 Pukpuk Eggs - 15 Sb
    Bomb Spore - 5 Sb
    Fuel Cell - 10 Sb
    Blue Grubtub Fungus - 12 Sb
    Firefly - 10 Sb
    Middle Chamber - This chamber has several special items and some maps.
    Rock Candy - 10 Sb
    Hi-Def Display Device - 20 Sb
    Tricky's Ball - 15 Sb
    BafomDad Holder - 20 Sb
    SnowHorn Artifact - 130 Sb
    Firefly Lantern - 20 Sb
    Cape Claw Map - 5 Sb
    Krazoa Palace Map - 5 Sb
    Dragon Rock Map - 5 Sb
    Ocean Force Point Map - 10 Sb
    Right Chamber - This chamber is nothing but maps.
    ThornTail Hollow Map - 5 Sb
    Moon Mountain Pass Map - 5 Sb
    LightFoot Village Map - 5 Sb
    DarkIce Mines Map - 5 Sb
    SnowHorn Wastes Map - 5 Sb
    Walled City Map - 5 Sb
    CloudRunner Fortress Map - 5 Sb
    Volcano Force Point Map - 10 Sb
    NOTE: You'll also find a Rocket Boost Pad.  You can come here when you 
    get that Staff Power.  There's not much up there, though.  Just some 
    Game Room - To the left or right of the exit, you can enter the Scarab 
    Scramble game room.  Bet between 1 and 10 Scarabs and the Storekeeper 
    will toss them into the middle of the pit with the same number of purple 
    Scarabs.  Collect all your Scarabs except the purple ones and you'll win 
    double the amount you bet.  If you touch a purple one at any time, you'll 
    only keep what you got before then.
    So, the Maps are quite helpful if you want a bird's eye view of the 
    area, but they're not entirely necessary.  You can buy the common and 
    expendable stuff as needed.  You'll need almost all the special items.  
    Tricky's Ball isn't required.  Neither is the BafomDad holder, although 
    it's a definite help.
    7. Enemies
    There are plenty of bad guys to shake a stick at in this game.  
    General rule for enemies on the ground is to whack them.  Air enemies 
    should be gunned down with your Fire Blaster.
    Wraith: A floating, glowing apparition.  If you get close, they'll 
    start spinning and they'll home in on you.  Take them out from afar.
    Red Grubtubs: These are a more territorial version of the mushrooms you 
    find.  They don't move, but if you get close, they shake a red cloud 
    of dust off that hurts.  You can't destroy them, but you can shoot or 
    hit them to stun them.
    SharpClaw Grunts: These are the guys you'll take the most time fighting.  
    I've lumped all walking, fighting SharpClaws in one group, as the only 
    things that really change about them are their weapons.  They're all 
    fought the same, though.  If they start blocking, block one from them 
    and quickly retaliate.  Link together a combo to knock them down 
    Snipluk: This small burrowing guy pops up and down and spits at you.  
    He can move a bit underground, but he can't take too many hits.  Try 
    to get the drop on him as he comes up.
    Kooshy: This guy is similar to a Snipluk.  The differences are that he 
    doesn't move around, and he normally just stays up out of the ground.  
    If you get close, he'll duck down, only to come back out when you get 
    further away.  Rush in close quick to hit him.
    Spike Plant: These little wall-hugging plants like to shoot out a spiky 
    appendage when you get close.  The only way I've found of beating them 
    is to freeze them with the Ice Blaster, then whack them with the Staff.
    Bloops: Recognizable by their annoying screeches, these guys fly 
    around, home in on your position and swat you.  Best way to take them 
    out is from afar with your Fire Blaster.
    HoleDwellers: Although kinda rare, these guys live in dark holes, and 
    you can only see their glowing eyes.  They spit green stuff at you, 
    so shoot them with the Fire Blaster before they become trouble.
    Bat: Very similar to the Bloops, except quite a bit smaller.  These 
    guys are actually a challenge to hit with your Blaster.
    Flame Bat: You can't do a thing to these warm weirdos until you get the 
    Ice Blaster.  Once you do, let them get close and freeze them.
    Kalda Chom: A very resilient enemy found on Moon Mountain Pass.  You 
    cannot attack them directly, but if you perform a Ground Quake, you'll 
    shake them up and can hit their soft back.  Two hits should do it.
    FireCrawler: These guys retreat into their shells when hit, which catch 
    on fire.  You can still hit them while they're in their shells, but it 
    takes forever.  To take them out quickly, use the Ice Blast until they 
    freeze, and whack them to shatter them.
    Fungus Turtle: These pains-in-the-neck splash about in the water, where 
    you can't use your staff.  The only way to take them out is to Fire 
    Blast them from the shore, which can be difficult if they're far off.
    Spybot: A guard and surveillance machine, Spybots scour a set area and 
    anything not on their side that wanders into their spotlight gets 
    zapped.  Shooting them with the Fire Blaster will stun them.
    RedEye: A nasty, large dino.  You can't lay a hand on them until you 
    get the Super Ground Quake.  Once you do so, use it to knock them over, 
    then Fire Blast their heads, or throw a Fuel Barrel at them.
    Cannonbots: Guarding the prison on Dragon Rock, these four robots fire 
    a steady volley of laser blasts at anyone nearby, and they're protected 
    by shields.  The shields need to be deactivated before they can be 
    8. Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is divided into chapters based around finding the 
    major items in the game: The Spellstones and the Krazoa Spirits.
    A. Prelude
    As the game opens, you learn a young girl named Krystal answers the 
    distress call from Dinosaur Planet.  She swoops down on a CloudRunner 
    and attacks General Scales' Galleon as it flies in the air.
    i. General Scales' Galleon
    Use the Stick to orient yourself and press A to fire shots from the 
    CloudRunner.  Your first target on the ship is the two cannons spewing 
    flame at you.  Once fire bursts from them, attack the spinning propeller 
    underneath.  After taking out all four blades on the propeller, shoot 
    the two fire cannons again until they're destroyed.  Now, the Galleon 
    will swing around and attack head on.  Shoot the head to land on 
    the deck.
    Once you land, walk up to the front of the ship, follow the game's 
    prompt, and press A when you reach the young dino-ling in the cage.  
    When you speak to him, a couple of doors someways back will open.  Go 
    back along the deck and down the ramp to reach the hold.  Right in the 
    center of the room is a key on a platform.  Take it into your 
    possession.  Now, head back up to the deck, walk over to the caged bird 
    and you'll have a little encounter with the big smelly General Scales.  
    He'll toss Krystal over the side, where the CloudRunner will catch 
    her.  She'll leave and decide to head for the source of the distress 
    signal, which seems to be from a nearby palace.
    ii. Krazoa Palace
    When you land, start by avoiding the Wraiths floating around and 
    speaking to the EarthWalkers lying around.  They'll give you basic 
    tips on control.  Start by walking over to the locked door.  Open up 
    your Inventory with the C-Stick and select the Key to open the door.  
    Pick up the Fuel Barrel behind.  Once you use the Barrel, a new one will 
    be generated on the pad on the floor nearby.  Anyway, use the Barrel 
    on the line of boxes nearby and you'll blow them up.  You can also use 
    Barrels on the Wraiths to beat them, but they will come back in about 
    a minute.
    NOTE: Blowing up most any boxes around here will get you Pods or Eggs 
    for restoring your health.
    Once you blow up the boxes, grab another Barrel, head down the ramp, 
    veer left and throw the Barrel at the cracked wall.  Head further 
    inside (talking to EarthWalkers along the way).  In this next area, 
    use a Barrel to blow up a line of boxes, then go around the corner, 
    past the Wraith, to the pad to pick up another.  Head back to the 
    boxes that you blew up, and time your movements past the flames.  
    Throw the Barrel at the far wall to open it and head through to the 
    next area.
    In this next room, there's another Barrel Pad.  Instead of throwing 
    it, though, head to the nearby floor switch.  You need something to 
    hold it down, so step on it, then press A to set the Barrel down (you 
    can only set the Barrel if you're standing on the switch, otherwise 
    you'll throw it).  Head to the next room and have a chat with the 
    Earthwalker, who'll tell you that he sent the distress signal and that 
    you need to restore the Krazoa Spirits.  He'll open the door to the 
    first Krazoa Shrine.  Step on the pad and press A to teleport.
    iii. Krazoa Shrine 1
    Walk a little ways and climb up the ladder.  In the first room, you'll 
    see a Wraith in a pit.  Drop down into the pit and climb out the other 
    side.  Walk up to the red circle on the wall and you'll learn about 
    Life Force Doors.  To take down the Wraith, just toss a nearby Barrel 
    at it.  Once the Wraith is gone, the door will open.  Head through and 
    to the next room.  In this room, you must step on the switch until it 
    goes all the way down, then time your run past the flame jets to get in 
    before the gate closes.  If you find yourself harrassed by the Wraith, 
    you can always go back, grab a Barrel, and toss it at him.  Go through 
    the gate and walk up the Krazoa Spirit.  Talk to it to receive your 
    first test.
    THE TEST OF OBSERVATION: Not that hard, really.  Just watch where the 
    Spirit jumps to, then follow the urn as they all rotate around.  Once 
    they stop, press A near the one with the Spirit inside.  Once you find 
    it three times, the Spirit will introduce itself to you, or rather, 
    into you.  Nice eyes...  Now, you'll be deposited at the entrace to the 
    shrine.  You'll talk to the Earthwalker for a bit more, then you can 
    head for the platform in the back of the room.  You'll rise up to the 
    tunnel.  From there, run ahead and to the right.  Press A on the 
    platform to deposit the Spirit, after a fashion...  Poor Krystal gets 
    knocked into the beam by something evil and trapped in a crystal.  Boy, 
    that stinks...
    B. Chapter 1 - Star Fox Reporting
    Somewhere in the Lylat System, the Great Fox gets a call from General 
    Pepper, to investigate the happenings on Dinosaur Planet.
    i. Arwing Mission - To Planet
    You need to fly through one Gold Ring to pass to the Planet.  
    Fortunately, there are about ten floating around in this area.  The 
    green specks you see from far off are mines, which blow up if you get 
    close.  Also, there are small fighter ships that fly in to take shots 
    at you.  In the containers are Bombs, and one has the Twin Laser 
    powerup.  So, shoot your best and hit at leat one Gold Ring to get to 
    the Planet.
    ii. Thorntail Hollow
    Once you land on the planet, Pepper will brief you and explain the 
    Communicator.  You'll respond with your own dry sense of humor.
    Fox mentioned a weapon.  Well, one is quite nearby.  Look to the right 
    of the two ThornTails standing nearby and you'll see a small circle of 
    trees and flowers.  Head to the center and you'll pick up Krystal's 
    Staff, and she'll pop into your head and explain how to use it.
    Now that you're armed, chat with the ThornTails around and they'll talk 
    about basic things such as lifting rocks and magic plants.  Where you 
    really need to go is the small plaza near where you found the staff.  
    As you approach the door, four SharpClaw Grunts will dash out of the 
    door and attack.  Defeat them all using basic combat techniques (combos, 
    blocking with R).  Once they're all destroyed, a red button will 
    appear, and a door will open across the way in the Hollow.
    Head through that door and press A to lift up the lid.  Drop down in 
    the hole.  Make your way through the tunnel and press A at the central 
    device.  Your staff will be charged up with the FIRE BLASTER.  Follow 
    the instructions on how to use it.  If you want, you can practice your 
    firing on the Bat near the ceiling.  He won't attack.  To leave the 
    area, shoot the button near the gate.
    NOTE: These red buttons with sunburst designs are in many places, and 
    this is the main use of the Fire Blaster.
    Once you've returned to the Hollow, head back to the small plaza, take 
    aim, and Blast the button above the door.  Head through and you'll 
    speak to the Queen Earthwalker.  Slippy will translate that you need to 
    speak to the Warpstone, and he'll take you to Ice Mountain to find her 
    son, Prince Tricky.  She'll also make a call that will move one of the 
    ThornTails guarding a wall.
    That ThornTail was actually sitting on a patch of dirt.  Right next to 
    the river, you should see a pod-like plant with vapor coming out.  Blast 
    it and collect the spores that fly out.  These are Bomb Spores.  Plant 
    one next to the wall and you can talk to the Warpstone.  He won't want 
    to talk to you unless you can bring him a gift.
    While you're at it, scout around and see if you can find some other 
    places to plant Bomb Spores.  There are a few places around, including 
    under the waterfall.
    Now's the time to stock up on some Scarabs (flip some nearby rocks) and 
    head to the Store.  Buy the Rock Candy there, as well as some maps if 
    you feel like it.  Now, head to the Warpstone and use the Rock Candy 
    on him.  Nice bagpipe theme song.  He'll explain his warping powers.  
