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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Brickroad

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     This FAQ was written and compiled by Brickroad (brickroad@mailcircuit.cim).  All questions,
     comments, additions, and corrections can be mailed to that address.  Please read the e-mail
     policy at the bottom of this FAQ before writing in; certain types of e-mails will be ignored
     and deleted.  Make sure yours isn't one of them.
     Hereafter, the title of the game Star Fox Adventures, when needed, will simply be referred
     to as SFA.
     I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Rare.  This FAQ was not written with the intention
     of any monetary gain whatsoever.  Do not take this FAQ and reprint or repost it without my
     permission.  Do not steal it and claim that it's yours.  This FAQ should appear only at
     www.gamefaqs.com.  If you're reading this FAQ from someone else's site, please e-mail me at
     brickroad@mailcircuit.com and notify me.
     This FAQ contains spoilers where applicable.  I will not be marking such spoilers; if you do
     not wish to know about a certain area of the game, simply refrain from reading that
     particular area of this document.
     For your convenience, I have included jump codes along with the Table of Contents.  Simply
     copy the jump code (they're all in the format [sfa.##.##]) and paste it into your browser's
     search function (Ctrl+F on most browsers).  This will jump you instantly to the part of the
     FAQ you wish to read.
             -{ Table of Contents }-                              -{ Story }-
     - Updates History ........ [sfa.00.00]  It's been eight years since Fox McCloud's last big
     + Controls ............... [sfa.01.00]  hurrah, when he and the rest of Star Fox brought
       - Fox .................. [sfa.01.01]  peace to the Lylat System by decimating the archfiend
       - Arwing ............... [sfa.01.02]  Andross.  But peace comes at a price, and if you're a
       - Special Areas ........ [sfa.01.03]  combat pilot, that price is boredom and poverty.
     + Characters ............. [sfa.02.00]  Falco Lombardi, long-time member of Star Fox, left the
       - Good Guys ............ [sfa.02.01]  team without so much as a forwarding address.  Fox's
       - Bad Guys ............. [sfa.02.02]  starship, the Great Fox, has spent the better part of
       - Dino Tribes .......... [sfa.02.03]  a decade falling prey to disuse and disrepair.  Even
     + Atlas .................. [sfa.03.00]  Fox's trusty Arwing doesn't roll as swiftly as it used
       - Association Map ...... [sfa.03.01]  to.  At their wit's end, Team Star Fox is ready and
       - Hazards .............. [sfa.03.02]  willing to take a new mission - ANY new mission - to
       - Gadgets .............. [sfa.03.03]  keep themselves in business.  Even if it takes them to
       - Containers ........... [sfa.03.04]  the most primative worlds of the farthest reaches of
     + Inventory .............. [sfa.04.00]    the Lylat System...
       - Commodities .......... [sfa.04.01]
       - Equipment ............ [sfa.04.02]  ...meanwhile, a mysterious young magician named
       - Magic ................ [sfa.04.03]  Krystal receives a distress call coming from the
       - Tricky ............... [sfa.04.04]  normally peaceful, serine world of Dinosaur Planet.
       - Maps ................. [sfa.04.05]  She enlists the help of a friendly CloudRunner, who
       - Arwing ............... [sfa.04.06]  informs her that the evil General Scales has been
     + Walkthrough ............ [sfa.05.00]  sweetping the planet with his wicked armies.  As a
       - Starting Up .......... [sfa.05.01]  result of the strife, the very magical fabric of his
       - Krystal .............. [sfa.05.02]  world has been coming apart, and the entire planet is
       - ThornTail Hollow ..... [sfa.05.03]  about to burst.  Krystal sets off for the sacred
       - Saving Tricky ........ [sfa.05.04]  Krazoa Palace, where she hopes to find the key to
       - White GrubTubs ....... [sfa.05.05]  rescuing Dinosaur Planet and its people.
       - DarkIce Mines ........ [sfa.05.06]
       - Volcano Force Point .. [sfa.05.07]  What secrets lie hidden on the magic-rich Dinosaur
       - Cape Claw ............ [sfa.05.08]  Planet?  What does fate have in store for Fox and
       - CloudRunner Fortress . [sfa.05.09]  Krystal as their stories intertwine on this
       - Ocean Force Point .... [sfa.05.10]  fantastic new world?  With the help of a magical
       - Walled City .......... [sfa.05.11]  staff, a spunky prince, an army of helpful and
       - Errands .............. [sfa.05.12]  quirky dinosaurs and the ancient mysterious Krazoa
       - Dragon Rock .......... [sfa.05.13]  Spirits, Fox and Krysta will have to unravel
       - Ducks in a Row ....... [sfa.05.14]  General Scales' malicious plot in the next chapter
       - Endgame .............. [sfa.05.15]  of the Star Fox saga...
     + Bits'n'pieces .......... [sfa.06.00]
       - Dino Language ........ [sfa.06.01]
       - Gambling ............. [sfa.06.02]
       - Game Well Maze ....... [sfa.06.03]
       - Playing With Tricky .. [sfa.06.04]
     - Conclusion ............. [sfa.07.00]
     Updates History                                                                   [sfa.00.00]
     This FAQ is an ongoing project, until I say otherwise.  This is really only for my reference,
     but some people are weird and take joy in reading mundane details about other's work.  Along
     that vein, here you are.
     -{ 10/25/02 }-
        Some minor changes, a few additions, and a few inclusions of reader input.  Thanks for
        all the e-mail, guys!
     -{ 10/02/02 }-
        Phew!  Walkthrough complete.  I'm still only at 99% though, even though I've found
        everything now.  This leads me to believe that the percentage displayed on the main
        menu tracks your progress through the game and NOT your collection rate.  This means
        you can never have a save that displays more than 99%; the very last possible save point
        puts you before the final battle, which would be the last 1%.  Anyway, this is the first
        public release of the FAQ...  enjoy!
     -{ 9/29/02 }-
        Walkthrough is now 77% complete; everything up through the brink of Dragon Rock.  I've
        already surprassed my old time by 20 minutes.  I'm going to have to play through SFA
        a third time just to see how quickly I can do it when I don't have to pause every few
        minutes and catalogue my actions.  I'm betting I can finish off the game just shy of
        ten hours.
     -{ 9/28/02 }-
        Completed the gameplay areas, and completed the item lists to the point that they are
        relevant to what's done in the walkthrough.  The walkthrough itself is 50% completed,
        judging by my current percentage.  That's everything up through CloudRunner Fortress.
        Did a lot of reformatting, because I wasn't happy with how stuff was laid out.  Turned
        the heading into ASCII art, for what it's worth.  Observation: it takes twice as long to
        play a game while you're FAQing it than normally.
     -{ 9/27/02 }-
        Finished SFA for the first time, with 99% (don't worry, I know exactly what 1% I missed...
        I just didn't know SFA had a "point of no return" after which saving would mean you can't
        go back and explore the game anymore).  Began writing the FAQ.  I will likely not upload
        this version, because it's very incomplete.  Added a bunch of easy stuff like controls,
        characters, and other such nonsense.  I'll add the more detailed stuff as I play the game
        a second time.
     Controls                                                                          [sfa.01.00]
     Since you're reading this FAQ, I'm going to assume you're pretty familiar with the Nintendo
     GameCube controller.  As can be expected, pressing all the neat colorful buttons on the
     controller makes Fox do all sorts of neat things.  This section serves to take what you
     already know about the oddly-shaped yet very comfortable controller and apply it to a cartoon
     I will be refering to the buttons in a consistant manner throughout this FAQ.  So there is no
     confusion, here is how I will refer to them:
          Control Stick - The analog stick on the left side of the controller.  It's grey.
          C Stick - The analog stick on the right side of the controller.  This one's yellow.
          D Pad - The cross-shaped configuration of buttons under the Control Stick.  There
                  are four directions: up, down, left, and right.
          Start - The little circular button right in the middle.
          A, B, X, Y - The "face buttons" on the left side of the controller.
          L, R, Z - The "auxilary buttons" on the shoulders of the controller.  Keep in mind that
                  R and L are analog; Z is not.
     SFA also supports the GameCube's rumble feature, which makes the controller vibrate when you
     bump into stuff, get hit, etc...  I hate rumble functions, so I kept it turned off during
     the game.  SFA doesn't require the rumble function anywhere, so feel free to play without it
     if you share my sentiments about such nonsense.
     Controls - Fox                                                                   [sfa.01.01]
     Through most of the game, you will be controlling Fox McCloud.  He's the spiffy looking
     fellow with the orange fur and perky ears on the front of the box.  You also may remember
     him from some old shooter games I wasn't particularly fond of.  Or, infinitely better, from
     Super Smash Bros. and its sequel Melee, in which Fox is absolutely the bomb.  But that's a
     different FAQ entirely.
     There's also a purple-ish fox girl named Krystal who you'll use for a while.  She behaves
     just like Fox does, but is not nearly as functional.
     -{ Control Stick - Walk/Run }-
        This is how you'll get around Dinosaur Planet.  Tilt the control stick slightly inward to
        make Fox walk at a leisurely pace.  Tilt it all the way to make him run at a decent clip.
        Fox is a pretty speedy fellow, and there's really no need to walk anywhere.  Running full
        tilt is traveling in style!
     -{ C Stick - Inventory Control }-
        Inventory management is done in real time in SFA; no need for cumbersome menu screens.
        Tapping the C Stick left or right lets Fox scroll through his inventory pages (equipment,
        magic, and Tricky's skills).  Tapping up and down lets him select items within a category.
        The menu will open automatically when you manipulate the C Stick in any way.  Press A to
        use the item or skill.  Press Y to assign the highlighted skill to the Y Button shortcut.
        Press B to close the inventory menu.
     -{ D Pad - PDA/Map Control }-
        The D Pad controls Fox's PDA in the lower-left corner of the screen.  Press left or right
        to scroll through the various pages and functions (map screen, info screen, Fuel Cell
        compass).  If you're on the map screen, press up or down to zoom the map in or out.
        Managing Fox's PDA becomes crucial when navigating certain areas, or searching out Fuel
        Cells.  The information screen gives Fox automatic on-the-fly access to data bout his
        surrounding environment.  Very handy, but you can turn the PDA off entirely by selecting
        it from the inventory if you want.
     -{ Start - Communicator }-
        Start allows Fox to use his communicator and chitchat with his friends and allies.
        This gives Fox access to all sorts of game data.  Highlight the icon you want to use,
        then press A to activate it.  The Memory Card icon lets you save the game anywhere you
        want.  The GameCube icon lets you quit the game.  Slippy Toad will give you hints if
        you're stuck somewhere.  Peppy Hare lets you analyze the world map, and any maps you've
        bought from the ShopKeeper.  General Pepper lets you view your in-game data (time, health
        meter, collected SpellStones, Spirits, etc) and check out your magic, Tricky's skills,
        and other important items.  Press Start again when you're done to get back to the game.
     -{ A Button - Action/Use/Combat }-
        In general, when you see something interesting, press the A Button to check it out.  The
        game helps you do this by displaying a spinning green A Button icon above stuff you can
        analyze.  This includes switches you can pull, characters you can talk to, items you can
        pick up, and any number of other goodies.
        If there's nothing around to interact with, Fox will pull out his staff.  Unless, of
        course, it's already out, in which case he'll swing it.  With his staff drawn, Fox is
        automatically placed into combat mode.  If he then steps into the proximity of an enemy
        (or vice-versa), he will automatically be locked onto that enemy.  In that case, just walk
        within range and press A to launch an attack.
        Fox can combo his attacks by pressing the A Button repeatedly while pressing the Control
        Stick in different directions.  By combining his skill with the staff and his knowledge of
        martial arts, Fox is a quick and deadly opponent capable of taking down bad guys much
        larger than he is.  Once you've started a combo, you can keep it going as long as you want,
        even if the enemy is knocked to the ground.  This is the offensive part of combat.
        If Fox doesn't have his staff, for whatever reason, he obviously can't draw it, and
        therefore can't engage in combat.  Krystal doesn't have access to the staff, and will have
        to be a bit more imaginative in defeating her opponents.
     -{ B - Cancel/Put Away }-
        The B Button's only practical use is backing out of menus (including the inventory menu).
        If Fox has his staff drawn, press B to make him put it away (thus putting an end to combat
        mode, if you wish.
     -{ X - Roll/Dodge }-
        The X Button allows Fox to do a forward somersault.  This is great for dodging attacks and
        the like, and is a very useful tool when strafing and when engaged in heated combat.  It's
        also essentially a quick burst of speed, allowing Fox to roll underneath closing gates,
        barrels, and other such obstacles.
     -{ Y Button - Inventory Shortcut }-
        You can assign anything out of Fox's inventory to the Y button, simply by pressing Y
        instead of A while highlighting it.  After that's accomplished, that item, spell, or
        Tricky skill will be activated automatically when you press Y instead of having to be
        selected from the menu again.  If there's a skill or item you find yourself using often,
        assign it to the Y Button to save yourself time and trouble.
     -{ L Button - Camera Control/Strafe }-
        Mario can have the complicated camera; Fox's just uses one button, and that's all you'll
        need.  Pressing the L Button down will make the camera snap right behind Fox, giving you a
        good view of everything in front of him.  If you're not used to this style of camera (the
        same principle was used beautifully in Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora's Mask),
        you'll have plenty of time to get used to it before it becomes crucial.
        There are certain points in the game where Fox cannot manipulate the camera or strafe.
        These are fixed camera areas, and are denoted with a special icon on the left side of the
        If you press the L Button all the way in until it clicks, and hold it, Fox will strafe
        instead of walk with the Control Stick.  This lets him walk around without changing
        direction.  This is good for peeking around corners, dodging enemy fire, and other such
     -{ R Button - Shield/Defend }-
        Press the R Button and Fox will shield himself with a magical barrier, protecting him from
        all damage (but leaving him unable to move).  This is good if you're being assaulted by
        enemy fire and don't have time or room to roll out of the way.
        If you're engaged with an opponent, Fox will block with his staff instead.  This will
        defend him from enemy attacks.  Fox can go from defensive stance to launching an attack in
        literally an instant, so it's a good strategy to block until your foe tries to hit you,
        then counterattack right away.  Gets 'em every time.
     -{ Z Button - Look }-
        Press Z and Fox will go into a first-person perspective, allowing you to look around the
        area freely.  Look around with the Control Stick and, if you have the Zoom Goggles, soom
        in and out by tilting the C Stick up and down.  When you're done, press Z again to return
        to normal mode.  Take care, because your environment doesn't pause while looking around,
        so enemies can still close in if you're not careful.
     Controls - Arwing                                                                [sfa.01.02]
     Fox doesn't just magically teleport to and from Dinosaur Planet; indeed, he has to fly there
     himself.  Luckily, his trusty Arwing is still in good enough condition to brave the dangers
     of the planet's orbit.  What this means for you, as the player, is that every time you want
     to visit Dinosaur Planet or one of its satellites, you'll have to go through a brief space
     combat level.
     The Arwing automatically flies into the background; you can't do much to stop its propulsion.
     If you're familiar with either of the previous two Star Fox games (I'm admittedly not; space
     shooters aren't my bag), this stuff should be old hat to you.
     -{ Control Stick - Bank/Climb/Dive/Aim }-
        In other words, the Control Stick moves you around.  The Arwing responds to "airplane
        controls"...  in other words, tilt the Control stick left to make Fox bank right, tilt it
        up to make him dive, etc.  Press the opposite of the direction you want to go.  It looks
        stupid on paper, but in practice it's actually a very natural way of controlling a space
        While moving, Fox's crosshairs will not be centered onscreen, so you can also use the
        Control Stick to slightly adjust the direction of his lasers.  As a general rule, the
        further you tilt the Control Stick, the faster you move and the further you aim.
     -{ Start - Menu }-
        This functions the same as if Fox were on Dinosaur Planet, except he only has access to
        the Save and Quit functions.
     -{ A Button - Fire Laser }-
        The Arwing comes equipped with upgradable lasers with a nearly limitless supply of energy.
        In other words, lay on the A Button like a madman while you're flying through space.
        There are crosshairs on the screen, as noted above, which act as an indicator of where the
        lasers will hit.
     -{ B Button - Fire Bomb }-
        If you've collected any bombs (up to a maximum of three), push B to launch one.  Bombs
        are mad powerful weapons which pretty much eradicate everything in the blast radius, so
        save them for when you really need to clean house.
     -{ X Button - Brake }-
        Hold X to reduce the Arwing's speed.  This is helpful if you want to move a great amount
        of horizontal or vertical distance without going very far forward, or if you want to hold
        back long enough to laser an obstacle to death.  Learning to brake strategically is key
        in many areas in the shooter levels.
     -{ Y Button - Boost }-
        The opposite of the X Button, this will give Fox a brief boost of speed.  This is good to
        shoot through closing gates before you crash into them, and similar situations.
     -{ L/R Buttons - Quick Turn/Barrel Roll }-
        Press the shoulder button in slightly for a quick bank; press it all the way down to
        execute a barrel roll, which is a quick evasive maneuver that leaves Fox momentarily
        impervious to damage.
     Controls - Special Areas                                                         [sfa.01.03]
     Under certain circumstances, you will be controlling Fox in awkward situations where he is
     neither on foot nor in the Arwing.  These are special cases and will he handled on a
     one-at-a-time basis.
     -{ Swimming/Freefall }-
        Dinosaur Planet has lots of aquatic areas, and swimming is easy enough; just use the
        Control Stick to swim in any direction you want.  Fox can't dive, however, nor can he
        execute any of his other normal commands.  The same conditions apply to jet streams and
        their ilk...  a gust of wind blowing up from below will push Fox upward, giving him the
        option to float around until he exits the wind flow.  In either case, Fox disengages
        battle mode once he starts swimming or freefalling, although he can still be attacked and
        sustain damage.
     -{ Mounted Dinosaur }-
        At certain points in the game, Fox or Krystal will hop on the back of one of their dino
        pals and go for a ride.  In these cases, you essentially can only move and attack.  Each
        dinosaur buddy has a different method for attacking, which will be explained to you when
        you meet them.  If applicable, you'll see your dino-buddy's health meter at the bottom of
        the screen.
     -{ Racing Sequences }-
        In some areas, Fox will hop on a jet bike and race against some mischevious SharpClaws.
        In these areas, he can steer by using the Control Stick, accelerate with the A Button, and
        brake with the B Button.  In a welcome turn of events, Fox can cause damage to his foes
        simply by ramming thim, though this will cause him to lose speed.  If applicable, you'll
        see the bike's fuel meter at the bottom of the screen.
     -{ Shooting Sequences }-
        In several areas, Fox will be on a moving object (dinosaur, platform, whatever) and will
        only have the option to fire.  In this instance, it's as if he's got his Fire Blaster
        pulled and can't put it away.  Just aim at what you want to die, and press the A Button
        until it (un)willingly complies.  Also keep an eye out for targets and other goodies.
     Characters [sfa.02.00]
     Dinosaur Planet is full of characters with a wide variety of personalities and agendas which
     Fox can interact with.  Everything with scales can talk on Dinosaur Planet, and do, whether
     you want them to or not.  You'll learn to love some, hate others, and the remaining ones will
     probably annoy you.  For better or for worse, here's who you're dealing with.
     Characters - Good Guys                                                           [sfa.02.01]
     Luckily, Fox has lots of allies to help him out in his quest.  Here are all of his friends,
     old or new, who will help him in his times of need (or, more likely, he will help them).
     -{ Fox McCloud }-
        Fox is the hero of SFA.  He comes armed with a beat-up Arwing, a magic stick, and a fuzzy
        tail.  In case you haven't caught on yet, he's the guy you're stuck with most of the game.
        Although Fox is known as a hero throughout the Lylat System, what with having saved their
        butts so many times, he is currently broke and desperate for work.
     -{ Falco Lombardi }-
        Falco is a former member of the Star Fox team.  The pressure apparently got to him several
        years ago, when the boredom of thriving peace drove him to hop in his Arwing and abandon
        his companions.  He's an arrogant, hot-headed pilot who is well-known for his reckless
     -{ Slippy Toad }-
        Slippy gave up his career as a pilot for a spot in Weapons R&D.  A born inventor, Slippy
        is forever tinkering with new gadgets and toys for Fox to play with.  He's also stuck with
        the all-consuming chore of keeping the Great Fox and the Arwing in tip-top condition...
        or at least as good of a condition as he can afford.  In SFA, Slippy helps Fox out by
        giving him gameplay advice if he gets stuck.
     -{ Peppy Hare }-
        The oldest member of Star Fox, Peppy has retired as a pilot and stays on mainly as Fox's
        advisor.  In SFA, Peppy helps Fox out by keeping track of his maps.
     -{ General Pepper }-
        The boss, the big man, the head honcho.  He's the guy who gives Star Fox their missions...
        at least, he was when there were missions worth giving.  These days, Pepper's visage is
        a godsend, a brief sign that Star Fox will be able to stay afloat a while longer.  In SFA,
        Pepper takes care of all Fox's game data; call him up when you want to see how you're doing
        as far as collections, game time, health, and skill or item collection.
     -{ ROB the Robot }-
        As his name implies, ROB is a robot who is a member of Star Fox.  He really doesn't do
        anything except changes language options from the title screen.
     -{ Krystal }-
        A mysterious purple fox-lady.  She's the lone survivor of a great catastrophe which struck
        her home planet Cerinia, but that never comes into play during the game.  You'll play
        Krystal briefly in the game's introduction, but after that she is reduced to being Fox's
        damsel in distress.
     -{ Prince Tricky }-
        Tricky is Fox's sidekick.  He's quite knowledgable about Dinosaur Planet, and has a
        handful of useful skills that will aid Fox in his quest.  He's a funloving EarthWalker of
        royal blood, who looks up to Fox as a role model.  He absolutely loves to play, even to
        the point where he sometimes spontaineously changes colors when doing so.
     -{ WarpStone }-
        A mountainous individual who lives in ThornTail Hollow.  His job is to warp Fox to various
        locations around Dinosaur Planet.  Despite his kind nature, nobody ever brings him gifts.
     Characters - Bad Guys                                                            [sfa.02.02]
     Unfortunately, not everyone is in this game to aid Fox.  In fact, there are quite a few
     evil-minded fellows who want exactly the opposite.  Here's a quick who's-who of the
     anti-fox (and, coincidentially, anti-Fox) camp.
