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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DTran

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/09/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet
                           By: Legomondo (David Tran)
                     Version: 1.01 (Last Updated: 03/09/03)
                         Game System: Nintendo GameCube
      1.  Version
      2.  Introduction
      3.  Characters  
      4.  Basics
      5.  Walkthrough
      6.  Upgrades
      7.  Items
      8.  Enemies
      9.  Miscellaneous
      10. Legal Information
      11. Thanks
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[1. Version]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    03/09/03 - 1.01: Added a new site, took out the ASCII art, and fixed the amount 
      of characters per line.
    12/04/02 - 1.00: Heh, I changed it from FINAL to Version 1.00 as it just 
      doesn't seem right.
    10/12/02 - Final: Everything is now complete.  This is the FINAL update.
    10/12/02 - 0.98: Added some ASCII art which I hope is readable.  I've found it 
      to be effective about 3-4 meters away, the top part at least.  Added a little 
      bit to the miscellaneous about Tricky.
    10/09/02 - 0.97: Uh, oops.  Fixed the line breaks.
    10/09/02 - 0.96: Revised my introduction.  It's my birthday, it's my birthday!  
      Seriously, it is my birthday today.
    10/07/02 - 0.95: Finished everything.  I'll leave this version as it is to be 
      able to check for mistakes, comments, etc. before the FINAL version.
    10/05/02 - 0.60: Big update, redid the title to this FAQ, added a partially 
      completed Miscellaneous section, and finished the walkthrough.  Hope you like 
      the diagrams.
    10/04/02 - 0.50: Finished up to the end of Walled City revisited.
    09/30/02 - 0.30: Finished up to the second Krazoa Shrine.  Next update will 
      cover a lot more.
    09/28/02 - 0.15: Finished up to CloudRunner's Fortress.
    09/27/02 - 0.10: Got up to DarkIce Mines and wrote some of the walkthrough for 
      it.  Finished some more of the basics.
    09/27/02 - 0.04: Got a little bit done.  Update will be real soon.  
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[2. Introduction]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Welcome to my Star Fox Adventures FAQ/Walkthrough.  I've been waiting for this 
    game for quite a while now, and I finally got it for my birthday.  However, I 
    opened it a little early which is why I have it completed.  Yah!  
    Unfortunately, this game will be the last Rare (Company in United Kingdom) 
    makes for the GameCube exclusively.  Whether or not they'll make some more, 
    will be determined by Microsoft I guess due to the fact since they did buy the 
    Anyways, I'm not here to discuss the future of any company, so don't email me 
    about it!  I'm no master about the subject and I don't plan to.  All I ask is 
    that you find this FAQ to be useful, and above all things, easy to read and 
    understand.  Don't hesitate to Rate this FAQ, whether it is good or bad.
                                                    - Legomondo
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[3. Characters]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
     - Taken from the Instruction Manual
    Fox McCloud: Eight years after the defeat of Andross, Fox McCloud has matured 
      as a leader and continues to be recognized as a great hero.  He's still an 
      active pilot, and his many skills with weapons and martial arts are often 
      called into play.
    Tricky: It's hard to believe that the mischievous Prince Tricky will one day 
      rule the EarthWalker Tribe.  And with his father imprisoned, the future of 
      the world looks bleak: could an unlikely partnership be the only hope for 
      Dinosaur Planet?
    Falco Lombardi: Falco Lombardi left the team several years ago and hasn't been 
      seen since, though one thing's for certain: whatever the circumstances, Falco 
      and Fox will always maintain a strong friendship.
    Krystal: The only survivor of her doomed home planet of Cerinia, Krystal roams 
      the galaxy in search of answers.  When a distress call draws her to a small 
      planet in the Lylat system, Krystal suspects that she may finally be drawing 
      closer to the truth... 
    Peppy Hare: Although retired as a pilot, Peppy Hare has close ties to Fox and 
      remains on the team as an effective advisor.  Despite his increasing absent-
      mindedness, he is still well-respected by everyone.
    Slippy Toad: Recently Slippy Toad has been devoting a lot of time to Cornerian 
      Weapons R&D, though he continues to work with his good friends in the Star 
      Fox team.  His upgrades to ROB and the Arwings prove invaluable.
    ROB The Robot: After several rebuilds by Slippy, ROB has now been infused with 
      much more personality and has gradually become recognized by all as a full-
      fledged member of the Star Fox team.
    General Scales: Rejected as a ruling tribe, the twisted SharpClaw and their 
      self-appointed leader Scales have amasses an army to overpower all.  In 
      recent times the General's power has dramatically increased - is he in this 
    EarthWalker Tribe: One of two ruling tribes of Dinosaur Planet.  Their great 
      strength and speed have helped them grow into a respected family of Dinosaurs 
      (though the CloudRunner may disagree).
    ThornTail Tribe: These friendly creatures live amidst the foothills of the 
      might Ice Mountain.  Their knowledge of the local area and the Mysterious 
      Warpstone make them valuable allies.
    LightFoot Tribe: A spiritual and reclusive Tribe, the LightFoot are seldom 
      seen.  The appearance of SharpClaw in the area has only served to heighten 
      their natural suspicion, as Fox will find out for himself.  
    CloudRunner Tribe: The other ruling tribe of the Planet, the CloudRunner are a 
      proud and valiant race whose Queen becomes a valued ally in the struggle to 
      overthrow General Scales.
    HighTop Tribe: These gentle giants are easily spotted from a distance as they 
      tower high over the rugged environments of the planet.
    SnowHorn Tribe: Thick, woolly coats and massive endurance have seen the 
      SnowHorn Tribe through many years of harsh living.  This strength could prove 
      priceless to Fox in his quest.  
    RedEye Tribe: Flesh-eating Dinosaurs and deadly killers, the RedEye Tribe were 
      safely under EarthWalker control until General Scales set them loose to 
      overrun the Walled City.  
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4. Basics]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    L Button - Camera Control/Sidestep Mode: Push the L Button to center the camera 
      behind you.  Push it all the way down until it clicks to sidestep.
    Control Stick - Walk/Jog/Run/Aim: Moves your character, whether it be Fox, or 
      Krystal.  When using an offensive staff power, you use it to aim your 
      crosshairs.  When in First-Person view, you look around.
    Control Pad - P.D.A. Display: Adjusts Fox's P.D.A. device to display maps, 
      information, and a Fuel Cell Compass.
    C Stick - Weapon/Sidekick/Item Inventory: Press it in any direction except up 
      to bring up your options to use items.  Up and Down will highlight your 
      selection.  Also used for Sidekick Commands.
    R Button - Defend: Use to trigger a force-field during exploration and to block 
      frontal enemy attacks during combat.  The force-field can protect you from 
      just about everything.
    Z Button - First-Person View: Switches to first-person view.  If you have the 
      Zoom Goggles, use the C Stick to zoom in or out.
    Start - Communicator: Press it to save, quit, or to talk to your Star Fox team 
    Y Button - C-Stick Inventory: Assign an item from the C-Stick inventory for 
      quick and easy access.
    X Button - Avoid: When out of combat, you roll.  When in combat, you roll from 
      side to side, or perform flips depending on the direction of the control 
    A Button: To take out the staff, perform moves with the staff, or to 
      fire/execute an attack from your staff.  When in front of a friendly 
      character, you can use it to talk to them.  Also confirms selections.
    B Button: Puts away the staff when it is out, cancels your selection, and quits 
      out of menus.
      -=[Arwing Control]=-
    Control Stick: Controls the Arwing left, right, up, and down.
    A Button: Fires the Lasers.
    B Button: Fires a Bomb, but only if one has been picked up.  Press B after you 
      launch the bomb to make it explode.
    L & R Buttons: Hold down lightly to bank the Arwing, allowing you to turn more 
      quickly.  Press until they click to perform a 360 degree barrel roll, 
      temporarily warding off attack.  
    X Button: Hold down to reduce your speed.
    Y Button: Speed your craft up for a short while.
    Start: Pauses the game.  
    Fox has his basic attacks which are to use the staff as a weapon.  By pressing 
    A repeatedly, you will perform a string of moves, which will most likely knock 
    your enemy down.  While I'm not sure if there are specific combos, one I have 
    found to work well is to knock the enemy down.  You can do this by rolling 
    forward with X, and repeatedly pressing the A Button before you stop.  You will 
    perform a Jump Attack which knocks enemies down, and then twirl your staff and 
    hit the enemy on the head.  
    Besides doing hand-to-hand combat, you can use the Staff's abilities to attack 
    opponents from a range.  Your basic Fire Blaster will do the trick, causing 
    damage as long as it connects.  Using the staff's power however will drain your 
    magic supply.
    So far, I have found that Fox will only perform combos when he is locked on 
    toan enemy.  As you might have experimented with, he has the basic combos where 
    he kicks the enemies, and uses his staff on them, but there are two which I 
    consider to be extremely... well, cool!
    Combo 1 - [A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A]
      Your basic attack, it will be a mix of attacks from your staff, and attacks  
      with your feet.  Usually, Fox will do some normal hits, then turn around and  
      slam his foot, or staff into the enemy taking a chunk of health off.
    Combo 2 - [LEFT/RIGHT+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A]
      The same as the attack above, but it will make Fox attack towards the sides, 
      instead of head on.  Nothing special about this one.
    Combo 3 - [X, A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A]
      This is one of the cooler moves that Fox can do.  You'll basically perform a 
      jump attack, similar to the one is Zelda.  After you connect, you will twirl 
      your staff above your head and smash it down on your enemies.  Both hits will 
      knock your opponent to the ground, leaving you time to perform another 
    Combo 4 - [DOWN+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A]
      This is the only other exotic move that Fox can do, and will inflict lots of 
      hurt on the enemy.  Think a baton twirler.  Picture Fox doing that and you've 
      got your move.  Fox will first attack with normal swipes, than twirl the 
      staff from side to side, like a baton twirler, or someone who knows karate.  
      You will then see some pulsating light go down the staff.  When you see this, 
      HOLD the A Button and he will perform a mega smash or something, which 
      inflicts lots of damage.  If you tap A and don't hold it, it will inflict a 
      smaller attack.
    Combo 5 - [LEFT+X+A]
      This is a recent one I discovered thanks to a friend.  You roll, then 
      immediately tap the A Button.  If you do it right, Fox will attempt to flip 
      the opponent with his staff.  It does not work if the opponent is blocking 
    By holding R until it clicks, you can use the staff to form a protective force 
    field around you that can ward off any attack.  The only downside is that you 
    cannot move.  Use it against projectile attacks, or against a rolling boulder.  
    Holding R in battle will raise your staff in a protective manner, instead of 
    establishing a force-field.  
    You can roll, using the X Button.  Rolling allows you to evade enemy attacks, 
    and perform backflips.  You roll when you're in and out of combat, and you flip 
    when you're in combat and you press the Control Stick with X.  
    Tricky is a helpful little fellow, but besides being helpful in completing some 
    quests, he can be used to attack.  Just Play with him for a little while using 
    the Ball from the ThornTail store and he will evolve, so to speak.  Using this 
    will allow him to use the Flame Command in battle, which will scorch enemies 
    from their backside, leaving them open to attack from the front, which is 
    mainly your side.  Just be careful not to burn yourself.  When attacking, 
    Tricky reduces the amount of GrubTubs he eats by half to execute the Flame 
    Commands that Tricky use are listed here.  Take notice that not all commands 
    are available when you first meet him.  To access all, you must be past certain 
    points of the game.
    Find: You'll be using this in a variety of ways.  The most common is when you 
      spot a patch of dirt and want to reveal it.  You may also use this command 
      when you want him to retrieve something, for example, a tumbleweed or tunnel 
      past a barrier.  
    Stay: Not very useful, but is necessary if you want Tricky to stay on a switch 
      that requires some sort of weight.  You can also use it to leave him, but if 
      you get to far away, he will break the command and follow you.
    Call: Use this command when you want Tricky to come near, or break from his 
      Stay command.  
    Play: Once you purchase his ball Tricky's ball from the ThornTail Hollow store, 
      this new option will become available.  You throw the ball, and Tricky brings 
      it back, just like a pet dog.  The instruction says that if you do it often 
      enough, he will change in his attack tactics or some sort of similar 
      sentence.  I haven't been able to confirm this, but he does change color 
      after a certain number of throws.
    Flame: You can use this to light things on fire, and open new paths.  However, 
      you can also use this as an offensive move.  If you have an opponent that 
      likes to shield a lot, just have Tricky Flame him from behind.  He will 
      inflict damage, and drop the enemy's guard.  You can then attack him from the 
      front, and do massive damage in little time.  However, you risk lighting 
      yourself on fire.  Using his technique for offensive purposes only takes half 
      a GrubTub instead of a full one.
    NOTE: If you hit Tricky enough times with your staff, he will Flame you.
      -=[P.D.A., and your Communicator]=-
    Once you control Fox, you can access his P.D.A.  If it annoys you, turn it off 
    in his inventory screen.  However, it is a huge help, as it displays several 
    The first is the map.  Once you purchase a map from the ThornTail Hollow store 
    for the appropriate location, the map will appear on the screen.  Zoom in with 
    the Control Pad to get an in-depth look.  
    Besides displaying a map, it also has a Fuel Cell Compass which points you 
    toward a Fuel Cell if there is one nearby.  Use the flashing arrow and point it 
    North.  You should run into it.  
    Finally, the Information it displays is invaluable on lots of things, including 
    your enemies.  It displays anything near you that can be interacted with.