    You'll want to push Left to head to Ice Mountain.
    iii. Ice Mountain
    As you enter the area, you'll see a SharpClaw ship drop in with what 
    could only be the little Prince Tricky.  Two Grunts will lead him into 
    a cave and shut the door behind.
    Now, note you're being shot at from afar.  That's a SharpClaw Cannon.  
    To the left of you, up a little slope, is a Barrel Pad.  Take the Barrel 
    and toss it at the wall of crates across the field, since you can't 
    break these crates with your staff.  Behind this wall are the two 
    Grunts who were manning the Cannon.  Take them out and a Blast Button 
    will appear above the metal door.  Shoot the Button and head in.  Your 
    valiant rescue attempt will be abrupted by Tricky running off.  The 
    SharpClaws will hop on their bikes and give chase.  You'll hop on the 
    remaining one and pursue.
    Although you can destroy the bikers by ramming them, all you have to 
    do to proceed is to beat them to the end of the course.  Try to look 
    for some hills that can get you a serious lead.  When you get to the 
    end, you'll crash up your bike and meet Tricky, and your translator 
    will finally be working.
    Proceed along the path.  Soon, you'll reach a lava pit (that's right, 
    lava in a snow area).  Head to the right and you'll find some Blue 
    Grubtubs.  Whack them to pick them up, then feed them to Tricky.  He'll 
    explain his Find Command.  Use Find on the nearby patch of loose rock 
    and he'll uncover a switch.  Try to step on it and he'll tell you about 
    his Stay Command.  Have him Stay on the switch, go in the little cave, 
    and use the lever to raise a platform in the lava pool.  Head down into 
    the lava pool and hop across (don't worry about Tricky, he'll follow, 
    iv. SnowHorn Wastes
    Now, head further along the path.  You'll come across two Grunts.  Fight 
    them both (note Tricky runs off).  Once they're down, continue on, 
    pausing to take out the Snipluk.  Enter the clearing and take out the 
    three Grunts chasing Tricky around.  He'll then tell you about his 
    Heel Command.
    There's quite a bit in this area.  Pick up a bunch of Grubtubs, and 
    have Tricky Find on all the patches of loose rock.  You'll find an Egg, 
    two Alpine Roots, and a hidden passageway that leads to a Staff Energy 
    Have a chat with the nearby SnowHorn (mammoth) and give him the Alpine 
    Roots.  For one, he'll give you a Small Scarab Bag (can hold 50 
    Scarabs), and for the second, he'll pound the ground, and a block will 
    drop from the water stream.  Push the block to the nearby ledge to 
    climb up out of the pond area.  Also, you can push it over to the 
    nearby Fuel Cells to snag them.
    Once you're over the wall, you'll be near a freezing pond.  If you want 
    the Fuel Cells on the other side, go on the other side of the pond's 
    right wall to find a switch to raise an ice floe.  Otherwise, there's 
    no need to go here.  You can't find the SnowHorn's gold root yet.
    Head down the slope.  There's a small patch of rock Tricky can dig up 
    to get you a BafomDad.  You can talk to the SnowHorns, who mention their 
    lost leader.  Head further down and you'll notice a lock.  You don't 
    have a key, naturally, so forget about it for now.  Talk to the 
    SharpClaw blocking the nearby cave.  Pay him 25 Scarabs to pass.  If you 
    don't have enough, there are plenty lying around in baskets and under 
    rocks.  Pay him and continue on past the Fire Bats (you can't hurt 
    them) to a sewer-like area.  Don't bother with the switches now.  Just 
    swim through and you'll end up back in ThornTail Hollow.  Just open the 
    gate with the lever switch.
    v. White Grubtubs
    Tricky will hear a call from his mom and take off.  Head down to the 
    Queen EarthWalker and Tricky will mention White Grubtubs that could 
    help his mom.  
    First, head to the Store and pick up a Firefly Lantern.  You'll need 
    it inside.  Don't bother putting Fireflies in it yet.
    Head towards the large circular structure.  That's the well that has the 
    White Grubtubs.  Have Tricky Find at the side and he'll dig into it.  
    Once inside, Fox will tell Tricky to stay behind.  
    Slide down the ladder and into the well.  Manuever around the red 
    shrooms and into the next room.  As you get to the little pond, you'll 
    feel the rumbling.  Bomb Spore the floor patch and you'll be in a 
    Staff Power room.  This room gives you the ROCKET BOOST.
    Once outside, you can use the Rocket Boost Pad under the crate at the 
    far end of the room, for a couple of Fuel Cells.  To move forward, 
    though, head back to the first room and find the Boost Pad there.  
    Head along the causeway back to the pond room.  Plant a Bomb Spore and 
    set it off to drop part of the bridge down below.  Drop down and push 
    the block onto the button to hold open the gate.
    Head inside and speak to the ThornTail who's two scales short of a 
    full tail.  If you have the Lantern, he'll move and you can Bomb the 
    floor.  Slide down the ladder.
    Right next to you is White Grubtub #1.  Continue further into the cave.  
    Veer a bit left and you'll find a pond with a couple of Bats and three 
    Fireflies.  Take them all, then enter the dark area that's to the right 
    of this little Firefly alcove.  Activate your Lantern to pull out a 
    Firefly.  Find the Bomb Spore patch and place one.  Blow it and behind 
    the wall you'll find White Grubtub #2.
    Enter the other dark passage (the one that slopes downhill).  Take 
    White Grubtub #3 down here, and find another Bomb Spore patch.  Plant 
    and shoot and you'll lower the nearby pillar.  Now, head back and enter 
    a short passage with a Boost Pad.  Boost up and collect White Grubtub 
    #4 and some Fireflies.  Now, since you lowered the pillar, you can hop 
    out onto it and cross to the other ledge.  In this new area, you'll find 
    White Grubtubs #5 and #6.  Now, retrace your steps all the way to the 
    entrance and outside.
    Go to the Queen and give her the White Grubtubs.  She'll be restored 
    and will spill the whole story on you.  So, now you've got to find 
    and restore the SpellStones.  You'll be tasked with going to SnowHorn 
    Wastes to find Garunda Te, and you'll be given the SharpClaw Prison 
    For another place to use the Boost, go around near the Store.  There's 
    a Pad here.  Use it to shoot up to the ledge.  Bomb the wall.  Inside, 
    hit all four Blast Buttons quickly to open up a hole and get a Staff 
    Energy Upgrade.  There are also a couple of Fuel Cells around the 
    corner on the ledge.
    Now, to head back to SnowHorn Wastes, climb the ladder to the left of 
    the well and you'll be back in the sewers.  The flow's too strong to 
    swim against, so have Tricky stay on the nearby switch, climb up, and 
    flip the lever to reverse the flow.  Also in this area, there's a 
    Boost Pad that'll put you in range of a Blast Button that will open 
    up a couple of Fuel Cells.  Keep going through the sewers and you'll 
    be back to BribeClaw and the Wastes.
    C. Chapter 2 - DarkIce and Hot Lava (SpellStone #1)
    Whenever you go on a SpellStone quest, the whole thing is two-fold.  
    In addition to going up in orbit to retrieve the stone, you also have 
    to go the respective Force Point Temple to restore the stone.
    i. SnowHorn Wastes
    All right.  First use the key on the nearby lock to open the cage.  
    Enter and head for the frozen ice, under which Garunda Te is trapped.  
    He'll tell you to bring him Frost Weeds from the nearby tree so he'll 
    be strong enough to free himself.  What you need to do is whack the 
    tree and kick the weeds over to the ice so he'll suck them up.  You 
    need to do this three times.  Only problem is there's a bunch of 
    SharpClaws here, too.  Try to avoid fights if you can and just 
    concentrate on the weeds.
    Once you've freed Garunda, he'll tell you about the SpellStone and 
    his daughter, and that he'll open the gateway for you to DarkIce Mines.  
    Now, you're clear to head back to your Arwing.
    If you want to do more here, go east and kill the HoleDweller in the 
    tree near the waterfall.  It will tip over and you can climb up to a 
    couple of Fuel Cells.
    Anyway, head back to ThornTail Hollow.  If you have five Fuel Cells, 
    you can make the run to DarkIce Mines
    ii. Arwing Mission - To DarkIce Mines
    This run is a bit more hectic than the first, mostly because of the 
    existence of a lot more meteors.  Try to fly around them as best as you 
    can.  You only need three Gold Rings, and there are about ten floating 
    around.  If you see a ring with an X in the middle, just shoot it and 
    you'll be able to fly through it.
    iii. DarkIce Mines
    Once you land, trudge on up the sloping path (either direction), while 
    shooting down Bloops that get in your way.  Continue along the thin 
    path, avoiding lava balls and hopping over gaps.  Soon, you'll reach 
    the camp.  Clean it out of SharpClaws if you wish.  Note that one of 
    the SnowHorns here is in shackles.  Next to him is a cabin with a snow 
    wall in front of it, but it has a crack.  Have Tricky Find and he'll 
    burrow through.  Follow him in, defeat the two Grunts inside, and find 
    the chest in a little sideroom that has the Shackle Key.
    Release the SnowHorn outside and she'll ask you to help Belina, the 
    Gatekeeper's daughter.  She'll also give you a Bridge Cog.  Head past 
    the cabins and through the archway and you'll find a river.  Drop down 
    to the ledge below and make your way towards the waterfall, where you'll 
    find a cog mechanism.  Put the missing Cog in its place then pull the 
    lever to extend the bridge.  Climb back up and cross.  Follow the path 
    and you'll find two Grunts beating up a SnowHorn.  Beat them up, 
    instead.  The SnowHorn will tell you about Tricky's Flame Command, and 
    he'll also ask for some food.
    Now that you have Flame, head back to the cabin area and have Tricky 
    melt the ice on the cabin blocked by ice.  Head inside and have him 
    also use it on the firewood to melt the ice in a somewhat delightful 
    manner.  Drop down, take care of the Snipluk, and melt the ice wall 
    in here.  Have Tricky Find near the patch of dirt and you'll get an 
    Alpine Root.
    Head back out and back to where the SnowHorn is.  No need to feed him 
    yet, as there's one more we need.  Drop down into the trench with the 
    rolling rocks.  Go up the trench in the direction the rocks are coming 
    from and you'll eventually come upon an ice wall.  Flame it down, and 
    use Find to get the second Alpine Root.
    Head back out of the trench to the SnowHorn and give him the Roots.  
    He'll ask you to hop on his back for some smashing good times.  Climb 
    up the nearby ladder and press A to hop on.  Move him to the gates and 
    knock them down.  That's all you need him for, so head to the right 
    to the nearby platform to hop off.  Ignore the Cannon firing at you 
    for a moment and head back in the direction of the gates.  Flame down 
    the nearby ice wall and pass through.  Climb up the nearby ladder and 
    you'll pass another cog device.  Boost up off the pad to head back into 
    the Cannon area.  Hop across the platforms along the wall.  When you 
    reach the one with the torch, head inside and you'll reach the Cannon.  
    Knock out the Grunt guarding it and you'll be able to commandeer it.  
    Yay... ^_^
    Start firing on the Grunts that come out of the hut.  Once you take out 
    all five, the Life Force Door will open.  While you're here, see that 
    wall that's boarded up far to your right?  Bust it up, too.  Now, 
    head back down to the ground level.  Go through the door under the 
    Cannon to get a Bridge Cog.  Go into the hut the Grunts were coming 
    out of to get a second Bridge Cog.  Head through the former boarded up 
    wall by climbing up to it.  In this windy area, walk up the slope and 
    past the weird pad.  Have Tricky Flame the wall and you'll get the last 
    Bridge Cog.
    Head back to the cog mechanism (on the path to the cannon).  Place all 
    three Cogs and use the lever to extend another bridge.  Cross it and 
    at the end, have Tricky Find the wall and crawl through.  In this 
    next room, shoot the Blast Button high up, then have Tricky Flame all 
    four vents on the ends of the structure in the middle of the room.  
    This will open the door at the other end.  Walk through and leap across 
    the pit.  You'll land on an invisible bridge.  Go into the next room 
    and Flame down the ice block to get the Dinosaur Horn.
    Now that you have the Horn, go back to the Cannon Snow Field.  Climb 
    to the hole that was boarded up, then go up the slope to the platform 
    with the Horn inscribed on it.  Blow it and you'll call a SnowHorn to 
    take you through the nearby blizzard.  This next part is best during 
    daytime with the higher visibility.  What you have to do is keep 
    walking to the next Alpine Root to keep going through the blizzard and 
    not get tossed back to the beginning.  Follow the Roots and you'll find 
    the end point between two torches.  You'll notice that Tricky is 
    missing.  Have the SnowHorn bash down the boarded-up wall, then hop off 
    him at the nearby platform.  Head into the cave and beat up the two 
    Grunts to open the Life Force Door, then head further and hop on a 
    SharpClaw Racer.  This time, there's no rush.  Just race through the 
    caves and you'll eventually reach the mine proper.
