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    Boss FAQ by goldmario

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/03/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Fox Adventures Boss FAQ Version 1.4
    Last Updated On February 3, 2003
    Written by: goldmario   (goldmario4 for IGN)
    E-mail me at: goldmario4@ignmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1. What this FAQ was written for.
    2. The bosses
    2a. General Scales' Ship
    2b. Boss Galdon
    2c. Sharpclaw Bikers
    2d. Redeye King
    2e. Boss Drakor
    2f. Andross
    3. Who can use this FAQ?
    4. Updates to this FAQ
    5. Contact Information
    6. Legal Information
    1. What this FAQ was written for
         This guide was written to help people beat those bosses in this 
    game. These bosses can be difficult for some people. This is going to 
    be my first FAQ, so don't get mad if it's not good.
    * Contains spoilers if you don't want to know how to beat the bosses*
    2. The Bosses
         The bosses in this game aren't too hard to beat, but the can take 
    awhile though. All of the bosses in this game have one or more 
    2a. General Scales' Ship
    Boss of: Intro.
    Difficulty: */*****
         After a short introductory sequence, you find yourself being fired 
    at by this huge ship. This boss is very easy to beat because you cannot 
    take damage, and you are Krystal!!! To hurt this boss, just fire at the 
    2 statues firing at you until a flame above them is lit. Now the screen 
    (and you) drop down to where the propellers are. Shoot at the 
    propellers until all 4 pieces of it are destroyed. Now you fly back up 
    and those statues are shooting at you again. Shoot at each of them 
    until they explode. Now the ship will fly away and turn around. Avoid 
    the fireball the ship's "head" shoots out and then you're done! Easy. 
    2b. Boss Galdon
    Boss of: DarkIce Mines
    Difficulty: **/*****
         This is probably one of the easiest bosses in the game! To start 
    the battle, have Tricky flame him. The first "stage" of the battle is 
    easy, just wait until he stops, the run around to his tail and hit it. 
    You might have some trouble getting around to his tail though, 
    especially with only 3 health containers. Do that four times and he'll 
    swallow you. 
          Inside his stomach you got to hit that green thing that looks 
    like a punching bag. Be careful when it swings, it can hurt you! Also 
    avoid the green gas balls. These also hurt you.
    After a few hits, he'll throw you out of his stomach for his second 
         This phase is also very easy, if you got two staff energy meter 
    upgrades. Be careful when he shoots green balls at you. These hurt a 
    lot. When he breathes in and his neck flaps open, shoot his neck with 
    the fire blaster. After you hit him, avoid the green balls again. After 
    four hits to his neck, he'll swallow you again. Hit the green thing 
    again a few times to get the spellstone!
    2c. Sharpclaw Bikers
    Boss of: CloudRunner Fortress
    Difficulty: */*****
         I don't really consider this a boss because it is so easy to beat 
    them. There are 3 to 4 sharpclaws on motorbikes for you to hit. This is 
    almost like Ice Mountain, just that you can take damage this time. If 
    you can, try to avoid the other bikers and hit only the one with the 
    spellstone. Ram him a few times to end this battle. Remember, you 
    always want to hit the arrows on the ground. They recover health and 
    give you a small boost of speed. These can be very useful for hitting 
    the leader of the bikers (the one that has the spellstone!).
    2d. Redeye King
         You might have a little trouble with this boss if your timing 
    hitting the switches is wrong. Too many staff energy upgrades are not 
    necessary for this battle. As soon as you enter the room, the boss is 
    released and the door closes behind you. Hit the fire blaster switch 
    with the fire blaster above the corner with the grating. Go inside and 
    pick up the fuel barrel. Now go near one of the switches. If the switch 
    is to your right, then hit it because that will make the switches to 
    the left active. You only want the switch to the right active if the 
    boss is walking clockwise. 
         Now when he starts coming around the corner far away from you, 
    make sure that he doesn't stop and roar. If he doesn't, step and stay 
    on the switch to create an electrical wall that will stop and knock him 
    onto his back. If he does roar, wait about 1.5 seconds, then step on 
    the switch. While he is on the ground, throw the fuel barrel at him to 
    damage him! He will take damage and get back up. 
         You need to get to a corner quickly. Stay there until he walks 
    past you. He will walk around the arena once before he stops. When he 
    starts walking again, the switches will appear, a little closer to the 
    electrical wall. Do the same thing as before to damage him. As the 
    switches get closer and closer to the electrical wall, you need to be 
    more quickly. You need to hit him a total of 4 times to beat him and 
    collect the second spellstone.