     -{ Andross }-
        A villain among villains.  This dastardly fiend has plagued the Lylat System for years.
        Luckily, his reign of evil has been put to an end by Fox McCloud and his comrades.  So
        even though he's dead and gone, Andross still has to come first on a list of Fox's
     -{ ShopKeeper }-
        This mean stingy old koot loves to steal things and sell them back to people.  He'll do
        his level best to take all your hard earned Scarabs.  However, it's unavoidable...  like
        it or not, you'll have to deal with this greedy old Scrooge on quite a few occasions, as
        he sells you a whole bunch of useful items and maps.
     -{ SharpClaw Troops }-
        The SharpClaw tribe are a gang of baddies who would like nothing more than to overrun
        Dinosaur Planet with their wicked badness so that their leader General Scales can be
        dictator of the entire world.  Not very nice guys.
     -{ RedEye Tribe }-
        Big nasty dinosaurs which overrun the Walled City.  Their king is an even more gigantic
        version of the typical RedEye.
     -{ General Scales }-
        Mean-spirited leader of the SharpClaws.  He's got a hook for a hand and a heart as black
        as death.  It's his fault that Dinosaur Planet has gone all to pieces.
     -{ Boss Galdon }-
        A giant creature who lives in the DarkIce Mines.
     -{ Boss Drakon }-
        A horrible mutation developed by Scales.  He was attempting to create a whole army of
        these things at Dragon Rock.
     Characters - Dino Tribes                                                         [sfa.02.03]
     A lot of characters are just generic folks who, while occasionally have interesting things
     to say, aren't interesting enough to be intregal to the plot.  These characters generally
     fall into one of the following dinosaur tribes, most of whom Fox will be helping out along
     the way.
     -{ EarthWalker Tribe }-
        Tough, burly dinos with thick hides.  They make up one of the two ruling tribes of
        Dinosaur Planet.  Their leaders are Queen EarthWalker, who lives in ThornTail Hollow, and
        King EarthWalker, who was recently imprisoned by General Scales.  The King and Queen are
        Tricky's parents.
     -{ ThornTail Tribe }-
        A group of peaceful dinos who live in ThornTail Hollow, and who frequently find themselves
        in tricky situations only Fox can get them out of.
     -{ SnowHorn Tribe }-
        A tribe of arctic beasts with thick wooly coats and huge tusks.  Their leader, Garunda Te,
        and his daughter Belina Te seldom see eye to eye.  These hulking (but friendly) beasts
        brave the intense cold of the SnowHorn Wastes.
     -{ LightFoot Tribe }-
        A tribe of suspicious and mischevious dinos who are fleet of foot and quick to judge.
        They prefer to keep to themselves rather than place trust in outsiders.  They inhabit
        LightFoot Village, which is a very restricted community.
     -{ HighTop Tribe }-
        With their gargantuan forms and enormously long necks, the HighTops can be seen from a
        long distance off, and thus make easy targets for the SharpClaw's war machines.
     -{ CloudRunner Tribe }-
        The other ruling tribe of Dinosaur Planet, these avian dinosaurs are led by their loving
        queen and her gaggle of hathlings.  They used to inhabit CloudRunner Fortress, until
        Scales' army laid waste to it and flung it off into orbit.
     Atlas                                                                             [sfa.03.00]
     This short and somewhat unnecessary section is a quick-reference for the various locations of
     Dinosaur Planet.  I've tried to make it as concise and easy to understand as possible, and
     hopefully it will help you determine which areas lead to where.  SFA does a very good job at
     forcing you to learn your way around the various areas, but you would do well to spend some
     time exploring each new area after you arrive anyway.  You'll also be familiarized with the
     various hazards and gadgets Fox can ultilize and manipulate throughout Dinosaur Planet
     and its satellites.
     Atlas - Association Map                                                          [sfa.03.01]
     The arrows and paths shown below do not NECESSARILY mean that's the direction you'll
     travel to get from place to place.  Due to the limitations of text, I've been forced to
     reduce this to a mere association map.  For a more detailed map, consult Peppy Hare via
     Fox's communicator.
                                        Krazoa                DarkIce Mines
                                        Shrine               /
                                          |                 /
                                     Walled City --- Great Fox --- CloudRunner Fortress
                                                       /    \
          Ocean Force                                 /      \
          Point Temple   Krazoa     Ice Mountain     /        Dragon Rock
               |         Shrine          /          /
               |           |            /          /
           Cape Claw      SnowHorn     /   _______/
               |           Wastes     /   /           Krazoa
               |              |      /   /            Shrine
           LightFoot          |     /   /               |             Volcano Force
            Village --- ThornTail Hollow  ---  Moon Mountain Pass --- Point Temple
             |           /     |    \
           Krazoa       /      |     \
           Shrine   Game    Krazoa   ThornTail
                    Well    Palace   Store
                    Maze       |
     The path leading from Ice Mountain to SnowHorn Wastes is a one-way trip.  After it's served
     its purpose to the storyline, it's no longer available to you.
     Keep in mind that the Great Fox is not really a location; rather, it's a layover point to
     and from the planet and its satellites.  Traveling to the Great Fox is as easy as boarding
     the Arwing; traveling back requires you to go through a shooter level.
     There is also an unnamed location where Fox has to place the SpellStones.  The only way to
     get here is to travel through one of the two Force Point Temples.  That's a one way trip;
     once he's placed the stone he automatically gets sent back to whatever temple he entered
     There are a few transitionary locations not listed on this map (for example, there's a tiny
     area in between ThornTail Hollow and Moon Mountain Pass that's not really part of either).
     They're generally short and inoffensive, so don't sweat it.
     There are five separate Krazoa Shrines.  They're all one-shot visits.  Once you're done in a
     specific Krazoa Shrine, there's no way back in.
     Krazoa Palace bears a mention, as well.  When you go in and release a Krazoa Spirit, you're
     automatically taken back to ThornTail Hollow.  You can ONLY go to Krazoa Palace if you have
     a Krazoa Spirit.
     After completing the fifth Krazoa Shrine (in the Walled City), you've reached a "point of no
     return".  From then on, the Arwing cannot land on any of the satellites, and going to
     Dinosaur Planet will take you to Krazoa Palace instead of ThornTail Hollow.  Once there,
     there's no way back.  You have to finish the game at that point.
     Atlas - Hazards                                                                  [sfa.03.02]
     Not everything in SFA is there to help Fox in his quest.  In fact, some things are designed
     to do exactly the opposite.  As you travel Dinosaur Planet and its satellites, watch out for
     this stuff and, if you can, avoid it.  If not, find a way to deal with it.
     -{ Barrels }-
        In many areas, barrels will come rolling down sloped platforms; explosive ones that are
        really painful.  While such a thing might be more in-place in a Donkey Kong game, that
        doesn't mean you can ignore them.  Fox can easily roll underneath barrels, and they
        aren't too hard to dodge most of the time.
     -{ Boulders }-
        Boulders try to roll over Fox, Indiana Jones style.  Luckly, Fox is speedy enough to
        outrun these obstacles, so they don't pose that much of a threat.
     -{ Brambles }-
        Brambles are spikey plant things that have grown over some areas of the game.  They
        damage Fox if he touches them, but can be burned through with Tricky's Flame technique.
     -{ Cold Water }-
        The water in SnowHorn Wastes and DarkIce Mines is freezing cold and will damage Fox if
        he stays in too long.  Swim to shore quickly.
     -{ Craters }-
        The green craters in Moon Mountain Pass spew nasty green goo that will damage Fox if he
        walks over them.  These are easy to avoid; just go around.
     -{ Flamethrowers }-
        These obnoxious hazards are basically streams of fire which shoot out of walls, floors,
        ceilings...  everywhere.  Some are on timers, some move around, some are on rotating
        platforms...  whatever the case, avoid them or roll past them if you can.
     -{ Lava }-
        Pools of lava are prominent in some areas of Volcano Force Point Temple and DarkIce Mines.
        What's worse, it doens't act like a pit.  Fox will continually take damage until he
        climbs out.
     -{ Poison Gas }-
        Some areas of Dinosaur Planet are filled with poisonous gas.  Fox will take damage if he
        has to hold his breath too long in these areas (keep your eye on his health meter at
        the bottom of the screen).
     -{ Red Mushrooms }-
        Throughout ThornTail Hollow and its surrounding areas are nasty red mushrooms that spew
        poison gas if Fox gets to close.  Either keep a good distance or, failing that, whack 'em
        with your stick to make the poison go away.
     -{ Whirlpool }-
        The swirling waters in some areas of Cape Claw and Ocean Force Point Temple will damage
        Fox if he swims through them.  Go around, instead.
     Atlas - Gadgets                                                                  [sfa.03.03]
     Fox can interact with many of the things in his environment, to open doors, blow stuff up
     in a satisfying explosion, or ativate different sorts of elevators, hatches, and a variety
     of other things.  Oftentimes he needs a special skill or item to utilize such things;
     sometimes he just has the daunting task of reaching them.
     -{ Activation Levers }-
        These are little boxes in the walls with green lights or arrows in them.  There's
        actually no lever; Fox brings his own.  Namely, his stick.  Levers do literally everything
        from raise platforms to open doors to alter water levels.
     -{ Barrel Pads }-
        Normally, when Fox is carrying a Fuel Barrel, the A Button will cause him to throw it.
        But with these handy little pads, Fox can set it down instead and engage in other
        activities without heaving heavy explosives around.
     -{ Booster Pads }-
        Booster Pads are tiny square recesses in the ground where Fox can stick his Staff and
        use the Staff Booster to reach high ledges.  Sometimes they're difficult to spot, so
        explore suspicious areas very carefully.
     -{ Cannon }-
        Fox can take over SharpClaw cannons in some areas, which allow him to fire cannonballs
        at various parts of the environment.  In other words, blow stuff up.  Cannons are lots
        of fun, but aiming can be kind of tricky.
     -{ Colored Torches/Orbs }-
        Colored orbs sit on high pedistals and need to be lit using the Fire Blaster.  The trick
        is, the shot has to be fired THROUGH a special colored torch to change its color.
        Requires timing and good aim both in one swoop.
     -{ Cranes }-
        In some areas, Fox has to get a Fuel Barrel to a high (or low) place and can't take the
        Barrel with him.  Luckily, these magnetic cranes are strewn about, and can take the
        Barrel there for him.
     -{ Dinosaur Platforms }-
        These platforms are found in certain areas, and Fox can use them to mount any local
     -{ Disguise Pads }-
        These glowing pads activate goodies like the other switches, and are activated just by
        walking over them.  The catch is, Fox has to be wearing the Disguise for it to take
     -{ Jet Streams }-
        There are two types of jet streams: those that push so much air upwards that it lifts
        Fox up off the ground, and those that offer just enough resistance to break his fall.
        Either way, jet streams are useful for crossing long chasms.
     -{ Magic Doors }-
        These large purple doors block off various areas of Dinosaur Planet.  Fox needs the
        Portal Device to open them.
     -{ Pressure Plates }-
        These plates activate things in the environment, but only as long as they're held down.
        Fox will have to find some kind of weight to keep them down while he runs off to play.
     -{ Quake Pads }-
        These are round dirt pads in the ground.  When Fox uses the Ground Quake, he can open
        up new passages (and start countdown timers, coincidentially).
     -{ Targets }-
        These targets live on walls, platforms, and other hard to reach places.  Hit them with
        the Fire Blaster to activate them.
     Atlas - Carriers                                                                 [sfa.03.03]
     Carriers are full of goodies Fox can use in one way or another.  You'll usually find them
     strewn strategically around the levels, so you can always find what you need when you need
     -{ Bomb Spore Plants }-
        These natural flowers spew smoke and, if shot with the Fire Blaster, will explode,
        producing three Bomb Spores.
     -{ Boxes }-
        These little square boxes work like Jars, except they can't be broken and Fox can only
        lift them while wearing the SharpClaw Disguise.  It's hard to tell what they contain.
     -{ Crates }-
        Crates are big brown boxes that break open after two hits with the Staff.  Inside is
        an item to restore Fox's health.
     -{ Fuel Barrel }-
        Full of good old fashioned explosive juice, these barrels are really an explosive
        experience!  Use them to bust open cracked walls, blocked up entryways, or to fell
        enemies in a single blow.
     -{ Item Container }-
        These containers have a trigger inside Fox needs his staff to reach.  He'll find a
        special inventory item inside.
     -{ Jars }-
        Jars are small and easy to hide.  Fox can pick them up or break them, and there are
        usually Scarabs inside.
     -{ Jugs }-
        These large containers break open like crates, but contain Scarabs more often then not.
        They're also a bit rarer.
     -{ Staff Energy Flowers }-
        Magical Staff Energy grows on flowers that are found throughout Dinosaur Planet.  Cut
        the flower and collect the gem to restore some of Fox's staff energy.
     Inventory                                                                         [sfa.04.00]
     Throughout the game, Fox will acquire all sorts of toys of all different types.  These
     include commodities of all different sorts, magical abilities for his staff, commands to give
     Tricky, and, of course, keys and crystals and puzzle pieces of all shapes, colors, and sizes.
     Many of the game's puzzles depend on you using the correct item in the correct place, or to
     manipulate your environment with the staff, or to command Tricky to do so.  Thus, this
     section is fairly important.
     I've split up the items into broad categories, and listed the items themselves alphabetically.
     As I stated earlier in this FAQ, there are spoilers throughout.  This section details exactly
     what items exist, where you get them, and what to do with them.  If you want to figure it
     all out for yourself...  why did you download this FAQ in the first place?
     Inventory - Commodities                                                          [sfa.04.01]
     Commodities are stuff you'll find laying all over Dinosaur Planet.  Most of this is stuff
     you'll constantly be looking for, and the game displays it for you on the bottom of the
     screen.  Other stuff will take effect instantly when you pick it up, and you will not be
     given the option to store it.
     -{ Blue GrubTubs }-
        This is Tricky's favorite food.  You can see how hungry Tricky is by checking the topleft
        corner of the screen.  If he's too hungry, he won't carry out any commands.  He can only
        eat five GrubTubs at a time, so you shouldn't have to go GrubTub hunting too often.  In
        order to restock, just find some GrubTubs, smack 'em with your staff, and collect them
        while they're dazed.  They also sell at ThornTail Store for 12 Scarabs.  Fox can carry
        15 of them.
     -{ Bafomdads }-
        These handy little critters allow Fox to continue when he loses all his energy, instead of
        starting over from an earlier location.  He can initially only hold one, but after he gets
        a Bafomdad Holder (20 Scarabs at ThornTail Store) he can hold ten.
     -{ Bomb Spores }-
        These pink spores are ultra-explosive.  Planting one in soft dirt (the PDA will tell you
        where) will cause a big explosive plant to form.  Shoot it with your FireBlaster for some
        fun explosive action!  To restock, just find a natural Bomb Spore plant and shoot it with
        your FireBlaster.  It will explode and launch three of these into the air.  Just collect
        them after they land.  You can also buy them from ThornTail Store for 5 Scarabs.  Fox can
        carry seven Bomb Spores.
     -{ Dumbledang Pod }-
        This delicious Dinosaur Planet delicacy is found hanging from trees, boxed up in crates,
        or even held onto by bad guys.  They'll restore two points of health when you pick them
     -{ Fireflies }-
        Fox stores little green Fireflies in his Lantern and releases them only when needed.
        When used, the Firefly will fly around Fox, illuminating dark rooms.  There's no easy way
        to restock, but you'll generally find some nearby where they're needed.  You can buy them
        from ThornTail Store for 10 Scarabs.  Fox can carry 31 Fireflies.
     -{ Fuel Cells }-
        Fuel Cells are hidden all over the planet.  Fox requires a certain amount of fuel to
        reach all four of the satellites, so if you're told you don't have enough, go back and
        explore Dinosaur Planet some more.  They also sell at ThornTail Store for 10 Scarabs.
     -{ Moon Seeds }-
        They're only found and only used in Moon Mountain Pass.  Killing one of the ugly Crater
        Gremlins will always yeild one, and they're used to grow magic vines in special patches of
        dirt near walls.  After you plant one, have Tricky blow fire at it and it'll grow into
        a climbable vine.  Fox can carry seven of them.
     -{ Pukpuk Eggs }-
        Very tasty snack enjoyed by the SharpClaws.  They're found in crates or dropped by
        enemies, and restore four points of health.
     -{ Scarabs }-
        Scarabs are used as currency on Dinosaur Planet.  Fox can only initially carry ten, but
        that number increases to 50, 100, and 200 when he gets the Small, Medium, and Large
        Scarab Bags, respectively.  Fox'll use Scarabs to pay tolls, buy items and maps, and Cheat
        Tokens.  They can be found under rocks and in jars, mostly, all over Dinosaur Planet.
     -{ Staff Energy Gem }-
        These glowing crystals refill part of Fox's staff energy, if he's missing any.  They grow
        on plants that appear throughout Dinosaur Planet.
     Inventory - Equipment                                                            [sfa.04.02]
     Equipment makes up all of the non-consumable items in your inventory.  They're keys,
     crystals, puzzle pieces, and a variety of other such items which can either be selected and
     used whenever you like, or will vanish from your inventory once used in the proper manner.
     -{ Alpine Root }-
        This is the favorite food of the SnowHorn tribe.  They grow in snowy areas, but
        unfortunately the SnowHorn can't dig them up themselves on account of their herculean
     -{ Bridge Cog }-
        Puzzle pieces used in DarkIce Mines.  You have to replace these cogs to the machines they
        came from in order to complete certain tasks.
     -{ Cheat Token }-
        Fox buys these from mysterious critters in wells, and can use them to earn cheats and
        hints from the Game Well Maze.  See the Game Well Maze section in "Bits'n'Pieces" for more
     -{ CloudRunner Flute }-
        Given to Fox by Queen CloudRunner, this Flute will send her scared children back to
     -{ Dinosaur Horn }-
        An ancient musical instrument that calls the dinosaurs to help Fox.  He'll find this in
        DarkIce Mines.
     -{ Fire Gem }-
        Fox needs two Fire Gems to open up Ocean Force Point Temple.  He'll, er, find them
        at Cape Claw.
     -{ Fire Weed }-
        These burning plants grow in ThornTail Hollow, and keep its beacons lit because the
        ThornTails are afraid of the dark.
     -{ Firefly Lantern }-
        Allows Fox to use Fireflies.  It costs 20 Scarabs at ThornTail Store.
     -{ Gate Key }-
        When the SharpClaws trapped Garunda Te at the SnowHorn Wastes, they locked him up behind
        a gate with this key.  Luckily, the dumb saps managed to lose it in ThornTail Hollow,
        where Queen EarthWalker promptly picked it up.
     -{ Gold Bar }-
        Four of these are hidden in Cape Claw; they are the rightful property of the Cape's
     -{ Gold Key }-
        Krystal will find this key hidden below deck on General Scales' air galleon.  It is used
        to open a door in Krazoa Palace in the game's prologue.
     -{ Light Gem }-
        The three Light Gems are found in CloudRunner Fortress.  They're used to power the
        generator for the Fortress.
     -{ Moon Pass Key }-
        This key, awarded to Fox after he re-lights the ThornTail beacons, opens up Moon Mountain
        Pass so he can get to the Volcano Force Point Temple.
     -{ Moon Stone }-
        One of the two stones needed to open the Krazoa Shrine in the Walled City.  It's hidden
        in the blue Moon Palace.
     -{ PDA }-
        Fox starts with this, and keeps it through the entire game.  It displays visual
        information in the bottomleft corner of the screen, such as maps, information, and a handy
        Fuel Cell compass.  You can shut it off with your inventory if you want.
     -{ Power Room Key }-
        This awkwardly-shaped key opens up the power generator room in CloudRunner Fortress.
        A captive LightFoot will give it to Fox once he is freed.
     -{ Prison Cell Key }-
        Tailor made to fit SharpClaw locks!  These are found in the DarkIce Mines; the silver one
        frees Tricky, and the gold one frees Belina Te.
     -{ RedEye Tooth }-
        Two of these sacred ornaments are hidden in the Walled City.  Fox must find them both
        in order to uncover the passage to the RedEye King.
     -{ Rock Candy }-
        A tasty, er, rock.  It costs 10 Scarabs at ThornTail Store.  You have to feed it to the
        WarpStone before he'll help you out.
     -{ Shackle Key }-
        A plain metal key that is used to lock SnowHorns up in shackles.  It is found and used in
        DarkIce Mines.
     -{ SnowHorn Artifact }-
        This is actually a golden Alpine Seed.  You can buy it at ThornTail Store for 130 Scarabs.
        Use it to open up a race sequence in SnowHorn Wastes, which leads to a Krazoa Shrine.
     -{ Sun Stone }-
        One of the two stones needed to open up the Krazoa Shrine in the Walled City.  It's
        hidden in the red Sun Palace.
     -{ Tricky's Ball }-
        This fun toy, which sells for 15 Scarabs at ThornTail Store, allows Tricky to use the
        Play command.
     -{ White GrubTub}-
        These are medical mushrooms which are used to heal ailing dinosaurs.  Fox will have to
        hunt down six of these in ThornTail Hollow's well to heal Queen EarthWalker.
     -{ Wood Block Carving }-
        There are three of these (a circle, a triangle, and a square) hidden throughout
        LightFoot Village.  Fox must find them and return them in order to fully explore the
     -{ Zoom Goggles }-
        They sell at ThornTail Store for 20 Scarabs.  They allow Fox to zoom in and out when in
        first-person look mode.
     Inventory - Magic                                                                [sfa.04.03]
     Magic spells are helpful tricks that Fox will find throughout his adventure.  Each spell
     utilizes the Staff in a new and exciting way.  Some act as attacks, some overcome barriers,
     some do both, but all use up staff energy when used.
     -{ Fire Blaster }-
        This helpful spell launches bolts of fiery energy from the top of the Staff, and is Fox's
        primary ranged attack.  If you're like me, you'll attach the Fire Blaster to your Y Button
        and leave it there for most of the game.  The Fire Blaster can also be use to trip certain
        kinds of switches, light orbs, and other such nonsense.  You'll get the Fire Blaster
        almost immediately after picking up the Staff in ThornTail Hollow.