    Press the Start Button to bring up your communicator.  Talking to Slippy will 
    give you advice.  Simple as that.  Peppy will show you the world map, and where 
    you need to go, current position, etc.  He will also show you which maps you 
    have purchased.  Finally, you can talk to General Pepper who displays your game 
    progress, and any major items that you have collected.  He really has no other 
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[5. Walkthrough]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    So commences your journey...  A journey to save all citizens of Dinosaur 
                         Prologue - [So Begins Your Adventure]
    Eight years have passed since Andross was finally overthrown by the daring Star 
    Fox team.  Following the celebrations, Fox McCloud and friends returned to the 
    only life they knew - an endless patrol of the Lylat system, guarding against 
    ongoing threats to their territory.
    Boredom soon struck, causing Fox's close friend Falco Lombardi to simply 
    disappear, leaving only rumor to suggest that his lone-wolf nature had finally 
    led him to pursue a more free and profitable life.
    Then Slippy Toad traded his pilot's wings for a place in Weapons R&D, 
    demonstrating a natural flair for invention, while Fox's old friend and mentor 
    Peppy Hare retired from active flight duty to concentrate on a role as 
    navigator and general advisor.
    The Great Fox itself had also seen better days.  Keeping a ship of that size in 
    prime condition cost serious money, and well-paid jobs for fighter pilots and 
    mercenaries were increasingly difficult to come by.
    So it was that Fox and co. found themselves drifting through the galaxy, 
    waiting and hoping for General Pepper's hologram to pop up with just the kind 
    of high-stakes, high-reward mission that they needed...
                               Krazoa Palace - [Krystal]
    You begin with Krystal, and you're flying a dinosaur.  Use the A Button to 
    shoot the defenses on the ship out, then go for the blades on the propeller.  
    When you destroy them, the ship will turn around.  Shoot the dragon and you 
    board the ship.
    Go to the opposite end of the ship and talk to the bird in the cage.  A door 
    will open.  Go inside the door, and down the steps and into a room to pick up 
    the Krazoa Key.  Go back up and head towards the bird in the cage again to 
    trigger General Scales.  
    At the palace, use the key on the cell to the very left and pick up the barrel.  
    Carry the barrel down to the second level and use it to blow open the crack in 
    the wall.  Go inside, talk to the dino, and use the barrel to blow up the 
    crates next to it.  Next, go past the enemy and into a dead end where you will 
    find another barrel.  Bring it back to the opening you created, past the 
    flames, and to blow open the next door.  Use the next barrel in front of you 
    and leave it on the switch.  Talk to the dino in the middle of the room and he 
    will open the Krazoa Shrine Warp.
    Climb the ladder, and go past the flames.  Use the barrel to kill the enemy 
    floating around, and hopefully, the door will let you through.  Take the 
    barrel, and bring it with you to place on a switch.  Go through and complete 
    the Observation Test.  You will take the Krazoa Spirit, and automatically warp 
    back to the dinosaur.  
    Check the perimeter of the room, ride a stand up, and head right.  Release the 
    Krazoa Spirit.  Poor Krystal, she's trapped in a... well.. crystal!
                            ThornTail Hollow - [Enter Fox]
    You ride in the Arwing.  You must fly through at least one gold ring to lower 
    the barrier around the area.  Fly through Silver Rings to replenish your 
    health.  If you fly through one gold ring, you can land on Dinosaur Planet.  
    Walk forward toward a patch of flowers and pick up Krystal's Staff.  Once you 
    learn about it, walk forward into a courtyard where four dinos will attack.  
    Practice your techniques on the enemies, and then defeat them.  Once you do, a 
    gate will open to the left of you.  Go there, and drop down into the hole to 
    upgrade your staff with the Fire Blaster.  Use your new technique and open the 
    gate.  Go back up and back to the courtyard and open it with the Fire Blaster 
    Once inside, talk to the Queen Earthwalker.  She will ask you to find her son, 
    Prince Tricky.  To do so, she will open the path for you.  Head along the river 
    until you come to a large plant.  Blow it from afar with your staff and it will 
    release some spores.  Plant those spores on the patch of grass and blow it up 
    with your staff.  
    Before you enter however, go inside the ThornTail store and purchase some Rock 
    Candy.  Then, enter the hole in the wall and feed the Rock Candy to the 
    WarpStone.  He will ask you for a destination.  Choose Ice Mountain and confirm 
    your choice...
                            Ice Mountain - [Rescue Attempt]
    You'll arrive just in time to see some SharpClaws take the prince away.  Before 
    you save him however, take the barrel in the niche to your left, and throw it 
    into the crates blocking your path to the enemy SharpClaws.  Fight them to 
    trigger a switch above a door.  Head towards the door, and open it with your 
    You're on a Jet Bike, so hold down the A Button to go at maximum speed.  You 
    can knock the enemies off of their bikes, but doing so takes too much time and 
    will slow you down.  Avoid their mines, and try to take the left paths to go 
    ahead of them.  Cut corners, and you will eventually beat them.  
    You meet Tricky, and you must collect GrubTubs.  Head along the path, and you 
    will find two GrubTubs.  Depending on whether it is night or day, they will be 
    asleep and easy to catch, or running away when you get near.  Stun them with 
    the staff if they are awake, and feed them to Tricky.  Then, have him dig the 
    soft spot in the ground to unveil a switch.  Have him stay on it while you 
    activate the switch.  
    Jump across the lava, and tell Tricky to tunnel through to the other side at 
    the dead end.  Crawl through, and fight the SharpClaws.  Once you defeat them, 
    take the GrubTub and continue on your way until you come into a dead end.  
    Fight the SharpClaws, and then pick up as many GrubTubs as you can.  Check the 
    surrounding area for an upgrade to your staff which increases the amount of 
    power you can hold.  Located under a dead tree, your staff will glow.  Use 
    Tricky to dig open a hole.  Also in this area are two Alpine Roots which you 
    must feed to the SnowHorn.  
    Once fully fed with your two Alpine Roots, use the block to reach a ledge with 
    two Fuel Cells which power your ship.  Then bring it to another ledge to get 
    out of the place.  Continue down the path, and go left.  Use your staff to pull 
    a switch which will create another iceberg in the water.  Use that iceberg to 
    reach two Fuel Cells.  Go down the path, and pay the gigantic SharpClaw 25 
    Scarabs to pass.  Avoid the flaming bats, and go into the river, and out the 
    other side.  Pull the switch at the end, and you should arrive back at 
    ThornTail Hollow.  
                          ThornTail Hollow - [Partners Emerge]
    If you notice, there are SharpClaws patrolling the area, so get rid of them and 
    head back towards Tricky's mother.  Collect the Fuel Cell at the very end of 
    the room, and then head back out.  When you're in the courtyard, go right, 
    cross the river and toward a circular structure which is a well.  Tell Tricky 
    to dig through.  However, you will need to buy a FireFly Lantern, so head back 
    to the ThornTail Hollow store.  Purchase one, and then head inside the well.  
    Slide down the ladder, go into the next room and plant a bomb spore.  Blow it 
    up and get the Rocket Boost Staff upgrade.  Explore the rest of that room, 
    destroy the crate, and use your new ability to collect two Fuel Cells.  
    Go back to the main room with the ladder, and boost your way up.  Plant a spore 
    on the bridge, and blow it up to send a huge chunk down.  Go down, and push it 
    onto a switch in the water.  Talk to the dino, and he will see that you have 
    the lantern, and will move aside.  Plant another spore, and blow it up.
    Drop down, and collect the first White GrubTub hanging around near one of those 
    poisonous mushrooms.  You're going to sustain damage, so just try to get it 
    quick.  Go left, toward three green floating spheres, and grab one of them.  It 
    is a firefly are stored in your lantern.  Go back out and this time go to your 
    left.  Let out a firefly, and then use a spore to blow up the wall.  Go inside 
    and collect a second White GrubTub.  Head back, to where you got your 
    fireflies, and go down the path to a dark room with a mushroom and White 
    GrubTub.  Get the GrubTub, then use a firefly to light up a patch where you can 
    plant a spore.  Blow it up to shorten the pillar in the room.  Head back up, 
    take two rights, and collect another White GrubTub.  Jump the pillar, past 
    another mushroom, and collect the final two White GrubTubs.  Head out, and take 
    them to Tricky's mother.  
    When the Queen is feeling better, she'll give you the SnowHorn Wastes key.  
    Before you leave however, head to the front of the ThornTail's store, and boost 
    up.  Blow open the wall with a spore, and shoot the switches to reveal a hole 
    with another Staff Magic upgrade.  Backtrack to SnowHorn Wastes via the water 
    system that you used to get here.  To get past the currents however, you must 
    step on the switch, use your staff and change the water currents.  You may then 
    swim and go back to SnowHorn Wastes.  Once outside, the gate is in front of 
                   SnowHorn Wastes - [Finding the First Spellstone]
    Go to the trunk sticking in the air, and watch as SharpClaws surround you.  
    There are an endless supply of them, and you must free Garunda Te.  Hit the 
    tree in the cinema, and then order Tricky to 'Find Secret'.  Tricky will follow 
    the Frost Weeds and give them to Garunda Te.  Three should do, and he will 
    break free, scattering the SharpClaws.  Garunda Te will tell you his story, and 
    then ask you to locate the Spell Stone.  Return to ThornTail Hollow, and 
    reverse the currents to get there.  
                          ThornTail Hollow - [Arwing Flight]
    Go up to your Arwing and press the A Button.  You should at least have 5 Fuel 
    Cells which is the minimum amount to leave the area. Select yes to leave and 
    you fly off toward DarkIce Mines.  
                       DarkIce Mines - [Into the Freezing Cold]
    You must fly through three gold rings this time, so keep an eye out for them.  
    Choose one of the paths, and then go up.  Jump over the gaps in the path, and 
    watch out for one part of the path will crumble.  Once your reach the snow 
    area, defeat the SharpClaws and be prepared for dinosaurs that pop out of the 
    ground.  Talk to all the SnowHorns in the area, and then use Tricky to dig a 
    tunnel in the snow in one of the houses.  Defeat the SharpClaws in there, and 
    attain the Shackle Key.  Use it to free one of the SnowHorns, and in return, he 
    will give you a Bridge Cog.  Continue down the patch, climb down the wall, and 
    hop across the water until you can place the Bridge Cog where the other gears 
    are located.  Be warned that there are creatures living in the walls that will 
    shoot green energy balls at you.  Climb back up and cross the bridge.  Head 
    left, and save the SnowHorn from the SharpClaws.  
    Besides teaching Tricky a Flame move, he tells you he's hungry, so you must 
    find Alpine Roots for him.  Drop down into the path where the boulders are 
    rolling, and go right, toward a little niche.  Use Tricky to burn the ice wall 
    and use him to dig up the root.  Go back to the village, and have Tricky melt 
    the ice wall covering one of the hut's entrance.  Go inside, light the wood and 
    melt the ice.  Use the Flame technique again to melt the second ice wall and 
    get another Alpine Root.  Go back to the SnowHorn and feed him.  He will then 
    let you ride on him.  Open the gates using his Tusk Attack and get off him at 
    the next platform.  
    Avoid the cannon, and defeat and enemies that pop out.  Travel down, toward the 
    wooden platforms on the wall, and burn an ice wall near them.  Climb the 
    ladder, and use the Rocket Boost.  Note the missing gears on the machine.  Jump 
    from platform to platform, and then go inside and defeat the SharpClaw mounting 
    the cannon.  Use the cannon and look around.  Use it to blow open the X on the 
    wall and to take out ALL enemies patrolling around.  This is the only to lower 
    the sealed door.  Go through the door you blew open that had an X on it, and 
    climb the hill on the left.  Burn through the ice wall and get another Bridge 
    Cog.  Go back into the main area, inside the hut, to get another Bridge Cog.  
    Finally, go through the formerly sealed door to get the last of the three Cogs.  
    Return back to the machine, and insert all three Cogs.  Pull the lever, and 
    cross the bridge.  Use Tricky to dig through and crawl through the tunnel.  Go 
    in, check the room, and hit the switch near the top of the wall.  You now have 
    one minute to light all four sides of the stand, so use make sure that Tricky 
    is fully fed.  Direct him to each grate, and use the Flame command.  Once all 
    four are lit, go through the door, and you jump towards the silvery particles.  
    Ta da!  It's really a bridge.  Go until you reach an ice block and melt it to 
    get the Dinosaur Horn.  Backtrack until you reach the main area, and go through 
    the opening where you collected your first Cog, the one that had an X on it.  
    Go up the hill, and stand in the middle, and use the horn.  A SnowHorn will 
    Climb on its back, and follow the trail of Alpine Roots to replenish its 
    energy.  You will see Tricky run off ahead.  Tear open the door with the 
    SnowHorn's Tusk Attack, and then get off.  Run inside the cave, defeat the two 
    SharpClaws, and then ride the Jet Bike.  Follow the trail until you land on a 
    conveyer belt.  Run through when the flames aren't on, and then get off at the 
    end before the big fire pit.  Defeat all of the SharpClaws in the area to 
    unlock the sealed door, then look for a Rocket Pad near the conveyer belt's 
    start.  Use it, then climb through the tunnel.  Follow the boulder, and hit the 
    switch near the last niche to turn off the flame.  Use your staff to get the 
    SharpClaw Prison Cell Key.  Go back toward the sealed door, and across from it 
    should be a platform.  Go and run with the flames until you reach the cell with 
    Prince Tricky.  