    These are some things to remember about this boss:
    1.     He sometimes turns around and walks the other way. This is very 
    dangerous. Get to a safe corner quickly.
    2.     Sometimes, the gates close, so you have to shoot the fire blaster 
    switch again to get the fuel barrel.
    2e. Boss Drakor
         This boss might give you a lot of trouble if you have trouble 
    aiming your fire blaster. You should bring a few BafomDads with you to 
    this fight because you might die. This boss flies around in front of 
    you, shooting you while both you and the boss are following a set path. 
    You are on a platform and can't move; so don't worry about falling in 
    the lava.
         Shoot him in the face with your fire blaster to slowly damage him. 
    This boss has a life meter. Avoid his shots at you because the do cause 
    some damage. When you come close to a fire jet, shoot the fire blaster 
    switch near it to temporarily shut it off. Also, try to avoid the 
    mines. They cause a lot of damage. Just shoot the mines to get rid of 
         When you go through an area with a lot of small walls, be very 
    careful and aim your shots at his shots. Do not try to hit him here. 
    You'll most likely only miss him and get hit by one or more of his 
    2f. Andross
         This is the final boss in Star Fox Adventures. He is not that 
    tough, except if he tries to suck you into his mouth. You might want to 
    practice your Arwing barrel roll. I will give the FAQ for this boss in 
    Phase 1:
         This is his easiest phase. He starts off in his Krazoa statue head 
    form. This form is very easy. Just shoot at his eyes and the crystal on 
    his forehead. This side also tries shooting you with a "beam" from his 
    mouth. After all 3 are destroyed, he flips to his other side, which is 
    Andross himself. When he lifts us a hand to hit you with, shoot at the 
    crystal in it. Shoot it enough times to destroy it. After he tries 
    smashing you with both of his hands, he will start spitting out 
    asteroids at you. Just keep on shooting at them so that they don't hit 
    you because each hit takes away half of a container of health. When he 
    starts sucking keep barrel rolling to one side ("L" button for left and 
    "R" button for right) to avoid being sucked into his mouth. If you do 
    get sucked in, you take a whole container damage and have to start over 
    again from the Krazoa side. This pattern keeps up until both of his 
    hands are destroyed. Once they're destroyed, you start phase 2 of this 
    Phase 2:
         This time you start with the Krazoa head again. Just do the same 
    thing as last time. The only difference this time is that he now shoots 
    missiles at you. Don't worry about those. They only do a quarter of a 
    container of health damage to you. Once he flips over again, shoot his 
    hands until both are destroyed. He follows about the same pattern as 
    last time. The only difference this time is after he tries sucking you 
    into his mouth, he tries shooting beams out of his hands. Avoid the 
    beams at all costs. Once both of his hands are destroyed, he'll suck 
    you in. You cannot avoid this by yourself, but Falco comes to help you 
    out for phase 3.
    Phase 3:
         This time Andross shoots stuff out of his mouth as usual, but he 
    only shoots one energy ring at a time. After he shoots stuff out of his 
    mouth he shoots missiles at you. When he shoots stuff out of his mouth 
    the next time, Falco will drop a bomb in your path. Collect the bomb 
    and when he starts trying to suck you into his mouth, shoot a bomb in 
    his mouth to make his brain vulnerable to your attacks. Avoid his head 
    butts and keep shooting at his brain. After he tries ramming you four 
    times, his head is not longer translucent and can't be damaged. Repeat 
    this until his energy bar is gone. He explodes into a huge fireball 
    while releasing the Krazoa Spirits.
    3. Who can use this FAQ?
    These are the web sites that can use my FAQ:
    GameFAQ's             http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Banjo-Sims2           http://www.gameroom.com/goldmario
    IGN                   http://www.ign.com
    NeoSeeker             http://www.neoseeker.com
    4. Updates to this FAQ
    Version 1.0- The FAQ is made!
    Version 1.1- The boss FAQ is updated with more boss fighting tips.
    Version 1.2- More bosses are added!
    Version 1.3- Updated Section 3!
    Version 1.4- Added a new website that is allowed to use my FAQ.
    5. Contact Information
    My E-mail addresses are:
    6. Legal Stuff
    This FAQ can only be used on the sites listed in section 3. You should 
    not copy this Boss FAQ and call it your own.
    Copyright 2002 Goldmario

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