     -{ Freeze Blast }-
        This powerful move allows Fox to blow an arctic wind from the tip of his Staff.  It's a
        powerful weapon when weilded in combat, as well.  With it, he can blow out torches and
        flamethrowers, and freeze enemies solid.  Fox learns Freeze Blast in Volcano Force Point
     -{ Ground Quake }-
        A massively powerful area attack that drops all opponents to their knees.  Fox will learn
        this awesome ability in Moon Mountain Pass.  This later upgrades to the Super Ground
        Quake, which is essentially the same thing only powerful enough to fell huge RedEyes.
     -{ Portal Device }-
        After helping a mother ThornTail protect her eggs from naughty gremlins, Fox learns this
        technique, which allows him to open magic purple doors.
     -{ SharpClaw Disguise }-
        Slippy will beam this useful tool down to Fox in CloudRunner Fortress.  While wearing
        the disguise, Fox has increased strength and can slip past other SharpClaws undetected.
        He can also trip special switches.  He cannot, however, attack in any way, so don't try
        to engage in combat while wearing the Disguise.
     -{ Staff Booster }-
        This special ability can only be used near Staff Booster Pads.  Fox will stick his Staff
        in the ground, and then rocket directly upward into the air.  He learns this ability in
        the bottom of the ThornTail Hollow well.
     Inventory - Tricky                                                               [sfa.04.04]
     Fox's pet/sidekick/helper is Prince Tricky, a lovable little dinosaur.  He follows Fox
     around as a guide, and has a few skills that prove crucial to Fox's quest.
     -{ Call Tricky }-
        If you need Tricky's help, but he's nowhere to be found, use this command to make him
        catch up.  Note, there are some places Tricky can't get to.  He'll learn this shortly
        after the two of you arrive at SnowHorn Wastes.
     -{ Find Secret }-
        This ability allows Tricky to dig up patches of cracked dirt, which you'll find in the
        ground and in certain walls.  He starts with this ability.
     -{ Flame }-
        Tricky breathes fire, which has the function of melting ice, burning brambles, lighting
        furnaces, and generally providing a heavy flame wherever one is required.  Tricky will
        learn this command in DarkIce Mines.
     -{ Throw Ball }-
        This is a nonsense move.  Fox throws a toy ball, and Tricky runs after it to retrieve it.
        Sometimes you'll hear Tricky announce "Let's play!".  If you stop and play for a while,
        he'll change colors.  You can use this command after you buy Tricky's Ball from ShopKeeper.
     -{ Tricky Stay! }-
        This ability ensures that Tricky will not follow Fox into danger.  This is very helpful
        when you need him to stand still, say on a switch.  He starts with this ability.
     Inventory - Maps                                                                 [sfa.04.05]
     Maps are purchased from ThornTail Store, and allow Fox to view his locale on his trusty PDA.
     Maps are dirt cheap, so ALWAYS buy the right map before you go to an area.  Here are the
     prices for the various maps:
                  Cape Claw:  5 Scarabs         Moon Mountain Pass:  5 Scarabs
       CloudRunner Fortress:  5 Scarabs          Ocean Force Point: 10 Scarabs
              DarkIce Mines:  5 Scarabs            SnowHorn Wastes:  5 Scarabs
                Dragon Rock:  5 Scarabs           ThornTail Hollow:  5 Scarabs
              Krazoa Palace:  5 Scarabs        Volcano Force Point: 10 Scarabs
          LightFoot Village:  5 Scarabs                Walled City:  5 Scarabs
     Inventory - Arwing                                                               [sfa.04.06]
     The following are powerups you'll find only in the Arwing shooter levels.  They are
     instantaneous, and do not carry over into other shooter levels.  Somtimes Rings are locked
     with an X in the center; these Rings must be shot at to open.  Similarly, sometimes Powerups
     are stashed in crates.  You have to blow the crates open to get the goodies within.
     -{ Bomb Powerup }-
        This gives Fox a bomb (up to a maximum of three) which annihilates everything within the
        blast radius.  Very useful, but don't waste them; Fox can only carry three.
     -{ Gold Rings }-
        You have to pass through a certain amount of Gold Rings to open up the forcefield on
        Fox's target so he can descend.  If you fail to pass through enough Gold Rings, you won't
        be able to land.  There are ten in each level, so getting all ten is a perfect score.
     -{ Laser Powerup }-
        Picking this up will automatically upgrade Fox's laser, turning it into a dual blaster
        which packs quite a bit more punch.
     -{ Silver Rings }-
        These helpful beauties serve to refill part of Fox's lost energy.
     Walkthrough                                                                       [sfa.05.00]
     Now that all the reference material is out of the way, here's the actual walkthrough of the
     game.  For the sake of consistancy, keep the following things in mind:
     First, this walkthrough will take you through the game and ensure you get a 100% completion
     score.  Follow the walkthrough to the letter and you'll never have to scramble around to
     find secret areas or the like.  However, it's written "as the crow flies"; in other words,
     if you want to do any backtracking or skipping ahead, you're on your own.  Some things CAN
     be achieved earlier than dictated in this FAQ, and some things can be put off until later.
     Unless an action is absolutely required to finish the game, feel free to skip it if it's
     giving you trouble, and come back to it later.
     In fact, this FAQ foregoes the exploration part of the game entirely.  Do you have any idea
     how hard it is to describe a fully 3D environment armed only with text?  I'll do the best I
     can pointing you where to go and what to do, but be sure to ALWAYS take time to explore the
     world on your own.  The game never punishes you for exploring and experimenting and - you
     never know - you may stumble upon something that I never found before.
     Also, I'll be instructing you to buy things as you need them.  If you can buy them earlier,
     then by all means do so.  You can never have too many goodies!  Unless you're wasting your
     money buying commodities.  Dinosaur Planet is a fertile land that will always supply you with
     plenty of goods, so there's no need to buy things from ShopKeeper that you can find laying
     around the wilderness.
     Each section of the FAQ rounds out with a checklist, so you can run around and get any of
     the hidden or secret stuff you missed.  You should, of course, be on the lookout for this
     stuff all the time, but just in case you missed something, you know exactly where to get it.
     I've decided to include ALL of the Fuel Cells in the checklists, so if you're running low
     you don't have to go slogging through the walkthrough to find them.
     Finally, if you ever get stuck and for some reason this FAQ isn't helpful, try contacting
     Slippy.  His hints can really be a lifesaver when you're desperately stuck.
     Walkthrough - Starting Up                                                        [sfa.05.01]
     After turning on the power, you're treated a scene inside the Great Fox of the team not
     doing much of anything.  Fumble around with the various team members (Peppy changes game
     options, Slippy changes audio options, and ROB toggles the subtitles).  Later on, you'll get
     the chance to add more options to these menus.  Once you're done, go ahead and select Fox to
     get the game rolling.
     The game will now ask you to put in a three letter name.  This name is useful for nothing
     except labeling your game's save file on the main menu.  Enter three arbitrary letters and
     select END.  You have now successfully started a save file.
     To continue the game at any time, just select this save file (which keeps track of how long
     you've been playing and what completion percentage you've reached) and press A.
     Our story opens up with Krystal answering a distress call she received from Dinosaur Planet.
     She is flying a CloudRunner through a rainstorm when she is attacked by a fireball-throwing
     air galleon...
     Walkthrough - Krystal                                                            [sfa.05.02]
     The flying ship has lots of attacks, but take note that you don't have a life meter.  You
     cannot be killed in this fight, so don't get discouraged if you take any hits.  Krystal is
     able to launch blue bolts of energy at the ship to attack it.
     -{ Boss Fight: Scales' Galleon }-
        The galleon (and most bosses in SFA, for that matter) attacks in several phases.  At
        first you're flying behind it, facing two flamethrowers on the bottom half and two
        dragon heads launching fireballs on the upper half.  The launchers attack in an
        alternating pattern (right, left, right, left...) so they aren't to hard to dodge.
        Start by taking out the two dragon heads.  They'll sprout flames when they're out of
        After this the galleon will lift up a bit, and you'll be facing a rotating blade.
        The ship (and therefore the blade) will come in and out at you.  Before it closes in,
        quickly destroy one of the spinning blades; this will create a gap that is safe for
        Krystal to fly through.  Repeat this process, and once you've blown off all four blades
        the next phase will begin.
        The ship will drop back down, and the fireball launching dragon heads will perk back up.
        They still fire in an alternating pattern, but they're a bit friskier this time, you'll
        notice.  Take them out again (they'll explode this time, satisfyingly) to proceed.
        The ship will now turn about and come at you head on.  The reptilian head on the front
        will belch enormous fireballs at you.  Not surpringly, it's also your next target.
        After this phase of the attack, Krystal will set her CloudRunner down on the Galleon
        and dismount.
                                                                             -{ End Boss Fight }-
     On the Galleon, Krystal also has a life meter, so be conscious about what she touches or
     what hits her from now on.  The first thing to do is cross the deck of the ship and talk to
     a CloudRunner locked up in a cage.  He'll open a door for you that leads below deck.  Head
     down below deck do find the Gold Key.
     Returning topside, back to the CloudRunner's cage, Krystal will have a run in with our
     lovable villain, General Scales.  Long story short, Scales attempts to throw her off the
     Galleon, but she ends up landing on her CloudRunner, who takes her to Krazoa Palace.  This
     is where the distress signal Krystal is answering originates from.
     The first thing you'll notice after touching down is that there are enemies onscreen now
     (jellyfish-like things), and Krystal is still defenseless.  The next thing you'll notice
     is that the game will let you save now.  Go ahead and do so, because it's possible to die
     in Krazoa Palace.  Third, after exploring a bit, you'll notice a locked door behind and to
     the left of the wounded EarthWalker.  Unlock it with your Gold Key.
     Inside this small room is a Fuel Barrel.  Pick it up and take it to the opposite side of
     this area, and throw it the row of crates to blow them apart.  If you want, you can also
     throw Fuel Barrels at the jellyfish to kill them, or at the crate by the corner ledge for a
     Dumbledang Pod.  You can get more barrels if you need them as they respawn on the grey
     platform right by where you started.
     When the three crates explode, they leave behind Pukpuk Eggs...  useful if the jellyfish
     caught up to you before now.  Run down the slope into the next area, which contains another
     jellyfish, another wounded EarthWalker, and some more crates.  There are also ladders
     leading back up to the beginning area.  The only other thing of interest is a cracked wall
     leading into the palace.  Go back to the Fuel Barrel pad and pick one up, then heave it at
     this wall to open the passage inside.
     Hang a right to find some jars if you're missing any life.  Otherwise (or afterwards), hang
     a left to continue on with the dungeon.  You'll find another wounded WarthWalker in this
     area, with a Fuel Barrel behind him.  Use it to blow up the crates blocking your passage
     (they respawn the next hallway over; go get another one) to continue onward.
     This next hallway features flamethrowers on timers.  Time your sprint so that you'll pass
     each flamethrower when it ISN'T spewing forth a barrage of fiery orange death.  Also, if
     you run into a flamethrower, your Fuel Barrel will explode, and you'll have to run back and
     get another one.  Pitch your barrel at the far wall to open the next room.
     The next room has a Fuel Barrel, a pressure switch, and a wall that opens up if the switch
     is pressed.  Pick the barrel up, set it down on the switch, and you can pass through
     the wall.  Speak to the EarthWalker in this room and he will open up the next passage for
     you, containing a wap pad leading to the first Krazoa Shrine.
     Climb the ladder ahead of you.  When you reach the top you will see three flamethrowers
     spewing up from the floor in a rhythmic pattern, a jellyfish and (off in the distance), a
     spirit door.  Spirit doors dissipate after all enemies in the area have been defeated.
     Cross to the far end of the room to find a Fuel Barrel next to the door.  Chuck it at the
     jellyfish to blow it up, and that will open the door.  Continue to the next room.
     This room has a pressure plate, several flamethrowers, and a jellyfish.  Stand on the plate
     long enough so the gate at the end opens all the way, then dash through the obstacle course
     before it closes.  Talk to the Krazoa Spirit in the next room to start the first Krazoa
     -{ Krazoa Test: Test of Observation }-
        The Krazoa Spirit will descend into one of the jars, which will then shift around the
        room in random patterns.  Simply find the correct jar three times to gain the Krazoa
        Spirit.  If you botch it up, the Spirit will drop you back off at the entrance of the
        Krazoa Shrine and you'll have to do it all over again.
                                                                            -{ End Krazoa Test }-
     Returning to Krazoa Palace, the EarthWalker will tell you a bit about the Spirits and the
     Shrines.  Now go stand on the platform along the wall, which will rise up elevator-style
     into an illuminated tunnel.
     To the left at the end of the tunnel is a shimmering wall overlooking a huge circular room
     with jet streams in it.  You can't do anything there now, so hang a right instead to release
     the Krazoa Spirit.  Unfortunately, this leads to Krystal being encased in a crystal (no,
     really), thus ending the game's prologue.
     Walkthrough - ThornTail Hollow                                                   [sfa.05.03]
     Meanwhile, Fox and his gang are kicking back on the Great Fox, without much of anything to
     do.  Surprisingly, they get a call from General Pepper informing them that Dinosaur Planet is
     on the verge of exploding, and that could have serious reprecusions on the entire Lylat
     System.  So being the nice (read: broke) guy that he is, Fox decides to take the mission.
     When given the opportunity, select Dinosaur Planet from the orbital map to begin your first
     shooter mission.
     -{ Shooter Mission: Dinosaur Planet }-
        Since it's the first space mission, this level is relatively easy.  You'll start out by
        flying through an asteroid field (sprinkled with mines).  They're easy enough to dodge,
        but there's a Silver Ring toward the end in case you run into something.  You'll then
        pass over a larger asteroid while being assaulted by enemy fighters.  Blow them apart or
        avoid them.
        Off in the distance you can see your first Gold Ring, located just behind a crate.
        Blast open the crate and take the Laser Powerup, then fly through the Gold Ring.
        There's another crate immediately after the Ring with a Bomb Powerup.  You should be
        able to see your next Ring and next crate (get the Ring first) and get them both without
        much trouble; just bank right after passing through the Ring.  The crate contains another
        Bomb Powerup.
        The next three Gold Rings are located on this next asteroid.  Get the first one head on,
        then bank right for the second, then left for the third.  At this point Slippy will warn
        you to watch out for mines.  Fire a Bomb to clear them out easily.  The next two Gold
        Rings are in plain sight after the minefield.
        Going onto the next asteroid, you should be able to collect another Gold Ring and another
        Bomb Powerup without any trouble.  There's another Gold Ring in a tight canyon towards
        the end.  As you emerge, you'll be assaulted by five fighters.  Bomb them, then swoop
        through and take the Silver and Gold Rings ahead of you.  As long as you got one Gold
        Ring somewhere in the level, you can continue on to Dinosaur Planet.  The game will keep
        track of your high scores.
                                                                        -{ End Shooter Mission }-
     Once you land, you'll be greeted by General Pepper, who will explain your communicator to
     you.  Fox comments that he doesn't have a weapon.  To fix that, head for the flowerbed just
     ahead to Fox's right.  You'll find Krystal's Staff sticking out of the ground.  Krystal will
     explain (telepathically, I imagine) how the staff works while Fox gets his moves on.
     Explore ThornTail Hollow until you find a circle of rocks.  You can lift them with your Staff,
     making Scarabs appear.  Fox can only carry ten, but that's enough for now.  You'll see a cave
     mouth off to the right of the waterfall; enter this cave to go to ThornTail Store.  For the
     sake of clarity, the inside of the store has six doors, arranged like so:
              5        Door #1 is the entrance.  Doors #2 and #3 go to a gambling area (see the
          4       6    gambling section in the Bits'n'Pieces area for more information).  #4
              O        leads to a room selling commodities (fairly useless, since you can collect
          2       3    everything inside easily), #5 to a room selling special goods, and #6 to a
              1        room selling maps.  The circle in the middle is a well which sells a Cheat
                       Token, but you can't afford it yet.
     For now, all you need to buy is the ThornTail Hollow Map, but feel free to buy anything else
     you want and can afford.  Avoid the commodity room (the one on the left) for now, but feel
     free to gamble if you want and buy any other maps you think you might need, though they're
     unnecessary at the moment.
     Map in hand, set about exploring ThornTail Hollow, collecting all the stuff you can find.
     Don't worry; I'll wait until you're done.
     Oh, you got attacked?  That's to be expected; getting too close to the Queen's room will
     cause you to be attacked by four SharpClaws.  Put them down with your new Staff.  Krystal
     will lecture you before and after the battle, and afterwards a door will open at the far end
     of the Hollow.  Head over there, use your Staff to lift the rock out of the way, and drop
     into the hole.  In the cave here you will find your first magical spell: the Fire Blaster!
     You'll need to use the Fire Blaster to exit the cave, and also to trip the switch that opens
     up the Queen's door.
     The Queen (or, rather, Slippy) will inform you that her son, Prince Tricky, was taken to
     Ice Mountain by SharpClaws.  She'll move the ThornTail guarding the WarpStone.  To blow open
     the path leading to the WarpStone, you'll need to get some Bomb Spores.  Shoot the smoking
     plant near Fox's Arwing to get some.  Plant the Bomb Spore in the earth by the cracked wall,
     then shoot the plant that grows.
     The WarpStone is whining about not ever receiving gifts, meaning you'll have to bribe him
     into helping you out.  Purchase the Rock Candy from ThornTail Store and give it to him.
     That'll cheer him up a bit.  Before you have the WarpStone send you to Ice Mountain, buy
     the SnowHorn Wastes map from ThornTail Store.  Now you're ready to go.
     -{ Checklist: ThornTail Hollow }-
        - You can plant a Bomb Spore in some soft earth along the incline in the southern area
          of the Hollow.  Blow up the wall there to find some Scarabs and three Fuel Cells.
        - There are two more Fuel Cells on a rocky column in the southern area of the Hollow.
          To get there, jump at the column from the incline to its south, and climb the bricked
        - There's a patch of soft earth next to the WarpStone where you can plant another Bomb
          Spore.  Two Fuel Cells are hidden inside.
        - There's another Fuel Cell hiding up by a magical door behind the Queen.
        - Plant a Bomb Spore at the base of the waterfall to open a passage leading to some crates
          and four more Fuel Cells.
        - There's a bricked wall you can climb all the way in the southwest corner of the Hollow,
          which leads to two more Fuel Cells.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Walkthrough - Saving Tricky                                                      [sfa.05.04]
     There's no map for Ice Mountain, so you'll be running around blindly most of the time.  The
     warp pad you come in on will let you travel back to ThornTail Hollow if you want to return.
     As soon as you arrive you'll see a transport swoop in and lower Prince Tricky, who is quickly
     spirited away by some SharpClaws.
     Explore the area and you'll soon find a Fuel Barrel.  This one has a timer on it, but you'll
     have plenty of time to carry it over to a messily constructed brick wall guarding a small
     pack of SharpClaws.  Waste the wall and decimate the SharpClaws to make a switch appear over
     the door they took Tricky into.
     Fire Blaster the switch and you'll see some SharpClaws tormenting Tricky inside.  Before you
     know it, Tricky will run off and the SharpClaws will chase after him on jet bikes.  Fox will
     automatically jump on one and join the race.  Don't worry about the rest of the stuff in Ice
     Mountain yet; we'll come back here in a little while to get everything.
     -{ Bike Sequence: Ice Mountain }-
        This sequence is fairly straightforward.  You don't have to take out the SharpClaws; you
        just have to beat them to the end.  Also, you won't have to worry about fuel.  Hold the
        accelerate button the whole time, cut corners where you can, and avoid contact with the
        SharpClaws in order to maintain your speed.  There are multiple paths to take along the
        course, but none of them are worth going out of your way for.  Beware of obstacles along
        the path, and mines dropped by the SharpClaws.  As long as you don't follow directly
        behind the SharpClaw, you shouldn't have to worry about them much.
        The easiest way to win this sequence, hands down, is to grab an early lead and then
        maintain it throughout the entire course.  If you can manage to do this, the only thing
        you'll have to worry about is dodging obstacles.  It is possible, albeit tricky, to take
        out both of the SharpClaw racers...  though this is unnecessary.
                                                                          -{ End Bike Sequence }-
     When you land, Prince Tricky will taunt you for a few moments, while Slippy (finally)
     finishes the translator he promised.  He refuses to follow you, though, because he's hungry
     (as he will inform you).  Follow the path until your map clicks on.  Ah, there.  Good.  Note
     the pit of lava ahead of you.  Take a right, instead, and Tricky will give you a tutorial on
     how to capture GrubTubs.  Catch the two in front of you, then feed them to Tricky.
     Once he's eaten, Tricky says he's ready to work.  You now have access to Find Secret and
     Tricky Stay!.  There happens to be a patched of cracked dirt in the area, so have Tricky dig
     it up.  He uncovers a switch.  Have Tricky step on it, and tell him to stay put.  The switch
     opens up a gate on the other side of the snowy alcove.  Activate the switch inside to create
     a path across the pond of lava.
     Climb down into the pool of lava now that you can cross it safely.  Don't worry, Tricky will
     catch up.  In the wall at the end of this new path, you can have Tricky Find Secret again,
     which opens up the path to SnowHorn Wastes.  After a short jaunt through a snowy chasm,
     you'll come to a frozen lake.
     The lake is infested with SharpClaws.  Put them down, and Tricky will inform you on how to
     use the Call Tricky command.  You'll also meet some pesky burrowing dinosaurs who will pop
     up out of the snow to torment you.  They're easy to kill, but may surprise you if you're not
     paying attention.  There are also lots of GrubTubs here; run around and stock up.
     Talk to the SnowHorn next to the lake, and he'll complain about being hungry.  Luckily, there
     are some Alpine Roots nearby in the patches of cracked earth.  You can tell which ones are
     Alpine Roots because you'll see the leaves sticking out of the top.  Have Tricky dig them
     out, and offer them to the SnowHorn.
     Upon offering the first Root to the SnowHorn, he'll give you a Small Scarab Bag.  Fox can
     now hold 50 Scarabs.  The second Root caues the SnowHorn to make a block (previously
     supported by the geyser in the middle of the lake) drop to the ground.  Push the block to the
     southeastern corner of the lake so Fox can heave himself up and continue onward.
     You'll find a sign pointing you back in the direction of ThornTail Hollow.  Go down into
     the lower area, where you'll meet some more SnowHorn tribesmen and a SharpClaw guard.  Bribe
     the guard with some Scarabs (he wants 25 of them, to be exact) and he'll step aside.  Swim
     through this aquatic tunnel (the water is flowing the right way for now) to return to
     ThornTail Hollow.