    You'll have crashed up onto a dangerous situation.  Stay in control on 
    the conveyor belt and avoid the flames and hop off at the little ramp 
    at the end of the belt.  You can kill the three Grunts in this area to 
    open the Life Force Door, but then you're up against an ice wall, 
    which you'll need Tricky for, and you can hear him whining from here.  
    Search the floor near the conveyor belt until you find a Boost Pad.  
    Boost up, crawl through the hole, and follow the rolling rocks.  At 
    the third alcove, you'll see a flame jet.  Look up and shoot the 
    Blast Button above it to shut it off, then open the chest to get the 
    Silver Key.  Head back to the belt area.  Head over to the platforms 
    with rotating flame jets.  Time your moves past them and head to the 
    cells.  Open the one on the right, which has Tricky.
    Now that your pal's back, kill the Grunts in the area to open the Life 
    Force Door.  Head through and Flame the ice wall.  Open the chest to 
    get the Gold Key.  Go back to the cells and release Belina.  She'll act 
    all huffy about her father and bust through the back wall (why she 
    didn't do just that earlier is a mystery).  She'll call back to follow 
    her to the bottom of the mine.
    Use Find on the nearby crack and crawl through to an underground lake.  
    Look up at the stalactites hanging from the ceiling.  Shoot at the 
    three that aren't curvy and they'll fall into the lake.  Hop across 
    the floes formed by their falling and flip the lever to start some floes 
    moving further upstream.  Boost up to the upper area and start hopping 
    onto the ice floes.  Bounce over to the far end slow moving ones, then 
    wait until it reaches close to the end and hop to the far shore.  Up 
    here is a pushin' block.  Drop it over the side, then climb down to 
    the lake level.  Head to the now-accessible passage.  At the end, 
    beat up the two Grunts if you wish and head to the next huge room.
    More conveyor belts.  Watch the flames and move on down the circular 
    slope where you'll run into Belina again.  She'll tell you about the 
    SpellStone.  Head into the huge room.  Don't bother fighting too much 
    unless you really have a thirst for blood.  What you're looking for is 
    a ladder with barrels exploding near it.  Climb up and you'll see a 
    Barrel Pad next to you.  Carry a Barrel all the way up the slope, 
    avoiding the barrels rolling down.  They all roll the same way, so 
    watch the pattern for openings.  Once you reach the top, you'll be at a 
    circular path.  Move to the next circular path and you should see a 
    faint circle with a picture of a Barrel on it.  Set the Barrel down 
    there.  Climb the nearby ladder.  On this circular path, you'll find 
    a lever switch.  Pull it and a little robot guy will pick up your 
    Barrel and put it on your level.  Carry it over to the next circular 
    path, and watch out for the cannon shot.  Time your way past the flame 
    jets and head for the cracked wall at the end.  Toss your Barrel to 
    blow it, and flip the switch.  This will drop a bridge near some 
    red torches, which is near the rolling barrel dispenser.  Run all the 
    way back down and cross the bridge.  Follow the rollling boulders down 
    the path, and you'll eventually come upon a switch.  Flip it and you'll 
    raise the bridge near the green torches, which is near the Cannon.  
    Once at the Cannon, take out the Grunt there, then shoot the two 
    barricades on the pillars.  Once they're both gone, stones will rise at 
    floor level and you'll be able to step on a teleporter.  This will 
    warp you to the boss of this area.
    Step up to the frozen dino and Flame it to melt it down.  It'll come to 
    life and swallow the SpellStone.  For the first round of combat, run 
    behind it and hit it in its spiky butt to cause damage.  Do this about 
    four times and it'll swallow you.  Once inside, whack the uvula, which 
    has the SpellStone in it.  Watch out for it swinging back, as it can 
    hurt.  Beat it enough and you'll get spit up.  Now you have to shoot 
    Galdon in its neck.  Set your Fire Blaster on Y if you haven't already.  
    Pull out your Staff and make sure you're close enough to maintain the 
    target lock on him.  Watch him as he spits and bites.  When he starts 
    to inhale, shoot the Fire Blaster at his vulnerable neck.  
    Alternatively, you can keep your distance during all this, but you'll 
    have to manually shoot once he starts inhaling as you won't be close 
    enough for a lock.  Once you shoot him three times, he'll swallow you 
    once more.  Hit the uvula again and the SpellStone will drop and 
    you'll win the fight, after another spitting out and watching Galdon 
    gurgle to his death.
    iv. ThornTail Hollow and Moon Mountain Pass
    Hop back into your Arwing and take the ride back to the Planet.  You'll 
    return to a crisis in ThornTail Hollow.  The three beacons that keep 
    the ThornTails from being scared of the dark were extinguished.  What 
    you need to do to relight them is to go to the tree in the middle of 
    the area and knock Fire Weeds out of the tree.  Hit them with your 
    Staff to stop their rolling and pick them up.  You'll need three at 
    most.  Now, just put one on each Beacon and have Tricky Flame them to 
    light them up.  One Beacon is near the well, up a little slope.  The 
    second is near the WarpStone.  The third is in an area you haven't 
    exactly been to yet.  If you haven't already, go to the southeast 
    corner where the door to the Queen is.  You can climb up a ledge and 
    move along the south wall and flip a switch to open a gate below you.  
    Head through that gate and you'll find the final Beacon (if you're 
    still lost, the gate is near a sign that says "To Cape Claw").  For 
    your trouble, you'll receive a key to the gate at Moon Mountain Pass.
    The exit to Moon Mountain Pass is at the northeast end of town.  That's 
    near the well.  At the end, plant a Bomb Spore to blow the wall.  
    As you continue on the road, you'll eventually fall through a weak 
    floor onto an air vent.  There's poison gas down here, so veer to the 
    left and the opening.  Time your hops on the platforms and ride the wind 
    on the other side up to solid ground.  There's a Fuel Cell here (and 
    one in the other vent on the way back).  Continue on to the actual 
    Once you enter, you'll get a small cutscene of some Grunts waiting at 
    the gate.  They'll start throwing barrels down at you.  Dodge and 
    weave and make your way to the gate.  Once you reach it, use the Key 
    and head through.  Go up and take out the Grunts to deactivate the 
    Life Force Door at the end of the Pass.  Head up through that door and 
    into the entry to the Temple.
    v. Volcano Force Point Temple
    In the entryway, wait for the floor panels to retract, then extend, 
    then hop across them to the other side.  In the next room, look for a 
    flame jet spewing out of the floor.  You're going down there, so wait 
    for it to stop and hop down.  Continue down the passage and across the 
    causeway, avoiding the Fire Bats.  In this area, you can Boost up and 
    open the door with the Staff to get the BafomDad, but the others can't 
    be opened yet.  To leave this area, run up the conveyor belt, avoiding 
    the falling barrels (insert obvious Donkey Kong reference here).  Once 
    you reach the top, turn left and head out to the temple proper.
    If you want, you can go under the bridge here and get the Fuel Cell, but 
    what you really need to do is put your SpellStone over the pad in 
    front of the gate to open it up.  Now, to open the main door, you'll 
    need to set the orbs on fire.  The way to do that is to take out your 
    Fire Blaster, and shoot through the torches and hit the orbs when the 
    flames are the same color as the orb.  When you light both orbs, place 
    the SpellStone and the door will open.
    In here is a Life Force Door, but where are the bad guys?  Walk up and 
    turn around.  Ohhh.  There they are.  Defeat the four Grunts and the 
    door will disappear.  In the next room, have Tricky light both 
    vents at the sides of the room to set the panels in motion.  Climb up 
    the ladder, then jump across the platform and back to the blue chamber.  
    Time you movements past the fire jets, then climb up the ladder, and 
    do the same thing on the side: climb, flame jets, moving platform.  
    You'll arrive at a Staff Power hole.  In it, you'll find the Ice 
    Blaster.  Use it to put out the four red Torches out in the circular 
    room and the elevator in the room's center will activate.  Ride it 
    Continue along the corridor, dousing Fire Bats with your Ice Blaster 
    if you want.  You'll enter the focusing room of the Temple, where Peppy 
    will explain Force Point Temples to you.  Place the SpellStone on the 
    pad nearby and you'll open up a door back and to your right.  Head back 
    to the first door and douse the flame to get through the other door.  
    Pass the flames and ride the elevator up.  Don't go down the passage 
    yet.  Instead, climb one of the ladders near you and put out the four 
    torches up here.  The door at the end of the passage will open.  In 
    the next room, three Grunts will attack.  Defeat them to open the Life 
    Force Door.  Jump across the platforms while avoiding the fire.  When 
    you reach the other side, Tricky will start having second thoughts.  To 
    get him over here, shoot the Blast Buttons on the moving platforms to 
    make them stop.  Tricky will hop over and you can use his Flame to 
    fire up the vent and open the door.
    Move through the tunnel and you'll be at the top.  Step onto the pad to 
    be teleported to the Force Point.  Place the Stone and you'll weaken 
    the flow of magic spilling out.  Go you!
    You'll be placed back at the gateway to the Temple.  Go back and make 
    your way through the entryway back to Moon Mountain Pass.
    D. Chapter 3 - Fly Me to the Moon (Krozoa Spirit #2)
    Apparently, Moon Mountain Pass was actually a second moon that crashed 
    into the Dinosaur Planet and created the SharpClaws.  Well, you'll be 
    spending some time here to get a Krazoa Spirit, so get comfy.
    i. Moon Mountain Pass
    As you enter the pass, you'll hear Krystal, and she's not in good 
    shape.  A Krazoa will appear and tell you to help her by tracking down 
    the remaining five Spirits.  To move on in the area, he says you'll need 
    a MoonSeed for the Kalda Chom here.  You can't take it out, 
    unfortunately, so head through the door the Krazoa opened and into the 
    Staff Power place to get Ground Quake.  Take it and use it on the Kalda 
    Chom to spin him around.  Hit him twice and you'll get a MoonSeed.  
    Plant it in the ground near the crack in the wall and have Tricky 
    light it up.  Climb the vine that grows.  
    In this next area, there are several Kalda Choms and places to grow 
    MoonSeeds, so take care of all those.  To proceed, enter a cave near a 
    place you just climbed up.  In this cave, in addition to a Kalda Chom, 
    is a wall that you must blow with a Bomb Spore.  Blow it and move out 
    of the cave and along a passage.  Eventually, you'll reach a clearing, 
    and you'll see a cutscene of a meteor crashing.  To move this meteor, 
    you'll need to find three small rocks and place them on gas vents 
    near the meteor to lift it up.  There are two rocks under Find patches, 
    and one is on fire and in plain sight, so ice it up so you can grab 
    it.  Now, you don't know which vents to put them on, so just put them 
    on any of them.  If you hear a tone, you got the right one.  Once all 
    three are in place, you'll be able to pass under the stone.  Plant 
    and grow another MoonSeed back here to continue on.
    In this next area, plant another MoonSeed to your left to climb up.  
    If you want, plant another to reach the well to buy a Cheat Token, and 
    there's a Fuel Cell up there, too.  Where you really want to go, though, 
    is up the slopes and onto the teleporter, which will take you to the 
    second Krazoa Shrine.
    ii. Krazoa Shrine 2
    Proceed and climb up the ladder to the first room.  Mind the Fire Bat.  
    Jump into the water and avoid the whirlpools, which hurt if you get 
    sucked into them.  Shoot the Wraith and douse the flame.  Climb up and 
    drop down into the pit.  Turn around and shoot the Blast Button behind 
    you to raise the water level.  Continue to the next room.  Carefully 
    walk along the narrow path while avoiding the flames.  Once you reach 
    the end, turn around and shoot the Blast Button to open the gate.  Run 
    through and talk to the Krazoa Spirit.
    THE TEST OF COMBAT: Rather simple. Defeat the ten SharpClaw Grunts 
    here within the time limit.  Concentrate mainly on the multi-kick and 
    spin jump combos, which cause more damage.
    Once you finish, you'll be possessed by the second Krazoa Spirit.  
    You'll be deposited at the place you came in, and will be visited by 
    the other Krazoa again, who'll tell you to bring the spirit to Krazoa 
    Palace.  Now, to leave this area.
    Head down the slopes and you'll notice some air drafts flowing up.  