    Use Prince Tricky to melt the ice wall in the sealed door and get the second 
    Prison Key.  Go back towards the second cell, unlock it, and then talk to 
    Belina Te.  She will then run off, and tell you to meet her down in the mine.  
    Tell Tricky to Find and she will dig a tunnel.  Shoot the green stalagmites in 
    the next room and then cross them to reach a switch.  The switch will allows 
    ice platforms to float through, so climb up using the Rocket Pad and jump 
    across the platforms until you reach a small opening on the other side.  At the 
    other side, push the block down into the water and then fall down with it.  
    Now, you can jump to the opening.  Go down, defeat the SharpClaws and go 
    through the opening.  Ride the conveyer belts past the flame defenses and meet 
    Belina Te.  After the short conversation, go through the doorway, and defeat 
    some SharpClaws if they attack.  Head towards the formation in the middle of 
    the room to find a ladder on one side.  Climb up and pick up the barrel.  Carry 
    it up the ramp while avoiding the rolling barrels.  To do this, you must look 
    where the barrels roll and stay in a safe spot until you can move on.  At the 
    top, go left to another platform, and put the barrel down where it tells you 
    to.  Climb the ladder and pull the switch.  Get the barrel and take it to the 
    right, past a tower of shooting flame and throw it at the cracked wall.  Pull 
    the switch inside.  Go across the newly formed bridge and follow the boulder.  
    Pull the lever when you get to it, and go back out.  Go across the bridge you 
    just created and climb the ladder to reach the cannon.  Defeat the SharpClaw 
    Use the cannon and blow up the two spots marked X.  These will create a natural 
    land bridge for you to cross the lava.  Go back down, and cross the bridge.  
    Enter the Warp.
                           Boss Galdon - [It's Hot in Here!]
    Go up to the boss and melt him from his frozen imprisonment with Tricky.  He 
    will then swallow the SpellStone which you must battle him for.  To defeat him, 
    target his tail/behind.  He might turn around and follow you, or roar at Tricky 
    and.  If he does, smack his tail a few times, and he will swallow you.  
    Attack his body part (you know, that little thing that hangs in your mouth, and 
    touching it will make you puke!) until he spits you back out.  Now he has a new 
    weak point which is his neck.  Equip your Fire Blaster if you haven't already, 
    and fire it at his neck.  If you're within range, you will automatically target 
    it, but if not, you will need to manually do it.  Shoot only when you have an 
    opening, as his arms will deflect the shots, and you must then cut down Magic 
    Plants to gain more magic.  After about three shots to his neck, he will 
    swallow you back up again.  Hit his part again, until he is defeated.  You then 
    have the SpellStone.  
    View the cutscene with Belina Te, and then go back to your Arwing, headed for 
    Dinosaur Planet.  
                         ThornTail Hollow - [Glimmer of Light]
    When you land, you will be asked to light the village's beacons.  First, you 
    must find some Fire Weed.  Go near the river, and check one of the trees to see 
    if they have flaming balls in them.  Hit the tree, and then extinguish the 
    flames with a shot from your blaster, or by running into them.  You must pick 
    up at least three.  With three in hand, go right, past the Magic Plant patch.  
    You will see a small ledge.  Go to the base of that ledge, and climb up.  Place 
    a Fire Weed on top, then ask Tricky to light it on fire.  
    To get the second beacon, go to the courtyard, and then go to the right of it 
    past a poisonous mushroom.  Climb up on the ledge, jump from platform to 
    platform until you reach a switch.  If you have a bomb spore, you can also 
    plant it on one of the platforms and blow it up to get some Fuel Cells.  Stick 
    your staff and pull it in the switch to open the nearby gate to Cape Claw.  Go 
    through, talk to the dino, and then light the second beacon next to him using 
    the same previous method.  Climb up the wall next to the beacon to get more 
    Fuel Cells.  
    Revisit the WarpStone to find the third and final beacon in the vicinity.  Use 
    the same technique, and a EarthWalker will run up to you, giving you the Moon 
    Mountain Pass Key.  Go towards the well, and then to the right of it.  Past the 
    three poisonous mushrooms, you'll find a place to plant a bomb spore.  Do so 
    and blow it up to continue on.  
                        Moon Mountain Pass - [Out of this World]
    It helps to have a map for this place, so if you haven't been buying one, I 
    suggest you go get one.  Go forward, until the ground opens up.  Drop down, go 
    left, jump from the platforms, and ride the air current up.  Go toward the 
    exit, and avoid the barrels that the SharpClaw throw at you.  There is a Fuel 
    Cell hidden in the weeds somewhere.  Open the gate with the key, and then go 
    As soon as you pass the doorway, turn around, and climb up onto the building.  
    Get the Fuel Cell, then go inside and defeat the two SharpClaws.  Watch out as 
    one is heavily armed.  Defeating them will open the Life Force Door.  
                     Volcano Force Point - ["Great Balls O' Fire"]
    Once inside, and jump on the platforms when they start to pop out.  This will 
    leave you enough time reach the other side.  Go around the room, then drop down 
    into the pillar of flame when it's off.  You can't defeat the flaming bats 
    right now, so don't try.  Cross the bridge, then go up to where the barrels are 
    rolling down.  Avoid them, or use the shield, and go left.  Follow the path, 
    and jump the gap while avoiding the bats.  Climb up and insert the Stone when 
    you reach the gate.  Climb the ladder at the very beginning of the wire bridge 
    to get a Fuel Cell.  Defeat the SharpClaw, and read the inscription.  Equip 
    your Fire Blaster, and use the changing flames to change the color of your 
    blaster shots.  Aim for the same color as the globe, which is green and blue.  
    Open the door with the Stone, and battle the four enemies inside.  If you're 
    having trouble with them, use Tricky's Flame command to burn them from the 
    back, then attack from the front.  This method is VERY effective, but you might 
    catch yourself on fire!
    In the next room, light the two grates on fire, and then climb up the ladder.  
    Jump to the next room, and jump when the flames are off.  Go up ladder, out the 
    other side, and then climb down the ladder.  Jump, until you reach the 
    platforms again.  Jump the platform, and in the next room, upgrade your staff 
    with the Freeze Blast.  Go back into the circular room, and extinguish two of 
    the red flames.  Fall down, and roll just when you're about to hit so you won't 
    absorb damage.  Climb the ladder again, and extinguish the other two red 
    flames.  The platform below will then take you to the underground level.  
    Follow the path, and place the stone where game tell you to.  Go through the 
    newly opened door, by extinguishing the flames.  Ride the platform up, then 
    climb the ladders and extinguish another four red flames.  This will open up a 
    new door.  Go through, and battle more enemies to open up the Life Force Door.  
    Cross the platforms when the flames are off, and then turn around on the other 
    side and blast the switches on the platform to make them stop.  Blast all two 
    so Tricky can cross, then have him light the grate on fire.  Continue through 
    the door, and go into the Warp Shrine.  Place the stone on one side of the 
    pedestal, and the game will take you back to the entrance.  Go out, back to 
    Moon Mountain Pass or, you can go back and collect the Fuel Cells stuck in the 
    prison cells near one of the early rooms of this temple.
                          Moon Mountain Pass - [New Meaning]
    On your way out, a Krazoa spirit and Krystal will contact you, telling you of 
    Krystal's dire situation.  He will then open a new door for you and tell you to 
    defeat the Kalda Choms.  Currently, you can't defeat them, so travel in the 
    doorway, lift up the rock, and go inside to get the Ground Quake upgrade.  Use 
    this new technique to stun the monster, then attack him on his backside.  You 
    will need to do this two times to defeat him.  More will continually respawn, 
    so just plant the seed, and get Tricky to use his Flame.  
    Climb up, and look around.  You can plant the MoonSeed anywhere it allows you 
    to, but just get one, and plant it near the very end, where a bird flies 
    around.  Climb up, and defeat the Kalda Chom to get another.  Plant a bomb 
    spore, blow it up and continue.  Watch the cutscene of the meteor landing.  
    To remove it, you must find three meteors which can direct the steam flow and 
    push it away.  Two of them must be found by Tricky's Find, and the other is on 
    fire.  Use your Freeze Blast to extinguish it, and then place each one top of a 
    steam hole.  Since you must place them in specific holes, experiment with them.  
    You know you've placed them in the right hole if you cannot pick them up again.  
    Go up the slopes to your left, and enter the Warp Pad.  You can also get a 
    Cheat Token, if you really want it.  
                         Krazoa Shrine - [Releasing a Spirit]
    Climb the ladder, and cross the whirlpools without touching them.  Beware of 
    the bat.  Extinguish the flames with the Freeze Blast, and climb up the wall.  
    Take care of the jelly-like enemy, turn around, and shoot the Fire Blaster 
    switch on above, on the wall.  Continue on, and walk on the narrow beams, 
    avoiding the flames.  On the other side, turn around, up, and shoot the Fire 
    Blaster switch.  Go through, and talk to the Krazoa Spirit.  Your test is to 
    defeat a certain amount of enemies within 3:30.  The enemies will consist of 
    regular SharpClaws, and bigger ones.  If you're having trouble, get Tricky to 
    burn them from behind.  Once you complete your task, you're back out.  
    Go off the ledge, and walk forward, past the two Kalda Choms, and pick up the 
    barrel.  Walk into the air current with it and it should land on the small 
    island.  From that island, throw it at the crack.  Jump to the crack via air 
    currents.  Ride the current up to the meteor, and go back to ThornTail Hollow.  
    ThornTail Hollow - [Krazoa Released]
    Go back to the WarpStone, and ask to go to Krazoa Palace.  Once there, you'll 
    find out that he can't warp dinosaurs.  Defeat the four SharpClaws to lower the 
    Life Force.  Go back near the entrance of the room to find a timed barrel.  
    Pick it up and go to the next room.  It's dark, so if you have a dragonfly, use 
    it.  Go up the ramp to your right, go past the intersection, until you come to 
    a wall.  Go left, and when you come to a wall, go left again.  Take a left when 
    you have the option to, past the two torches and down a ramp.  Quickly throw 
    the barrel at the crack to open it.  Shoot the Blaster switch, and then pick up 
    the barrel.  Navigate between the flames, and blow up the wall. 
    Just like in the Volcano Force Point temple, shoot the orbs when the flames 
    match their color.  This will turn off the shield around the gun.  Four hits 
    from your blaster will go bye-bye for the gun.  Go back to the barrel, and 
    place it on the switch in that room.  Defeat the two SharpClaws in that room, 
    and ride the platform up.  Go left, ride the air currents to the very top.  Run 
    around until you come upon air currents leading up to the roof where you meet 
    Krystal... in a crystal.  How quaint!  
    When the cutscene is over, release the Krazoa Spirit.  You will automatically 
    return to ThornTail Hollow where the WarpStone will give you a Medium Scarab 
    Bag which can hold up to 100 Scarabs.  Your new mission is to go to Cape Claw.
                Cape Claw and LightFoot Village - ["A Friend in Need..."]
    Collect 60 Scarabs, then return to the place where you lit the second beacon.  
    This time however, continue on, and when you come to the intersection, go 
    right, fall in the water, then go get on land.  The place may look the same, 
    but it's not.  Go to where the sign points, and battle the SharpClaws there.  
    Pay the toll of 60 Scarabs to enter.  If you don't have enough, check the 
    rocks.  You're in LightFoot village.  Go through the maze, avoiding any vines, 
    until you reach a ladder going down.  Slide down, then go one level down.  Run 
    around until you find a ladder that goes back up, but not the one that you just 
    came down from.  If you picked the right ladder, you'll end up in a new place.  
    In Cape Claw, defeat the huge SharpClaw, and hurry towards the crying HighTop.  
    You'll have to pay the BribeClaw to pass.  Defeat the SharpClaw, and the 
    HighTop will tell you about his missing gold.  Go back to the BribeClaw, and 
    from there, walk down the ramp going forward.  You should come to a soft patch 
    of dirt, which Tricky should dig to find a bar of gold.  Go back to the 
    HighTop, and give it to him.  From your position, go left, jump and swim 
    towards the island with three SharpClaws patrolling around and a wooden 
    barricade.  Defeat the SharpClaw, and order Tricky to dig the patch of dirt for 
    Gold #2.  Tell Tricky to Flame the wooden door, and defeat the two SharpClaws 
    inside.  The Ground Quake works well here.  After you defeat them, go to the 
    puddle, and get Tricky to Find, for Gold #3.  Go back to Gold #2's position, 
    and look out upon the water.  Go towards the island with a patch of dirt.  From 
    that position, go right, towards a group of GrubTubs, and dig the patch of dirt 
    there, for the last Gold Bar.  Give it back to the HighTop and he will knock a 
    ladder down.  
    Run up the hill, toward the waterfall, and shoot the Blaster switch to trigger 
    a bridge.  Cross the bridge, and go up the ladder and pull the switch.  The 
    switch will unlock a nearby room, which you should go to.  
    Inside the room, move and push the blocks a little, then try to get out.  A 
    cutscene will show the blocks moving, and poison coming out of vents.  You have 
    an energy bar which will decrease.  Immediately, move one of the blocks and 
    push it until you can push it in to cover the vent.  The position must be near-
    perfect or it will not go in.  As you cover more of the vents, your energy will 
    decrease slower.  When you cover the final vent, you'll see a prison open.  Get 
    out, and heads toward the prison.  