     -{ Checklist: SnowHorn Wastes }-
        - There are several dig spots around the frozen lake in addition to the Alpine Roots.
          Have Tricky dig them up; one contains a Staff Energy Meter which increases Fox's magic
        - Push the block to the opposite end of the frozen lake to climb up to a ledge containing
          two Fuel Cells.
        - Instead of turning right at the sign, go straight ahead to find a lever guarded by a
          burrowing dinosaur.  Activate the lever to cause a new platform to appear in the lake
          below.  Use that platform to jump across to a tiny alcove containing two more Fuel
        - Have Tricky dig up a cracked wall in the lower section of the Wastes.  This opens up
          a path leading to a couple crates and a Fuel Cell.  Inside one of the crates is a
          helpful Bafmodad.
        - Have Tricky dig up a patch of cracked earth in the lower area of the Wastes to find
          another Bafmodad.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Upon reaching the Hollow, Tricky will run off to see his mother, who is sick.  Because of
     the Queen's weakness, SharpClaws have overrun the Hollow.  However, now that you're armed
     with some new capabilities, let's go collecting.
     -{ Checklist: Ice Mountain }-
        - There are two Fuel Cells in the cave behind the jet bike.
        - Plant a Bomb Spore at the far end of Ice Mountain to open a small cave containing a
          Fuel Cell and a Cheat Token well.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     -{ Checklist: ThornTail Hollow }-
        - Have Tricky dig up a spot near the southwestern exit to find a Bafmodad.
        - Have Tricky dig up another spot near the southeastern corner of the Hollow for another
        - Have Tricky dig up yet ANOTHER spot in front of the store for yet ANOTHER Bafmodad.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Walkthrough - White GrubTubs                                                     [sfa.05.05]
     Visit ThornTail Store when you've got some Scarabs.  You need the Firefly Lantern in order
     to collect the White GrubTubs necessary to cure Queen EarthWalker.  In addition, you'll want
     the Bafmodad Holder, the Zoom Goggles, and Tricky's Ball.  That's 75 Scarabs, give or take,
     depending on whether you haggle or not.  There's plenty of Scarabs to be had throughout
     ThornTail Hollow, and by gambling, so stock up on all these goodies now.  You can also buy
     a Cheat Token from the well now, but you can't haggle for that.
     Once you're equipped, have Tricky dig through the cracked wall leading into the large well.
     Crawl inside.  Fox will go this mission solo, so you won't have Tricky's help (that is, he
     won't be bothering you).  Descend into the well via the ladder.  There are lots of poisonous
     mushrooms in the bottom of the well, so be careful.
     Head through the tunnel to the south into a small cavern with a stream.  Plant a Bomb Spore
     on the small island in the stream to drain out the water.  Drop down into the drain to get
     the Staff Booster.
     Return to the previous room and locate the Booster Pad (it's on a small incline).  Rocket up
     to the top level of the room.  Follow the top path until you reach a catwalk that bridges
     the stream you were at earlier.  Plant a Bomb Spore there and blow it apart; a perfectly
     cube-shaped piece of rock will fall below.  Return to the bottom and push the block onto the
     pressure pad at the other end of the stream.  This will open a nearby gate.
     Enter the gate and talk to the ThornTail inside.  He'll tell you how smart you are for
     bringing a Lantern along (or scold you if you haven't), then move his carcass of a patch of
     soft earth.  Bomb Spore it and blow it apart to reveal a ladder leading down.
     Sliding down said ladder brings you to a dark cavern.  This is where you will hunt down the
     White GrubTubs.  Catch them in the same way you'd catch blue ones.  You need to get six of
     them.  To start with, there's one right next to the ladder you rode in on.  Just beware of
     the poisonous mushroom while collecting it.
     Follow the lighted passageway to the end to come to a puddle, over which float three
     Fireflies (snipe the bats that swoop at you with your Fire Blaster, which you should still
     have mapped to the Y Button).  Now it's time to brave the darkness.  Go into the dark area
     and you'll head down a slope into a large chamber containing a White GrubTub and a place to
     put a Bomb Spore.  Do it to make the column there collapse.  Return to the lighted area.
     Head into the second dark area (there's a puddle of water inside).  Release a Firefly so you
     can see.  You'll see a patch of earth that you can blow apart with a Bomb Spore; do so.  Go
     through the crack in the wall (careful of the poison 'shroom) to get another White GrubTub.
     Go into the last lighted hallway to find a Booster Pad leading to three more Fireflies.
     There's a White GrubTub up here too.  Jump across the column you knocked down earlier to
     find the last top level area, where the last two GrubTubs await you.  Jump down into the
     water from the break in the fence just behind the Bomb Spore Plant, and return to the surface
     the way you came in.
     Feed the Queen all the White GrubTubs you collected and she'll wake up and tell you exactly
     what it is that's tearing the planet apart.  She'll also send Tricky along with you on a
     more permanent basis, tell you to meet with Garunda Te at the SnowHorn Wastes, and give you
     the Gate Key.
     -{ Checklist: ThornTail Hollow }-
        - Break open a crate near the stream in the well to reveal a Booster Pad.  Use it to
          reach a ledge which contains two Fuel Cells.
        - Use the Staff Booster next to the entrance to ThornTail Store to get up onto a high
          ledge with a crate and two Fuel Cells.  Place a Bomb Spore up here to open up a cave
          with several switches.  Light them all with the Fire Blaster for a Staff Energy Meter.
        - Use the Staff Booster in the u-turn part of the aquatic tunnel leading to SnowHorn
          Wastes for two more Fuel Cells.  You'll have to place Tricky on the pressure pad near
          the entrance to get the water flowing the right way.
        - For what it's worth, you can use the Staff Booster in the map room of ThornTail Store
          to get to an upper level where you can find some Scarabs.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Back at SnowHorn Wastes, unlock the gate you couldn't before with the Gate Key given to you
     by Queen EarthWalker.  Go through it and take a left to find a SnowHorn tribesmen trapped
     underneath some ice.  He says he'll be strong enough to escape once you get him some Frost
     Weed, which grows on a tree nearby.  Unfortunately, Fox'll be so busy fighting off SharpClaws
     that he won't be able to do it himself.
     Assign Find Secret to your Y Button and knock some Frost Weed from the tree.  While fighting
     the Sharp Claws, use Find Secret and Tricky will brint the Frost Weed to Garunda Te himself.
     You can see how strong he's getting by checking his energy meter at the bottom of the screen.
     Once he's strong enough to break free, he'll tell Fox about his daughter and the SpellStone,
     and instruct him to go to DarkIce Mines.  He'll open the gateway for you.
     Your next move is to return to the Great Fox and fly to DarkIce Mines, but before that why
     not explore the new areas of SnowHorn Wastes?
     -{ Checklist: SnowHorn Wastes }-
        - Knock over the tree near the base of the waterfall by firing a Fire Blaster into the
          hole.  Cross the river and climb the bricked wall on the other side for a Bafmodad
          and two Fuel Cells.
        - Have Tricky dig up a patch of ground on the cave across the river for a Bafmodad.
          Be sure to hit the Fire Blaster target while you're in here.
        - Ride an iceberg downstream a ways.  Jump off onto a sloped bank leading up to three
          Fuel Cells.
        - There is a Fuel Cell and a well where you can purchase a Cheat Token at the river's end.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Walkthrough - DarkIce Mines                                                      [sfa.05.06]
     Before leaving Dinosaur Planet for the Great Fox, ask yourself the following questions:
     Do I have 5 Fuel Cells?  Am I fairly well stocked on commodities?  Is Tricky well fed?
     Did I buy the map to DarkIce Mines?  If the answer to all three is yes, board the Arwing and
     get moving.  If not, get your ducks in a row.
     -{ Shooter Mission: DarkIce Mines }=-
        You have to get three Gold Rings to complete this mission and open the force field at
        DarkIce Mines.  This mission starts out with a frantic romp through an asteroid field.
        You'll have to rely on quick banking and rolling techniques to get through unscathed.
        There are mines thrown in the mix too, just for fun.  Also, you'll quickly meet a new
        type of enemy; a mechanical pod that launches laserfire like it's going out of style.
        Fire open the first crate and grab your first Bomb Powerup.  Then quickly bank left
        to grab a Silver Ring, then a bit further for a Gold one.  Get back to center stage
        for another Silver Ring, then quickly bank left again for a Laser Powerup in a crate.
        Your next Gold Ring is straight ahead.  After collecting it, either bank hard right
        for a Bomb Powerup, or stay put for a Silver Ring, whichever you need more.
        You're then assaulted by a whole slew of those laser pods.  Bomb them and cut down
        into the chasm ahead (the crate off to your left is a locked Silver Ring, not worth
        missing the stuff in the chasm).  For your efforts you'll get a Silver Ring, a Bomb
        Powerup, and a Gold Ring.  After coming out of the chasm, cut hard right if you
        need a Silver Ring.  Otherwise bank slightly left for a Gold one.
        You can see your next Gold Ring off in the distance, but it's moving back and forth
        horizontalliy.  Brake or boost as necessary to pass through it at the correct time.
        Cut hard left ot get to your next Gold Ring before reaching the next frozen
        Ugh, back into another field of rolling asteroids.  The next Gold Ring is locked; you
        have to shoot it open before you can collect it (brake to buy yourself some time if
        you need to).  The one after that is dead ahead.
        The Silver Ring upcoming is too far out of your way.  Get the two Gold ones between
        the stalagtites instead (they scroll vertically; keep that in mind).  The crate
        contains a Bomb Powerup.  The stage rounds out with two more rings, one Silver and
        one Gold, dead center.
                                                                        -{ End Shooter Mission }-
     Assuming you were able to get at least three Gold Rings, you'll touch down in DarkIce Mines.
     Climb one of the slopes on either side of the Arwing, avoiding bats and jumping balls of
     magma as you go.  Follow the winding path forward until you get to a snowy area.  Here you
     will meet up with all the captive SnowHorns, who implore you to save their tribe.
     Tricky can burrow into one of the snowdrifts blocking one of the huts, which leads down
     into a cavernous tunnel.  Beat up the SharpClaws, and open up the item chest they were
     guarding to get the Shackle Key.  Return to the surface and use the key to unlock the
     shackled SnowHorn, who will tell you to keep an eye out for Belina Te, and give you a Bridge
     Onward to the river ahead of you.  Climb down the bricked wall and place the Bridge Cog
     into the empty spot along the gears.  Pull the lever to make a bridge appear over the
     river.  Climb back up so you can make use of it.  Continuing down the path, you'll eventally
     come up on some SharpClaws beating up a SnowHorn.  Rescue the poor guy, and he'll get
     Tricky to learn his Flame command.
     Return to the area with all the SnowHorns and have Tricky Flame the hut that's frozen over.
     Go downstairs and have him Flame the pile of wood, causing the frozen ground to melt and
     drain away.  Follow the path that appears into a room with a block.  Ask Tricky to Flame
     again (this time on the frozen wall in the room) and then have him dig up the Alpine
     Root in the room that is uncovered.
     By now Tricky's probably hungry...  fill him back up and collect the GrubTubs in the
     previous room to restock.  Push the ice block all the way back onto the grate so you can get
     out the way you came in, then return to the surface.
     Return to the hungry SnowHorn, but pass him up this time and head down into the chasm with
     the tumbling boulders.  Head in the direction they're coming from (the roll is useful for
     leaping out of their way) and you'll come across a wall of ice in the rock face.  Have
     Tricky Flame it, then have him dig up another Alpine Root.
     There isn't much of anything in the other direction of the chasm, so head back topside
     and feed that SnowHorn your Alpine Roots.  He'll get up and walk around a bit, then tell you
     to get on his back.  While on the SnowHorn's back, you can't do anything except walk
     around (slowly) and Tusk Attack.  Meander on over to the gates and smash them open.
     Find the platform in the next area and disembark.  Have Tricky Flame the wall of ice so you
     can pass through to the other side of the rock wall.  Climb the ladder here and you'll
     find another bridge control machine; this one's missing three Cogs.  Staff Boost up to
     the top, and you'll emerge on a series of platforms leading to the cannon.  As luck would
     have it, it just happens to be firing on you as you try to jump each gap.
     Weasel your way around the path and whip up on the cannonman.  Just as you take control
     of the cannon, the area below fills up with SharpClaws.  You have to take out all five of
     them, as well as the wooden door across from you, without running out of Staff Energy.
     You can hit the door easily by aiming directly at it and releasing the canonball when
     the power level is just a hair past the large wire leading from the controls to the
     barrel.  There's no real strategy to hit the SharpClaws, just aim as best you can and it
     shouldn't be too difficult.
     Now to find all three missing Cogs.  There's one in the hut in the middle of the area, for
     starters.  There's another in the spirit door that opened up after killing the SharpClaws.
     For the third, climb through the doorway the cannonball opened up, into an area with a
     raging blizzard.  Off to the side is a ledge with a frozen wall.  Have Tricky Flame it,
     then collect the Cog.  Place the Cogs onto the machine and fire it up to make the bridge
     outside appear.
     Crossing the bridge gets you to a dead end that Tricky can tunnel through.  There's a
     Blaster Target in this room; hit it and a countdown timer will start.  You have to get
     Tricky to light four of the funaces in the room in one minute to continue.  There's an
     invisible bridge in the next room, so just walk across.  Then have Tricky melt the ice
     in the center of the room, and collect the Dinosaur Horn.
     Return to the blizzard area and go up the slope again.  This time, stand on the icon in the
     snow and blow the Dinosaur Horn.  Board the SnowHorn that tromps up.  As you go tromping
     through the blizzard, you will have to continually aim yourself towards Alpine Roots.
     This is fairly easy; always point yourself in the direction of the next Root and you'll be
     fine.  When you see two Roots, one off to either side, be sure to go left; otherwise you'll
     just be going around in circles forever, which I'm sure the SnowHorn would be fine with,
     but Fox would probably find a bit irritating.  Check your map if you get lost.
     Upon emerging from the blizzard, Fox finds that Tricky has vanish.  You get to keep the
     SnowHorn for a while, though.  Use his Tusk Attack to shatter the wooden gate, then enter
     it.  Slaughter both SharpClaws to open the spirit door, and then we get to board our good
     friend the Jet Bike.
     -{ Bike Sequence: DarkIce Mines }-
        This really is a freebie run.  No enemies, no real obstacles or objectives...  just a
        straightforward run down through where those tumbling boulders were earlier, then into
        the mines themselves.  Couldn't be easier.  It's worth mentioning that there's some
        Staff Energy Gems strewn about, if you need some.  Fox will crash land on a conveyor
        belt in the mines.
                                                                          -{ End Bike Sequence }-
     Time yourself on the conveyor belt so that you get past all of the flamethrowers without
     being scorched.  Be sure to exit the belt before being dumped into the furnace at the end.
     Nail all the SharpClaws on this floor to open up another spirit door, but you can't do
     anything inside there yet without Tricky's help.
     For now, heave yourself up to the upper level via Booster Pad, and crawl through to a catwalk
     complete with rolling rocks.  Fox runs faster than the rocks roll, meaning it's easy to get
     through without damage if he follows a rock to the end.  Stand in a safe place at the end
     of the line and fire a Blaster shot at the Target above the flamethrower, and claim your
     prize (a Prison Cell Key) from the item box.
     Return to the previous area (careful, as the rocks are harder to dodge going back), and this
     time call your attention to the circular platforms assaulted by rotating flamethrowers.
     Past both flamethrowers and a narrow catwalk are two cells.  One contains Belina Te, and
     the other contains Tricky.  Unlock Tricky's cell (you don't have the other key yet), and
     return to where the spirit door opened on the lower level (you can bypass the catwalks by
     jumping down from the ledge in front of Tricky's cell).  Flame the ice wall inside for the
     other Prison Cell Key.
     When you free Belina Te, she picks on her father for a minute, then runs through a wall.
     Only after causing an avalanche and blocking the only perceivable exit does she ask you
     to follow her.  Harumph.  Ask Tricky to burrow into the wall in the back of Belina Te's
     cell to get into the next area.
     The next room is full of ice and water.  Before you go anywhere, aim upward and knock the
     three greenish stalagtites into the water, causing icebergs to form.  Jump across the
     icebergs and activate the switch.  This causes ice platforms to flow along the river above
     you.  Now climb the slope and Staff Boost up to the upper level (beward of enemies along the
     way who will pop out of the snow at you).
     The trick here is to get from where you're at now, across the icebergs, to the opening by
     the waterfall.  If you fall in the water, you'll have to jump down the waterfall and climb
     out on the lower level, taking damage the whole way.  Take your time, snipe the flying enemy
     beforehand, and make sure you nail your jumps.
     Push the ice block here over the edge, and then climb down the bricked wall back to the lower
     level (remember: ice water hurts, so you don't want to jump into it).  The block melts on
     contact with the water and quickly refreezes into a platform.  From here you climb easily
     into the next area.
     Now you're back into the scorching mines.  There's another quick conveyor belt fiasco, and
     then you'll meet up with Belina Te again (how'd SHE get here?).  She'll tell you that she
     doesn't really know where the SpellStone is, but that she's sure you and Tricky can find
     it.  Thanks a lot.
     Head through the doorway into anoter enormous blasting hot chamber..  Your first task here
     is to find a ladder leading up onto a spiral platform.  It won't be hard; there are explosive
     barrels raining down from above.  In this section, your goal is to get a Fuel Barrel up to
     the top of the spiral pathway while avoiding the rolling barrels.  At this point in SFA,
     it might be clear that Rare still had their heads stuck in Donkey Kong Country.  The barrel
     pathway might be the msot frusterating part of the DarkIce Mines.  If you get hit, the
     Fuel Barrel explodes and you have to start over.  I find it's easiest to take it slow.  Since
     every barrel follows the same pattern, you can easily see where your safe spots are if you
     go slowly.
     Once at the top, find a place to gently set the Fuel Barrel down (don't accidentially throw
     it, or you'll have to go get another one).  There's a little marker on the ground with a
     barrel on it showing you where it's safe.  Leave it there for now, then find a ladder to
     the higher level of the tower structure.
     With your Staff, activate the lever and a magnetic crane will pick up the Fuel Barrel you
     left below and set it next to you.  Pick it back up.  You now have to carry it while dodging
     cannonballs and flamethrowers to a cracked wall.  Remember, one hit and you start again
     from the very bottom.  Blow opn the wall and activate the lever, causing a bridge to form.
     Find the bridge and cross it (it's on a lower level, near where all those explosive barrels
     are pouring out of) to another rolling rock sequence.  Again, following a rock ensures you
     won't take any damage.  Activate the switch you come across to create another bridge.
     Climb back to the top, to the level with the flamethrowers, across your new bridge, and up
     another ladder to the tallest tower where a SharpClaw and a cannon await you.  Drop the
     SharpClaw and take his cannon.
     There's a wooden blockade on each of the towers within your sights; take them both out.  This
     causes a rock bridge to form on ground level.  When going down on the spiral platform, use
     the same principal as with the rocks; follow a barrel all the way down and you're sure not
     to take any damage.  Head to your new bridge (southeast corner of the room) and cross into
     a warp plate chamber leading to the boss of DarkIce Mines.
     -{ Boss Fight: Galdon }-
        At first the boss doesn't do much of anything; he's encased in ice.  Have Tricky melt
        him, and then the fight starts for real.  Galdon breaks out of his icy casing, swallows
        the SpellStone, and you're left to deal with him.
        Okay, phase one.  Galdon tries repeatedly to stomp on you, and if you get too close
        he'll drop onto you with his enormous frame.  This is to say nothing of the
        flamethrowers in the floor.  Get around to his tail (it's easier to do if you put up
        your Staff first) and give him three sharp hits.  Galdon will rear back in pain and
        swallow Fox.
        Phase two.  Avoid the green things floating in Galdon's stomach acid; they hurt.  Wail
        on the membrane containing the SpellStone instead; four direct hits will destroy it
        and cause Galdon to vomit Fox back up.  If you take too long, Galdon will throw you
        up anyway, and you'll have to repeat phase one again.
        Phase three.  You're back on solid ground, but don't have any clear targets to hit.
        What's worse, Galdon is now firing enormous green balls of goo at you.  Once in a
        while, though, you'll note that a gap in his neck opens up.  When he does this,
        launch some Fire Blaster shots up at him.  As long as your Staff is out, the
        auto-targeting will kick in and you'll get a direct hit every time.  Four shots will
        finish him off.  Just remember to block when he lunges at you, and to roll when he
        fires at you, and you'll be fine here.
        Phase four is a reprise of phase two, except this time you'll get the SpellStone
        for real.  If you don't hit it enough times, you'll get spewed up and have to do
        Phase three all over agian.  When you're successful, Galdon will keel over in pain
        and die a horrible death.  You'll also be awarded four more health points for your
                                                                             -{ End Boss Fight }-
     With the SpellStone in tow, it's time to return to Dinosaur Planet.  At this point,
     DarkIce Mines is gated off from you (though you can still visit if you want).
     Walkthrough - Volcano Force Point                                                [sfa.05.07]
     Upon touching down, Fox learns that the SharpClaws have extinguished the ThornTails' fiery
     beacons, which is a problem because they're scared of the dark.  Once again, it's up to
     Fox to save the ThornTails.  First, collect three Fire Weeds by knocking them out of the
     Fire Weed tree (it's the burning one) and hitting them with his your Staff.  Now set them
     on the beacons (there's one by WarpStone, one out by the Cape Claw exit, and one up on
     a ledge you can get to by following a slope over by the well) and have Tricky light each
     one on fire.  You'll be rewarded with the Moon Pass Key for your troubles.
     Also, while you're in the Hollow, you should buy the Moon Mountain Pass, Volcano Force Point
     and Krazoa Palace maps.  Your next goal is to pass through Moon Mountain Pass and return
     the SpellStone to the Volcano Force Point Temple.  You'll have to blow open a rock wall with
     a Bomb Spore to get to Moon Mountain Pass from ThornTail Valley.
     You'll first come to a small tunnel area in which the fragile ground will crumble under Fox's
     weight.  He'll get dropped into a jet stream of poison gas.  You have to steer him to one
     of the openings (north leads to Moon Mountain Pass, south leads to ThornTail Hollow), jump
     across the rising and falling columns, and into the next jet stream to pass by this area.