    Also, take note of the Barrel Pad nearby.  The wall is across the way, 
    but it'll be tough getting a Barrel there.  Pick it up, then jump 
    across the nearest air draft and the Barrel will coast over there with 
    you.  Pick it up again and coast over to the platform out to the left 
    the same way.  Now, you're close enough to toss it.  Once the wall's 
    blown, cross the last draft and head into the tunnel.  Step into the 
    draft and you'll be back at that area with several Kalda Choms and places 
    to put MoonSeeds.  Head out and down to the main pass.  Now, head 
    all the way back to ThornTail Hollow.  Go and talk to the WarpStone and 
    ask him to take you to Krazoa Palace.
    iii. Krazoa Palace
    As you enter the Palace, stroll right on up to the first chamber and 
    slaughter the Grunts that pop up to challenge you.  That will open the 
    Life Force Door.  This next room is very dark, so light up a Firefly to 
    see (there are some in the Crates outside).  Progress up the side of the 
    room and around to the other side.  Notice that your way is blocked by 
    a cracked wall.  The Barrel to toss at this wall is outside, behind a 
    pillar.  It's best to have the way you're supposed to go mapped out 
    first in your mind so you know where you're going, though.  So, grab 
    and toss the Barrel and head through.
    In the next room, shoot the Blast Button high up to get the flame jets 
    moving.  Now, pick up the nearby Barrel and bust down the wall with 
    it.  In the next room, there's a Cannonbot guarding the floor switch.  
    To lower his shields, light up the orbs flanking him (you remember how 
    to do that, don't you?  Shoot through the fire when the colors match).
    Now, bust him up with the Fire Blaster.  To weigh down the switch, get a 
    Barrel from the last room and set it on the switch.  Go to the next room 
    and beat up the Grunts if you wish.  Now, stand on the pedestal to ride 
    up to the passage.  Head into the huge circular room.  Ride up the 
    big wind draft in the center and look back and to your left, then 
    ride up the highest wind draft to go to the top tier here.  There are 
    two drafts along the walls here.  The nearer one is a drop-down from 
    above.  The other across the room is the one you want to ride up to 
    get to the top.  Once at the top, approach Krystal for a rather 
    awkward scene... ^_^
    Hop down and around the side of the big pedestal up here and deposit 
    your Krazoa Spirit into the mask on the wall.  Now, you'll be sucked 
    back to ThornTail Hollow.  The Warpstone will tell you to head to the 
    seaside, and will give you a Medium Scarab Bag, which will hold 100 
    E. Chapter 4 - Sea and Sky (SpellStone #2)
    In this chapter, you'll spend much of your time at Cape Claw and the 
    CloudRunner Fortress, while you search for the second SpellStone.
    i. Cape Claw
    First thing to do is stock up on Scarabs so you have at least sixty.  
    To get to Cape Claw, leave the Hollow by the southwest exit, the one 
    closest to the Arwing.  Continue past the beacon down here and in the 
    next area, hop off to the right and swim around so you can climb up to 
    the other side.  Continue on and you'll be in LightFoot Village.  
    Keep going through some Grunts and you'll reach a Scarab Toll thing...  
    Give it sixty Scarabs and it'll open the way to Cape Claw.  Past the 
    gate you'll have a minor maze to deal with.  This is where having a 
    map comes in handy.  Once you make it through the maze, you'll have a 
    well you have to go down.  Once inside, you can raid it for Fuel Cells, 
    or just go up and out the other side to reach Cape Claw.
    As you enter the cape, Fox will get a cutscene where we get a POV shot 
    of someone behind bars at the other end of the cape.  Once you resume 
    control, you can get across the waterfall by blasting the Button above 
    it to extend the bridge, but you don't have to at the moment.  Where 
    you really want to go is the far end of the beach where there's a 
    HighTop and a BribeClaw.  Give it 25 Scarabs to pass and speak to the 
    HighTop.  Those guys love their gold, so you need to find four Gold Bars 
    so he'll help you.
    If you're short on Scarabs, there's a Boost Pad behind the platforms in 
    the water.  You can use it to save yourself 25.
    One Gold Bar is right near the ramp leading to the HighTop, next to the 
    wall.  The second is near the jail cell holding the weeping CloudRunner.  
    The third is out to the left of the HighTop, near a patrolling Grunt.  
    The fourth is in the same area.  Burn down the brambles with Tricky, 
    and beat up the two Grunts on the other side.  The Find patch is 
    under a little bit of water.  Take the bars to the HighTop and he'll 
    drop a ladder across the way.  Climb up to the big Krazoa statue and up 
    the ladder.  Flip the lever and you'll open a gate above the prison.  
    Head in and you'll be trapped inside.  The four blocks will move and 
    you'll have to readjust them back onto the vents so you don't die from 
    poison gas.  Although your meter at the bottom seems to go down fast, 
    realize that it'll go down slower when you start covering up vents.  
    Once you cover up all four, the prison will open.  Head down and speak 
    to the Queen CloudRunner, who'll open the way to CloudRunner Fortress.  
    You'll also learn of a bit of the strife between the CloudRunners and 
    EarthWalkers.  Tricky will be a big indignant and will want to sit this 
    one out.  Now, head back to the ThornTail Hollow and fly there in your 
    Arwing.  You need eight Fuel Cells.
    ii. Arwing Mission - To CloudRunner Fortress
    This time, you need five Gold Rings to pass on.  This mission's pretty 
    hectic.  There are a couple of new hazards.  The first is a new kind of 
    ship that spins and fires a steady stream of shots at you.  The second 
    is a small red emplacement that does the same.  There are still plenty 
    of Gold Rings, but you'll have to keep a sharp eye out for them amidst 
    the mess of lasers.
    iii. CloudRunner Fortress
    As you land, the Queen will speak to you again, telling you she'll go 
    in to see if it's safe.  Your first task is to open the first gate.  To 
    do this, you'll need to drop down to the pool below, but watch out for 
    the Fungus Turtles.  Head towards a platform with a switch.  After you 
    step on the switch, you have thirty seconds to jump through three rings.  
    To get to these rings, you have to hop across the boxes and platforms.  
    It's tough, but possible.  Once you jump through the last ring, a Blast 
    Button will appear above the gate for you to open it with.
    As you enter, you'll be set upon by two Grunts.  Past them is a spiral 
    path leading up.  There are two Spybots on patrol here, who will zap 
    you if you get in their spotlights.  The way to avoid them is to hide 
    behind pillars.  Make sure you're out of sight and you won't be zapped.  
    Once you reach the top, go past the gate and down the ladder.  Run 
    around the ledge, and you'll find a switch.  Pull it to open the gate.  
    Head back up the ladder and through the gate.  You'll reach the inner 
    area.  A cutscene will take over, where you see Scales roughing up the 
    Queen CloudRunner.  Fox will intervene, but be zapped down by Spybots.  
    He'll wake up in a cell, without Krystal's Staff.
    Note that one of the blocks is oddly colored.  Push it out and head out 
    of the cell.  You'll get a communication that you'll need a Disguise to 
    fool the bad guys.  Head out into the cage room.  Avoid the puddles on 
    the floor so the guard doesn't wake up.  Make your way past him.  
    Ahead in the passage and on your left is a pit.  Drop down.  Take a Fuel 
    Barrel and place it on the vent.  Now, step on the floor switch to make 
    the Barrel rise up and explode.  Slippy will comm in and give you the 
    disguise, which is a Staff Power, kinda...
    Use the Disguise and head back to the guard.  He'll ask you to take 
    over.  Grab your Staff and start unlocking cages.  One cage will have a 
    dino in it who will give you a Power Key for the generator room.  To 
    leave this area, shoot the Blast Button by the exit door.  To climb 
    out this shaft, watch for the spotlight to pass over the climbing wall, 
    then shimmy up as quick as possible before it comes around again.  
    Climb up the three walls and you'll be back at the plaza you were 
    captured in.
    In the plaza there are several Spybots, so try to avoid them to not 
    get zapped, or shoot them with your Fire Blaster to stun them.  Also, 
    you can just put on your Disguise and they'll ignore you.  What you 
    have to do here is find the three gems that power the generator room.  
    Head to the structure at the center of the plaza.  Each of the three 
    blocks on the structure is a button.
    Left Button: To prepare for this, head to the left of the structure, 
    climb up on a box and flip the switch to drop a ladder.  Head up the 
    ladder and ice up the two flames here.  Now, push the button on the 
    structure and book it to the now open gate in this area.  Open the 
    chest and you'll get a green Light Gem.
    Middle Button: Once you push this button, a gate on the second floor 
    will open.  Climb up on the boxes behind and to the right of you and 
    make your way around the ledge to the gate, avoiding the Grunts.  
    Opening the chest here will get you the red Light Gem.
    Right Button: To prepare, you may want to take out the fire at the far 
    right end of the plaza, which has a Boost Pad behind it.  Hit the 
    button on the structure and you can run over and Boost up to the 
    chest with the blue Light Gem.
    Once you have all three Light Gems, find the generator room, which is 
    to the right of the structure with the buttons, near the front wall.  
    Open the door with the Power Key and place all three gems on their 
    respective colors (hurry, because it's unhealthy to be in there).  This 
    starts up the fans in the area.  Now, a lot of switches will become 
    active.  If an arrow on a switch is pointing up, it means the nearby fan 
    will blow you up to the upper level.  If it's pointing down, you'll fall 
    safely to the lower level.
    So, the fan you want to head to is in the back left corner of the plaza.  
    Ride up and jump off the right side.  You'll face off against three 
    Grunts.  Take them out.  Note the pad on the floor.  That's a pad that 
    can only be activated by SharpClaws.  What do you do?  Put on the 
    Disguise, of course, and step on the pad to open the gate.
    In the outside balcony area, take out the five Grunts to lower the 
    Life Force Door.  There's a Fuel Barrel in this room.  Note that it's 
    different than others.  You need to have the Disguise on to use it.  
    Pick it up and head outside.  Turn left and go down to the nearest open 
    doorway.  It has a pad where you can drop the Barrel.  Do so, then 
    climb the ladder.  Step on the Disguise Pad to get the robot going.  
    It'll drop it nearby.  Grab it and head out to the ledge.  Turn right 
    and throw it at the boarded-up wall across the gap to bust it open.  
    Head through the doorway and you'll crash through a floor onto an 
    air vent.  Continue on into the next room.  You'll fight a couple of 
    Grunts and hear some crying.  Walk around behind a couple of boxes to 
    find a Disguise Pad that lowers a nearby ladder.  Climb up and the 
    Queen will tell you that the cage seems unstable.  
    First thing is to get out of here.  To the left of the cage are some 
    boxes.  Hop onto them, then over to the switch.  Flip it.  Head over to 
    the other corner of the ledge (climb up the ladder and walk around) to 
    flip the other switch that opens the gate outside.  Now, head back 
    outside and through the door that leads to the Barrel.  Carry the Barrel 
    over to the wind vent leading back to the cage.  You'll drop it when you 
    jump into the air, though, but it should coast to the other side.  If 
    you have problems, it's worth it to note that when you release the 
    Barrel, it goes a bit to the right, so try to face a little left so 
    that it coasts all the way across.  If you mess it up, just kinda kick 
    it around in midair.  Anyway, once you get it to the other side, toss it 
    into the supporting pillar below the cage and the Queen will be free.  
    She'll tell you to find her children and give you the CloudRunner Flute 
    to call them.
    NOTE: To successfully call a CloudRunner kid back, you must defeat the 
    enemies around it.  Then, it will land.  Get close enough to the bird 
    so that the C button appears above it (but not too close, or it'll fly 
    up out of your reach), then play the Flute.
    Now, head back outside to the balcony area.  You'll see the first kid 
    and a SharpClaw nearby.  Take out the Grunt and the kid will land.  
    Climb up and play the flute.  One down.
    The second is through the gate behind you, back in the plaza, second 
    floor.  Shoot the Blast Button above the gate to open it, ride over the 
    air vent, take out the two Grunts, and play the flute near the kid.  
    Two down.
    #3 is outside on the main wall.  To get out there, head under the pile 
    of rubble at the entrance, then walk out the gate (this is right before 
    you got captured).  Slide down the ladder next to you and walk around 
    the ledge.  Bust up the crate to uncover a Boost Pad.  Shoot up, then 
    walk around this ledge and take out the three Grunts.  Play the Flute.  
    Three down.
    The last one is allll the way back at the back side of the Fortress, 
    the balcony.  Slide down the ladder, then climb up the other and head 
    back through the gate.  Head to the back left door of the plaza, ride 
    up the vent, and run through to fight the four Grunts, and play the 
    flute.  That's all of them.  Head back to the cage to talk to the 
    Queen, who'll open the treasure chamber.  To get to the treasure 
    chamber, go out to the balcony, and look at the far right edge to find 
    a ladder that goes down.  Slide down, then manuever around the narrow 
    ledge and enter the treasure rooms.