    The Queen CloudRunner tells you that the EarthWalkers and her tribe don't see 
    eye-to-eye.  Get it?  Eye-to-Eye, as in Earth - Walker, Cloud - Runner.  It's a 
    pun!  She'll tell you to meet her at CloudRunner's Fortress.  
                  CloudRunners Fortress - ["...is a Friend Indeed."]
    The Queen will go on ahead.  Defeat the SharpClaw, then go down the ladder to 
    your right.  Swim to the far distant island in front of you to reach a switch.  
    Stepping on it will make three silvery rings appear, for which you must jump 
    through.  You have 30 seconds, and if you fall off the crates, you're not going 
    to make it.  Jump from crate to crate, and follow the crates.  You'll make it 
    to the last ring with about 5 seconds left.  Completing this task will make a 
    Blaster switch appear in front of the gate.  
    Shoot the switch, and defeat the two SharpClaws.  Go up as fast as you can, and 
    then climb the ladder down when you're at the top.  Break open a crate to 
    reveal a Rocket Pad, but pull the switch against the wall first.  I have no 
    idea what the Rocket Pad does, as it leads you to nowhere?  Go back up, and 
    through the open doorway to watch a cutscene of General Scales and his ruthless 
    cunning as he captures Fox... *gasp*
    You're in a prison, so push the block to get out.  Go to your right, and sneak 
    along the right wall, or else you'll trigger a cutscene in which you're 
    outnumbered.  Sneak past the open doorway, and don't even think about trying to 
    get your Staff back.  Go down the ladder, and place a barrel in the air 
    current.  Step on the switch and the barrel will explode, allowing Slippy to 
    send the disguise to you.  Don the disguise, and speak to the prison guard.  He 
    will go off duty, and you can take your staff back!  Yah!
    With the staff, release the prisoners with the four switches, and obtain the 
    Power Room Key.  Shoot open the door with the Blaster, and don the disguise.  
    Climb up the wall, and go to the middle platform, which is where the cutscene 
    was held.  Go find three pictures of bats on the platform.  Push the left one 
    to see a gate with an Item Box go up.  Hurry, and run toward two openings.  
    Climb up one of the huge boxes, destroy the small one and use your staff on the 
    switch.  Climb the ladder, extinguish the flames, and obtain the Gem.  If time 
    runs out, do it again, but make sure that the flames are gone so you will have 
    more time.  
    Go back to the platform, press the middle one to view a cutscene with another 
    gate going up.  Go right, climb the crates, and then proceed to the gate.  
    Avoid the enemies, and open the Item Box.  Go to the third switch, and watch as 
    another gate goes up.  Extinguish the flames, and boost up to obtain the last 
    gem.  From that position, go right, and insert the Power Room Key in the door.  
    You only have a certain amount of time before you start to take damage, so 
    hurry and place the Gems with their corresponding color.  When you have placed 
    all gems, the power will come back on.
    After the power is back on, go climb the crates up, and pretend that you are 
    going to get the second Gem.  Go past the cell however, and push the levels on 
    either side so that the arrows point up.  Cross, and stand on the SharpClaw Pad 
    (while in your SharpClaw disguise of course!) to open the gate.  Defeat all 
    enemies in the area to power down the Life Force Seal.  Go through the door, 
    and pick up the special SharpClaw barrel, place it down in the next room on the 
    pad, and climb the ladder.  Step on the SharpClaw Pad to activate the device 
    which brings the barrel up.  Quickly, pick it up and head out.  Throw it at the 
    barricade, and it should blow it up.  Go through towards the air current, and 
    then forward.  Kill the SharpClaw in the area.  Activate the SharpClaw Pad 
    which lowers the ladders.  Climb the ladders, and pull the switch on both 
    sides.  To reach the one behind debris, run to the CloudRunner, jump on the 
    crates, and to the switch.  This will open the gate.  Talk to the Queen if you 
    want, and then go back to the SharpClaw barrel.  Bring it back to the Queen, 
    via the air current, and throw it at the pillar with a huge crack in the middle 
    of it.  The Queen will thank you and give you a Cloud Runner Flute to help her 
    If you go back out, you'll notice the first baby getting attacked.  Quickly 
    kill the SharpClaw before its life meter runs out.  The little birdie will land 
    on a crate.  Climb up on the crate under it, and get close enough so that you 
    can play the flute.  The bird will be safe and you'll get a picture of the next 
    little birdie you have to save.  Run to that birdie, which is near the second 
    Gem and by climbing the crates, and take care of the two SharpClaws attacking 
    it.  Play the little melody and it will show you the next birdie.  Aha!  I 
    found out what that previous Rocket Pad was for when we were climbing up before 
    Fox was captured.  
    Run to that Rocket Pad, boost up, and defeat the three SharpClaw.  Anyone 
    notice a pattern?  If you need more directions, try this: Go back, almost to 
    the beginning of the game.  The place you're looking for is near the platform 
    where General Scales was beating the Queen CloudRunner.  Backtrack, until you 
    get to the circular room where robots are patrolling the ramp back down.  From 
    the top, look to your right, and you should see a ladder.  Fall down, break the 
    crates, and you should find the Boost Pad. Rocket up and then go save the baby.  
    You should have plenty of time, but don't dawdle.  Play the flute, and save the 
    last birdie, which is back near the first one.  Just run to it, and if you 
    don't think you can take four SharpClaws down because they shield too much, 
    just use the Fire Blaster and torch them from afar.  Return to the CloudRunner.
    The Queen will open a new door, so from your position, go right, under the 
    arch, and climb down the ladder.  Jump from platform to platform, and collect 
    the Bofomodad.  In the tunnel, defeat two SharpClaws, and collect the three 
    DragonFlies.  To in the tunnel, and change the air current to down.  Head back 
    up, pick up the SharpClaw barrel, and go into the air current.  The air current 
    should bring both you and the barrel safely down.  Pick up the barrel, and runs 
    toward the darkness, using a firefly to light your way.  Blow up the crack with 
    it, go down the ladder, and go through either doorway.  Watch the pretty little 
    cutscene of how baddies always save themselves, and then watch yourself get on 
    a Jet Bike!  Your Jet Bike only has limited energy, and your main goal is to 
    destroy the Jet Bike that has a SharpClaw with the Spell Stone.  It's easier if 
    you destroy the other two first, and if you run over the pads that look like 
    arrows.  These pads speed you up.  Once you get the SpellStone, head for 
    Dinosaur Planet.
               ThornTail Hollow and Cape Claw - [Onto the Second Stone]
    Once in ThornTail Hollow, buy a map of LightFoot Village, and then head to Cape 
    Claw.  On the beach, save a LightFoot from two SharpClaws.  Watch him get 
    blasted and you get the Fire Gem.  Head back up, over the bridge near the 
    waterfall, and climb back up the ladder that the HighTop lowered for you.  This 
    time, go left, and use the SharpClaw Pad to open a new passage.  Inside, swim 
    to the switch, and have Tricky stay there, and pull the level switch.  Go to 
    the waterfall, and swim underneath it, but avoid the whirlpools.  Once you 
    reach dry land, jump down.  Extinguish the flames and take a second Fire Gem.  
    This will open the mouth to the Krazoa Head.  Go inside, place both Fire Gems 
    in the pedestal, and pull the lever switch.  This will lower one of the 
    pillars.  Have Tricky Stay on it, then use the lever switch to raise it up 
    again.  Have Tricky Flame the wooden wall, and sunlight should come in, 
    lighting the second Gem.  Go through the new path.  
                  Ocean Force Point Temple - [Nobody Likes a Wet Fox]
    Follow the corridor, until you get to a room with water.  Walk to the other 
    side towards the locked gate, turn around and shoot the Blaster switch.  This 
    raises the water level.  Go through either doorway, Flame the wall, and then 
    push the block into the water.  Lower the water by shooting the switch again, 
    then pull the block over the switch.  Go through, and you're what seems to be 
    outside.  Climb both ladders, and defeat the huge SharpClaw.  Activate the seal 
    with the SpellStone.  Go through the raised gate, and down.
    If you notice, you can't get past the floor because you get electrocuted.  Step 
    on the switch so that the panels that light up are touching each other within a 
    one block radius.  If they aren't, get off and step on it again.  Repeat until 
    you get one.  Tell Tricky to Stay, and approach the floor panels.  The panels 
    that are lit, tell you which ones are safe, but there is a trick to them.  They 
    are reversed, which I will show you. 
                             An example of the Floor Tiles
           Original Place        Switched Place       Accurate Place         
           [ ] [X] [ ] [ ]       [ ] [ ] [X] [ ]      [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]    
           [ ] [ ] [X] [ ]       [ ] [X] [ ] [ ]      [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]
           [ ] [ ] [X] [ ]   ->  [ ] [X] [ ] [ ]  ->  [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]
           [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]       [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]      [ ] [X] [ ] [ ]
           [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]       [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]      [ ] [X] [ ] [ ]
           [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]       [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]      [ ] [ ] [X] [ ]
        Key:                       So how the thing works is that you flip it 
        [ ]=Electrified Tile       vertically, then you flip horizontally.  You
        [X]=Safe Tile              read it from top to bottom.  Of course, this
                                   example would be deemed suicide.  Using this
                                   pattern, you would go two lefts, one all the 
                                   way right, two middle rights, and then one 
                                   middle left (Facing the actual tiles).  
    After you [hopefully] make it past the floor tiles, defeat the two SharpClaw, 
    and swim into the water to your left.  Go into the big room and watch out for 
    those Snapper Turtles?  Climb the platform, and jump to the middle one.  Go up 
    all possible directions, and pull all of the lever switches.  Jump into the 
    water, and swim forward, past the first tunnel, and go in the second one.  
    Climb the wall, shoot the orb when the flame is the exact same color of it and 
    collect the Fuel Cells.  Go into the Warp Pad.
    Turn around, and go through the door behind you.  Go right, and swim to the 
    lever switch.  Pull it down and the water lowers.  Activate the SharpClaw Pad 
    to release a block, and pull the lever switch near the wall.  Use the block, 
    and push it into the base of the statue in the middle of the room, where the 
    indention is.  Climb the block, pull the lever switch again, and the water 
    should rise.  Swim to the new opening.
    I will admit, this room puzzled me, but I eventually figured it out.  Yay for 
    me!  Erm, anyways, use Tricky, and have him light a fire in the base of one of 
    the statues.  The fires will light, and the structure in the middle will start 
    to spin.  Your goal here is to activate the four Krazoa statues so that they 
    pour water on the flames, dousing them.  Shoot the four blaster switches, and 
    they should put all the flames out.  You will have 2:30 to complete this task.  
    Go through the now open door, and find the block.  Pushing the block into the 
    desired place takes a little thinking.
    Anywho, use your Blaster to push the block until it runs into something, or 
    else it falls into the hole.  To do this, we'll have to use Cardinal 
    Directions.  The room you just came out of will be the East end.  The opposite 
    of that West, and the wall that you can climb will be deemed South, which 
    leaves the other side North.  Shoot the block East, North, West, South, East, 
    and then North again to have it fall into the hole.  Ta da!  This opens up the 
    Rocket Boost in the Warp Pad room.  Boost up, follow the hallway and shoot the 
    orb when it is the same color of the flame (Green).  It should form a bridge, 
    cross, and step into the Warp Pad.  You may now insert the second SpellStone.  
                             LightFoot Village - [Framed!]
    NOTE: If you leave the place, you can go back to it by revisiting the area and 
      watching a LightFoot hit the tree with targets in a certain order.  The 
      pattern is the one in front of you, the one very far back, then the one in 
      the middle.
    When you leave Cape Claw and try to make it back to ThornTail Hollow, you'll be 
    attacked by the LightFoot.  Guess who staged this attack.  You [maybe] guessed 
    it.  Your old pal from the beach.  They take you prisoner, and they're going to 
    kill you.  To save yourself, you must use the CloudRunner to light them on 
    fire.  Press the A Button when the bar is in the green section and the 
    CloudRunner will send them scampering.  After you defeat all 8, they will let 
    you go.  
    Go explore along the wall, and tell Tricky to Find when you spot a patch of 
    dirt.  You get a Wooden Block Carving.  Explore around your previous 
    imprisonment, and swim toward a piece of land with lots of GrubTubs on it.  
    Flame the wall, and dig to find another Wooden Block Carving.  Boost up with 
    the pad, and run right.  Take note of the Totem Pole.  Continue going right, 
    until you reach a fallen tree, then fall down and head left.  Once you reach 
    dry land, dig up the last Wooden Carving.  Return to your prison, and find 
    three little holes on the top.  Stick the appropriate carvings in them to raise 
    islands which you can use to reach the houses in the water.  Climb down the 
    ladder, and jump to the nearest house on your left.  Flip the rock, boost up 
    (remember the Totem Pole location), cross bridge, and go down.  Cross another 
    bridge and talk to the King LightFoot.  
    You have two tests, the Tracking Test, and The Test of Strength.  It doesn't 
    matter which one you do first, because you'll be doing both of them.  I find 
    The Test of Strength to be really easy.  Just focus on mashing the A Button and 
    you'll eventually push MuscleFoot into the pit.  If you're having trouble, use 
    both your hands, and alternate with them.  Example: Left index, right index.. 
    NOTE: A lot of people seem to have trouble with this, so here's an alternate 
      method that has had one report of success.  
      Take your right thumb, and rest it gently on the A Button. Tap it  fast, but 
      make sure that your thumb never leaves the A Button. What I mean is, is that 
      when you push it, and let it go, only release your thumb to the minimum 
      height so that the A Button can pop back up. As soon as it does, push down 
      again and repeat. It doesn't help to mash it, but it does if you have a 
      steady pace.  Try it, and email me if it works.