     Moon Mountain Pass is a big place, but you'll explore most of it later.  Your main task
     right now is to get to the SharpClaw checkpoint, dodging dozens and dozens of cascading
     barrels.  Yowza!  Make good use of the roll in this section, and always keep moving.  The
     path is pretty straightforward.  When you get to the checkpoint, unlock the door with the
     Moon Pass Key.
     Head up into the checkpoint and relieve the two SharpClaws of their duty, and a spirit door
     at the far end of the pass will open up.  Head through to find a small lava-filled chamber
     with three retracting platforms.  Wait for them to retract and come back out, then quickly
     jump from platform to platform into the next room.
     You'll find yourself in a tiny caged area with a huge flamethrower spewing up from below.
     Wait until it stops spewing, then jump into the opening below.  Make your way up the winding
     pathway (look out for fiery bats and fireballs), then do a 360' turn and head up the middle
     path.  Yes, the conveyor belt that is constantly changing directions and raining explosive
     barrels.  That path.
     Once back on the upper level, you'll find yourself in the same caged area as before, except
     on the opposite side.  Head into the final room now, and climb up the bricked wall on the
     far end to enter Volcano Force Point Temple.  Place the SpellStone you got from DarkIce
     Mines in the recess on the warp pad ahead of you to open the gates.
     To open up the main area of the temple, you have to light the green and blue orbs outside
     the door.  To do so, fire a Fire Blaster shot at them through the colored torches.  Time
     your shot so that it passes through the correct color and connects with the orb.  Place
     the SpellStone into the door, and you're in.
     The first room is a simple chamber where you'll be ambushed by four SharpClaws.  Slap them
     down to open the spirit door and continue.  Ask Tricky to light both furnaces in the
     next room so you can open up a path on the upper level.  You have to extinguish the flames
     in this chamber, but you'll need a new power to do it.  Climb the ladder and wind your way
     around the balcony levels (take care of the flamethrowers and retracting platforms) to find
     a cave where Fox will learn the Freeze Blast.
     Return to where Tricky lit the furnaces, using the Freeze Blast to put out all the torches
     on your way.  Upon extinguishing the final torch, a grate in the floor will slide away,
     revealing an elevator.  Ride it down into the lower levels of the Temple.  You may want to
     assign Freeze Blast to your Y Button to make protecting yourself from bats and such easier
     for the next few scenes.
     After heading through a huge rolling door, Peppy will chime in and tell you all sorts of
     stuff you already know.  You are now in a huge chamber with a couple of circular platforms
     suspended above a lava pit.  Place your SpellStone into the recess in front of you to unlock
     one of the giant rolling doors (the one behind you, to be exact).  You reach it, you'll have
     to extinguish a flamethrower through a grate in the floor.  Pass through to find an
     elevator to the upper level.
     Use the ladder in this new room to reach the balcony level and extinguist the torches.  This
     will unlock the next rolling door.  On the other side you'll have to open another spirit
     door by ending a few more SharpClaws.  Serve it up, but don't get caught in the flamethrowers
     by accident.  Cross the dangerous section ahead of you to the other side.  Tricky will be
     too scared to follow; make the path safe for him by Fire Blasting the triggers on each of
     the moving platforms (you'll definately have to lead the far one a bit to hit it).  Open
     the locked rolling door by asking Tricky to light the nearby furnace.
     The tunnel you've just opened will lead you to the upper level of the grand circular chamber,
     complete with warp pad.  Activate the warp pad and place the SpellStone in the correct slot
     in order to complete the Temple.  You'll be teleported back outside once you've done so.
     Return to Moon Mountain Pass the way you came in.
     -{ Checklist: Volcano Force Point Temple }-
        - There's a Fuel Cell on the upper level of the circular chamber, nearby the warp pad.
        - There's a Fuel Cell on a ledge in the lower level of the circular chamber, but you'll
          have to use the fiery platforms in the lava creatively (by Freeze Blasting the grated
          ones that spew fire) to reach it.  It's nearby the locked rolling door that you will
          not enter on this excursion to the Temple.
        - There's a Fuel Cell outside the Temple, underneath the bridge leading to the main gate.
          There's some Staff Energy Gems down here too.
        - There's some goodies on a high ledge in the room with the conveyor belt and barrels.
          Use your Staff Booster to get up there.  Behind an activation switch is a Bafmodad,
          behind an extinguishable torch are two Fuel Cells, and behind a third gate you can't
          open yet is a Bafmodad AND two Fuel Cells.  More on that gate later.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Right after arriving at Moon Mountain Pass, Fox will be contacted by Krystal and a Krazoa
     Spirit.  Fox will learn about the Spirits and be told to finish collecting them.  He'll also
     open up a huge circular door.  Head on in to explore the new sections of Moon Mountain Pass.
     First on the agenda is to lift the rock in the room behind the circular door to find Fox's
     Ground Quake technique.  You'll need to use this power often in the next area, so assign it
     to your Y Button.  When you come back, you have the capability to destroy the large lobster
     creature by Ground Quaking it, and then slap it in the back while it's spinning around.
     These creatures will always drop a Moon Seed.
     Plant your first Moon Seed right next to the huge round door, and have Tricky Flame it to
     cause a vine to grow.  Now that you can reach the upper levels, you can get into the meat of
     Moon Mountain Pass.  It won't be long before you find several other places to plant Moon
     Seeds; go ahead and create vines wherever you can, hunting out those big enemies to get
     more when you need them.
     Climb the second vine from the north and wind your way around the upper ledges (get some
     Bomb Spores if you need them here), and into a cavern.  Decimate the giant creature and Bomb
     Spore the cracked wall.  You will come to a large open crater, and will almost be flattened
     by a meteor.  This area contains massive creatures, including huge spike-shelled dinosaurs
     which can only be killed by being frozen.
     The meteor, unfortunately, is blocking your path forward; you'll have to get rid of it.  Do
     do this, drop moon rocks onto the blue geysers in the crater in the center of the area.
     You'll need three rocks; you'll find one in a dig spot in the southeast corner, one in a
     dig spot in the northwest corner, and the third is smoldering near the crater (Freeze
     Blast it to make it cool enough to handle).  All three moon rocks in place, the meteor will
     be pushed up enough for Fox to get underneath.
     Plant another Moon Seed in the small area that opens up, and climb the vine.  Head down the
     sloped passage and plant another one to make another vine.  After that, it's just a short
     series of ledges to the warp point leading to the Krazoa Shrine.
     Like the Shrine Krystal visited earlier, this area is essentially just a series of rooms
     with obstacles Fox must pass.  Climb the ladder into the first such room.  Simply swim
     across the chamber (avoid the whirlpools; they hurt) and put out the fire in front of the
     bricked wall.  Turn around and hit the target above you, causing the next pool to fill
     with water.  Swim across and enter the next room.
     This room is a series of narrow catwalks spanning a flamethrower-ridden chasm.  Take your
     time, ensuring that you don't fall or run through a fireball.  Turn around and nail the
     target to open the gate.  Talk to the Krazoa Spirit to start the test.
     -{ Krazoa Test: Test of Combat }-
        You'll have to defeat a truckload of SharpClaws in 3:30.  The easiest way to do this,
        obviously, is to wait for them all to appear and then start using Ground Quake to chip
        their health away.  Once you're out of Staff Energy, finish them off with normal attacks.
        You'll polish off the test with plenty of time to spare, and get the second Krazoa
                                                                            -{ End Krazoa Test }-
     Once you've been warped back, finish exploring Moon Mountain Pass, then return to ThornTail
     Hollow.  You can either go back the way you came, or use the Fuel Barrel ahead to blow up
     the fragile wall on the other side of the jet streams to return to get you pointed back on
     the main north-south path.
     -{ Checklist: Moon Mountain Pass }-
        - There's a Fuel Cell hiding next to the door leading to the warp pad.
        - Climb the vine near the warp pad to find a Fuel Cell, a Bafmodad, and a well where you
          can buy a Cheat Token.
        - The first vine from the north in the north-south pass will take you to an upper ledge
          and through a tunnel where you can find a Bafmodad.
        - There's a Bafmodad in the north-south pass, on the upper ledge, near a Bomb Spore Plant.
        - There's a Fuel Cell in a tiny side cave in the meteor area.
        - There's another Fuel Cell on an outside ledge at the SharpClaw checkpoint.
        - There's a Fuel Cell hidden near some pink plants in the cascading barrel section.
        - There's a Fuel Cell on each of the rims of the jet streams in the poison gas area
          leading back to ThornTail Hollow.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Once back at the Hollow, use the WarpStone to go to Krazoa Palace (make sure to have the map
     before you go).  Fox will arrive, but Tricky won't (the WarpStone can't teleport dinosaurs).
     Fox lands on the opposite side of the palace that Krystal did earlier.  If you don't have
     any Fireflies, break open the crates outside to get some.  To get into the Palace, open the
     spirit door by laying waste to the four SharpClaw guardians.  Now pick up the nearby Fuel
     Barrel and head into the dark room, Lantern in tow.
     The dark room is difficult to navigate, even with a Firefly.  Take an immediate right as you
     enter the room, head up the slope, and follow the catwalk along the outer wall.  Take the
     second turnoff to find a slope leading back down into the opposite area of the room.  Once
     back on ground level, hang a right and pitch the Barrel at the cracked wall to open the next
     First, Fire Blast the target on the opposite side of the room to get the flamethrowers
     started moving along the grooves in the wall.  Pick up the Fuel Barrel and get it safely to
     the other end.  You'll have to use an S-shaped path through the flamethrowers to navigate
     safely to the other side.  Blow open the wall to the next room.
     There's a shielded flamethrowing robot in the next room you have to destroy.  Color the two
     orbs in the room correctly to drop its shield, then Fire Blast it a few times to blow it up.
     You'll have to import a Fuel Barrel from the previous room to keep the pressure plate held
     down while you go through to the next area.
     You can't use the warp pad in this room, so just ride the elevator up to a tunnel leading
     to the large central chamber of the Palace; the one with all the jet streams Krystal found
     earlier.  You'll explore this chamber more later, but for now ride the central jet stream
     all the way to the top, then transfer to the highest one (to the northwest) to reach the
     top level of the chamber.  Circle around the other side of the chamber to catch another
     jet stream leading to the roof.
     Fox will meet Krystal on the roof.  He'll oggle her a bit, and then Peppy will snap him
     back to reality.  Now you can release the Krazoa Spirit at the mask below, and will
     automatically be transported back to ThornTail Hollow.  WarpStone will give you a Medium
     Scarab Bag once you arrive, so now you can hold 100 Scarabs.
     Walkthrough - Cape Claw                                                          [sfa.05.08]
     Make sure you purchase the Cape Claw and LightFoot Village maps before proceeding.  Flip the
     activation switch in the southwest corner of the Hollow (it's on a ledge above the gate) and
     pass through.  The path to LightFoot Village is pretty straightforward...  hang a right at
     the sign and curve around the pond along the north side, then take another right at the next
     junction.  The key to this little area is ALWAYS make right hand turns, whether you're
     coming or going.
     If you want to go in and explore LightFoot Village, feel free to do so.  That section will
     be covered later in the walkthrough, however.  To open the gate leading inside, you have to
     hit the three trees with targets painted on them in a specific order.   From the entrance,
     hit the nearest tree, then the farthest one, then the one in the middle.  Explore to your
     heart's content.  Otherwise, head to the opposite side of the wooded area and pay the gold
     Scarab totem 60 Scarabs to pass on to Cape Claw.
           | ____  |...|           This small maze-like area comes at the end of LightFoot
           |__|  | |.|.|           Village.  There are only two exits; LightFoot Village in the
           |.....| |.|.|           east, and the path leading on to Cape Claw in the west.  To
           |.|¯|.|...|.|           see it clearly on your PDA, you'll have to zoom in almost
           |.|  .|. ¯|...<<        all the way.  Or, you can just follow route to the left,
        <<...| |.|.| | |           marked with dots.
           |¯  |...| | |
           |  ¯ ¯  |   |
     In any event, you'll come to a walled pathway that leads to a ladder going underground.  Head
     down into the cave.  Take a left and slide down the second ladder to a lower level.  Circle
     around to the end of this level (pass up the ladder leading downward) and take the ladder
     up to the exit.  Welcome to Cape Claw.
     First order of business in Cape Claw is to make a workable bridge by the waterfall.  This is
     achieved easily enough by tripping the target behind the falls.  Feel free to explore the
     area at your liesure; it's a pretty big place.
     During your exploration, you should uncover four Gold Bars.  If not, here are their
     locations: there's one under a dig spot in the northeast corner, one under a dig spot (which
     is in turn under a crate) just outside Queen CloudRunner's cell, one under a dig spot on
     the northwestern beach, and one under a dig spot behind the wall of thorns (have Tricky burn
     it down).
     When you've got them all, get up onto the catwalk and give them to the HighTop.  You can
     either pay the SharpClaw guard to let you pass, OR you can get up for free using the Booster
     Pad along the northern side of the catwalk.  He'll thank you for bringing them back and
     stomp down with his enormous foot, causing a ladder in the southern area of the Cape to fall.
     Climb the ladder (make a note of this place; it's Ocean Force Point Temple, and you'll be
     coming back in due time) and activate the switch.  This opens the gate opposite the ladder.
     Jump over there, through the tunnel, and into a room with four blocks.  As you try to leave
     the chamber, the blocks move away, causing the room to fill with poison gas.  You have until
     Fox's health meter on the bottom of the screen runs out to get the blocks back on the gas
     leaks to re-open the door.  This also causes Queen CloudRunner's cell door to open.
     Queen CloudRunner tells you about CloudRunner Fortress, and then opens the gateway for you.
     Tricky, however, refuses to go along (which is either a bad thing or a good thing depending
     on how much you like the little guy).  All that's left to do now is to return to ThornTail
     Hollow, buy the CloudRunner Fortress map, and get ready for your next mission.  You will
     need ten Fuel Cells to make it to CloudRunner Fortress.
     -{ Checklist: Cape Claw }-
        - There's a Fuel Cell under a dig spot by the magical door, near where you freed Queen
        - There's a dig spot out on a sandy island in the Cape which contains a Bafmodad.
        - There's a Fuel Cell on a little green island in front of the HighTop.  Drop down onto
          it from the wooden walkway above.
        - There's a Fuel Cell on a tiny island in front of the waterfall, as well.  Jump down to
          it from the bridge.
        - There are three Fuel Cells in the bottom of the underground area in between Cape Claw
          and LightFoot Village, if you want to explore down there.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Walkthrough - CloudRunner Fortress                                               [sfa.05.09]
     -{ Shooter Mission: CloudRunner Fortress }-
        As always, you'll have to fly to CloudRunner Fortress before you can explore it.  In this
        level, you'll have to collect five Gold Rings out of the maze of fortress debris before
        you can continue.
        Start out by grabbing the Bomb Powerup in the crate to your left.  Once you arrive at
        the first chunk of rock, grab your first Gold Ring to your right (be careful of the
        huge asteroid in your way) then very quickly bank left for the second one (which is
        locked).  After that, stick middle for a Silver Ring and a crate containing a Bomb
        Now it's time to enter the ruins.  There's a Gold Ring right at the entrance.  Be
        careful in here, because you'll take a lot of damage if you ram the walls.  The next
        Gold Ring is a vertically scrolling one to the left just as you exit the ruins.
        Return to center stage and enter the next ruins, hugging the floor as close as possible.
        Bank quick left as you exit for another Gold Ring.  The next asteroid has a tunnel
        running through the middle of it; fly through the center for a Bomb Powerup and a Silver
        The next gold ring is horizontally scrolling ahead of you, and is locked.  Shoot it open
        and collect it.  Just about now you'll be bombarded by laser pods.  Bomb them apart to
        destroy them, and head for the cylindrical rock formation ahead.  Fly directly through
        the center for two Silver Rings, then quickly dive for a Gold one.  Climb again quickly
        to get into the next ruins area, where you'll find another Gold Ring.  Be careful,
        because an asteroid will block your exit.
        Coming out of those ruins, bank left for another Gold Ring.  Then cut right into the
        final ruins area (it's a bit tricky), and collect the final Gold Ring at the tail end
        of the level.  Phew!
        In my opinion, this is the most difficult shooter level.  It has just the right mix
        of low Ring requirement (justifying the tricky placement), lateness in the game (it's
        the third level, after all), and design to make it really challenging.  It also happens
        to be my favorite.
                                                                        -{ End Shooter Mission }-
     Assuming you collected five Gold Rings, Fox will touch down on CloudRunner Fortress ten
     Fuel Cells lighter.  The Queen will greet you, and then fly off to the Fortress.  You'll
     have to follow her in on foot.  Beat up the patrolling SharpClaws between the Arwing and
     the main gates.
     The gates are locked, so slide down the ladder next to them to the watery area.  There are
     some obnoxious shelled critters in the lake; pick them off with the Fire Blaster if you can
     (you have to wait for them to raise their shells) so they won't hassle you later.  Swim to
     the platform behind the ladder, and step on the pressure plate.
     You are given thirty seconds to hop across the floating boxes and platforms, notwithstanding
     any enemy molestation, and jump through all the white glowing rings.  Time your jumps
     properly and this shouldn't be a problem.  If you fall into the water, completing the race
     is probably wishful thinking, so make your way back to the pressure plate and start over.
     Successfully completing the race makes a target appear above the locked gates.  Climb back
     up and Blaster it to open them.
     Take care of the SharpClaw guards, and prepare to get annoyed.  You now have to climb that
     spiral catwalk ahead of you without being spotted by the laser pods' spotlights.  You can
     use your Fire Blaster to put a laser pod out of commision for a while, but cannot use the
     spell from the catwalk itself.  Joy.
     The gate at the top is closed, so take the ladder down instead.  Run around this balcony
     to find (and trip) an activation switch that will open said gate.  Pass through to the
     next area.  Destroy the crate on this balcony to reveal a Booster Pad that you'll use later.
     Upon passing through the gate, there's a cutscene showing General Scales and some of his
     cronies beating up on Queen CloudRunner.  Fox jumps in to save her, but ends up getting
     captured himself.
     You'll wake up Staffless in a prison cell.  The door's locked, but there's a loose block in
     the wall you can push.  Get rid of it and leave the cell.  Slippy will chime in now telling
     you he can beam a SharpClaw Disguise in if you can get somewhere the walls aren't so thick.
     Leave the cell area and go to the main part of the prison.  Luckily, the guard is asleep.
     Your Staff is also sitting nearby.
     Sneak past the guard (disregard the Staff for now), but do NOT step in any puddles on the
     floor of the room.  That will wake the guard up instantly, and you'll just be captured
     again.  Once past, follow the tunnel around to a ladder leading down into a small room with
     a jet stream.  Set the nearby Fuel Barrel on the center of the jet stream, then step on
     the pressure plate to send it to the ceiling.  Once the roof's open, Slippy will beam you
     the SharpClaw Disguise.
     Don the Disguise and return to the sleeping SharpClaw, who will conveniently wake up and
     ask you to take over so he can take a break.  Reclaim the Staff and use it to open up all
     the prison cages via the activation switches in the back of the prison.  The LightFoot you
     free will tell you about the city's power supply, and give you the Power Room Key.  Your
     next task is to get the generator back online so you can use the wind lifts in the Fortress.
     Use your newly regained Staff to Fire Blast the target above where the LightFoot has stopped,
     and escape the prison for good via the brick wall you find.  It's a long way out of the
     shaft, but eventually you'll see the light of day again.  You'll come out in the Fortress
     Do a u-turn around the rubble to your left and you'll come across a raised later.  Jump up
     on the crate to the right of the ladder, bust the smaller crate sitting on top, and activate
     the switch.  You'll need this ladder shortly.
     Being wary of the patrolling laser pods, guards, and shelled beasties, make your way to the
     stone structure in the center of the courtyard.  There are three switches to push here.
     Equip your Freeze Blast, then push the one on the left.  Very quickly race back to the ladder
     you just lowered.  Climb up and extinguish the flames in your path (that's why you equipped
     the Freeze Blast, of course) to get to the gate before it closes.  Collect the green Light
     Gem from the item box.
     Return to the three switches and press the middle one.  This time, coming from the center
     structure, hang a left and head for that big stack of crates.  Climb up them to the balcony
     level, and race around (keep your Staff put up so you don't get sucked into battle with
     the SharpClaws) to the open gate to collect the second (red) Light Gem.
     Back to the switches.  Get your Freeze Blaster ready, and press the right switch.  Run over
     to the fiery hallway and extinguish the flame, then Staff Boost up to the final Light Gem
     (a blue one).  You're now ready to get the juice in the Fortress running again.
     The generator chamber is in the southwest corner of the courtyard.  Use your key to get
     inside, and then quickly place all three Light Gems before the poison gas causes Fox's
     health meter to deplete entirely.  You're treated to avery satisfying cutscene of some
     laser pods exploding, and then the LightFoot using a jet stream.
     Head for the now-working jet stream in the northeast corner of the courtyardand  take it up
     to the balcony level.  Decimate the SharpClaws here.  As you're cleaning house, the gate
     leading outside will close.  Don't sweat it.  You can re-open it by wearing your SharpClaw
     Disguise and standing on the pad in front of the gate.
     You're now coming around back of the Fortress.  You will shortly come to a spirit gate.
     Lay the smack down on all the local SharpClaws to open it up, and go inside to find a
     super-heavy Fuel Barrel.  Put on the Disguise again so you can pick it up.  Take this
     Barrel into a nearby room, set it down on the special plate, climb the ladder to activate
     the crane (via a Disguise Pad), wait for the crane to bring the Barrel up to you, then
     quickly take it outside and heave it across a gap to blow open a blocked-up doorway.  Oh,
     you have to do this before the Barrel explodes in your hands.
     Attempting to go down the hallway you've just opened will cause Fox to fall through the
     grated floor to a new room.  This is where Queen CloudRunner is being held.  Take out all
     the SharpClaws here, then find a Disguise Pad to make a nearby ladder drop.  Climb up to
     the balcony level and have words with the Queen.  She'll tell you the floor of her cage
     can be broken open.
     Easy enough.  Run around the left side of the Queen's cage and use the crates there to jump
     over to the switch.  Activate it, then run around to the same spot on the opposite wall.
     Activate the second switch to open up the gate on the lower level, leading back out to the
     rear of the Fortress.  Put the Disguise back on return to the lower level for another
     Fuel Barrel.  Bring it into the Queen's room and heave it at the pillar supporting her
     cage.  She'll give you the CloudRunner Flute and ask you to rescue all four of her
     children, who are being tormented by the SharpClaws.