    First, take out the two Grunts.  In the next chamber, pick up the 
    Fireflies, as you're gonna need them.  Follow the tunnel, but don't 
    step into the air vent.  Instead, flip the switch nearby to make the 
    vent go down.  Now, you can explore the next dark room, but you'll 
    realize that you'll need a Barrel.  Yes, it's that same one.  Go all 
    the way back to the balcony, grab the Barrel, and carry it down the 
    vent and to the dark room.  Toss the Barrel into the wall, and continue 
    on down the ladder.
    In this area, head through either of the doors, and you'll come upon 
    Scales, and the SpellStone.  In addition to using one of his own men 
    as a shield, Scales will tell the others to take the SpellStone away.  
    He'll take off and you'll hop on a bike to chase the Grunts with the 
    Stone.  This isn't too hard to accomplish.  All you really need to do 
    is ram the lead Grunt until he blows up and drops the SpellStone.  
    There are Arrow Pads on the ground to give you a burst of speed and 
    heal you up a bit, as your bike can blow up here if you take too much 
    damage.  Once you get the Stone, you'll leave CloudRunner Fortress, 
    after getting a send-off by the CloudRunners.
    iv. Ocean Force Point Temple
    Head back to the Planet.  Once you get back to ThornTail Hollow, 
    return to Cape Claw.  Now, climb up to the Krazoa statue, and onto the 
    right side.  You'll find a Disguise Pad up here.  Open it up to hop in 
    a pool of water.  Swim to the red pedestal and have Tricky Stay on it.  
    Climb up on the new pedestal and hop up to the switch.  Flip it to stop 
    the waterfall outside.  Now, swim down to the waterfall.  Avoid the 
    whirlpools and veer right to the next room.  Put out the fire in front 
    of the pedestal and take the Fire Crystal.  This room will fill with 
    water from above, so make your exit, then walk up to the main entrance 
    of the Krazoa statue.  Put the Fire Crystal in one of the mouths of 
    the statues.  Now, head outside and down to the beach on the right side 
    of the cape, where you'll see two Grunts fighting a LightFoot.  Take the 
    Grunts out and, after a fashion, you'll get the second Fire Crystal.  
    Take it to the big statue and put it in the second mouth.  Note that 
    it's not lighting up like the other one.  That's 'cause there's no 
    sun shining on it.  Near the entrance is a switch.  It'll drop the 
    nearby pillar.  Move Tricky on it and have him Stay there.  Now, flip 
    the switch again to raise it and have Tricky Flame down the brambles 
    covering the eye on the big head.  Sun will shine, and the door will 
    open.  Head inside.
    In the entry chamber, drop down into the pool and climb out the other 
    side.  Face back at the entrance and shoot the Blast Button high on the 
    wall.  This raises the water level.  Swim over to one of the doorways 
    and walk around the passage to find some bramble for Tricky to burn.  
    Now, you've got a block.  Push it into the water.  Shoot the Button 
    again to drop the water.  Shove the block onto the switch to open the 
    other gate.  Climb up and head through.  You've now reached the front 
    of the Temple.  Climb up the ladders on the far end.  Take out the 
    Grunt here and place your SpellStone on the seal to get inside.
    Head down into the first room.  This next part seems to confuse a lot of 
    people.  Have Tricky Stay on the switch.  Note that the lower six rows 
    of blocks on the wall have one lit up now.  That corresponds to the 
    electric floor ahead of you.  Step onto the corresponding pad on each 
    row and the row will drop and become safe.  So, if the second one is lit 
    up on the bottom row on the wall, then the second pad will be the one 
    that makes the whole row safe.  Get it?
    Once across, beat down the two Grunts.  Once that's done, drop in the 
    water to your left and head into the square room with the three 
    Fungus Turtles.  Climb up (shoot the Fungus Turtles if you wish) on the 
    nearby platform and make your way along the narrow paths.  All three 
    have switches that you must flip, so get it all out your system now.  
    Once you flip all three, you'll have lit a torch, and stopped water 
    flow in two places.  Head back down to the water and towards the grates 
    that have just been closed.  Climb up to the teleporter.  Shoot 
    through the colored flame when it's green to light the orb.  Now, go 
    through the teleporter.
    Now, we're deep in the temple.  Head forward through the unnecessarily 
    huge doors.  The first room here has some supplies, but nothing else, 
    so just head right and through the passage to the next room (Watch out 
    for Wraiths!  Who said that?)  This room is quite flooded, so step over 
    to the switch to drain it.  Hop down and go towards the corner of the 
    room, where another switch waits.  Door's open, but it's too high up.  
    Stand on the Disguise Pad.  Ah, a block.  Pull the block around the 
    pillar here to the south end (easier if you have a map, of course), and 
    settle it into that little slot.  Climb up and hop across and flip the 
    switch to raise the water again.  Head through the new door.
    This next room stumps a lot of people.  The first thing you want to do 
    is have Tricky set fire to the grate in the corner between the two 
    doors.  All four torches in the center will light up.  Now, those 
    Buttons in the corners cause the statue above them to dump water, and 
    that's what you need to do to extinguish the four torches.  There's 
    quite a delay between dumpings, so try to time it so you get the water 
    as soon as the torch goes under as the whole deal rotates.  Once that's 
    done, head into the new room.
    In this next room, you have to push a block around with your Fire 
    Blaster, and have it end up between the red and green torches.  It can 
    hit any of the walls in the middle, but it can't hit the far walls, or 
    else it'll start over.  Consider the only wall without a door as the 
    south side.  These are the directions to hit the block: east, north, 
    west, south, east north.
    With the block pushed, a Boost Pad back in the first room is activated.  
    Ride it up and run around the ledges.  Soon, you'll get to a torch and 
    an orb will be on the wall behind it.  Light the orb as you've always 
    done, and the bridge will extend to the teleporter.  Teleport and you'll 
    be in at the Force Point.  Place your SpellStone and that's two down.
    Now, return in the direction of ThornTail Hollow.  On the way, you'll 
    run into a little guy outside LightFoot Village.  Of course, it's a 
    F. Chapter 5 - Dance of the LightFoot (Krozoa Spirit #3)
    I like this next chapter.  You meet a new tribe on Dinosaur Planet, one 
    not as virtuous at the EarthWalkers, but not as evil as the SharpClaws, 
    sort of the Batman or Wolverine of Dinosaur Planet.
    i. LightFoot Village
    NOTE: If ever you leave and need to return to LightFoot Village, just 
    leave and come back and you'll see a little scene where a LightFoot 
    whacks the trees with bullseyes.  The order is: closest to the gate, 
    furthest from the gate, and the one in the middle.
    You'll wake up shackled to a totem pole.  The LightFoots will accuse 
    you of stealing and are ready to run you through.  Fortunately, you've 
    got a CloudRunner swooping in, ready to help.  To do this next part, 
    watch the slider at the top of the screen.  When the red bar is in the 
    green area, press the A button and the CloudRunner will torch the 
    LightFoots.  The green area will get smaller and smaller as the whole 
    mess continues.  Once you get rid of all of them, the Chief will untie 
    Now that you're free, it's time to explore.  Your objective is to find 
    three wooden block carvings.  There's one right near the platform you 
    start on, one in the northeast corner of the village, and there's a 
    third behind a bramble wall in the north part.  Use Tricky to dig them 
    all up.  Go up to the place where you were imprisoned and place all the 
    carvings in the slots of the proper shape, and some platforms will rise 
    up a bit to the northwest of you.  Hop the platforms onto an area with 
    a Boost Pad.  Shoot up and walk over to the huts.  Climb down the 
    ladder and go to the Chief's Hut.  He'll tell you about the Krazoa 
    Spirit, and you'll have to beat the LightFoot Tests to get to the 
    The Tracking Test involves activating three Totem Poles.  The first one 
    is back the way you came, up the ladder and across the bridge.  The 
    second is in the center of the map.  Hop there by some stones nearby.  
    The third is in the high part of the northeastern area.  Rocket Boost 
    up using the pad that was once behind the brambles and run over to it.  
    The final one is in the southeast corner.  Climb up the south wall to 
    reach it.
    The Test of Strength requires to quickly press A as fast as you can.  
    That's it.  Do that and Musclefoot will be knocked into the pit.  Some 
    people seem to have problems with this.  One thing that can help is to 
    rub a rounded object, like a spoon, across the A Button.  Seriously, 
    fast button-pushing should be the entrance exam for any gaming 
    community.  Also, try not to watch the screen.  Look away from the 
    screen and focus on your button-mashing.  One method submitted by 
    Klosterdev is to wait until Musclefoot pushes you all the way back, then 
    slam the button like mad and you'll get up enough momentum to dump him.
    STRENGTH.  I have no further tips other than get someone else who has 
    faster fingers to do it.  If I receive an e-mail regarding this, IT WILL 
    Once both tests are complete, you're an honorary member of the tribe.  
    You can now head into the chamber under the big platform.
    But first, there's a little bit of what we call "side-questing" to be 
    done.  There are three huts in the village that now have LightFoot 
    mothers in them.  The first is right near the Chief's hut, and the other 
    two are in the eastern area of the village, right next to each other.  
    Each of the three mothers ask you to save their three babies who are in 
    some area (NOTE: You MUST talk to them first to get the babies 
    "active").  Chase them out of their hiding places and you'll get a 
    Underground: Simply go into the area with the Krazoa Shrine.  You'll 
    find them on the upper walkway.  Chase them to the blue mist area and 
    they'll go home.  Talk to the mother and she'll create a Boost Pad near 
    the entrance that will get you to a Fuel Cell, a Cheat Token Well, a 
    BafomDad, and some other stuff.
    In the Forest: Boost up to the Totem Pole in the northeast section.  
    They'll be running around up there.  Chase them into the blue mist.  
    Your reward will be some boxes placed on the big platform, containing 
    healing items.
    Climb Trees: Go outside the gate to the outer pathway, where all the 
    trees are.  Start whacking trees.  Hit each one only once.  Three little 
    guys will eventually start falling out of them.  Your reward will be 
    that the hut with the closed door will open, allowing you to take two 
    Fuel Cells.
    Head into the underground area.  Go down to the bottom and climb on 
    top of the boxes that don't look like normal crates.  There's a button 
    on top.  Stand on it and the totem pole will start spinning.  What you 
    have to do is Fire Blast the pole so that the snake carvings all match 
    up.  It's best if you start from the bottom and work your way up so 
    you can match them up easier.  Once the pole is lined up, the gate to 
    the Krazoa Shrine will open.
    ii. Krazoa Shrine 3
    Bust up the crate in the first room to find a Boost Pad, and ride it 
    up.  In the next room, stand on the button until it's all the way down 
    and run towards the gate, while avoiding the fire jets (you may wanna 
    just gun down the Bloops).
    In the second room, do the same thing with the button, and jump into 
    the water.  Try to run around the spikes so you don't get hurt and 
    climb the ladder quickly.  Run through the door to the next room.  Drop 
    down to the lower floor, step on the button, and try to dodge all the 
    barrels rolling down as you climb the incline to the gate.  Speak to 
    the Krazoa Spirit.
    THE TEST OF FEAR: Ahh...  One of my favorites.  All you really need to 
    worry about is the bar at the top.  The red slider will move with 
    varying degrees of speed of its own accord.  All you have to do is push 
    the Control Stick (lightly) in the opposite direction and try to keep 
    the slider within the green area.  If it goes out, you fail and have to 
    start the area over.  Last until after you get picked up by the 
    invisible enemy and you'll get the Spirit.
    iii. Krazoa Palace
    Head all the way back to the WarpStone and warp to Krazoa Palace.  
    You'll appear at the little elevator platform.  Ignore the two Grunts, 
    unless you really wanna fight, and just ride up to the main room.  Go 
    to the center air vent and go forward and to your left.  You'll end up 
    on the second tier.  Look for the blue torches and use the Disguise Pad 
    there.  Deposit the Krazoa Spirit.  That looks uncomfortable...
    G. Chapter 6 - Roar of the RedEye (SpellStone #3)
    RedEyes are the coolest dinos in the game.  That's all I've got to say 
    i. ThornTail Hollow
    As you come out of the WarpStone, you'll notice a ThornTail crying 
    across the way.  She needs help.  Bad guys are coming to steal her eggs.  
    Go in there and help out.  What you need to do here is prevent any of 
    the creatures from successfully carrying an egg all the way back to 
    their hole.  Do this for the time limit and you'll get a new power: 
    The Portal Device.  There really aren't too many tips.  Just stay in 
    the center and keep your eyes open for any buggers that make a grab.  