    The Tracking Test is harder.  First, when you start, backtrack to the Totem 
    Pole you just passed before you talked to the Lightfoot.  Then look off into 
    the distance, and go back to where you took the SECOND Wood Carving.  Boost up, 
    and pull the switch.  Jump down, and the third Totem Pole is in front of you.  
    Look off to your left, towards the sky, and you should see the last one, rising 
    up above all the other structures.  Swim to it, against the currents, and climb 
    the wall on its side.  Pull the lever, and when you have completed both tests, 
    the LightFoot will open up the mound for you.  
    Inside the mound, climb the orange crates and step on a switch.  The Totem Pole 
    in the middle will start to rotate.  Shoot each section when the front is 
    facing between you and the ladder to your right.  When you have shot each 
    section correctly, the gate will open.  Step in the Warp Pad.  
    NOTE: If you shoot it wrong, shoot it again to make it rotate again.
                           Krazoa Shrine - [Face Your Fears]
    Break the box in front of you for a Boost Pad.  Boost up, step on the switch, 
    and hurry past the flames.  Step on the next switch, and swim toward the 
    ladder.  However, along the way, the water will drain, so don't get stabbed by 
    the barbs.  Step on the last switch, and run toward the exit, avoiding the 
    barrels.  Talk to the Krazoa Spirit.
    The Test of Fear is quite hard actually.  You must keep the line within the 
    green bar or else you'll fail and have to do the Krazoa Shrine again.  You 
    can't really pay much attention to what Fox is doing, but it looks like 
    Velociraptors attack, as does invisible creatures.  It ends when the big 
    invisible creature picks you up.
    Go back to ThornTail Hollow, and warp to the Krazoa Palace.
                         Krazoa Palace - [Another Spirit Free]
    Ride the pedestal up, and use the air currents to reach the third floor.  Open 
    the SharpClaw Pad and release the Krazoa.  You'll automatically warp to 
    ThornTail Hollow.
                     ThornTail Hollow - [Good Deeds Are Rewarded]
    Talk to the dino near the WarpStone, and she will tell you about her eggs.  Go 
    to her eggs, and you'll see a sequence where monsters are after them.  Protect 
    her eggs by defeating the enemies before they can get to them.  Things start to 
    get really hectic however, when lots of them start to pop out.  If this is the 
    case, you can use your Ground Quake to take out the whole lot of them.  When 
    you successfully protect the eggs, a hole with a Staff Upgrade will appear.  
    Enter to collect the Portal Device.  
    With the Portal Device, talk to the Queen, then open the door behind her.  Go 
    to your Arwing, and take off for the Walled City.  
                        Walled City - [Battle Against All Odds]
    At last, you get to meet the RedEye Tribe!  Out from your Arwing, talk to the 
    EarthWalker Soldier before you cross the bridge and shoot the switch on the 
    Avoid the RedEyes until you get a powerful enough weapon.  From the bridge, go 
    left toward the Sun side and perform a Ground Quake on the pad.  Quickly, run 
    up the ramp to the building, and wait for the walls to retract back in.  Climb 
    the second ramp up, go right, and then into the hallway.  Avoid the flames, run 
    up, and have Tricky Flame the structure in front of him.
    Repeat for the Night side, or the blue side.  However, you have 1:20 to 
    complete the task.  Run up, and go right this time, staying on the Night side.  
    You'll eventually run up one level higher than the hallway, so drop down, and 
    run past the Ice Throwers.  You may only have a few seconds to get Tricky to 
    the pedestal where he can light it.  Once you light it, a room opens up.  Go 
    inside and talk to the King EarthWalker.  
    After your little "talk", go cross the bridge, talk to the Soldier to your 
    left, and shoot the switch on his tree.  Burn the wooden barricade preventing 
    you from climbing the wall, and drop down in the hole to get the Super Ground 
    Quake.  Exit, go right, and keep on going until you meet another dino.  Talk to 
    him, and shoot his switch.  Go find a waterfall in the area, near the first 
    Ground Quake Pad, and follow along the mountain until you get to another dino, 
    and the last Blaster Switch.  Shoot it.  This will cause a silver ring to 
    appear.  Go to the silver ring, which is behind your Arwing, and swim into it.  
    You'll now have to swim in a series of silver rings within a certain time 
    limit.  Complete the task to open the gate to the item box with the Silver 
    RedEye Tooth.  
    Now, with the Super Ground Quake, perform it near the RedEyes, then again when 
    they're down on the ground.  Two hits is all it takes.  When you defeat them 
    all, the Life Force Seal will go away.  Go back, across the bridge, near the 
    2nd and 3rd Blaster Switches, and climb the formation in-between them.  Enter 
    and obtain the Gold RedEye Tooth.  Go back to the King, and insert the teeth.  
    Enter... at your own risk.  
                   RedEye King - ["My, what big teeth you have..."]
    Once you enter, you cannot escape.  You battle a monstrous RedEye, which has 
    the third SpellStone embedded on its head.  That must've hurt!  To defeat the 
    RedEye, you must first electrocute him using the pads on the floor.  The RedEye 
    will typically roar before he charges at you.  Near the end of his roar, step 
    on the pad to charge up the fields.  They should turn on when he passes.  Once 
    it's down, use your blaster to open the switches and use the barrels inside and 
    throw them on its head.  It helps if you open the switches first, pick up the 
    barrel, then step on the pads.  
    However, there are times when he just charges at you and getting hurt is 
    inevitable.  If you don't think you can make it into a nook in time, use your 
    Force Field to save you.  Repeat, and when the dino is dead, you get the third 
    SpellStone.  Return to ThornTail Hollow, and go back to the Volcano Force 
    NOTE: The cinema of you getting the SpellStone is the scene they use in the 
      commercial where you're on its head.  For some reason though, I thought that 
      it would last longer, and that would be the way to defeat it.  Who knows?
                           Volcano Force Point - [Back Again]
    Basically, nothing's changed, except new and tougher enemies are present.  
    Battle your way to the gate, and use your SpellStones to open any sealed doors.  
    When you're back in the circular room, use it on the second seal to open a new 
    door.  The trouble is reaching it.  Look down below, and jump on a platform 
    that does not have fire spewing out of it.  Duh!  Jump onto the wall and climb 
    up.  Go through the door, and beware of the fire.  Ride the blue platform, and 
    climb the ladder.  Extinguishing the flames would be easy, if not that they 
    have to be put in a certain order.  Extinguish the blue flame, then the green 
    one.  Next, the red, and last, the yellow.  If you don't do it in this order, 
    the flames will light back up again.  Enter the room.  
    Defeat the SharpClaw, and have Tricky stay on the switch to lower the ladder.  
    Climb the ladder, extinguish the flames, and pull the lever switch.  Go through 
    the opened gate, and get Tricky to stay on the second switch.  Extinguish the 
    flames on the platform, and jump on it.  Use your Blaster to shoot the orbs 
    when the flame is the same color so that it turns your shots to their 
    corresponding color.  Did that make sense?  Two of the orbs are blue, and one 
    is green.  It will take time before the flame matches up with the orb, and you 
    have a clear line of fire.  Go through the door, enter the WarpPad, and insert 
    the third SpellStone.  One more to go.  Return back to ThornTail Hollow.
                           ThornTail Hollow - [Under Attack!]
    Back at ThornTail Hollow, you'll see some SharpWings attacking the poor 
    ThornTails.  You must save five of them from the attacking SharpWings, three 
    each.  Four will be out in the main field, while the last one will be near the 
    second beacon, the path to Cape Claw.  After you save them all, the last 
    ThornTail will give you a Large Scarab Bag.  With the bag, you can now hold up 
    to 200 Scarabs.  
    Using the bag, collect at least 130 Scarabs and go to the ThornTail Store and 
    buy the SnowHorn Artifact.  Then, travel to SnowHorn Wastes.  
                              SnowHorn Wastes - [Trials]
    Your task here is to take that artifact and return it to its rightful owner.  
    To find the owner, travel from the BribeClaw, West, and up the ledge.  Continue 
    left, and go right when you see some ice which you can jump upon.  The owner is 
    that lone SnowHorn but before you do so, you need to "prepare".  First, melt 
    the ice wall behind him, then defeat any SharpClaw in the area.  Shoot the 
    enemy in the tree trunk to have it fall and create a bridge.  Now give the 
    artifact to the SnowHorn.
    The pad will come up which you need to blow the Dinosaur Horn on.  Assign it to 
    Y, and blow the horn.  You will have a limited amount of time to get to each 
    pad, but blowing your horn on the next one will give you 30 more seconds.  The 
    second pad will rise near the camp fire, so blow your horn.  Follow the path, 
    and blow the horn on the third pad, then go right, and fall off the cliff.  The 
    fourth pad is near the BribeClaw, and the fifth near Garunda Te.  The sixth, 
    and final pad is near the waterfall.  Get as close as you can, without falling 
    into the water, and shoot the creature inside the tree trunk with your blaster.  
    Cross, and climb the wall to reach the final pad.  The gate blocking the 
    entrance to the Warp Pad will lift.  Enter the pad.
                              Krazoa Shrine - [Not Again!]
    Climb the ladder, and defeat the two enemies flying above.  They'll respawn, 
    but they make less of a pest.  Pick the barrel up, and follow the path.  You 
    cannot jump or you will drop the barrel.  Throw the barrel at the wall.  Before 
    going on to the next room however, get another barrel.  
    Place the barrel on the pad, and wait for the mechanism to pick the barrel up.  
    Now, you must use the switch to turn off the flames while the barrel passes.  
    Fail, and it blows up which means you'll have to get another.  Swim to the 
    other side, avoiding the whirlpools.  Pick the barrel up again, enter the air 
    current, and it should take both of you to the next room.  Defeat the 
    SharpClaw, and throw the barrel at the cracked wall.  Make sure not to throw it 
    at the flames, or your hard work will have to be repeated.  Talk to the Krazoa 
    to start the Test of Strength.  
    The Test of Strength is an exact duplicate of the LightFoot test, and for those 
    who are complaining about it being too hard, rest assured that this one is much 
                           Krazoa Palace - [Two Thirds Done]
    Get the WarpStone to send you to Krazoa Palace to release the fourth Spirit.  
    Ride the air currents to the second floor, and use the Portal Device to open 
    the door.  Release the Krazoa Spirit in there.  The head will suck you up and 
    drop you off at ThornTail Hollow.
                       ThornTail Hollow - [Right Under Your Nose]
    Back at ThornTail Hollow, the WarpStone will tell you of the next gatekeeper, 
    who is closer than you realize.  As the game shows you the area of ThornTail 
    Hollow, the gatekeeper must be in ThornTail Hollow!  Talk to the ThornTail near 
    the wall who never says anything and he will open up the portal for you.  Go 
    climb back in your Arwing.
                        Dragon Rock - [Into the Heart of Evil]
    It takes all 10 gold rings to open the gatekeeper's force field.  You might end 
    up repeating this stage lots of times due to the fact that the gold rings 
    sometimes move around, making it hard to get a fixed location.  
    When you land, you'll find yourself in a really bleak place, filled with lots 
    of FireCrawlers and four robots armed with cannons.  You cannot defeat them... 
    yet as they are shielded from your attacks.  Their attacks are heat-seeking 
    however, so avoiding them is a must.  
    Head left, toward a very, very tall building and look for a ladder.  Climb it, 
    but watch out for flames that shoot out.  Time it right to avoid getting 
    burned.  Go right, and notice that the floor switches turn off the flames.  
    Pull the lever switch on the other side to get the mechanism moving.  Continue 
    across, and pick up the barrel, watching out for the flames spewing from the 
    walls.  Place the barrel on the pad, and climb back up the ladder to the 
    switches.  Step on them to stop the flames and let go when the barrel passes 
    them.  Use the barrel to destroy the wooden beams.  Go inside, pull the lever 
    switch to free the EarthWalker.  
    Go back outside, and meet the EarthWalker.  He will tell you to rescue the 
    HighTop, but first, you must "retire" the four robots patrolling the area.  The 
    EarthWalker lends to offer his services, which you should use.  Climb on top 
    and destroy four generators.  Note that the EarthWalker has a life bar.  Go 
    back to the Arwing, and check for a tree trunk near it.  Use his tusk attack to 
    destroy the generator.  Doing so will shut down the shield on a nearby robot.  
    The second is on the central structure of the place.  Look for the green crack.  
    The third is near in a little corner of the place, near the first structure you 
    went to.  It is guarded by two FireCrawlers.  Turn right from that position,and 
    look for a tree trunk with the green crack.  Destroy it and get off of the 
    Look for the four robots, and blast them with the Fire Blaster.  They will fire 
    back at you if you're in a close enough range, so you might have to strafe.  
    When the last of the robots are destroyed, a gate opens up.  Go in the gate, 
    and boost up onto a ledge where you can talk to the HighTop.  To free him, you 
    must shoot all four switches fairly fast or they will reset.  When you free 
    him, you're in for another ride.
    This time, it's a protection mission, as the dino will take you to a specific 
    place.  You'll be using your Fire Blaster, which has unlimited magic [for now].  
    You need to shoot down the missile coming from the central tower, protecting 
    the HighTop from too many hits.  After a few minutes, and under an intense load 
    of missiles, the HighTop will reach a panel, where he will lower a gate and 
    drop you off.