     The name of the game is now running through the Fortress rescuing the kids.  Set the Flute
     to your Y Button so you don't have to worry about it.  Head back to the rear of the Fortress
     (the lower level) to start the mission.  You have to save all four hatchlings before the
     meter at the bottom of the screen depletes.
     After getting to the reare area, head right to where the first child is being bothered
     by a lone SharpClaw.  Rough him up, then toot the Flute (don't get to close, or the kid
     will be frightened by Fox as well!) to send him home.
     To get to the second child, head back to the Staff Boost Pad you used to collect the Light
     Gem earlier (in the courtyard).  Now that the jet streams are working, ride it to the top
     and take down the two SharpClaws.  Blow the Flute to save the second child.
     Remember that Booster Pad you uncovered earlier in front of the Fortress?  The one under
     the crate?  Quickly run back there now (exit through the front of the courtyard) to find
     the third child, being picked on by three SharpClaws.  Take them out and send the
     CloudRunner on its way.
     Race back to the rear of the Fortress to save the final child, being bothered by four
     SharpClaws (use the Ground Quake to take them all out fairly easily).  Return to the Queen
     now to receive your reward, which turns out to be unlocking the treasure room.  Head to
     the southeast corner of the Fortress to find a ladder leading downward to a winding path
     around the bottom of the Fortress.  Take care of the SharpClaws behind the gate at the end.
     Collect the Fireflies in the next room (if you need some), because the upcoming tunnels are
     dark.  Activate the switch to reverse the jet stream, and head topside.  You need to give
     that Fuel Barrel one last hurrah in the dark room ahead.  Luckily, the jet stream you
     just reversed is right outside the room with the Fuel Barrel, so it isn't a long trip.  Head
     down the ladder into the treasure room.
     There's a short scene with General Scales and some of his cronies.  Fox finds that he has
     to give chase on a Jet Bike, once again - but this time, with much higher stakes.
     -{ Bike Sequence: CloudRunner Fortress }-
        This sequence takes place on a closed course with three SharpClaws.  The goal is to
        take out the lead SharpClaw before your fuel runs out.  This is much easier said than
        Realistically, you should take out all three of the SharpClaws to make things easier on
        yourself.  Hit all of the booster pads in the floor to give yourself some speed, and
        steer into your foes as much as possible.
        Try to aim for your first kill around 3/4 fuel remaining, and your second at about 1/2.
        After dropping the third SharpClaw, Fox will earn the second SpellStone, the eternal
        gratitude of the CloudRunners, and four more health points.
                                                                          -{ End Bike Sequence }-
     From here on out, CloudRunner Fortress is closed off to you.  You can still visit if you
     want, but the gates are closed tightly.
     Walkthrough - Ocean Force Point                                                  [sfa.05.10]
     Upon landing back at ThornTail Hollow, go ahead and do all the stuff you want to get done
     before taking on your next adventure.  Oh, remember Tricky?  He's back in action too.  When
     you're ready to get going, be sure to pick up the Ocean Force Point Temple map from
     ThornTail Store.
     -{ Checklist: ThornTail Hollow }-
        - Play the CloudRunner Flute for a stray CloudRunner on top of ThornTail Store and he'll
          retrieve a Bafmodad from the peak of the mountain for you.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Return to Cape Claw for the time being, and you'll find a LightFoot being harassed by some
     SharpClaws on the beach.  Save his scaly ungrateful hide and he'll run off, sticking you
     with some stolen goods.  In this case, said goods turn out to be beneficial, as it's a Fire
     Gem, one of the keys to opening Ocean Force Point Temple.
     To get the second Fire Gem, return to the entrance of Ocean Force Point Temple (the ladder
     the HighTop dropped for you earlier).  There's a Disguise Pad nearby you couldn't utilize
     earlier that leads inside.  Hop up onto the pressure plate in the first room and tell Tricky
     to keep it pressed down.  This will cause a column to rise up, giving Fox access to an
     activation switch.
     The switch stops the waterfall outside, so you can swim into the canal underneath.  The
     whirlpools in this cavern make it treacherous to swim through, but stick to where the
     currents are pointing you and you won't have any trouble.  Drop down into the Temple area
     below.  Put out the fire in front of the statue and take the second Fire Gem.  This causes
     room to flood, and opens the main Temple door (this leads back out into Cape Claw; it's
     useful for when you come back later).  The water used to fill this room came from upstairs,
     so return to the first Temple room you visited to see what's up.  You don't have to go
     the long way; just go through the door in the Krazoa head's mouth.
     Place the Fire Gems into the statue mouths ahead of you.  One will light up, but the other
     won't.  This is because one of the windows (that is, the eyes in the Krazoa head) is
     unobstructed, allowing light to hit the Gem, but the other is blocked with brush.  Use the
     activation switch near the column under the eye to make it fall, tell Tricky to stay on
     it, then use the switch again to raise him to the top.  Have him burn the brush and the
     other Gem will light up, opening up the path to the main Temple area.
     -{ Checklist: Cape Claw }-
        - Revisit the room that filled with poison gas earlier to find some crats, a Bafmodad,
          and two Fuel Cells.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     The first part (a gatehouse of sorts) is a semi-flooded room with a pressure plate in the
     middle.  Fox can stand on the plate no problem, making the opposite gate rise, but the
     water is too deep for Tricky to stand on it.  Hit the target over the north gate (the one
     you came in through) to cause the room to flood, giving you access to the upper level.
     Have Tricky burn the prush you find inside, revealing a stone block you can push out into
     the flooded room.  Hit the target a second time to drain the room again, and pull the block
     onto the pressure plate.  Exit through the south gate.  To enter the Force Point Temple,
     climb the ladders outside the main gate and place the SpellStone in the warp pad on the
     upper level.
     The first room of the Temple contains a long north-south wallway carpeted with electric
     tiles.  There's also a wall with the same sort of tile arrangement.  Tell Tricky to Stay
     on the pressure plate in front of the wall to cause some of the tiles to light up.  The
     lit tiles on the wall tell you what tiles on the floor are safe to step on.  The important
     part to remember is that the wall and the floor mirror each other; the left hand side of
     the wall WHILE FOX IS LOOKING AT IT corrosponds to the left hand side of the floor WHILE
     The tiles that light up are always random, so use this helpful tip.  Imagine that Fox has
     to run up the wall with the tiles, starting from the bottom.  Only the lit ones are safe.
     So make a note on which ones are lit (or do what I do, and draw a little diagram) and apply
     that information as you run across the floor.  If Fox steps on a safe tile, all the tiles
     in that row will sink, and are then safe to walk on.  If he steps on an unsafe one, he'll
     be shocked and thrown back into the room.  You can always turn around and look at the wall
     from the electrified floor, but this tends to disorient you.
     Head into the water to your left after taking out the Sharpclaws, and into the large flooded
     room therein.  You'll have to do some swimming in this room, so get into one of the grooves
     along the south wall (they contain Staff Energy Gems) and snipe the shelled baddies.  Cross
     the room and jump up onto the narrow platform.  Careful, it's covered in slippery moss.
     Take the left hand path to a switch which makes a green orb appear, the middle path to a
     switch which turns off a current in the previous room, and the right hand path to a switch
     which causes a flame to turn on.  Return to the previous room now, and swim into the canal
     you couln't enter before (due to the strong current).
     Climb the bricked wall into the next room.  Use the Fire Blaster to activate the green orb
     (again, time your shot so that you shoot through the flame when it's the right color), then
     step on the warp pad.
     [1]-[2]-[3]  The final section of the temple is laid out in seven rooms connected by
      |  [7]  |   pathways as pictured to the left.  I've numbered them for easy reference.
     [4]-[5]-[6]  Fox starts in room #7.  There's a Booster Pad in this room, but it's been
                  deactivated; you'll use it later.  The inner sanctum of Ocean Force Point
     Temple is infested with the jellyfish blobs from Krazoa Temple, and each room has its own
     puzzle.  Head through the double doors into room #2, then east into room #3.
     Your goal in this room is to open the large rolling door leading to room #6.  Lower the
     water level by using the activation switch along the north wall.  This will allow Fox to
     activate the switch on ground level, opening up the rolling door.  To refill the room with
     water, use the Disguise Pad to cause a panel in the center pillar to open up, revealing a
     block.  Drag the block into the groove in the south side of the pillar, then climb up it
     to get back to the lever which controls the water level.  Refill the room and head south
     into room #6.
     Have Tricky light the furnace in this next room to cause the carousel in the middle to
     begin turning.  The goal now is to extinguish the flames on the spinning platform.  You
     do this by utilizing the triggers under each Krazoa head.  Hitting a trigger causes the
     head to bow forward and blow out any flames below.  You have 2:30 to accomplish this task.
     Since the platform is spinning, you can use the same two heads to blow out all of the
     torches if you like.  This will prevent you from having to run around the room.  Success
     opens the door to room #5.
     |   _|O||  In room #5, there is a maze in the floor that looks a bit like that shown
     ||      |  to the left.  The X is a pillar with a trigger on each side.  Activating a given
     ||_ |  ||  trigger sends the platform sliding in that direction  You have to guide the
     | X   _||  pillare to the O on the map without touching any of the outside walls.  This can
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   be done in six shots.  Shoot the west target, then the south one, then the east,
     then north, west again, and finally south again.  This sends the pillar into its goal and
     activates the Booster Pad you saw in room #7.
     Use the Booster Pad to reach the upper level of the Temple, and follow the path through the
     tunnels as it snakes around to the rooms you were in before.  In room #3, you'll see a
     colored flame.  Activate the green orb behind it to reach the final warp pad.  Place the
     SpellStone, and you'll be warped back outside the Temple.  No, you didn't visit rooms #1 or
     #4 on this excursion; you'll explore them later.
     -{ Checklist: Ocean Force Point Temple }-
        - Near the switch you use to turn on the flame in the Temple's entrance are two Fuel
        - There are two Fuel Cells in front of the warp pad, one on each side of the colorful
        - Brake a crate in room #2 of the inner sanctum to uncover a Booster Pad.  Use it to
          reach a ledge containing two Fuel Cells.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     On the way back from Cape Claw, Fox will be ambushed by LightFoots.  You'll meet the fellow
     from before, who accuses you of having stole his treasure (the Fire Gem).  You're
     conveniently tied to a post, and thus cannot act at all.  Luckily, a helpful CloudRunner
     drops by, and tells you he'll help you out.
     A meter appears at the top of the screen; a green bar surrounded by two blue bars.  The
     indicator swings back and forth fairly quickly, so you'll have to be snappy about hitting
     A at the right time.  As the LightFoot approaches you, click the indicator in the green
     area to blast him backwards.  With each LightFoot the green area gets smaller, and therefore
     harder to nail.  If you miss, Fox will take damage.
     After the CloudRunner torches all the LightFoots (LightFeet?) the Chief will untie Fox.
     The CloudRunner will thank Fox again for saving the Queen, and then fly off.
     I cannot stress enough how important it is to explore this area; there's hidden stuff
     everywhere.  Get a good feel for how LightFoot Village is laid out, because it'll be very
     important later on.  To give you some exploring incentive, you're actually looking for
     three Wooden Block Carvings.  Since it's so important you learn the lay of the land, I
     really shouldn't tell you where they are, but I feel compelled to do so since I want this
     walkthrough to be complete.  You'll find the round one in a dig spot behind the strength
     test totem (the thing with the outstretched arms in front of a pit), the square one behind
     a wall of brush Tricky can burn down, and the triangular one is on the small patch of land
     in the northeast corner of town.
     Place the Carvings in their correct notches up in the area where Fox was tied earlier to
     cause various platforms to raise out of the water around town.  This way, you can explore
     the upper levels of town and reach all of the totem poles, which will be very important
     later.  Make especially sure you note the location of each totem pole, then go see the
     The Chief will tell you that he hides a Krazoa Spirit form the SharpClaw, but before he'll
     tell you where it is you'll have to succeed at the LightFoot Tests.  There are two tests:
     the Tracking Test and the Test of Strength.
     -{ LightFoot Test: Tracking }-
        The Tracking Test gives Fox 2:30 to run around LightFoot Village activating the totem
        poles.  The poles are conveniently marked in red on your map, but are almost impossible
        to see when you're zoomed all the way out, and the markings are so small as to be almost
        useless when you're zoomed all the way in.  You really have to know where the four poles
        are beforehand.
        The first pole is easy to find; just climb the ladder outside the Chief's hut and cross
        the bridge to reach it.
        The second is on a small stone island in the east part of town.  You'll have to jump
        across some rocks from the shore to get there.
        The third is on a tall stone tower to the southeast of the second totem.  Swim around
        to the back of the tower and climb up the bricked surface to activate the totem.
        Now dive back into the water and swim over to the area behind the brush Tricky burnt
        down earlier.  Use the Booster Pad to reach the upper forested area, where you'll find
        the final totem.
                                                                         -{ End LightFoot Test }-
     -{ LightFoot Test: Strength }-
        The Test of Strength pits Fox against the strongest member of the LightFoot tribe:
        MuscleFoot.  They'll push against each other on the strength totem near the entrance
        of town; the loser will fall into the pit.
        The easiest way to beat MuscleFoot is to rapid-fire him.  Do this by holding the
        controller firmly with one hand and vigorously running back and forth over the A Button
        with your fingernail on the other hand (back in the NES days, we used to use this trick
        to conquer Track & Field 2, except we'd use a spoon.  The more complex layout of the
        GCN controller makes using a spoon impossible, though).  This makes MuscleFoot laughably
        easy; you should be able to drop him in just a few seconds.  Who knew Fox was that
        Well, I knew it, for one.  I've seen firsthand how Fox effortlessly takes down opponents
        much larger than him.  Bowser and Ganondorf, for example.  Er, wrong game.
                                                                         -{ End LightFoot Test }-
     Chief LightFoot will make you an honorary LightFoot and open the rolling door leading into
     the underground area of the Village.  First order of business, locate the stack of yellow
     crates and scale them.  Stand on the pressure plate on the top crate to start the totem
     pole in the center of the chamber spinning.  You must hit each section of the pole with your
     Fire Blaster, in turn, to stop them in the right place.  The idea is to get all the "wings"
     lined up, to make a picture of a snake going down the front of the pole.  If you mess up
     on one, hit it again to make it start spinning once more.  After you've got all the sections
     lined up, the path to the Krazoa Shrine will open.
     Break open a crate in the first room of the Shrine to reveal a Booster Pad that will take
     you up top; simple enough.  The second room is a bit more complicated.  You'll first want
     to snipe the flying critters in the room so they don't hassle you.  Stand on the pressure
     plate to open up the gate at the far end, then quickly run through it before it closes
     (be sure to nimbly dodge the flamethrowers coming at you from the walls, floors...  just
     about everywyere).
     Stand on the pressure plate in the third room to make the next gate open, and to cause all
     the water to drain out of the pit of spikes in front of you.  Leap into the pit and run to
     the other side so you can climb up the opposite ladder and get through the gate before it
     closes.  Avoid the spikes; they hurt.
     Slide into the pit in the next room and stand on the pressure plate.  Don't worry; the
     plate is safe from the rolling barrels.  You can see where the barrels leave caps along the
     slope, so race up to the gate taking advantage of the safe zones.  The Krazoa Spirit is on
     the other side.
     -{ Krazoa Test: Test of Fear }-
        In this test, a bar similar to the one from the LightFoot Test of Strength will appear
        onscreen.  This time, you control where the indicator slides by tapping the Control
        Stick.  Keep it in the green area at all times or you will fail the test.  It's a shame
        you have to keep your eyes glued to the green bar, because some really nifty stuff is
        going on while you're busy controlling a dumb little indicator...  such as an enormous
        General Scales dropping in and crushing Fox in his good hand.  Ouch.
        Upon successfully completing the test, Fox will earn the third Krazoa Spirit and be
        transported back to LightFoot Village.
                                                                            -{ End Krazoa Test }-
     After you're done exploring LightFoot Village as thoroughly as you deem necessary, return
     to ThornTail Hollow.  Finally.  Upon exiting the Village, you'll see a LightFoot come by
     and use the secret knock to get the gates to open.  He hits all three trees with targets
     painted on them.  Looking at the trees from the ThornTail Hollow exit, hit the closest tree,
     then the furthest, then the one in the middle.  You can use the secret knock to get into
     LightFoot Village at any time.
     -{ Checklist: LightFoot Village }-
        - In one of the LightFoot huts, a villager will tell you that her babies like to climb
          trees.  Go to the wooded area outside of town and start beating on trees with your
          Staff.  You'll eventually reveal three LightFoot babies, who will run back to their
          mother.  Mommy's reward turns out to be the opening of a gate in a hut to the east
          of hers.  Climb up there to retrieve two Fuel Cells.
        - In another hut, another worried mother will tell you her three babies are in the
          forest.  Use the Staff Booster to jump up there (where the fourth totem you activated
          was) and herd the three LightFoot brats into the glowing blue pillar.  Your reward
          this time turns out to be some crates placed near the totem where Fox was tied.
        - In yet ANOTHER hut, yet ANOTHER LightFoot is ALSO missing children.  Don't these
          LightFoots know how to keep an eye on their kids?  These three are in the Krazoa
          Shrine mound, on the very top level.  Again, herd them into the blue pillar to send
          them home.  This is easier than in the woods, since there's less room for the kids
          to run around.  This time Fox gets a Booster Pad by the town's outer wall.  Follow the
          path you find up top to find a Cheat Token well, a Fuel Cell, a Bafmodad, and a
        - On the upper level you need the Booster Pad to reach (where the totem is) is a Fuel
        - Use the Staff Booster to reach the upper level of the woods outside of town.  Two Fuel
          Cells and some Scarabs are atop a ledge up here.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Krazoa Palace this time around is a breeze.  The warp point puts you practically right where
     you need to go.  Go up the elevator into the main jet stream chamber, and ride the streams
     up to the third level and stand on the Disguise Pad along the north wall.  Release the
     Spirit and you're done.
     Walkthrough - Walled City                                                        [sfa.05.11]
     Upon returning to ThornTail Hollow, you'll see that the mother ThornTail who lives in the
     cave near WarpStone is in distress.  Little gremlins are stealing her eggs!  Enter her
     home and notice that the eggs sit in the center of the room, with grooves running into
     gremlin holes along the walls (not exactly the safest place to keep eggs, I should think).
     Protect the eggs for 1:40 by nailing the gremlins with your Staff.
     This task can get a little daunting, so you might want to try assigning the Ground Quake
     to your Y Button in case things get a little messy.  If a gremlin grabs an egg, you have
     until he reaches his hole to swat him and make it sink back into the nest.  Complete this
     task successfully and the mother will repay you by showing you a cave where Fox can learn
     the Portal Device technique for his Staff, which allows him to open those purple magical
     Visit Queen EarthWalker, and she'll tell Fox and Tricky where the King is being held.  He
     was taken off to the Walled City, but has hidden his GateKeeper powers behind a magic door
     in the Queen's room.  Pop the door open with your brand new Portal Device to break the
     GateKeeper's seal, and then it's off to the Walled City!  Don't forget to stop by ThornTail
     Store and buy the map first.  You will also require twelve Fuel Cells.
     -{ Shooter Mission: Walled City }-
        This shooter mission takes place in what looks like temple ruins floating through outer
        space.  There are lots of tight areas where you'll have to weave in between pillars.
        Using the brakes and boosters strategically is key in many areas of this stage.
        Start off by shooting the crate to your right for a Bomb Powerup, then enter the temple
        ahead.  There's a Silver and Gold Ring near center stage.  As you exit the temple area,
        you'll see the next Gold Ring amidst a rock formation above you, so grab that one too.
        Cut right to get the Laser Powerup from the crate, then weave through the asteroid
        field into the second temple area.  At the entrance is a locked Gold Ring.  The small
        opening to the temple will open and close on its own, so be sure to boost through when
        it's open.  Get the Silver Ring and Bomb Powerup inside.  Get the Gold Ring as you exit,
        then cut hard left to avoid the stalagtite.  Get the Silver Ring ahead if you need it.
        Your next two Gold Rings are in circular stone areas on the bottom of the next orbiting
        temple.  Cut right to get the first, then left to get the second.  You might have to
        barrel roll to give yourself enough distance.  After the second Gold Ring, nab the
        Bomb Powerup from the crate and enter the next temple through the metal doors.
        This temple area has pillars running down the center.  There's a Bomb Powerup to
        the left, a Gold Ring on the right, then a Silver Ring on the left.  You'll have to
        weave quickly between the pillars if you want all three, or you can just take the right
        hand route and get the Gold Ring.  In either case, take out the laser pods so they
        don't menace you as you're doing so.
        As you exit the temple, fire a bomb to eradicate all the laser pods flying in at you.
        Meanwhile, cut hard right for a Gold Ring, then hard left for another (locked) one.
        You'll really have to cut hard to the right and lay on the A Button to unlock the
        final Gold Ring near the top of the last temple and complete the stage.
                                                                        -{ End Shooter Mission }-
     Explore the Walled City to your satisfaction, but beware of the wandering RedEyes.  You
     can't kill them (yet), so just avoid them.  Have a conversation with all the EarthWalkers
     standing around.  Once you've checked everything out and know the lay of the land pretty
     well, undergo your first order of business in this area: finding King EarthWalker.
     Locate the red structure near the end of the river (both ends are in the northeast corner).
     Ground Quake on the little pad there, and then it's time to race!  You'll see a passageway
     slide open on the pyramid in the center of the City, and a furnace appear on the structure
     next to the pad.  You only have a minute, so use these directions to get there: run up the
     sloped entrance to the pyramid, hang a left, round the corner and run along the eastern
     side (beware of the large red blocks that will attempt to push you off the side), up the
     slope to the second level, follow the path all the way around to the eastern side, down
     through the tunnel (avoid the flamethrowers as best you can), and have Tricky light the
     furnace there.  Phew!
     In the southwest corner of the inner City, you'll find a similar blue structure.  Repeat
     the process: Ground Quake on the pad, then go up to the pyramid (you have 1:20 this time).
     The entrance is on the same level as the previous one, except on the western side.  Have
     Tricky light the second furnace, and the stone slab to the south of the pyramid will
     slide away, revealing a passage downward.