    If things get too hectic, whip out a Ground Quake (thanks Metroid 
    With the Portal Device in hand, go talk to the Queen EarthWalker.  
    She'll tell you her husband is the third Gatekeeper, but he's already 
    at the Walled City.  He sealed his power behind the door behind the 
    Queen.  Well, you've got a little something to say about that.  Just 
    fire up the Portal Device (watch the neato portal-be-gone animation), 
    and you'll open up the gate to the Walled City.  Eight Fuel Cells are 
    needed to power the Arwing to get you there.
    ii. Arwing Mission - To Walled City
    You need seven Gold Rings to pass to the Walled City.  This is the 
    first mission to introduce closing and opening doors in asteroids.  
    Make good use of the boost (Y) and brake (X) to get by without damage.  
    Be sure to keep a good eye out for the Gold Rings, because you can't 
    afford to miss many.
    iii. Walled City
    This is where you wonder how these dinos built something like this 
    without opposable thumbs.  Anyway, you can talk to the nearby 
    EarthWalker, but he'll just tell you to rescue the king, of course.  
    Here's how you go about it.  To the southwest and northeast of the main 
    building, you'll see smaller structures.  Near each of these is a button 
    which you have to Ground Quake to press.  Once you do that, a fireplace 
    will arise from the structure above you and you have a time limit to 
    light it with Tricky's Flame.  Of course, you can't just hop up there.  
    Ohhh no no no.  You have to climb the main building (main ramp is on the 
    north side) climb up to the next ramp, which is on the opposite side, 
    and enter a tunnel inside that leads you to the structure.  It's best 
    if you do it without the time limit first so you know where to go.  It's 
    also worth it to note that you enter the passage with the blue torches 
    when you push the button on the blue side, and vice versa for the 
    red one.  Oh, and mind the blocks that push you off and the flame jets.  
    Once you have both of these flames lit, the south side cellar will open.  
    Head down there.
    You'll finally meet Tricky's dad now.  You need to enter the RedEye 
    King's lair to find the SpellStone.  To do that, you need to find the 
    two Sacred Teeth.  To do THAT, you have to visit the Magic Cave to the 
    south.  Leave and cross the newly-risen bridge.  Head around the side 
    of the wall and have Tricky use his Flame on the brambles.  Climb up 
    the wall and plant a Bomb Spore on the patch of dirt.  Blow it, and 
    head inside the last Staff Power Shrine to get the Super Quake.
    Now to take the fight to those dang RedEyes.  Run up to them and use the 
    Super Quake to knock them over, then go to one of the structures with 
    the buttons and grab a Fuel Barrel.  Toss it at them when they're on 
    the ground and they'll croak.  Take out all four and a Life Force Door 
    will open up on the south end of the complex.  Cross the wooden bridge, 
    head right, and climb the hills to reach a little building with a chest, 
    and the Gold RedEye Tooth.
    Now for the Silver one.  To get this up, you first have to shoot Blast 
    Buttons on four trees, and each of them has an EarthWalker standing 
    nearby.  Two of them are on the south side, near the Magic Cave.  
    Another is on the north side, near your Arwing.  The last one is in 
    the east side, but you have to go northeast to find a place where you 
    can get close.  Once all four trees have been shot, a circle of light 
    will appear in the river on the northeast side.  Jump in the water 
    (careful of the current) and swim through.  Now, more rings will 
    appear downstream, and you have to race to each one in the alotted time.  
    Just keep moving is the only strategy I can give you.  Oh, and the 
    current can sometimes carry you away from rings in the corners, so try 
    to compensate for that.  Once you go through the last ring, hit the 
    chest and take the Silver RedEye Tooth.
    Now, head back to where Tricky's father is.  Put the Gold Tooth in the 
    red statue, and the Silver Tooth in the blue statue, and head down to 
    meet the big boy himself.
    BOSS REDEYE KING: Fox will enter and be a little surprised by the door 
    slamming shut behind him.  The door at the far end opens and the big 
    king comes up for his meal.  Now, even though it seems he's going to 
    come from a counterclockwise direction during the cutscene, he actually 
    goes the other way during the entire fight.  First thing for you to do 
    to prepare for him is to shoot the Button above the cage nearby.  This 
    gives you access to a Fuel Barrel.  Pick it up.  Now, the king will 
    come around and when he sees you, he'll roar.  Note the buttons on the 
    floor.  When he's about halfway through his roar, stand on the button 
    and an electric current will run between the middle part of the 
    corridor.  If you timed it right, he'll get zapped by it.  While he's 
    down, toss the Barrel at his head.  He'll be angry and will start 
    chasing you in a quicker manner.  Duck into the area with the Barrel, 
    or, failing that, there are little alcoves in the middle of each of 
    the sides of this square passage.  If you run out of magic, there's an 
    alcove with plants in it, but you should be fine.  Once he passes you 
    on his rampage, it'll go back to normal and you'll have to zap him 
    again and toss a Barrel again.  That's pretty much it.  Each time you 
    hit him, the buttons will be closer and closer to the middle of the 
    side of the passage.  Hit him with four Barrels and Fox will finish 
    him off in an artistic, yet somewhat yucky, manner, and you'll get the 
    third SpellStone.  Time to head back to the Planet and to the Volcano 
    Force Point Temple.
    iv. Volcano Force Point Temple
    You know the way, so make your way from ThornTail Hollow to Moon 
    Mountain Pass, then to the Volcano Force Point Temple, just like last 
    time.  (If you're honestly having trouble, look back to Chapter 2 for 
    help.)  On the way, there's a spot where you can use a Disguise Pad to 
    get a couple of Fuel Cells, and after you open the first gate with the 
    SpellStone, drop off to the left and plant a MoonSeed.  You'll find a 
    Cheat Token Well and a couple more Fuel Cells.  Anyway, open the second 
    gate with the Stone and proceed down the elevator.  Head to the focusing 
    room and place your SpellStone, this time, in the other pad, which will 
    open a different door.
    To get to that door, just drop down onto the blocks floating in the 
    lava.  For the ones that are on fire, just put them out, naturally.  
    Climb the wall and head on through the door, then ride up the elevator.
    You might remember doing this the last time, only it's a bit different.  
    Last time, you just had to put out four torches to move on.  This time, 
    you have to put them out in a specific order, starting the furthest 
    from the door, and working your way to it, so blue, green, red, and 
    yellow.  Climb up the ladder and put the torches out in that order.  
    The door will open, and you can head through.  Take out the two Grunts 
    in this room.  Have Tricky Stay on the red switch that appears after 
    the Grunts are gone and you'll be able to climb the nearby ladder, put 
    out the flame, and flip the switch.  The gate nearby will open and you 
    can head into the next room.
    This room has more of your favorite colored orbs.  First, have Tricky 
    Stay on the red button to get the platform in the lava moving, then put 
    it out with your Ice Blaster.  Hop on, and take aim.  Light each of 
    the orbs properly as the you pass in line with them and the torch.  It 
    may take a while to get the timing down.  Once they're all taken, head 
    down the passage and you'll be at the teleporter to the Focus Point.  
    Place the SpellStone and you'll be 3/4s of the way back to planetary 
    stability.  Time to head back to ThornTail Hollow.
    H. Chapter 7 - Race Through the Snow (Krozoa Spirit #4)
    Not a particularly long chapter, this part of the game will have you 
    doing some stuff in old areas that you couldn't do before.
    i. ThornTail Hollow
    As soon as you arrive back at the old place, a bunch of Bloops will 
    swarm out of the well and attack the peaceful ThornTails.  Your mission 
    is to take them all out before the green bar goes down to nothing.  
    There are six ThornTails and three Bloops on each one to destroy.  
    Five of them are right in the main field of the Hollow: one by the 
    Arwing, one near the Bomb Spore Plant, one near the Queen's Chamber, 
    one near the waterfall, and one near the well.  The last one is near 
    the Cape Claw entrance down by your Arwing.  When you're done killing 
    Bloops, one of the ThornTails will give you a Large Scarab Bag.  
    Fill it up and buy the SnowHorn Artifact at the store for 130 Sb.  Now, 
    head to SnowHorn Wastes.
    ii. SnowHorn Wastes
    Now, there's a bit of preparation to be done for this.  First, find 
    the SnowHorn that wants the Gold Root.  Don't give it to him yet.  
    He's across a little pond with ice floes you jump across, pretty high 
    up in the Wastes.  Behind the SnowHorn is an ice wall.  Have Tricky 
    Flame it, then take out the SharpClaws behind.  Continue from this 
    clearing to a small waterway.  Shoot the HoleDweller in the tree 
    opposite to make it fall across the water.  Head to the next clearing 
    and kill just about all the enemies you find here to make your run 
    easier.  As one last precaution, head to the waterfall and shoot the 
    HoleDweller in the tree to drop him across the river, if you haven't 
    done so already.  Now, give the Gold Root to the SnowHorn.  He'll raise 
    a pad under you, and you'll blow the Dinosaur Horn to start the 
    What you have to do is go to each pad and blow the Dinosaur Horn.  It's 
    best if you have the Horn set to the Y Button to make it all faster.  
    The first pad is behind the ice wall you just melted.  The next one is 
    across the fallen tree nearby in a clearing with a ton of baddies.  For 
    the third one, run down the slope to your right and jump off and you 
    should see it.  The fourth pad is right near BribeClaw.  The fifth pad 
    is right next to Garunda Te, near his prison.  The final pad is atop a 
    climbable wall across from the waterfall.  Cross the tree there to get 
    up there.  Once all have been sounded upon, the SnowHorn will open a 
    gate at the top of the waterfall (cross the lake with ice floes and 
    past the fallen tree), and you can enter the fourth Krazoa Shrine.
    iii. Krazoa Shrine 4
    Be careful here, because all the floors are ice, and you could go slip 
    slidin' away if you're not cautious.  Head up the ladder shoot down the 
    two Bloops in the next room.  Pick up the Barrel and carry it 
    across the narrow path and blow up the wall in the next room.  Now, head 
    back, grab another Barrel and carry it further.  Set it down on the pad, 
    and flip the switch to change the flame jets.  Wait for the bot to pick 
    it up.  When he gets past the first flame jet, flip the switch.  When 
    he gets past the second one, flip it again.  Cross the water and to the 
    other side.  Don't pick the Barrel up, yet.  Head to the next room and 
    take out the Grunt.  Walk back, pick up the Barrel and face a little to 
    the left of the exit.  When you step onto the vent, you'll drop the 
    Barrel and it will float to the right.  If you didn't get it right, 
    just run into it to kick it in the right direction.  Carry it over to 
    the flame jets, toss it over and it will blow up the wall.  Speak to 
    the fourth Krazoa Spirit.
    THE TEST OF STRENGTH: Remember this from the LightFoot Village?  It's 
    pretty much the same thing.  Press A as fast as you can and as soon as 
    you rotate the lever 180 degrees, you'll win and get the Spirit.
    iv. Krazoa Palace
    Head back to the Hollow and talk to the WarpStone.  Have him send you 
    to the Palace.  You know the drill, so make your way to to the big room 
    with the fans.  After stepping in the center fan, lean to the right to 
    get to the fan that will take you to the lower tier.  Make your way 
    around the outside and open the door with the Portal Device.  Deposit 
    the Spirit in the face.  You'll return back to ThornTail Hollow.
    I. Chapter 8 - Prison Break (SpellStone #4)
    Dragon Rock's an interesting place.  There's a lot of shooting involved 
    in this area, and plenty of bad guys.
    i. ThornTail Hollow
    The WarpStone will tell you about Dragon Rock and the Gatekeeper who's 
    closer than you realize.  This is referring to a ThornTail who never 
    says anything, and he's standing right by the well.  Talk to him and 
    he'll tell you about Dragon Rock and will open the gateway there.  Hop 
    into your Arwing.  You need fifteen Fuel Cells to make it to Dragon 
    ii. Arwing Mission - To Dragon Rock
    You need all ten Gold Rings to move on in this mission.  They're 
    pretty much in plain sight.  There's a part where you have a choice of 
    two doors.  Take the left one to get a Bomb.  Watch for Gold Rings that 
    drift back and forth and make sure you hit them.  There's a wealth of 
    Bombs in this area, too, so don't be afraid to use them.