    Defeat the FireCrawlers in the area, and it will open the Life Force Door.  Go 
    head for the switch and the barrel.  Leave Tricky on the switch, and shoot the 
    blaster marks underneath the flames to turn them off temporarily.  This is 
    important to make sure that the mechanism carrying the barrel does not blow it 
    up.  Shoot each switch before the barrel passes by.  Climb the ladder, and pick 
    up the barrel.  You'll need to get through three air currents, and to make 
    matters worse, flames spew inside of them, which can cause the barrel to 
    explode.  That means you'll have to restart all over again.  Wait until the 
    flame stops, and then walk in toward the other side.  If you're lucky, it'll 
    land without a hitch, but sometimes, it will stay in the air current floating 
    around.  To quickly save it, climb in and use Fox to push it out of harms way.  
    Repeat this for the other two air currents.  However, the last has two flames.  
    When you get across, throw the barrel at the wooden beams blocking the door.
    Inside, pull the switch to move the cage with the CloudRunner and pull it again 
    when the cage is in the middle.  Stop it when the rope is in front of a nozzle.  
    Climb out through the window, and use Tricky to flame the grate.  The flame 
    should come out through the nozzle, and burn the rope holding the CloudRunner 
    captive.  The bird will tell you of the last SpellStone, and help you power 
    down the field surrounding it.  Prepare for another protection mission.
    This time, the missiles come out of the four towers, and you must destroy them 
    all to stop them from hitting the CloudRunner.  If some go past, the bird will 
    automatically dodge some, but others will hit.  When you get near the towers, 
    the missiles will stop, leaving you with a few seconds to shoot the red circle.  
    Shoot as much blaster fire into it as quickly as possible, but you will not 
    destroy it in one pass.  It should take about two passes to destroy it.  Once 
    you do, the CloudRunner will deposit you on top of the tower.  
                              Boss Drakor - [Fire Fight]
    The Boss has a hit point meter, and you'll be using your Fire Blaster to take 
    small chunks, out of his huge health bar.  His main attack is a beam cannon, 
    which shoots out blue balls of energy that track you.  Your best bet against 
    them is to shoot them before they hit.  The boss will always move around so 
    shooting him is kind of hard.  
    Besides worrying about the energy balls, you will have to contend with mines, 
    and flames.  Shoot the mines to cause them to explode, and the switches in 
    front of the flames to turn them off.  If you're running low on energy, check 
    for S boxes on platforms which will give you energy rings.  When you whittle 
    down his health, you get the fourth Spell Stone.  Defeating him will give you 
    your last new health bar.
                            Ocean Force Temple - [Revisted]
    Go back to the Ocean Force Point Temple, but when you try to, you'll find it 
    has been boarded up.  Your solution, the cannon which you must man.  Go to the 
    island which held the Queen CloudRunner, and go right into a little cave.  Use 
    the Portal Device, and extinguish the flames.  Use the cannon to blow open the 
    wooden beams and while you're at it, blow up the rock to your left.  It'll take 
    more than one hit, about 4-5 which will give you a new Staff Upgrade.  Use the 
    cannon to also blow open a hole in the wall underneath the staircase near the 
    entrance to Cape Claw.  Go inside the Temple.
    The only thing that has really changed, is the floor tiles that are energized.  
    This time, there are nine rows, but the same rules apply.  Before you enter the 
    warp, you can go to the right, and open a Portal Device for another Cheat 
    Token.  Enter the warp.
    Go through the door behind you, and you can see that the water level has risen.  
    Go left this time, and defeat the bigger SharpClaw.  Push the block into the 
    little niche in the ledge so you can climb and pull the lever switch to open 
    the door.  Jump to the ledge to your right, and destroy the SharpClaw crate to 
    reveal a SharpClaw Pad.  Transform to open up a door in the central statue that 
    has a lever switch.  Pull it to raise the water level.
    In the next room, pull the lever switch and the middle platform will spin.  
    This is the same as the last one, except that you must correspond the statue 
    with a color to the flame with the same color.  For example, the statue with 
    the yellow symbol will only extinguish the yellow flame.  As you extinguish 
    more, the structure will spin faster.  When you extinguish them all, another 
    block will appear in the maze, which I have a map for.  Yay!  Sorry I couldn't 
    do it for the other one.
                                     Scale Drawing
                 ____________        ____________        ____________       
                |[ ]  -  _   |      |[ ]  -  _   |      |[ ]  -  _   |
                |  |    _    |  ->  |  |    _    |  ->  |  |    _[X] |  ->
                |   _  |  [X]|      |   _  | [X] |      |   _  |     |
                 ------------        ------------        ------------  Key:
                 ____________        ____________        ____________  |  =Wall
                |[ ]  -  _   |      |[ ]  -  _   |      |[ ][X]  _   | [X]=Box
                |  |[X] _    |  ->  |  |    _    |  ->  |  |    _    | [ ]=Goal
                |   _  |     |      |   [X]|     |      |   _  |     |
                 ------------        ------------        ------------
    As you might've seen, it's not exactly equal in places, and I didn't finish the 
    last step, because you should know where to go from there.  If you don't, what 
    can I say?  Anyways, just follow the box movement, and you should get there.  
    Once you insert the box, the Boost Pad will activate, and you should use it.  
    Follow the hallway down, and shoot the orb when the flame is the same color as 
    it.  It will extend a bridge.  Enter the Warp Pad and place the final stone.
    You'll see a cutscene where the land masses are briefly joined together, then 
    watch as they separate.  You know you need to find the rest of the Krazoa 
    Spirits to fully restore the planet.
                              Walled City - [Almost Done]
    NOTE: You will need the Hi-Def Display Device to successfully complete this 
    On your return visit, you'll notice that the RedEye no longer rule this place, 
    and that the EarthWalkers are now dominating the city.  Well, sort of.  Your 
    task for this mission is to obtain the Sun and Moon Stones.  After you talk to 
    the King, head towards the Sun Stone side, and go through the new passage.  You 
    must first move blocks onto sun faces, and guess what!  I have a diagram for 
                                Sun Stone Block Diagram
          [ ]=Empty Square      [ ][S][-][-][X][ ][ ][ ]
          [X]=Blocks            [ ][.][.][.][S][ ][ ][ ]
          [-]=First Moves       [ ][.][ ][ ][!][!][!][S]
          [.]=Second Moves      [ ][.][ ][ ][!][ ][ ][ ]
          [!]=Third Moves       [ ][X][ ][ ][!][ ][X][ ]
          [+]=Fourth Moves      [ ][ ][ ][ ][X][ ][+][ ]
          [S]=Sun Face          [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][+][ ]
                                [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][S][ ]
    I know it's a little hard to tell, but look hard.  What the key is trying to 
    tell you here, is that the first moves your should make are boxes with the 
    character - in them.  Then follow the rest of the diagram, making sure to do 
    the moves numerically, and you should push all the block into the sun faces.  
    This will open a hole in the pedestal up front.  
    Ride the platform up, and step on the marking on the floor.  From that 
    position, use your Hi-Def Display Device and zoom in on the silvery water 
    structure in front of you.  You will get a cutscene of the door opening up.  
    Ride the platform down, and enter.
    Take care of the two fire bats in the room, and you come across another puzzle.  
    The trick to this one is to get the faces on the three blocks to face outward, 
    with the sun faces underneath the red fires, and the moon face, underneath the 
    blue fire.  With the blue fire as North, take the rightmost block, and move it 
    left, then into the little path towards the blue fire.  Stop when there is 
    enough room for the other block to pass.  Take the left block, and move it into 
    the former position of the first block.  Go back to the first block, and move 
    it back to its former place.  With the path cleared, take the block down the 
    little path, and pull it back, then to the left and push it until a tone rings.  
    Push the first block where that block used to be.  The wall will open up into a 
    new room.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a map for this room, and it would have made it so 
    much easier, but we'll make do.  Go past the Ground Quake Pad, and pull the 
    switch.  You will now be timed to get to the open door.  Go inside the maze, 
    and run around to your right, until you see a flaming fire.  Put it out with 
    your Freeze Blast, and pull the switch.  Make your way across the maze, until 
    you come across a pit.  Equip your Fire Blaster, and shoot the switch on the 
    wall to make the invisible walls disappear.  Have Tricky flame the wooden vines 
    blocking the third switch and pull it.  Run toward the open door, and use your 
    Portal Device to open it.
    Now you're in a room with a rotating wheel, that will reveal three switches.  
    Shoot the switches from left to right, to reveal an invisible bridge that will 
    take you to the Sun Stone.  Pick up the Sun Stone, get out, and head towards 
    the Night side.
    The Moon Side will present the same block problem.  You guessed it, I also have 
    a diagram for this.
                                Moon Stone Block Diagram
          [ ]=Empty Square      [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
          [X]=Blocks            [ ][ ][X][-][-][M][X][ ]
          [-]=First Moves       [X][!][!][!][!][!][.][ ]
          [.]=Second Moves      [+][M][ ][ ][ ][!][.][ ]
          [!]=Third Moves       [+][ ][ ][ ][ ][!][.][ ]
          [+]=Fourth Moves      [M][ ][ ][ ][ ][!][.][ ]
          [M]=Moon Face         [ ][ ][ ][X][!][!][M][ ]
                                [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    As with the Sun Stone, you'll need to push the Moon Blocks into the Moon faces.  
    Follow the paths and you should open up a hole.  Ride the platform up, and use 
    your Hi-Def Display Device to look at through the hole and open up the 
    Pull the lever switch in the room to open the gate, but in doing so, different 
    gates will rise up and fall.  Proceed to the first gate, and wait for it to 
    fall, but step back and forth between the floor or else it'll collapse and you 
    fall to your doom.  Make your way to the gate, and into the next room.
    Pound the Ground Quake Pad, and invisible walls will appear.  You have 30 
    seconds to make your way to the Portal Device.  However, you need to feel your 
    way around.  Simplest thing is, you head toward the right of the door, and make 
    it to the corner.  From there go in a circle, clockwise until you make it to 
    the corner left of the portal device.  From there, enter the door, and open the 
    The next room is similar to the Sun Stone room, as you must shoot three 
    switches behind the rotating circle.  Shoot the switches from left to right, 
    and obtain the Moon Stone.  
    Back outside, place the Sun and Moon Stone in their corresponding places where 
    you put the RedEye Teeth.  The top of the temple will rise, and in it, a Warp 
    Pad to the Krazoa Shrine.
    NOTE: After you enter the warp to the Krazoa Shrine, you will NOT be able to go 
      back to any other local place, such as ThornTail Hollow.  Instead, if you try 
      to leave, you will head directly towards Krazoa Palace.  Finish anything that 
      you want to finish before you enter the warp!!!
                          Krazoa Shrine - [Parted Friendship]
    Climb the ladder in the room, and step on the black switch.  The gate at the 
    end of the room will open.  Ride the air currents trying to avoid the flame 
    that spews out, but you're probably going to get hit if you want to make it in 
    time to the gate.  
    In the next room, step on the switch again and ride the air current to the 
    flaming middle structure.  Use the Freeze Blast to extinguish them, and ride 
    the air currents to the other side, turn around, and shoot the Blaster Switch 
    near the ceiling.  This will open the gate.
    Finally, step on the switch again and ride the air currents to two platforms 
    where a rotating structure blows out flames.  Try and time it so your land 
    where it's not on fire.  Go to the other side and talk to the Krazoa Spirit.  
    You will take the Test of Knowledge.
    Basically, you must match six objects with the corresponding worlds that they 
    came from with.  You will have 1:18 to finish the task.  Fail, and you will 
    restart the shrine, which really annoys me.
                                   Diagram of Objects
                                    5              4
                                            1              Key:
                                         6     2           1-6=Item and their
                                    1              2           corresponding
                                         5     3               locations
                                    3              6
    Just match the numbers and their locations, with the silvery circle as North, 
    and you should complete it without having to restart.
    As you leave, you'll say good-bye to Tricky, who will become an honorary member 
    of the Star Fox Team.  When you get to your Arwing, you'll notice that you can 
    no longer visit any other places, except for Dinosaur Planet.  Even then, you 
    are deposited directly to the Krazoa Palace, and cannot return to visit 
    ThornTail Hollow or any other places.
                Krazoa Palace and Krazoa Shrine - [Lost Souls Reunited]
    You land on the roof.  If you're low on health for any reason, take time to 
    break the crates and replenish that.  Ride the air current farthest from your 
    Arwing down.  
    You'll want to go one floor down, or three floors up if you're on the ground 
    floor.  Ride the air current down, and then travel to the appropriate one.  
    Defeat the SharpClaw patrolling around, and then look for a passage that leads 
    to an air current.  Ride the air current to the other side and defeat the 
    SharpClaw in the room and deposit the Krazoa Spirit.  After the nice cutscene 
    of the new location of the roof, it's time to go up.
    Ride the air currents back up, and enter the Warp Pad.  This Krazoa Shrine is 
    really easy.  All you have to do is walk.  Anyways, climb the ladder up, and go 
    through the door.  A life force seal will appear.  Climb up, onto what looks 
    like some sort of [beauty pageant] runway, and General Scales will appear!  
    He will comes toward you, but before you can pull off a move, you both hear a 
    voice.  The voice commands General Scales to give up the last Krazoa Spirit.  
    In doing so, he dies.  You possess the final Krazoa Spirit.
    Once back at the palace, run to the pad in front of you, and release the final 
    spirit.  You now free Krystal, but also, the Krazoa God.  It's time for a final 
    NOTE: That seems anti-climatic.  He just keel overs and dies!!  What the heck?  