     Meet with King EarthWalker inside, and he'll tell you that the RedEye King has the
     SpellStone.  He'll also instruct you to find two RedEye Teeth, and direct you to a Magic
     Cave.  That's a lot to absorb.  Let's take it one step at a time.
     First, head south across the bridge (this bridge was not here previous to meeting with King
     EarthWalker) and look for a bricked wall covered with some brush.  Have Tricky torch the
     brush and climb up top, where you'll find a place to put a Bomb Spore.  Blow it open to
     reveal a Magic Cave, containing the enormously powerful Super Ground Quake.  Now you can
     take down those pesky RedEyes!
     To drop a RedEye, use the Super Ground Quake to knock him over.  Then grab a Fuel Barrel
     (there's one each by the Quake Pads you used earlier) and heave it at him.  Poof, one down.
     Repeat this process with the other three RedEye to make the spirit door on the spire in
     the southwest corner of the City vanish.  Inside you'll find the Gold RedEye Tooth.
     Now seek out the EarthWalkers around the edges of the city.  Nearby each one is a tree,
     and on the trunk of each tree is a Blaster Target.  Nail each target and a torch near
     Fox's Arwing will light up.  Light all four torches to make a white ring appear at the
     beginning of the river.
     Like in CloudRunner's fortress, you'll have to pass through each white ring to reach the
     end.  Simply swim from one to the next.  You'll start with only 17 seconds, but more
     time (about seven seconds) will be added each new ring you pass.  If you get to the
     end of the river in time, you will obtain the Silver RedEye Tooth.
     Place the Teeth in the mouths of the dinosaur statues in King EarthWalker's chambers to
     reveal the passage to the RedEye King's lair.  (There are two shrines along the east and
     west banks of the river; you cannot get into them yet.) The stone door will slam shut
     behind Fox as he enters the King's lair, locking him into a fierce boss battle.
     -{ Boss Fight: RedEye King }-
        This is a long, arduous fight.  The RedEye King can deal a lot of damage by mowing
        Fox over in the narrow passages of his lair.  Fortunately, this is his only attack,
        and taking him down is relatively easy once you know what to do.  You'll note that in
        the corners of the chamber are Fuel Barrels in cages.  Open the cage by shooting the
        target above, and take the Barrel.  Now wait.
        When you see the RedEye King approaching from the distance, run forward and stand near
        the white pad on the ground.  Wait until the King is about done roaring at you, then step
        on the pad.  Just as the King starts to charge, the electric nodes in the wall will zap
        him to the ground.  Fling the Fuel Barrel at him while he's laying there to score a hit,
        then retreat into a nook in the wall (there are some Staff Energy Flowers inside) so he
        can't hurt you.
        Repeat this process times, keeping in mind that the RedEye will chase you around for a
        good while after each hit, and that new white pads won't appear for a few moments.  and
        Fox will pry the SpellStone loose from his ugly head.  He'll gain four more health
        points upon successfully felling the RedEye King.
                                                                             -{ End Boss Fight }-
     Unlike the first two satellites, the Walled City remains open to you even after you clear
     it, so explore it as much as you like to get anything you missed.  When you're ready to go,
     just hop in the Arwing and return to ThornTail Hollow.
     -{ Checklist: Walled City }-
        - There's a dig spot behind the Arwing containing a Bafmodad.
        - Plant a BombSpore behind the EarthWalker on the east side of the City to find a small
          cave with some crates and a Bafmodad.
        - A dig spot behind the EarthWalker near the Magic Cave conceals another Bafmodad.
        - There's a cave leading into the spire where you find the Gold RedEye Tooth.  Use
          a BombSpore to get inside to find a fourth Bafmodad and some Scarabs.
                                                                               -{ End Checklist }-
     Walkthrough - Errands                                                            [sfa.05.12]
     Return to Volcano Force Point Temple and open it up with your SpellStone.  Inside, things
     are as you left them last time, for the most part.  Ride the elevator into the lower area
     and place your SpellStone in the far side of the circular catwalk in the huge volcanic room.
     This opens up a round door along the far wall.
     Getting there isn't easy.  You have to drop into the crater (look for a platform down
     there that isn't moving or spewing flame) and navigate across the floating platforms
     (Freeze Blast the gated ones so they stop shooting fire upwards) to reach it.  Ride the
     elevator at the end of the passage up to the top level of the Temple.
     Inside is a hallway with eight colored torches: blue, green, red, then yellow.  Along the
     balcony level of the elevator shaft are torches of the same colors.  Freeze Blast the
     upper torches in the order they appear in the hallway (blue, green, red, then yellow) to
     open the door at the end.
     Beat down the SharpClaws in the next room to make a pressure plate appear that controls
     the height of the ladder in the room.  Tell Tricky to stay put on it, and climb it up to
     the top level.  Freeze Blast the flames a the top, and activate the lever behind the
     flames, to make the gate open into the next chamber.
     Have Tricky Stay on the plate in this room to make the flaming platform start moving back
     and forth.  Extinguish the flames and hop aboard.  You now have to light all three colored
     orbs along the top of the room by way of the single colored flame.  What's more, you have
     to do it while riding a floating platform.  The orb colors are (left to right) blue, green,
     then blue.  Light all three orbs to open the way back into the volcanic crater.
     Use the warp pad and place the third SpellStone into its rightful slot.  You'll be warped
     back outside.  Make your way back to ThornTail Hollow.
     -{ Checklist: Volcano Force Point Temple }-
        - Staff Boost up to a high ledge in the section with the rolling barrels and use the
          SharpClaw Disguise to open the gate you couldn't earlier.  A Bafmodad and two Fuel
          Cells await you inside.
        - Plant a Moon Seed to the left of the main Temple gates to create a vine leading to
          two Fuel Cells, a Bafmodad, and a Cheat Token well.
        - If you go around the upper level around the elevator again (where you got the Freeze
          Blast earlier) you'll find three more Fuel Cells.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     As can be expected, the moment you set foot in the Hollow the ThornTails need your help.
     A whole mess of those obnoxious flying critters come careeining out of the well, and begin
     picking the ThornTails apart.  Make your way around the Hollow and rescue each one by
     destroying all the wicked little critters attacking it with the Fire Blaster.  Don't
     forget the one down by the Cape Claw exit!  Saving all the ThornTails nets you the Large
     Scarab Bag.  Now Fox can carry 200 Scarabs now.
     Now you can finally afford the most expensive thing in the ThornTail Store: the SnowHorn
     Artifact.  This should give you a good indication of where to go next.  Had you properly
     explored the Wastes earlier, you would have found a blue SnowHorn who is missing a gold
     Alpine Root.  If not, you can find him on the other side of the pond with the icebergs
     floating in it.  In any case, give him his Root back and he'll make a Horn Pad appear on
     the ground in front of him.  Set the Horn to your Y Button (trust me, you'll need it) and
     play it on the pad to start the race.
     You have about 45 seconds to reach the next pad.  Go behind the SnowHorn and have Tricky
     melt the ice there.  Blow the Horn on the next pad (each new pad will add some time to
     your clock).  Send a Fire Blaster shot into the hole in the tree nearby to make a bridge,
     and cross it to find your next pad.  Head south and drop into the lower area of the Wastes
     (past the little buggers who spit green goo at you) and blow the Horn on the next pad
     below you.  The next pad appears to the left of the SharpClaw guardsman.  Pass in between
     the torches and find the next pad near Garunda Te.  Run down to the riverbank, turn left,
     fell the tree at the end with the Fire Blaster (if you haven't already done so), and
     cross the river.  The final pad is up atop the bricked wall.
     Assuming you completed the race in time, you'll find that a new cave has opened up in
     the northern area of the Wastes.  Use the warp pad inside to head to the next Krazoa Shrine.
     Climb the ladder into the first room of the Shrine, which is basically a winding narrow
     path, frozen over for maximum slipperyness, with a couple of obnoxious flying dinos
     overhead.  Snipe the critters so they don't mess with you, then grab the Fuel Barrel behind
     you and very carefully cross the chamber.  Hurl the Barrel at the far wall to open the next
     You'll need to bring a Fuel Barrel from the previous room into the next one, so go back
     and get it.  Set it down on the pad next to the switch and wait for the crane to come
     get it.  While it's moving towards the back of the chamber, you'll have to flip the
     switch to turn the flamethrowers off.  Turn the first one off right away, then wait for
     the crane to change direction and turn the second off, then wait for it to change direction
     again and turn off the third.  Swim across the chamber (careful of whirlpools) and meet up
     with your Barrel on the other side.
     Getting the barrel across the jet stream can be tricky business, but if you lose it you
     can influence its direction by pushing it around a bit.  Set the Barrel down on the pad while
     you take care of the SharpClaw, then take it to the end of the chamber.  Pitch it at
     the wall while the middle flamethrower is down, to open the Krazoa Spirit's room.
     -{ Krazoa Test: Test of Strength }-
        This test is really a joke.  It's essentially a reprise of the LightFoot test you did
        earlier; just run your fingernail across the A Button to have it done almost
        instantly.  Easiest test yet!
                                                                            -{ End Krazoa Test }-
     Krazoa Spirit in tow, you get transported back to the Wastes.  Time to make your way back
     to ThornTail Hollow so you can have WarpStone get you on your way to Krazoa Palace.
      -{ Checklist: SnowHorn Wastes }-
        - There's a Fuel Cell by the warp pad leading to the Krazoa Shrine.
        - There's a tiny cave in the area with Garunda Te.  You can see three SharpClaws inside
          (and even knock them over with the Ground Quake) but there doesn't seem to be any
          way inside.  The Fuel Cell scanner doesn't pick anything up in there either.  If
          there's a way in, I certainly haven't a clue where it is.  If you have been in this
          cave, please e-mail me and let me know where the entrance is.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Once again, Krazoa Palace is a breeze.  Ride the elevator up to the jet stream room
     and ride the wind up to the second level.  Use the Portal Device on the purple door along
     the north of the room, and release the Spirit inside.  You'll be whisked back to ThornTail
     Hollow.  The WarpStone will praise you for a bit, and then direct you to Dragon Rock.
     He'll tell you that the GateKeeper is nearby.
     Find the ThornTail who wouldn't speak to you previously (all you could get out of him
     was "Munch munch...  not now"; he's over by the well now) and he'll cry you a river about
     how he and his companions stormed Krazoa Palace in hopes of pushing back General Scales, but
     all of his friends were captured and taken to Dragon Rock.  He'll open up the seal on the
     last Dinosaur Planet satellite.
     Make your preparations before you leave; be sure to buy the Dragon Rock map before you go.
     Flying to Dragon Rock requires fifteen Fuel Cells.
     Walkthrough - Dragon Rock                                                        [sfa.05.13]
     -{ Shooter Mission: Dragon Rock }-
        You have to collect all ten Gold Rings to reach Dragon Rock, which sounds daunting...
        but Rare made all the Rings easy to collect.  This is actually the easiest shooter
        level (barring the first one, of course).  It is almost entirely strictkly linear, and
        the enemy count is relatively inoffensive when compared to the earlier stages.
        The entire level takes place amidst giant floating tunnels of some kind, which Fox can
        easily transverse by staying in the middle almost at all times.  Start out getting the
        Bomb Powerup and the Gold Ring as you start over the first asteroid.  There's a second
        Bomb Powerup immediately afterwards, and then you enter the first tunnel.  Bombs are
        useful to clean this tunnel out, and there's a Gold Ring and a Laser Powerup towards
        the end.
        The next tunnel is blocked with a shutter.  Boost through it while it's open.  When you
        enter the main area, bank to the left side of the pillars to take the first Gold Ring
        in here, and the Bomb Powerup ahead, then roll right to take the second.  Go through
        the next shutters and, at the end of the tunnel, take the locked Gold Ring.
        The next Gold Ring is slightly above and off to the left as you exit this tunnel.
        Get it and proceed forward.  This sandy asteroid is a very open area; the next Gold
        Ring is towards the end.  You'll see a crate off to the side of the next tunnel - DO NOT
        GET IT.  You MUST go into this tunnel to get the Gold Ring inside!  Beware of the
        huge asteroid that will block your exit.
        Back out in deep space is a Silver Ring and a horizontally-scrolling Gold Ring.  Careful
        with this one...  you HAVE to get it to finish the level after all.  Use some Bombs
        to clear out the last tunnel and round out your Gold Ring collection, to touch down
        on Dragon Rock.
                                                                        -{ End Shooter Mission }-
     The main goal of Dragon Rock, other than getting the SpellStone of course, is to free three
     prisoner dinosaurs: an EarthWalker, a HighTop, and a CloudRunner.  You're going to free
     each one in turn, and ride each one around Dragon Rock shooting things.  Fun fun!  Explore
     the area, but be careful - the laser pods are merciless and the giant lumbering dinosaurs
     have to be frozen to be killed.
     Start out by heading to the left-hand side of the north compound.  Climb the ladder there,
     but be careful of the flame throwers.  Cross the top of the compound, past the two pressure
     plates and a Fuel Barrel pad, around the left-hand side, where you'll find a Fuel Barrel.
     Take this Fuel Barrel back to the pad (careful not to touch any flamethrowers) and set it
     down.  Activate the switch to call a crane.
     The crane will carry the Barrel past the two flamethrowers above you.  You have to stand
     on each pressure pad in turn to shut the flamethrower off as the crane goes by.  Do this
     from a side-view to make it easier on yourself.  Stand on the first plate until the Barrel
     has passed, then roll over to the second.  The crane will set the Barrel down by the
     wooden gate you have to blow open.  Head inside.
     Inside is a room with a rotating flamethrower.  Cross the room (follow one of the flames
     to activate a lever.  This will open up the EarthWalker's holding cell on the south side
     of Dragon Rock.  He'll tell you that to free the HighTop, you'll have to disable the
     patrolling laser pods.  To do so, climb on the EarthWalker's back.
     There are four shield generators (green diodes hidden in the rock walls) to disable: one in
     the pillar in the southeast corner of the battlefield, one in the wall to the east of the
     north compound, one on the north side of the central pillar, and one in the rock in the
     northwest corner.  Once they're all down, dismount the EarthWalker at either of the two
     green glowing structures, and snipe the laser pods (from a safe distance) with the Fire
     Blaster.  Be careful of the EarthWalker's health at the bottom of the screen.  There's a
     Staff Energy Flower in the northwest corner if your Fire Blaster drains you.
     When the fourth laser pod is down, a gate will open in the wall of the north compound, so
     head that way.  You'll end up inside, where the HighTop is being held.  Staff Boost to the
     upper level using the Booster Pad near his foot, and he'll tell you that he needs you to
     break the ropes keeping him bound.  Stand to one side of him and hit the four targets near
     the base of each rope to free him.  Amusingly, the ropes will reappear after a few moments,
     so be quick, and the HighTop is awful fidgety and will block the targets on the opposite
     end with his neck, so be careful with your aim.  There's a Staff Energy Flower below if you
     need it.
     The HighTop is eager to cross the plane, and needs Fox's help protecting him.  As he makes
     his way around the battlefield, dozens of little annoying robots will be launched from the
     center pillar.  Snipe as many as you can with the Fire Blaster, and try not to let any
     through.  Each one you fail to destroy will cause damage to the HighTop.  The HighTop will
     open up the passage in the southeast corner for you.
     Kill the three giant dinos in this area by freezing them, and the spirit door on the upper
     level will open up, but don't go up yet.  You'll have to give the Fuel Barrel a hell of a
     workout to open the path completely.  Note the pressure pad next door to the Barrel.  Fox
     has to stay on that pad for the crane to operate.  The path of the crane will go right
     through those three flamethrowers above those three targets.  From the pressure plate,
     you'll have to Fire Blaster each target to shut off the flamethrower as the Barrel goes by.
     Stay on the pressure plate until the crane drops the Barrel, then follow it up top.
     Alternatively, you could tell Tricky to Stay on the pad, so Fox is free to get as close to
     the switches as you feel comfortable.  (Thanks to Kelsey Hine for this tidbit; I honestly
     don't know how I missed it.)
     Now you have to get the Barrel past three jet streams which spew flames.  Yes, you heard me
     right.  Stand in front of each one in turn to get a feel for the timing, and hurl the
     Barrel across when there are no flames.  If it blows up, you'll have to start all over.
     Blow open the wooden wall on the other side, and enter the room where the CloudRunner is
     being kept.
     Activate the switch inside to get the CloudRunner's cage to move back and forth.  Drop back
     down to ground level and have Tricky light the furnace to burn the rope holding the cage.
     There's no real easy way to time this, so keep Flaming until it works out.  It turns out
     this CloudRunner is the one Krystal was riding in the game's prologue.
     The CloudRunner will help you destroy the four energy spires surrounding the center tower.
     This is much like the HighTop ride (in that you have to protect your mount from damage), but
     you also have primary targets to hit: namely the circular targets below each energy node.
     It will probably take two or three passes to complete this mission, but as long as you
     lay on the Fire Blaster you won't have any trouble.
     The CloudRunner will tell Fox that the SpellStone is inside the tower, but Scales has it
     guarded by a terrible creature.  After Fox jumps into the tower, he gets to meet said
     creature: Drakor.
     -{ Boss Fight: Drakor }-
        This fight takes place amidst a flying platform through a maze of molten rock and
        flamethrowers.  It's another shooting sequence, and you can see Drakor's health in the
        bar underneath you.  Just lay on your Fire Blaster and aim at everything that looks
        interesting: the boss himself, the crystals he shoots, the electric mines in Fox's path,
        crates that contain Silver Rings (to restore life), and so on.  Be sure to hit ALL the
        targets as you fly; they'll turn off flamethrowers that would otherwise damage Fox.
        This is a long and somewhat boring boss fight, but it isn't hard.  Upon depleting Drakor's
        energy and knocking him into the lava, Fox will receive the final SpellStone and four
        more health points.  Your dinosaur buddies will thank you, and point you back to Ocean
        Force Point Temple.
                                                                             -{ End Boss Fight }-
     You can come back and visit Dragon Rock if you want, but it's a pretty bland, featureless
     place.  There's absolutely nothing of interest here, whatsoever.  Head back for ThornTail
     Walkthrough - Ducks in a Row                                                     [sfa.05.14]
     Once back in ThornTail Hollow, restock on any commodities you think you'll need, get anything
     done you want to get done, and then make your way back to Cape Claw.  Now all that stands
     between Fox and victory over General Scales is one last Force Point.
     The SharpClaws have walled up the entrance to the Force Point Temple; you're going to have
     to unwall it.  Head into the small cavern (on the beach where you rescued Queen CloudRunner)
     and you'll find a magic doorway.  Open it up with the Portal Device and put out the flames
     on the other side to find the SharpClaw cannon.  Use the canon to re-open the entrance to
     the Temple.
     -{ Checklist: Cape Claw }-
        - Use the cannon to blow open a cracked rock on the beach on the opposite side of the
          Cape.  This uncovers a Bafmodad and a Magic Cave leading to the last Staff Energy
        - Use the cannon to blow open the rock cliff underneath the wooden platforms on the
          east bank.  You can barely see the cracks from the cannon; aim left of the palm tree
          and hit the wall there.  Go inside to find a Cheat Token well.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Back in the Temple, pass through the room with the electric floor just like you did before,
     except this time there are three sections instead of two.  Check out the previous
     Ocean Force Point Temple section for tips on this part.  Once past, return to the warp pad
     and head into the main area of the temple.
     [1]-[2]-[3]  Remember this little map?  Aye, you're back.  This time, though, rooms #3 and
      |  [7]  |   #6 are closed off; you'll be visiting rooms #1 and #4 instead.  Once again,
     [4]-[5]-[6]  Fox starts in room #7.  And once again, start off by passing through the double
                  doors in the north to room #2.
     This time, though, you'll be turning left and entering room #1.  Push the stone block around
     the corner of the room so you can use it to jump up to the high ledge.  Activate the switch
     up top to open the door to room #4.  Now jump down the opposite side and bust open the
     crate to reveal a Disguise Pad.  Activate the pad to make a panel in the center pillar slide
     open.  Activate the new switch to cause the room to fill with water, so you can swim through
     the open door.
     Room #4 is a reprise of room #6, with the spinning platform in the middle with torches and
     the four Krazoa heads above.  This one has an interesting twist, though: each head has a
     color, as denoted by the plate underneath the four targets.  On the opposite wall as you
     enter are the red and blue heads, and to either side of you as you enter are the yellow
     and green ones.  The four flames are of corrosponding colors.  This time, you'll have to
     time your shots so that the right head blows out the right flame.  The game starts when you
     activate the lever along the west wall, and you have 3:00 to complete the task.  Now the
     door to room #5 opens.
     ||O  ¯_-|  Remember this little number from room #5?  Same deal, different maze.  The map
     | ¯|    |  for this one isn't as accurate, so follow the directions instead.  Hit the east
     |    |  |  target, then the south, then east, then north, then west, then south, then east
     |__  | X|  again.  This will send the pillar into the goal and activate the Booster Pad back
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   in room #7.
     The Booster Pad is on the opposite side of the room this time, but still circles around to
     a warp pad leading to the SpellStone area.  Again, light the orb on the far wall (it's
     blue this time) and activate the warp pad.  Place the last SpellStone (doesn't that feel
     good?) and Fox will learn that even though the SpellStones are all back in place, he
     still has to find the lost Krazoa Spirits and return them to Krazoa Temple to get the
     satellites back on the planet where they belong.
     Peppy chimes in and tells you there's a Krazoa Shrine in the Walled City.  Looks like it's
     time to return to ThornTail Hollow.
     -{ Checklist: Ocean Force Point Temple }-
        - Just after the electric floor, take a right and open the magical door you see with
          the Portal Device.  Inside is a Cheat Token well.
                                                                              -{ End Checklist }-
     Once back at the Walled City, talk to King EarthWalker and he'll open up the two doors you
     couldn't get through on your last visit.  The red one is the Sun Palace, the blue one is the
     Moon Palace.  You have to get the two stones from the two Palaces to open the Krazoa
     Shrine.  Go to the Sun Palace first.
     --a-----  First Fox will drop into a chamber that looks like the one to the left (on that
     ----B--b  map, top is north).  The goal is to push the blocks, labeled with capital letters,
     --------  onto the corrosponding sun symbols, labeled with lowercase letters.  If at any
     Dc---A--  time a block touches the outer wall, the puzzle resets.  If a block touches a sun
     --------  symbol, it freezes in place and can no longer be pushed.  Blocks can be pushed
     --------  against other blocks without consequence.  First, push block D south onto its
     d---C---  symbol.  Now push block C up against block D, then north onto its symbol.  Push
     --------  block A up against block C, then north onto its symbol.  Finally, push block B
               straight west to its symbol.  This will cause a hole to open in the Palace tower.