    Since it might be tough, here's where all the Gold Rings are:
    1. First huge asteroid in plain sight.
    2. First metal tunnel.
    3. Inside the big asteroid, first room with pillars, left side.
    4. Inside the big asteroid, first room with pillars, right side.
    5. After passing through the choice of two doors.
    6. Right after #5, fly up and left.
    7. Fly back down after #6 to the surface.
    8. In the next metal tunnel.
    9. Floating left to right in open space.
    10. In the last tunnel in plain sight.
    iii. Dragon Rock
    There are plenty of FireCrawlers lying around here, as well as four 
    Cannonbots.  The Cannonbots have full shielding, so avoid them.  Make 
    your way to the north end of the compound.  For those of you without 
    maps, it has a relatively low gate and a lot of flame jets.  Climb up 
    the ladder on the side and make your way past the flame jets.  Follow 
    the path around the wall.  Flip the switch on the way to start the 
    Barrel-grabbing robot.  Continue on and you'll find a Fuel Barrel.  
    Grab and carefully move back to the pad so the robot picks it up.  
    Don't rest yet, though.  Quickly climb up the ladder and stand on the 
    red button so the flame jet above you stops, then move to the next one 
    as soon as the robot passes it so the Barrel doesn't blow up 
    prematurely.  Bust down the wall with the Barrel, and head in.  Watch 
    out for the rotating flame jets and flip the switch to free the 
    Leave this area and run all the way to the sound end of the compound to 
    speak with the EarthWalker.  He'll tell you about freeing the HighTop.  
    To make it safe for the HighTop, you'll need to get rid of the 
    Cannonbots.  To do THAT, you have to take out their shield generators, 
    which the EarthWalker graciously offers to help with.  So, hop on and 
    you'll get moving.
    The four shield generators are in the following locations:
    1. In front of the massive door at the southeast corner of the complex. 
    2. The big structure in the very center.  Just run around and you'll 
    find it.
    3. A pillar to the right of your Arwing.
    4. Around the right side of the building on the north end, near two 
    Once all are down, hop off the EarthWalker at the designated spot near 
    the big structure in the center.  Now, start Fire Blasting the 
    Cannonbots.  Wipe them out.  All of them.  Once you take them out, a 
    gate at the northern building will open.  Head inside.
    Once inside, boost up to the ledge and walk around in front of the 
    HighTop.  To cut all four ropes, you'll need to hit all the Blast 
    Buttons that operate them in a short amount of time.  This is where 
    all your Bloop sniping pays off.  Once all four ropes are 
    deactivated, he'll break his restraints and say it's time to go.  You'll 
    have to protect him as he crosses the plain.  This is a pretty simple 
    rail-shooting part.  You have unlimited Fire Blast shots, so don't be 
    stingy.  Lay down the fire all over the place as the missiles come 
    flying out of the central building.  You'll eventually make it to the 
    huge door in the southeast, which the HighTop will open.
    Head inside and take out the FireCrawlers with your Ice Blast and a good 
    whack once they're frozen.  Once they're all gone, the Life Force Door 
    will open.  Head towards the Fuel Barrel and the red button.  Have 
    Tricky Stay on the button and the carrier robot will start moving.  It 
    will move as long as Tricky's on it.  You should position yourself 
    between the flame jets, with a good view of the Blast Buttons 
    underneath each.  Once the robot comes by and picks up the Barrel, shoot 
    the Buttons to stop the flame jets as it goes by.  Once it gets all the 
    way across, it'll drop off the Barrel, so head up the ladder.
    This part is tough.  You have to get the Barrel across three air vents.  
    Nowhere else is it more important to emphasize the fact that when you 
    jump onto an air vent while holding a Barrel, you'll drop it and it 
    will coast ahead of you and to the right a little.  So, make sure 
    you're taking that into account, because the air vents also have 
    flame jets, and they'll make life miserable if you're forced to kick 
    the Barrel around in the air vent.  Pass all three vents when the 
    flames have stopped.  Toss the Barrel at the boarded up door and 
    you'll have passed one of the more frustrating parts of the game.
    Another way to get the barrels across is to simply throw them.  I'm 
    kinda ashamed I didn't think of this earlier.  Just be careful with your 
    Now, drop down onto the metal floor and flip the switch.  The cage 
    holding the CloudRunner will start moving, but he won't be free yet.  
    Drop down to the floor and have Tricky use his Flame on the vent, and 
    if luck holds, the cage should pass through the flame and the rope will 
    snap.  The CloudRunner will be free and he'll want to give you a ride.
    Alternatively, you can flip the switch when it lines up with the vent, 
    but it's just about as tough as timing the Flame.
    Another rail-shooter here.  This time you're in the air, and, in 
    addition to taking out missiles, you'll also be trying to take out the 
    four circular buttons that protect the main tower.  The buttons take a 
    lot of hits, so you may have to make more than one pass.  To be on the 
    safe side, make sure there are no more missiles firing before you start 
    shooting the button.  Once all four are destroyed, you'll be able to 
    enter the tower and face the boss of the area.
    BOSS DRAKOR: This sick experiment by Scales can fly and has a laser 
    cannon arm.  While you float on the platform, it'll chase you around the 
    bowels of the tower, firing shots from his cannon, which you should 
    shoot down so you don't take damage.  That's not your only problem, of 
    course.  There are also mines that you need to shoot down, and flame 
    jets you should turn off by hitting the nearby Blast Button.  There are 
    also S containers that have healing rings for you.  So, blast all he 
    throws at you and shoot him in the face when you get a moment to do so.  
    Wear down his life meter and he'll eventually fall and you'll get the 
    final SpellStone.
    iv. Ocean Force Point Temple
    Make your way back to the Planet, then to Cape Claw.  Note that the 
    entrance to the temple is boarded up.  Head over to where the cannon 
    is.  If you haven't already, open up the Portal Device and douse the 
    flame.  Commandeer the cannon and blow the boards from off the mouth 
    of the big statue.  Also, you can fire at a pillar on the beach to 
    get the final Staff Energy Upgrade, and under the platforms near the 
    entrance to find a Cheat Token Well.
    Anyway, head into the Ocean Force Point Temple.  This is all much the 
    same until you hit the teleporter.  One big thing that's changed though, 
    is that the electric floor now has nine rows instead of six.  Also, you 
    can use your Portal Device to open the way to the last Cheat Token Well 
    in the same room.
    Once you go through the teleporter, though, things will change a bit.  
    Once you pass through the big doors, you'll have to take a left instead 
    of a right.  Go through the Grunt, and you'll enter the next room.  
    Push the block along the path and set it up against the wall in the 
    little space provided.  Now, climb up flip the switch to open the door.  
    Leap across to the ledge ahead of you.  Put on your Disguise and step on 
    the Disguise Pad.  Jump over into the door that opened and flip the 
    switch to raise the water so that you can go through the door.
    In the next room, you'll find a switch.  Flip it and the four torches 
    in the center will light.  Note that they're different colors.  Also 
    note that below the water dumpers are squares of different colors.  You 
    have to have the water dumped on the torch of the same color, obviously.  
    As you get some torches extinguished, the circle speeds up, and you'll 
    have to shoot that much further ahead to get the water dumped.
    Once that's all done, you'll have to do another block-pushing puzzle, 
    like last time.  The directions you have to push the block are as 
    follows, assuming that the wall without a door is the south wall: 
    west, north, west, south, east, north, west.  Place the block between 
    the torches and a Boost Pad will activate.  Boost up and move around the 
    ledges.  Like last time, light the colored orb (it's blue) and you'll 
    extend the bridge to the teleporter, which will take you to the Force 
    Point to place the final Stone.
    J. Chapter 9 - The Krazoa God (Krazoa Spirits #5 and #6)
    Time for the final push.  Hope you practiced your Arwing skills.  
    They're gonna come in handy soon.
    i. Walled City
    Once you make your way back to ThornTail Hollow, the Queen will inform 
    you that you'll need all the Krazoa Spirits to restore the planet to 
    its former state.  To do this, you'll need to get the next Krazoa 
    Spirit at the Walled City.  So, hop in your Arwing and head there.
    NOTE: You need the Hi-Def Display Device for this next part, so if you 
    haven't bought that, do it now.
    Once you get there, head up to the King EarthWalker.  He'll tell you 
    that both the Sun and Moon Stones are necessary to open up the temple 
    to the fifth Krazoa Spirit.  The doors to the temples will open.
    Sun Stone:
    The first part is block moving.  The basic gist is that the blocks will 
    stop once they hit sun markings, but they can't touch walls or you have 
    to start over.  Push the block closest to the ramp south so it hits the 
    sun.  Next, move the southeasternmost block west, then north onto the 
    sun.  The easternmost block goes west, then north, and the final block 
    goes east.  A hole at the top of the ziggurat will open.  Head up to 
    it and ride up the lift.  Stand in the center and use your Zoom 
    Goggles to look through the hole at the far end.  The ziggurat will 
    open.  Ride the lift back down and enter.
    The first room has two Fire Bats for you to extinguish.  There are 
    three blocks here, and you have to make the symbols on them face 
    outward.  Facing the three blocks from the other wall, move the 
    rightmost one left and up into the groove, then move the leftmost 
    block all the way to the right.  Move the block you pushed first (moon) ]
    down and to the right, then move the block in the back of the room 
    down and to the left.  Finally, move the moon block to the back of the 
    The second room is a mini-maze.  You may want to run around in it to 
    figure out how it's laid out.  Use your Super Quake on the button.  Now, 
    a bunch of invisible walls will appear.  Run around to your right and 
    flip the switch to drop the first wall.  Ready your Ice Blast and run 
    around to the switch with fire in front of it.  Blow it out and flip 
    the switch.  Now, run around to the hole in the floor and shoot the 
    Button at the far end.  Finally, go to the bramble patch and have 
    Tricky burn it down.  Flip the last switch and make a mad dash for the 
    exit.  Use the Portal Device on the door to enter the last area.
    In this final area, you need to hit the buttons in a specific order.  
    Hit the left button first, then the top button, and the right button 
    last.  An invisible bridge will form and you can grab the Sun Stone.
    Moon Stone: 
    The first part is block moving.  The basic gist is that the blocks will 
    stop once they hit sun markings, but they can't touch walls or you have 
    to start over.  Move the southernmost block west, and the one above it 
    south.  Next, move the westernmostblock south, east, north, and west.  
    Finally, most the last block west.  A hole at the top of the ziggurat 
    will open.  Head up to it and ride up the lift.  Stand in the center and 
    use your Zoom Goggles to look through the hole at the far end.  The 
    ziggurat will open.  Ride the lift back down and enter.
    The first room has a switch to flip.  Flip it up and the door will open, 
    but some gates will also come up.  You have to cross the floor and 
    through the gates, but the panels in the floor will fall if you step on 
    them for too long.  Step across the panels carefully.
    The second room is an invisible maze, once you hit the Quake button.  
    Head for the corner to the right of the door, then work your way around 
    the room counterclockwise to find the exit.  It's not easy, but just try 
    to feel your way out.  Activate the Portal Device to enter the last 
    In this final area, you need to hit the buttons in a specific order:
    left, up, right.  Once all are lit, an invisible bridge to the Moon 
    Stone will form.  Cross it and claim your prize.
    Once you get both stones, go to the back of the main temple and place 
    the Sun Stone on the red statue, and the Moon Stone on the blue 
    statue.  The Krozoa Shrine will be uncovered.  Climb the temple and 
    head inside.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the point of no return.  After you collect the 
    fifth Krazoa Spirit, you will no longer be able to return to old areas 
    and collect any goodies you may have missed.  So, if you want to be 
    able to go back, save now and never again.  Be warned.
    ii. Krazoa Shrine 5
    All right.  Climb the ladder in front of you.  In the first room, step 
    on the button until the gate at the far end opens.  Jump onto the air 
    vents so that they'll carry you over to the opposite side.  Try to 
    avoid the flame jets, but don't sweat to hard if they singe you.  Pass 
    through the gate quickly.
    In the next area, cross the first air vent, then extinguish the blocks.  
    Cross the one and stand next to the gate.  Turn around and shoot the 
    Blast Button in the ceiling.  It's a long ways off, so you may want to 
    go a bit closer.  You'll need to hurry more to get under the gate in 
    time, though.
    In the third area, you have another button that only holds the gate 
    open for a limited time.  Quickly jump across the air vents and avoid 
    the spinning flames to pass through in time.  Speak to the Krazoa 
    THE TEST OF KNOWLEDGE: In this test, you must take six items from the 
    game, and place them in alcoves that represent their areas.  Here are 
    the answers.