      Wish you could've fight with him or something.
                    Final Boss: Andross - [Monkeys Do Fly In Space]
    You probably guessed it from that cutscene.  It's Andross, your old nemesis.  
    Hope you've been practicing your Arwing skills, because it's time to use them.  
    You're fighting the Krazoa head first, and your only threat is the energy waves 
    that come out of his mouth.  They track, and they hurt!  your targets should be 
    the Krazoa head's eyes, and the gem on his forehead.  Shoot them until they 
    explode, leaving black holes where they used to be.  When you do so, the head 
    will flip over and you'll fight Andross.  
    As in Star Fox 64, your targets are now his hands.  His hands have a little 
    target on them that you must specifically hit.  His fingers will absorb some of 
    your shots.  He will swipe at you with each of his hands, and then slap them, 
    hoping to crush you.  These are easily avoided by going up, then going left or 
    right.  Next, he spits out little rocks, as well as TWO energy rings.  Grab 
    these to restore 1/4 of one of your health icons.  When he starts to suck you 
    in, move toward the left or right of the screen, and continually barrel roll.  
    Not only will this stop you from being sucked into his mouth (if you did it 
    fast enough), you will also destroy some of the rocks that would've hit you.  
    Once you destroy both of his hands, he flips over and you face the Krazoa head 
    This time, the head shoots tracking missiles, making life difficult, as well as 
    its standard attack with the energy waves.  Your targets are the same, so 
    repeat this process to take on the Andross side again.
    Andross too, has a new attack, and that is to shoot the energy waves from his 
    hands, inevitably, making you have to dodge them and waste precious seconds 
    trying to destroy his hands.  His attacks are the same, and when you destroy 
    both of his hands, Falco shows up!
    Aha!  Falco comes to save your hide!  This time, Andross's hands are gone.  
    Andross uses the same attacks, minus the energy waves, and spits out only one 
    ring this time.  When he does, Falco will drop S boxes with bombs.  Collect 
    them, and the next time Andross tries to suck you up, fire one in.  His head 
    will become transparent for a while, and reveal his brain.  Aim for the brain, 
    and when he lunges at you, swerve some other direction to avoid getting hit.  
    After a while, his face turns solid again, and you must repeat the process.  
    Three times should be the minimum amount you need to do this to defeat him.  
    After that, it's clear sailing.
                           Epilogue - [Relaxation At Last!]
    You finally saved Dinosaur Planet.  Give yourself a pat on the back!  You're 
    back with Peppy, Slippy and ROB as General Pepper transfers your fee.  Falco 
    walks in and joins the Star Fox team again!!!  Woohoo!  Not only that, but 
    Krystal walks in to thank you.  Funny too, as Fox "blushes".  With Andross out 
    of the way, you can now live on with your merry life.  
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[6. Upgrades]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Fire Blaster: Located in ThornTail Hollow, once you defeat the four SharpClaws 
      in the Courtyard, a gate will open.  Go inside, and fall down into a hole, 
      where you will reach the upgrade.
    Staff Power: Located in SnowHorn Wastes where you feed the hungry Snowhorn, you 
      must use Tricky to dig up the soft ground.  Go inside the hole, and pick up 
      the Staff Power upgrade.
    Rocket Boost: Located inside a well in ThornTail Hollow, you must first get 
      Tricky to open a hole for you.  Go inside, plant a spore in the room, and 
      blow it up.  Go inside the hole to get the Rocket Boost upgrade.
    Staff Power 2: Located atop of the ThornTail Hollow store, use the Rocket Boost 
      to jump up.  Plant a bomb flower, and then enter inside the cave.  Shoot the 
      switches in any order to cause a hole to form.  Jump inside and get your 
      second Staff Power upgrade.
    Freeze Blast: Located in the Volcano Force Point, you must use the SpellStone 
      to unlock the doors until you reach a circular room.  Make your way to the 
      top to find it.  Freezing an enemy and then smacking it will make it a one-
      hit knock out.
    Ground Quake: In Moon Mountain Pass, a Krazoa Spirit will open a passage for 
      you.  Go through that passage, lift up the rock, and get the Ground Quake.  
    SharpClaw Disguise: Located when you are taken prisoner, sneak past the prison 
      guard, and blow open the ceiling by placing the barrel on the air current.  
      Step on the switch, and Slippy will transfer the disguise to you.
    Portal Device: Save the ThornTail's eggs after you come back from releasing the 
      third Krazoa Spirit.  She will then open a hole to find the upgrade.
    Super Ground Quake: Located in the Walled City, you must use it to defeat the 
      RedEye Tribe.  Look in the walkthrough for more detailed information.
    Staff Power 3: Located in Cape Claw, command the cannon and use it blow the 
      rock with the upgrade.  It will take several well-placed shots to 
      successfully reach it.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[7. Items]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    The items listed below, are mostly common items, and stuff that you can find in 
    the wild.  What will not be covered here are one-use time only items that only 
    serve one specific purpose.  They are useless to cover and would waste too much 
      -=[Common Items]=-
    DumbleDang Pods: This will be your most common health-restoring item.  Find it 
      by smashing crates, defeating enemies, etc.  Where ever you find them, they 
      restore two pieces of your energy.
    PukPuk Eggs: The better of the two items, this egg will restore one full bar of 
      your health meter.  You usually find these in later areas where you are more 
      likely to have been inflicted more damage.
    Scarabs: Currency in Dinosaur Planet, they come in two "flavors".  Red ones are 
      harder to catch, but are worth five green scarabs.  Green scarabs in general 
      are only worth one.  Find them in rocks, baskets, and any other container.
    Staff Energy Gems: These come in four different colors: Red, yellow, green and 
      blue.  I believe that the green gems give you the least amount of power, and 
      the blue gives you the greatest.  Find them from Magic Plants and from 
      defeated enemies.
    Krystal's Staff: The staff that you wield in this game is an item, so I decided 
      to include it.  You know what it is, so I'm not going to bother.
    Fuel Cells: Scattered across the planet, ROB dropped them down, but it seems he 
      was a little inaccurate.  You can buy them from the ThornTail Hollow shop, 
      but it's not worth your money.  Be an explorer in a while, and find them.
    Bomb Spores: Coming in patches of threes, you must blow up a Bomb Spore plant 
      in its original position.  Plant these where ever you can, blow them up, and 
      search the cave they gave you access to.
    DragonFlies: Put this in your FireFly lantern, and release them when you're in 
      a dark cave.  They will fly around with you and emit a green glow on 
      everything around them.  However, after a while, they will flicker out.
    MoonSeeds: Get these after defeating a Kalda Chom, and plant these wherever 
      possible.  Have Tricky perform his Flame technique to make these grow.  They 
      give you access to new heights and places.
    GrubTub Fungus: Food for Tricky, these items are practically found anywhere, 
      especially when you require Tricky's help.  You must first stun them, then 
      you may collect them.  They sleep at night, which is a huge help if you're 
      trying to collect them.  You can only carry a maximum of 15 at a time.
    BafomDad: Cute little plump birdies that dance around until you collect them.  
      They act like Zelda fairies and restore your health when you go down in 
      battle.  You can only carry 1, but when you buy a bag for them, you can carry 
      -=[Important Items]=-
    Scarab Bag: You don't start with a scarab bag in the game which is why you can 
      only carry 10 scarabs for a while.  However, you can get bigger ones.
      You get the Official Scarab Bag from the SnowHorn which you feed the Alpine 
      Roots to in Ice Mountain.  This bag will allow you to carry 50 Scarabs.
      The WarpStone will give you the Medium Scarab Bag before you travel to 
      ThornTail Hollow which allows you to carry 100 Scarabs.
      Finally, a ThornTail will give you the last, and largest Scarab Bag which 
      holds up to 200 Scarabs.
    BafomDad Bag: Buy it from the ThornTail store, and you can carry up to 10 
    Hi-Def Display Device: Buy it from the ThornTail Store.  Used in conjunction 
      with your First-Person look feature, zoom in on distant objects to get a 
      closer look at them.  The device also displays a compass!  Nifty.
    FireFly Lantern: Gosh, you purchase everything from the store, don't you?  You 
      must have this item to progress in the game.
    Dinosaur Horn: Blow it when you see a pad to enlist the aid of the SnowHorn.
    Cheat Tokens: Collect all 8 of these to unlock various tid bits in the game.  
      You must find a well and buy it from the creature inside for 20 scarabs.
    Krazoa Spirits: Your main goal in the game is to collect these spirits to 
      restore peace in Dinosaur Planet.
      -=[Arwing Items]=-
    Laser Upgrade: A black square in-between two green lines, this increases your 
      lasers firepower.  You can only collect two.  One will upgrade your fire to 
      two shots, and the last will change your lasers to blue.
    Bombs: Shaped like a circle with a B inside of them, these things are very 
      powerful, but you can only carry three.  Press B to fire them, and B again to 
      detonate them.  They have a large blast radius and can take out multiple 
    Silver Rings: Restore your energy in the Arwing when you take damage.
    Gold Rings: You must collect the minimum amount of these to progress to new 
      -=[Other Items]=-
    Fuel Barrel: You can use this as a weapon, a switch holder, or to blow up 
      walls.  They will be continually resupplied by the generator.
    SharpClaw Barrel: Same as the Fuel Barrel, but only a SharpClaw may pick it up.
    Large/Small Basket: Large baskets hold scarabs while small ones hold DumbleDang 
    SharpClaw Crate: Break these opens for DumbleDang Pods, or PukPuk Eggs.  
      Sometimes, Boost Pads will be hidden underneath.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[8. Enemies]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    There are a variety of enemies, and each can be taken down a different way.  
    Your basic attacks to defeat enemies are using the Staff, down to hand-to-hand 
    combat, or using one of its many magical abilities to inflict serious hurt.  Or 
    you can choose to use a barrel or basket of some sort and chuck it at them.  
    Don't forget about Tricky and his Flame technique either.  Whatever way, they 
    all come in handy.  You can find the enemies names using the P.D.A.
      -=[Minor Enemies]=-
    SharpClaw: You'll encounter these often, and they are your main enemies 
      throughout the areas.  Like most enemies, they will respawn.  However, 
      besides your basic SharpClaw, there are also more advanced versions, or dinos 
      that wield a huge ax [with a shield] than the standard club.  These are to be 
      taken with more care, or else you're going to get hurt bad.
    Red Mushrooms: Found in ThornTail Hollow, if you come near, they will shake off 
      some poisonous dust of some sort which will take away one energy bit off of 
      your life bar.  They cannot be killed, just stunned with an attack, so you 
      can safely go by.
    Bats: Bats come in two different varieties.  Flame, and regular ones.  To take 
      out the airborne enemies, fire at regular bats with your Fire Blaster.  
      However, Flame Bats are already on fire, so they're resistant to that.  Once 
      you acquire the Freeze Blast Upgrade however, let them swoop in, then give 
      them a cold welcome.
    Kalda Chom: Only located in Moon Mountain Pass, these guys are invulnerable to 
      your attacks until you pick up the Ground Quake.  They shoot little energy 
      balls at you, but are easily deflected with your staff.  Ground Quake near 
      them, then hit their soft spot on the back when they spin around twice to 
      defeat them.  Their dead bodies will produce Moon Seeds.
    FireCrawler: Think of an armadillo and you get some sort of picture about these 
      guys.  They breath fire at you, and are quite large.  Your best weapon of 
      choice is the Freeze Blast, where you can turn them into solid blocks of ice, 
      than smash them to bits.
    Kooshy: Annoying little critters who like to hang out in Cape Claw and the 
      Ocean Force Point Temple, they pop out at a distance and fire green 
      projectiles at you.  If you rush in near, they burrow underground.  Strike 
      from a distance, or strike fast.
    SnapLuk: A bigger version of the Koosy, this creature just likes to stay above 
      ground and engage you to hand-to-hand combat.  If he feels threatened, he 
      will dive down and will not reappear until you are some distance away.
    RedEye: T-Rexs!!!  They don't bite you in half, and their numbers are small, 
      but they are awesome to look at.  They will run at you if you are near and 
      try to bite you.  You cannot harm them, until you upgrade your staff with the 
      Super Ground Quake.  Perform it once to knock them down, and perform it again 
      to kill them.
    Snappers: These guys hang out in the water, and rush you if you're close.  They 
      follow you around until you reach dry land, and can be very annoying.  They 
      are protected by their shell, however though, when they raise their shell up, 
      fire a blaster shot to destroy them.
    SharpWings: Aerial versions of the SharpClaw, they are much more fragile and 
      can be downed with one swipe or shot.  They screech before they attack, but 
      they often hang in groups.  Take them out from afar.
    TreeDweller: Not really sure what to call these things, but they live in dark 
      holes, often in SnowHorn wastes.  You can tell if they are there by their 
      telltale signs of their green eyes.  Their only attack is to spit green 
      projectiles at you, which can be easily avoided.  One shot from the staff 
      will do quite nicely in taking these guys out.
    Bots: They come in two varieties.  One that zaps you, and one that is shielded 
      and fires energy beams at you.  The first kind you will encounter patrol a 
      certain path, and will immediately zap you with their electricity if you are 
      within their spotlight.  Activate your force-field and wait for them to pass.  
      The second kind are heavily shielded and cannot be destroyed until you 
      destroy their shield generators.  Once you do, energy blasts from your staff 
      will finish them off.