     Use the elevator to climb to the top of the tower, stand on the red plate in the ground,
     and look through the hole.  You'll see a shimmering circular structure off in the distance.
     Zoom all the way up into it and Fox will be blinded with a bright light.  Once he's done
     this the way to the Sun Stone will open up below you.  Ride the elevator back down and
     enter the palace.
     The Sun and Moon Palaces are much like a Krazoa Shrine; they're basically each just a
     couple puzzle rooms.  Kill off the fiery bats in the first room of the Sun Palace (with
     the Freeze Blast) and take note of the three blocks in the wall.  The far (east) wall
     has a blue outline, the two side walls have a red outline.  The block in the right-hand
     wall (north) has a moon on its face; the other two have suns.  Your task is to get the blue
     block into the far wall, and the red ones into the sides, with the faces all showing outward.
     First, pull the block in the far wall all the way out, and then over towards the other sun
     block to clear the path.  Push the moon block into its groove.  Now take the first block
     you pulled and push it back onto the middle path, so the last block can be moved across to
     its correct groove.  Then, place the first block in the last groove and the door to the
     next room will open.
     You'll find a Quake Pad in this next chamber.  In this room, Fox will have to use a variety
     of his skills in a race against time.  I hope you've gotten good at pulling out items on
     the fly.  All directions through this maze are assuming Fox is facing north.  You have 1:20
     to complete all the tasks in the maze.
     Activate the Quake Pad and run to the right.  Activate the lever at the end of the hallway.
     Return to the Quake Pad, and to forward.  Take a left at the flower, then an immediate right
     and go around the corner ahead.  Follow this pathway around to a fire.  Put it out with
     the Freeze Blast and activate the switch.  Backtrack through the opening in the previous
     wall now, and head straight to the end.  Turn right and hit the target over the pit.  Now
     back up and turn right down the next hallway.  At the end, turn right and have Tricky
     burn the brambles on the wall, then activate the final switch.  Now go left through the door.
     Open the magical door and enter the final chamber.  At the end of the wall is a large
     spinning disc with a hole cut in it.  There are also three targets on the wall behind the
     disc, which get uncovered in turn as the hole moves past.  Your goal is to light the
     targets (left to right) to create a bridge leading to the Sun Stone.  Watch out for
     flamethrowers as you cross the bridge.
     That done, cross the Walled City to the blue Moon Palace.  Cross the bridge and drop into
     the block puzzle out front.
     --a--A--  Here's the Moon Palace block puzzle, again, top being north.  It's the same basic
     ----b---  idea, except now the symbols are moons instead of suns.  Start by pushing block D
     ------C-  south onto its symbol, then block A east onto its symbol.  Third, push block C
     -D------  south onto its symbol.  Finally, push block B west, then north, then east onto
     --------  the final symbol.  Again, climb the tower via the elevator, stand on the mark,
     ------c-  and look through the hole off into the distance.  Fox will be blinded and the
     -d----B-  entrance inside Moon Palace will open up.  Ride the elevator back down and go
     --------  downstairs.
     Activate the first switch to trigger the first room.  In this room, there are three
     gates spaced across a tiled floor.  The gates rise and fall on a timed pattern, and the
     tiles drop away into nothingness if you stand on them too long.  Getting past the first
     gate is easy; just wait until its down and run across.  For the second and third gate, walk
     slowly across the tiles until the gate opens, then dash across.  This will likely take a
     few tries, so be patient with it.
     |   __________  |    The next room is one of the most obnoxious ones in the game.  After
     |  |___   ____| |    utilizing the Quake Pad, the door will open and you'll have 35 seconds
     |____  | |  ____ <<  to get through it.  However, invisible walls will spring up
     |   ___| | |    |    throughout the room that you can't see until you bump into them.  The
     |  |_____| |____|    map at left (top facing north) gives a rough layout of the invisible
     |  |    Q|      |    walls.  Q is the Quake Pad, F is a Staff Energy Flower (which you'll
     |  | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |    need if you mess up to many times) and the arrows show where you
     |    | |¯¯¯¯¯ F |    enter and exit the room.
     Beyound this is a magic door, and then another rotating trigger room.  Hit all three
     triggers, left to right, to make a bridge to the Moon Stone (watch out for flamethrowers!).
     Stones in tow, return the the room where you placed the two Fangs earlier and place each
     Stone in the corrosponding dragon head.  The very top of the ziggurat will open up, revealing
     the last Krazoa Shrine.
     -{ Warning!  Caution!  Aviso! }-
        This is the point of no return.  Once you finish the last Krazoa Shrine, you are
        committed to finishing the game.  You will not be able to return to any of the other
        locations to take care of any other business.  If there's anything left you want to
        do on Dinosaur Planet or any of its satellites, LEAVE THE WALLED CITY RIGHT NOW AND
        GO DO IT.  I mean it.  I'm really, really serious.  If you want to keep your game clean,
        save it right now and don't save it anymore afterwards.  If you've been following
        along with the hidden goodies, you'll have rounded out 90% by now.
                                                                 -{ Warning!  Caution!  Aviso! }-
     Once you've gotten EVERYTHING you feel you need to get, and have explored ALL of the other
     areas to the point of ultimate satisfaction, head to the peak of the ziggurat and enter the
     final Krazoa Shrine.  Use the warp pad, then climb the ladder into the first room of
     the Shrine.
     Typical Krazoa Shrine fare.  Stand on the pressure plate and wait for the gate to open at the
     far end.  Cross the chasm by riding the jet streams, but time it so that you don't hit any
     of the flamethrowers.  Cross into the next room.
     Cross the jet stream to the center platform.  Put out the flames, and cross to the other
     side of the chasm.  Now, to open the gate, turn around and hit the target over the entrance.
     Pass into the last room.
     The final room of the Shrine has a chasm laced with jet streams and rotating flamethrowers.
     Step on the pressure plate to open the gate, then cross the chasm (avoiding the flamethrowers
     obviously) into the room with the Krazoa Spirit.  Prepare for the final Krazoa Test.
     -{ Krazoa Test: Test of Knowledge }-
          O    In this test, you have to pick up the objects sitting on the floor and place them
        1   4  in the correct bins in front of the alcoves along the wall in under 1:18.  In each
        2   5  alcove is a picture of one of the game's locales.  Using the diagram to the left,
        3   6  where O is the shimmering round wall: 1 is the Walled City, 2 is SnowHorn Wastes,
               3 is Deep Space (shooter missions), 4 is Moon Mountain Pass, 5 is LightFoot Village,
        and 6 is CloudRunner Fortress.  The six items laying on the ground are a Fang, a Flute,
        a Moon Seed, a Wood Block, an Asteroid, and a Horn.  Pick them up (like you would a jar)
        and put them in the right hubs.
        Oh, okay.  Fine.  Here's where they go, in case you forgot:  Fang goes to #1, Flute goes
        to #6, Moon Seed goes to #4, Wood Block goes to #5, Asteroid goes to #3, and Horn goes
        to #2.  Sometimes I think I'm being TOO complete.
                                                                            -{ End Krazoa Test }-
     Once the final test is solved, you'll be transported outside into the Walled City again.
     Fox will say goodbye to Tricky, and make him an honorary member of Star Fox for all his hard
     With that, all that's left is to do is return to Krazoa Palace.  Pepper has altered your
     flight path to land at the Palace instead of ThornTail Hollow, so as soon as you finish
     the shooter level (for like, the thirtieth time) you'll touch down there.
     Walkthrough - Endgame                                                            [sfa.05.15]
     This is it...  the final showdown.  First thing's first: find a place to stash the Krazoa
     Spirit you just got.  Head down into the Palace via the jet stream at the north end.  Drop
     down to the lowest jetstream, so you are taken to the second (from the bottom) level of the
     Palace.  To the south end is a small hallway area leading deeper into the Palace.  Follow
     the path as it winds around (across a jet stream that was inactive earlier) to a balcony
     outside the Palace.  You can release the Spirit here.
     Some gates up by the Arwing open up afterwards, so head topside.  Use the warp pad that
     has been uncovered to be teleported to a previously unexplored area of the Palace.  The gate
     ahead locks behind you with a spirit door.  Nothing left to do except climb up onto the
     platform ahead.  Approaching the middle of the platform, Fox is jumped by General Scales.
     As soon as you pull your Staff out, a mysterious voice rings out saying Scales was a puppet
     of some sort.  The voice demands that Scales pass over the final Krazoa Spirit.  Oh, and
     as can be expected, Fox recognizes the mysterious voice.  Do you?
     Again, Fox is warped back topside.  Release the final Spirit into the new Krazoa head.
     That's the sixth one, but Krystal isn't being released from her prison.  Eventually the
     crystal imprisonment drops, threatening to dash Krystal on the floor below, but Fox saves
     her.  It is then the mighty Krazoa God wakes up.
     Krystal steals her staff back, and attempts to take on the Krazoa God.  Fox has a better
     idea, though, and hops in his Arwing, revealing that the mighty Krazoa God is, indeed,
     good old Andross.
     -{ Boss Fight: Andross }-
        There are five phases to the Andross fight, each one more difficult than the last.
        In the first phase, Andross will spin around, revealing the Krazoa God.  It only has one
        attack: a massive ring of lasers that spirals around the screen.  You'll see this attack
        coming with plenty of time to dodge it, so just circle the ring when you see it.  After
        you take out the Krazoa God's eyes and the gem on its forehead, Andross will spin
        around again, beginning phase two.
        Andross has several attacks in phase two, but they always come in the same order.  First
        he tries to swipe at you with each of his hands; first left, then right.  Just fly out
        of the way of his hand as it comes at you (stay high).  He then claps his hands together
        in front of his ugly face.  Again, this is easy to dodge, just stay high.  Third, he
        spews a whole mess of asteroids at you from his mouth.  If you stay dead center and target
        right as his mouth, Fox will destroy any asteroids in his flight path, and also be in
        perfect position to grab the two Silver Rings that come out.  Fourth, Andross will try
        to suck Fox into his mouth.  If he does so, it causes heavy damage, spits the Arwing out
        on the Krazoa God side, and you'll have to repeat phase one again.  Dodge this by cutting
        hard to the left or right an constantly barrel rolling.  He'll then repeat with his hand
        swipes.  The targets in this phase are the gems on Andross' hands.  Before he takes a
        swipe at you, plaster his hand with laserfire, but be sure to get out of the way before
        he takes his swing.  You'll have to destroy each hand individually.  After one hand is
        gone, he'll only take one swipe (obviously) and skip the clapping part of his attack
        pattern.  Destroy both hands to move on to phase three.
        In phase three, it's Krazoa God again.  It still has the ring beam, and still has the
        same targets, but this time it'll also fire missiles at you.  I generally find that it's
        easier to just dodge the missiles rather than try to take them out; the beam is dodged
        the same was as before.  This phase can take a while if you try to avoid damage.  Take
        out the eyes and forehead again to proceed to phase four.
        The first round of Andross' pattern in phase four hasn't changed: hand swipe, hand swipe,
        clap, spit asteroids, suck Arwing.  However, the second round opens with his hands
        firing those horrible ring lasers at you.  They're dodged the same way as before, but
        keep in mind there's less room to maneuver now.  Luckily though, this doesn't send you
        back to the previous phase this time.  After destroying both hands, Andross will have Fox
        locked in a vacuum he can't break free from.  It looks like all hope is lost, until out of
        nowhere Andross takes a Bomb to his head.
        As luck would have it, Fox's old buddy Falco Lombardi just happened to be strolling the
        Lylat System and drops by to help.  This is the start of phase five.  Without his hands,
        Andross needs a new method of attack.  This time, he'll start with the spewing
        asteroids routine (careful, only one Silver Ring now!), then bombard you with missiles.
        Again, I find they're easier to dodge than to shoot.  Next he'll do the spewing
        asteroids thing again (another Silver Ring, if you're quick), but with a twist:
        Falco will swoop by and drop a crate.  Shoot the crate and grab the Bomb Powerup.  The
        fourth part of Andross' attack is to suck you up again, but this time instead of resisting
        it fire a bomb dead center into his mouth.
        Andross' form will fade away, revealing his ugly brain.  That's his vulnerable spot!
        Fire on it for a while, but be warey that he will attempt to ram you.  You can dodge
        the ram easily by pointing elsewhere and boosting with the Y Button.  You'll see Andross'
        health on the bottom of the screen crawl down as you fire on him.  After he rams at you
        three times, pump as much laserfire as you can into him and then prepare to start the
        pattern again.
        After a few volleys of laserfire, you'll have Andross dead in the water (er, atmosphere).
                                                                             -{ End Boss Fight }-
     With the SpellStones in place, Krystal freed, and crisis averted, Dinosaur Planet finally
     reverts to normal.  The satellites return to their rightful places in the torn landscape,
     the Star Fox team is finally reunited with their prodigal son, and Krystal...  doesn't
     have any of her mysteries solved at all.
     Mission complete!
     Bits'n'pieces                                                                     [sfa.06.00]
     Here's the spot to stick all the stuff that doesn't fit into any other areas of the FAQ.
     A miscellany, if you will.
     Bits'n'pieces - Dino Language                                                    [sfa.06.01]
     This information comes directly from the SFA instruction manual.  It's really only a
     novelty, since all dino text is translated anyway, but this could be handy as a quick
     reference (or, alternatively, if you've lost your manual).
     Dino Language is essentially a crytogram of English, in which each letter stands for another
     letter.  That is, it has the same syntax and verb forms as English does; it's only the
     letters themselves that are different.  Follow this handy chart and you should be fine:
          English Letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
             Dino Letter: U R S T O V W X A Z B C M D E F G H J K I L N P O Q
     A brief analysis: the letter M stays the same in both languages.  Vowels always alter into
     vowels, consonants always to consonants.  This ensures that the flow of words, though they
     sound wildly different, will be largely the same.  Also, note that the letter Y is
     not used in Dino Language; this eliminates the chance of having to use Y as a vowel (by
     replacing it with an O sound).  Proper nouns are never translated.
     As a brief aside, I think Dino Language is fairly useless, as it always gets translated
     for you anyway.  Oh well.
     Bits'n'pieces - Gambling                                                         [sfa.06.02]
     At ThornTail Store, you can gamble with ShopKeeper by entering the Scarab Room.  Speak to
     him and, after a brief explanation (which you can't skip...) select how many Scarabs you
     want to gamble for.  He'll throw your Scarabs on the ground along with some harmful bugs.
     You have to collect your Scarabs while avoiding the bugs within the time limit he chooses.
     If you lose, he keeps your Scarabs.  If you win, you get double your money back.
     ShopeKeeper will always throw out the same amount of bugs as he does Scarabs, and you'll
     have thirty seconds to collect everything.  This game is really only useful when you have
     less than ten Scarabs and need to buy a map or some similar item.  That's just as well, since
     ten is the maximum amount of Scarabs you can bet anyway.
     Bits'n'pieces - Game Well Maze                                                   [sfa.06.03]
     The WarpStone is also guardian of Game Well Maze, a huge desolate underground cavern filled
     with vicious plants, lots of Scarabs, plenty of dead ends, and a magical wishing well.  You
     can bring the Cheat Tokens you find throughout the game here, cast them into the wishing
     well, and earn cheats and other such things.
      | ________    |*   |   __ |  This is, more or less, a top-down perspective of the maze.
      |    |$  *|____¯¯| |  | __|  I had to stretch and squash it a bit in places, but the wall
      | |  | O  |   .| | |  |_  |  placement is all correct.
      | |  |_  _| |¯¯__|__  |$| |
      | |   $|  |_______   _| | |  x  This is the ladder leading into the maze.
      | |¯¯¯|¯|     |  _  | __| |  .  This is a crate with some health inside.
      |___| | |___  |_  | |  __ |  $  This is a jar full of Scarabs.
      |  __   |   ____| | | |   |  *  This is a warp leading out of the maze.
      | |  _| |  |    |    _| | |  O  This is the wishing well.
      | | |.|_   | *  | | |$| | |
      | |___|$|_______| |x|___| |  By dropping Cheat Tokens (which you can buy throughout Dinosaur
      |   .*|           |       |  Planet for 20 Scarabs each) into the well, Fox earns cheats.
     There are 8 Cheat Tokens in the game.  They're sold by creatures who live in wells
     throughout Dinosaur Planet, and they charge 20 Scarabs.  Here's where you can find the
     Cheat Tokens:
     - In the middle of the main chamber of ThornTail Store.
     - Blow open a cracked wall in Ice Mountain.
     - At the end of the river in SnowHorn Wastes.
     - In Moon Mountain Pass, near the warp pad leading to the Krazoa Shrine.
     - In LightFoot Village, atop the forested area that is reached using a secret Booster Pad.
     - Outside Volcano Force Point Temple, atop a Moon Seed vine.
     - In Cape Claw, use the cannon to blow open a wall.
     - Inside Ocean Force Point Temple, behind a magical door.
     By casting Tokens into the well, Fox earns the following cheats, activated on the main
     menu screen:
     - Peppy can now display the game's credits.
     - Peppy can switch the graphics mode to black and white (Sepia mode).
     - Slippy can now play various tunes from the game on his jukebox.
     - ROB can set it so that the subtitles appear in Dinosaur instead of English.
     He also gets the following bits of information:
     - "I can see you have matured into a strong leader.  I am always there with you.  Never
        give up...  Trust your instincts...  My son..."  A message of encouragement from
        Fox's dead father, James McCloud.  How touching.
     - "A friend who has left, still cares about you.  The bond of your friendship still
        remains.  He will soon appear before you.  And you should accept him with all your
        heart."  A hint that Fox's old friend and comrade Falco Lombardi will show up to
        help him out.
     - "His Life-Force is strong.  His existence is like a virus.  I can hear his breath in
        every corner of space.  He will not only use the evil hearts of others.  But he
        can also corrupt those that are good."  A hint that Fox's old nemesis Andross is the
        one behind General Scales' plot...  and that he's attempting to corrupt Krystal as well.
     - "There is sorrow ahead.  A close friend does not have much time left.  It will be hard
        to accept but you will grow."  I believe this refering to Krystal...  but she is
        neither a good friend of Fox's (they've technically never met) nor does she end up
        I've gotten a few interesting opinions about this message.  The majority of those who
        write in believe it refers to Peppy, who is getting on in years and may not have much
        time left.  A few have mentioned Prince Tricky, who only stays with Fox for a short
        time.  And one of you (Kevin D.) suggests that it's a subtle reference to Nintendo and
        Rare parting ways.  Clever observations, all, though I doubt anyone will ever know
        exactly what this cryptic message is refering to.
     Bits'n'pieces - Playing With Tricky                                              [sfa.06.04]
     By using Tricky's Play command, you can get him to spontaneously change color.  His skin
     changes colors every couple of throws, so you can easily get him to change many times if
     you stay in one area and throw the ball over and over.  I have not been able to determine
     what gameplay relevance, if any, Tricky's colors have on him, nor do I know if the color
     shifts come in a predictable pattern.
     Conclusion                                                                        [sfa.07.00]
     This FAQ is in a state of perpetual flux.  I'll likely be updating, adding, rearranging,
     and otherwise playing around with this document for a great deal of time to come.  If you
     can think of anything to add, something that needs corrected, or any informationt you think
     has been left out, drop me a line at brickroad@mailcircuit.com.  Make sure you use the
     heading "Star Fox Adventures" or "SFA FAQ" or something equally descriptive, so I know what
     you're talking about (I usually delete e-mails with ambiguous titles).
     -{ E-mail Policy }-
        DON'T send e-mail asking questions about subjects I've already covered in this FAQ.
        Among other things, this FAQ covers how to beat bosses, how to solve puzzles, where
        items and secrets are, and paths through various mazes.  As such, don't e-mail me
        asking "how do I beat the last boss?" or "how do I find the staff upgrades?".
        DON'T send e-mail asking if you can post this FAQ on your website.  Until I feel I'm
        done updating it, I don't want this document leaving GameFAQs.  The reason for this is
        because I've heard horror stories about people who allowed their FAQs to be distrubuted,
        the people who took the FAQ never bothered updating it, and then the author continuously
        received outdated questions.  In other words, until I'm ready to let this FAQ leave my
        control, you can't have it - no matter what your intentions are.
        DON'T send e-mail about this game unless you put "Star Fox Adventures" or something
        similar in the title.  Besides having several other popular FAQs, I also get lots of
        personal e-mail, and (of course) my share of spam.  The trick to getting me to look
        at your e-mail is to use a title that ensures I won't think it's spam.
        DON'T e-mail me telling me your Arwing high scores, low times in the Tracking Test,
        high percentage, or other things of that nature.  I do not plan to archive high scores
        in this document, nor do I particularly care that you're exceptionally good at the game
        (my own Arwing scores are pretty low, and I don't plan on trying to beef them up).
        DON'T bother sending me flames.  They make you look immature and stupid, and I share
        them with my friends so we can all have a good laugh at your expense.  If you really
        hate me that much, don't read the FAQ.
        DO read this FAQ thoroughly before sending in a question.  I'm here to help, but only
        if you need help on something I overlooked.
        DO write in to contribute your own findings about SFA, providing they're not in the FAQ.
        In order to make this document as complete as possible, I'd like to be exposed to every
        possible part of the game - that means readers like you can (and should) play a part.
        DO feel free to e-mail me and let me know how cool you think I am, especially if you
        found this FAQ helpful.  It inflates my ego to hear that people are getting use out
        of this walkthrough, and the more positive feedback I receive, the greater the chance
        I'll write more of them in the future.
        DO e-mail me if you find something incorrect or out of place.  Nothing hurts a FAQ more
        than inaccurate information, and I'd like to catch it all, if possible.  I think I did,
        but if I didn't, go ahead and let me know.
        DO make your e-mails clear, concise, and easy to understand.  Use proper grammar,
        punctuation, and capitalization.  If I can't understand what you're saying, your e-mail
        gets deleted.
        DO let me know if you're a fellow Fox (or Falco) player in Smash Bros. Melee.  It's always
        nice to hear from people with impecible taste.
                                                                              -{ E-mail Policy }-
     Thanks for downloading my SFA FAQ, and I hope you found it useful!

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