    Dinosaur Horn: DarkIce Mines (Left side, green alcove)
    CloudRunner Flute: CloudRunner Fortress (Right side, blue alcove)
    Gold RedEye Tooth: Walled City (Left side, red alcove)
    Asteroid Rock: Outer Space (Left side, blue alcove)
    Wooden Carving: LightFoot Village (Right side, green alcove)
    MoonSeed: Moon Mountain Pass (Right side, red alcove)
    Once all have been placed properly, the fifth Krazoa Spirit will become 
    yours.  It's time to say goodbye to Tricky and to return to Krazoa 
    Palace.  Once you fly back, you'll automatically be placed there.
    iii. Krazoa Palace
    You'll land your Arwing on the roof of the palace.  Head towards the 
    air vent that drops you down to the main room.  In the main room, jump 
    out to the vent, and veer left to drop down a tier.  On this tier, 
    you're looking for the hallway with the red torches.  Go down the 
    passage and hop over the air vent (that before, wasn't there).  
    Continue on and take out the Grunt that's here.  Deposit the Spirit.
    Now, you'll notice the final Shrine opened up on the roof.  Make your 
    way back to the main room, then head back up to the roof.  Enter the 
    last Krazoa Shrine.
    This is actually quite short.  Head to the main room, then climb up 
    the short ladder to the platform, and head towards the middle.  You'll 
    be confronted by Scales, but before you two can battle, you are 
    interrupted by an unknown force that tells Scales to give you the last 
    Spirit.  He does so reluctantly.
    Now, deposit the last Krazoa Spirit right outside.  Krystal will be 
    freed from her prison, but so will the "Krazoa God", having been 
    empowered by the Spirits.  Krystal will take her staff back and start 
    shooting at the giant head as it retreats to the heavens.  You'll hop 
    into your Arwing to chase after it.
    iv. The Final Battle
    Ah yes...  You knew it was him all along, didn't you?
    ANDROSS: Shoot the Krazoa head statue in the eyes and on the top of its 
    head to flip it over to face Andross.  Your next targets are his hands.  
    He slaps left, then right, then claps his hand together.  Then, he 
    spits out a bunch of rocks, along with a couple Energy Rings.  Lastly, 
    he tries to suck you in.  If he succeeds, you'll have to start over.  
    But there IS a way to avoid being sucked in.  Just pull to the side hard 
    and barrel roll repeatedly.  You shouldn't have a problem.
    Once you blow up both his hands, he'll flip back over.  You may think 
    you're starting over, but he's going into second phase.  In addition to 
    the round beam, the Krazoa head will also shoot out a volley of 
    missiles, which you must either dodge or shoot down.  Once you blow up 
    its eyes and head gem, you'll go for Andross' hands again.  In addition 
    to the other attacks, Andross can also shoot round beams from his 
    hands, making them difficult targets.  Once you blow the hands, he'll 
    try to suck you in one last time, and suddenly, an old friend shows up.
    Falco, errant member of Star Fox, shows up out of the blue to give you 
    a hand.  Continue to avoid Andross' attacks and Falco will drop 
    containers in your path.  These have Bombs inside, so snag them.  When 
    Andross starts sucking, toss a bomb in his open mouth.  His head will 
    become translucent and you'll see his brain.  Shoot the brain.  Shoot 
    it good.  It has a life meter, so it'll take you more than one try to 
    wear it down for good.  Once you blow up the brain, the Krazoa Spirits 
    will be expelled and Andross will blow up.
    Congratulations!  You've saved Dinosaur Planet and earned a personal 
    correspondence with the lovely Krystal!  Now, go rack up some decent 
    Arwing scores (that's assuming you followed my advice back there and 
    saved before you got the fifth Krazoa Spirit)!
    9. Miscellany
    A. Fuel Cell Locations - You won't need all the Fuel Cells, and if 
    you're short a few, you can always by more at the Store, but if you're 
    nuts about collecting all of them, here's a list.  Out of the 65 here, 
    you'll only need 40.
    ThornTail Hollow:
    At the door behind the Queen EarthWalker. (1)
    Southwest corner, near the entrance to Cape Claw, up on a ledge. (2)
    South end, behind a Bomb Wall. (3)
    South end, on top of a high platform. (2)
    Behind a Bomb Wall under the waterfall. (4)
    Behind a Bomb Wall near the Warpstone. (2)
    In the well, pond area, Rocket Boost pad. (2)
    Rocket Boost Pad near the Store entrance. (2)
    Ice Mountain:
    Near the wall of boxes behind a Bomb Wall. (1)
    In the cave where you find the speed bike. (2)
    SnowHorn Wastes:
    On a ledge above the ice pond. (2)
    Have Tricky Find at a wall near two SnowHorns, and you'll find an 
     area with a window to Garunda Te's prison. (1)
    In the sewers connecting SH Wastes and ThornTail Hollow.
      Need Rocket Boost. (2)
    After unlocking the prison, to the north of the waterfall, up a rock 
      wall.  Knock down the tree by killing the HoleDweller. (2)
    At the end of the river. (1)
    Near the end of the river.  Climb out and up the slope. (1)
    Next to the gate to the fourth Krazoa Shrine. (1)
    Moon Mountain Pass:
    On the road to Moon Mountain Pass from ThornTail Hollow (after riding 
      the wind up). (1)
    On the road to ThornTail Hollow from Moon Mountain Pass (after riding 
      the wind up). (1)
    On the way to the gate, behind some purple plants. (1)
    On the back side of the gate. (1)
    In the clearing with the meteor, up on a ledge. (1)
    Near the Cheat Token well (which is near the second Krazoa Shrine). (1)
    Behind a pillar near the second Krazoa Shrine. (1)
    Volcano Force Point Temple:
    In the entryway, behind a door that opens with an Ice Blast. (2)
    In the entryway, behind a door that opens with the Disguise. (2)
    Under the bridge leading into the temple. (1)
    In the lower portion of the focusing room, on a ledge. (1)
    Top of the focusing room. (1)
    Near the Cheat Token Well.  Jump off the left side of the main gate 
    to the Temple once you have MoonSeeds. (2)
    LightFoot Village:
    In the outer passage, on a ledge (Boost up). (2)
    Inside the well that connects LightFoot Village and Cape Claw. (3)
    Behind the Chief's hut (Rocket Boost up to that area). (1)
    After saving the underground babies, in the area opened up. (1)
    After saving the climbing babies, in the hut that opened. (2)
    Cape Claw:
    On a couple of rocks in the water near the waterfall. (2)
    Under a loose dirt patch near the Portal Door. (1)
    Ocean Force Point Temple:
    In the chamber with three switches and narrow paths. (2)
    Next to the first color-changing torch. (2)
    In the north center chamber of the inner temple. (2)
    B. Cheat Tokens and the Game Well Maze - There are several Cheat Tokens 
    in the game.  You'll find a well and will have to pay 20 Scarabs to 
    get a Token.  To use a Token, head to the Warpstone and ask to go into 
    the Game Well Maze.  Make your way through the maze to the center, 
    where you'll find another well.  Toss the Token in to activate a 
    "cheat", which is actually just a little extra feature.
    NOTE: It doesn't matter which order you put the Tokens in.  What you 
    get depends on where you go the Token from.
    ThornTail Store: Right in the lobby.  Turning it in will get you the 
    Staff Credits on the Options Menu.
    Ice Mountain: Use a Bomb Spore on the wall near the Cannon.  Dropping 
    it in the well will reveal the Music Test in the Audio section.
    SnowHorn Wastes: Swim all the way down the river to the very end and 
    you'll find the well easily enough.  When you return it to the Maze, 
    you'll receive a message about the enemy you seek.
    Moon Mountain Pass: Right before the second Krazoa Shrine, plant a 
    MoonSeed at the designated spot and you'll reach the well.  Using it 
    will give you the option of setting the Language to Dinosaur.
    LightFoot Village: After becoming a member of the tribe, speak with one 
    of the LightFoot mothers who says her babies are underground.  Chase all 
    three out of the underground area and she'll give you access to this 
    well.  When you use this, you'll get a message about your future, about 
    a friend who still cares about you.
    Cape Claw: After commandeering the cannon (you need the Portal Device 
    to do so), shoot under the platforms near the entry point of the area.  
    You should be able to bust up a hole in the wall in the water and find 
    the well.  Turn in the Token at the Maze to earn the Sepia Mode, which 
    is basically a black and white mode.  
    Volcano Force Point: After getting the third SpellStone, you'll be able 
    to return to the Temple with MoonSeeds.  Take one when you open the 
    first gate with the SpellStone.  Instead of opening the second gate, 
    drop down to the left side and plant and grow the MoonSeed to reach the 
    well.  Toss this into the well to get a message of encouragement from 
    your father, James McCloud.
    Ocean Force Point: After getting the fourth SpellStone, you'll be able 
    to return to the Temple with the Portal Device.  After you pass the 
    electric floor, turn right and you'll see the portal door.  Open it up 
    and you'll find the Cheat Token Well.  This token will give you a 
    message about a sorrow that may be on the horizon.
    C. Staff Energy Upgrades - There are three upgrades in the game, and 
    they're not really required to get, but they're a huge help, especially 
    when using high yield staff powers.
    NOTE: This section doesn't cover the actual staff powers, just the 
    energy bar extenders.  If you're looking for a specific power, look 
    in the Staff Power section under Items, Collectibles, Powers, and 
    The first upgrade is in SnowHorn Wastes, at the ice pond (where you 
    learn Tricky's Heel Command).  Have Tricky Find at a circle of loose 
    rocks.  You'll feel the rumbling.
    The second upgrade is in ThornTail Hollow, after you get the Rocket 
    Boost.  There's a pad near the Store entrance.  Shoot up and Bomb Spore 
    the wall.  Once inside, shoot all four Blast Buttons and fall in the 
    hole that appears.
    The third upgrade is at Cape Claw.  Once you have the Portal Device 
    power, open the portal near the Cannon, then use it to blow up a 
    pillar on the far beach.  The upgrade is in there.
    D. Arwing Scoring - One of the few parts of the game you can 
    arbitrarily attempt to improve on with no repercussions of any kind.  
    Scores are tallied for Arwing missions, and are ranked against all the 
    save files on a memory card.  Here's how you score on a mission:
    10 Points: Silver Ring
    20 Points: Gold Ring
    25 Points: Bomb
    25 Points: Laser Upgrade
    100 Bonus Points: All ten Gold Rings
    5 Points: Small Asteroid
    10 Points: Space Mine
    15 Points: S Container
    20 Points: Winged Ship
    20 Points: Hornet Ship
    20 Points: Red Ball Gun
    10. Standard Guide Stuff
    A. Legal
    This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2002 Scott 
    "CyricZ" Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and 
    claim it as your own. You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask 
    me first, and that includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t 
    post this on your site unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put 
    a lot of time into this.  Give me some credit...
    Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:
    I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this 
    FAQ.  They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the SFA guides, but, 
    trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed 
    sites that I trust.
    B. E-mail Guidelines
    If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...
    - Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the 
    - Make sure it has something to do with Star Fox Adventures for Pete's 
    sake.  I don't want spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  
    Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, though...
    - Make sure you say Star Fox or Dinosaur Planet at one point in your 
    e-mail.  I have more than one FAQ, and asking a generic question such as 
    "How do I kill the last boss?" doesn't tell me much.
    - Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
    your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...
    STRENGTH.  I have no further tips in the LightFoot Village section other 
    than get someone else who has faster fingers to do it.  If I receive an 
    e-mail regarding this, IT WILL BE DELETED.
    C. Credits
    CJayC and Al Amaloo for having this on their sites.
    Nintendo and Rare for their final masterpiece together.
    Viper, for being the first of MANY to tell me how to quickly beat 
    Metroid Prime, for telling me to use the Ground Quake when defending 
    the eggs.
    Klosterdev, for another option on the Strength Test.
    DragonZetaQuell, for more info on the Dragon Rock Barrel carrying 
    Draco Pratt, for telling me about the fact that the SharpWings are 
    named "Bloops".
    Ali Hashemi, for another possibility freeing the CloudRunner at Dragon 
    Darkwarrior2000, for saving me 25 Scarabs at Cape Claw... ^_^
    D. Version Updates
    Version 0.5 - 09/28/02 - What they call a "visibility" edition.  I'm up 
    to having finished the second Krazoa Spirit.
    Version 0.7 - 09/29/02 - I'm up to the Walled City.  Well, almost...
    Version 1.0 - 09/30/02 - All right.  Walkthrough's complete.  Coming 
    soon will be my Arwing Mission Scoring, so you can go for high scores.
    Version 1.1 - 10/6/02 - A couple of changes.  No, don't have Arwing 
    scoring yet... :-P
    Version 1.2 - 10/7/02 - Arwing scores, more corrections, and some 
    clarifications placed at critical points.
    E. The Final Word
    This is a great game, like all Rare's fare.  It's a shame they won't be 
    on Nintendo anymore, but this is quite a send-off.
    I'm still working this up, so there's no need to e-mail me about new 
    Take care and have fun!

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