    Spiked Plant: Attached to walls, they will shoot out a vine with a spiked end 
      and whip it around trying to hit you.  Freeze them solid with your staff, 
      then break them to bits.
    Apparitions: Jellyfish like creatures that have gigantic brains incased their 
      translucent body.  These enemies home in on you and swing their tentacles 
      around.  One hit will take them out.
    Boss Galdon: Freeze him from his prison first, and you will see devour the 
      SpellStone.  Not good!  You must first attack him from  behind, targeting his 
      butt, or his rear end.  If possible, use Tricky to preoccupy him and use your 
      Staff to get in some good whacks.  If you do it enough times, he will swallow 
      Inside, you will see the SpellStone trapped inside the hanging part?  Whack 
      it a few times and watch out, for it could hit you back on the rebound.  Once 
      you successfully whack it, the boss will spit you out.
      Your new target is his neck, and you will be using your Fire Blaster to 
      inflict damage.  Take careful aim, and be sure that his hands aren't 
      obstructing the path, or else you will have to stop mid-battle and refill 
      your energy meter.  3-4 hits will make him swallow you up again.
      Repeat the process of whacking it and you will attain the SpellStone.
    Laser RedEye: It's a really good thing you only have to face one of these.  The 
      first thing to do, is to avoid the T-Rex until you find the Electric 
      Switches.  Then run to the nearest cell with a Fuel Barrel, and open it up 
      with the Blaster Switch.  Pick it up, and wait besides the Electric Switch 
      for the T-Rex to come.
      Make sure it doesn't come behind you or you are dead.  The T-Rex will usually 
      roar before he comes to you [but there are exceptions].  Wait until he's 
      almost done, then step on the switch.  The field will charge up and they 
      should turn on just as the T-Rex passes, trapping him.  Throw the barrel on 
      his head and repeat.  As you deal more and more damage to him, he will travel 
      faster, and will roar less often before he comes running after you.  Activate 
      your force-field if that happens.
    Boss Drakor: You're flying around somehow, and your boss has a hit point meter.  
      You can keep track of your progress, and about how much life he has that way.  
      Your main obstacles in this battle will be the beams he shoots at you, the 
      mines, and the flames.  The beams and mines can easily be avoided by shooting 
      them, but the flames will require accurate shots at their switches.  Once you 
      have a free moment, fire at the boss to inflict some damage.
      If you notice during the battle, there are S crates for you to replenish your 
      life with Silver Rings.  They take  very accurate shots to break them open.
    Andross: Instead of General Scales, you get Andross.  How quaint.  Inevitable, 
      I'm going to use the walkthrough's strategy, as I would be just repeating 
      You're fighting the Krazoa head first, and your only threat is the energy 
      waves that come out of his mouth.  They track, and they hurt!  your targets 
      should be the Krazoa head's eyes, and the gem on his forehead.  Shoot them 
      until they explode, leaving black holes where they used to be.  When you do 
      so, the head will flip over and you'll fight Andross.  
      As in Star Fox 64, your targets are now his hands.  His hands have a little 
      target on them that you must specifically hit.  His fingers will absorb some 
      of your shots.  He will swipe at you with each of his hands, and then slap 
      them, hoping to crush you.  These are easily avoided by going up, then going 
      left or right.  Next, he spits out little rocks, as well as TWO energy rings.  
      Grab these to restore 1/4 of one of your health icons.  When he starts to 
      suck you in, move toward the left or right of the screen, and continually 
      barrel roll.  Not only will this stop you from being sucked into his mouth 
      (if you did it fast enough), you will also destroy some of the rocks that 
      would've hit you.  Once you destroy both of his hands, he flips over and you 
      face the Krazoa head again.
      This time, the head shoots tracking missiles, making life difficult, as well 
      as its standard attack with the energy waves.  Your targets are the same, so 
      repeat this process to take on the Andross side again.
      Andross too, has a new attack, and that is to shoot the energy waves from his 
      hands, inevitably, making you have to dodge them and waste precious seconds 
      trying to destroy his hands.  His attacks are the same, and when you destroy 
      both of his hands, Falco shows up!
      Aha!  Falco comes to save your hide!  This time, Andross's hands are gone.  
      Andross uses the same attacks, minus the energy waves, and spits out only one 
      ring this time.  When he does, Falco will drop S boxes with bombs.  Collect 
      them, and the next time Andross tries to suck you up, fire one in.  His head 
      will become transparent for a while, and reveal his brain.  Aim for the 
      brain, and when he lunges at you, swerve some other direction to avoid 
      getting hit.  After a while, his face turns solid again, and you must repeat 
      the process.  Three times should be the minimum amount you need to do this to 
      defeat him.  After that, it's clear sailing.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[9. Miscellaneous]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    This section here is dedicated to numerous little quests, and other junk that 
    is really too short to be put in a separate section.
      -=[Dinosaur Language (Tadejuih Cudwiuwo)]=-
    You'll find in the Instruction book, the dinosaur language.  You can turn on 
    dino talk in the game, once you find it the cheat token for it, but, you can 
    also use it in real life to encrypt messages, so long as no one figures it 
    comes from the game.  The letters go as follows:
         English Alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Z
        Dinosaur Alphabet: U R S T O V W X A Z B C M D E F G H J K I L N P Q
    As you might've noticed, there is no Y for Dinosaur Language.  I don't really 
    understand why.  Do you know Y?
      -=[ThornTail Hollow Store]=-
    In the ThornTail Hollow Store, you can buy items, and play a little mini-game. 
    Since we're on the subject of money here, Scarabs are the currency, red being 
    worth 5, and the green ones being worth 1.  Note that most things in the left 
    hall be easily be found in the wild, and that if you buy one, the Storekeeper 
    will have more.
    Stuff for Sale:               Location:                 Price:
    DumbleDang Pod                Left Hall                 3   Scarabs
    3 DumbleDang Pods             Left Hall                 10  Scarabs
    PukPuk Egg                    Left Hall                 6   Scarabs
    3 PukPuk Eggs                 Left Hall                 15  Scarabs
    Bomb Spore                    Left Hall                 5   Scarabs
    Fuel Cell                     Left Hall                 10  Scarabs
    Blue GrubTub Fungus           Left Hall                 12  Scarabs
    Firefly                       Left Hall                 10  Scarabs
    Rock Candy                    Middle Hall               10  Scarabs
    Hi-Def Display Device         Middle Hall               20  Scarabs
    Tricky's Ball                 Middle Hall               15  Scarabs
    BafomDad Holder               Middle Hall               20  Scarabs
    SnowHorn Artifact             Middle Hall               130 Scarabs
    Firefly Lantern               Middle Hall               20  Scarabs
    CapeClaw Map                  Middle Hall               5   Scarabs
    Krazoa Palace Map             Middle Hall               5   Scarabs
    Dragon Rock Map               Middle Hall               5   Scarabs
    Ocean Force Point Map         Middle Hall               10  Scarabs
    ThornTail Hollow Map          Right Hall                5   Scarabs
    Moon Mountain Pass Map        Right Hall                5   Scarabs
    LightFoot Village Map         Right Hall                5   Scarabs
    DarkIce Mines Map             Right Hall                5   Scarabs
    SnowHorn Wastes Map           Right Hall                5   Scarabs
    Walled City Map               Right Hall                5   Scarabs
    CloudRunner Fortress Map      Right Hall                5   Scarabs
    Volcano Force Point Map       Right Hall                10  Scarabs
    Make notice that practically all items can be bargained down to a certain 
    extent.  However, if you try to bargain it too low three times, he'll tell you 
    to get out, and you must initiate the buying sequence again.  Also, the 
    Shopkeeper will not sell you items if you do not have enough money for the 
    original price, even if you're one Scarab short.
    Mini-Game: It's a Scarab mini-game where you will be either 1-10 Scarabs.  The 
      higher your bet, the higher the reward.  Once you give the ShopKeeper the 
      number of bet Scarabs, he will throw them into the fray with the same amount 
      of purple scarabs.  Collect all of yours without touching a single one of the 
      purples and the Shopkeeper will double your bet.  If you touch one, you will 
      only get to keep the number you picked up before you touched it.
      -=[The Purpose of Cheat Tokens and the Game Well Maze]=-
    Cheat tokens aren't items that help you cheat in the game, but instead provide 
    extra goodies.  There are 8 in total which you must buy for 20 scarabs each.  
    Their locations are:
    - In the ThornTail Hollow store, the well is right in the lobby.  Dropping it 
      into the Game Well maze will give you the Staff Credits.
    - In Ice Mountain, travel straight until you see the cannon to your right.  
      Continue going ahead, plant a bomb spore, and blow it up.  The token will 
      unlock the music test, which you get in the Audio  section.
    - In SnowHorn wastes, find the river that has ice platforms floating down.  
      Ride the ice until it disappears under a river, and brings you to the well.  
      The token will reveal your future and about your enemy.
    - In Moon Mountain Pass, just before you enter the Krazoa Shrine, plant a Moon 
      Seed on the ground.  Climb up and buy a token.  This will give you option of 
      setting the language to Dinosaur in the Language menu.
    - Once you become an honorary member of the LightFoot Tribe, talk to one of the 
      LightFoot in their homes.  The LightFoot will tell you her babies are 
      underground.  Go back into the mound, and chase the babies so that they enter 
      the pinkish-puplish mist near the entrance.  Sometimes the babies double-
      back, which makes it frustrating.  Once you get them out, the mother will let 
      you access her well.  The token reveals the future about a friend who cares 
      about you.  *cough* Falco *cough*
    - In CapeClaw, while you're aiming the cannon at the Krazoa Head's mouth, aim 
      it left, and look at the platforms near then entry to this area.  Your target 
      should be between the walkway into the wall under the ground, and the 
      walkways that lead down onto the beach.  Fire and get the token that unlocks 
      Sepia mode which turns everything black and white.
    - In the Volcano Force Point temple, after the bridge across the lava, defeat 
      the SharpClaw near the two orbs.  Fall down to your left and plant a Moon 
      Seed in the ground.  Climb up, and get a token which reveals this message:
      "Fox... I can see you have matured into a strong leader.  I am always there 
      with you.  Never give up... Trust your instincts.. my son..."
    - Ocean Force Point Temple.  On your second visit, before you enter the Warp 
      Pad, and after the electric floor tiles, go to your right in the water, and 
      open up the Portal Device.  The token will tell you about sorrow on the 
      horizon, which I think is talking about Tricky.
                            Game Well Maze Diagram
                            |  ____   |__   ____  |   - To access the Game Well
                            |   |__|___  | |  ____|     Maze, talk to the 
           Key:             | |___|_  _| | |____  |     WarpStone and ask him 
           |=Walls          | | O X| |  _|__  | | |     to bring you to the 
           X=Warp Pads      | |__  |______   _| | |     maze.  It's actually 
           O=Token Well     | |  |    |   | |   | |     underground, and if you
           S=Start          |__| |__  |_    |  _| |     notice, this map is a 
                            |  _    |-  | | |  _  |     bit disoriented.  Can't
                            | |  _| | | _| | |   |     be helped.  I got 
                            | | | |_  |_     _| | |     confused myself.
                            | | | | | |X| |S| | | |
                            | |___| |___| | |___| |
    There is really only one sidequest I can think of, besides collecting every 
    single Fuel Cell, and that is in LightFoot village.  From the gate, head left, 
    and jump across the rocks, flip the rock over, and boost up.  Talk to the 
    LightFoot inside and she will tell you that her babies like to climb trees.  
    The trees she's talking about is in the forest outside.  Find them, and she 
    will reward you.  
    Go outside, and defeat the two SharpClaw.  Then, you can either look up in the 
    trees for the babies, who blend in, but are still noticeable, or you can just 
    whack any tree until you find a right one.  A right tree will turn red when you 
    hit it, while a regular one will just sound like you hitting a piece of wood.
    Once all three are back at home, the mother will open a house that has two Fuel 
    Cells inside.
      -=[Tricky's Metamorphosis]=-
    Not so sure if that's what you could call it, but we all know that Tricky can 
    change colors.  That's what the purpose of Tricky's Ball is for.  While I 
    haven't noticed any significant difference in his abilities with each change, 
    I'm still researching it.  One thing is for certain, and that is that Tricky 
    changed with every 10 throws from the ball.
    Tricky's Change:          Bottom Color:              Top Color:
    Original State            Yellow                     Purple
    1st Transformation        Pink                       Green
    2nd Transformation        Green                      Blue
    3rd Transformation        Blue                       Green
    4th Transformation        Purple                     Blue
    5th Transformation        Blue                       Red/Purple
    6th to Infinity?          A Previous Combination     A Previous Combination
    I'm not sure if this is the correct order, as they seem to be pretty random.
    After playing with Tricky for a while, I have concluded that his changes do not 
    decrease the number of GrubTubs he consumes.  The only real thing that helps is 
    that he sometimes provides a distraction for enemies.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[10. Legal Information]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    This document is copyright 2003 Legomondo, all rights reserved.  This should 
    not be reproduced in any way for the sole purpose of profit and without my 
    consent.  You may however, have a printed version of this, unaltered for home 
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    and should not be posted anywhere else without my permission.  If you see this 
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    anyways.  As always, the most recent version of this guide will be at GameFAQs.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[11. Thanks]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Thanks goes to the following:
    - Nintendo and their GameCube, and for finally putting their games on discs.
    - Anybody that helped make Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, which I 
      believe is Rare.
    - And you, the readers who make this better.
                            Copyright 2002 - 2003 Legomondo

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