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    Fuel Cells FAQ by WishingTikal

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                    |   (----``---|  |----`   /  ^  \    |  |_)  |
                     \   \        |  |       /  /_\  \   |      /
                 .----)   |       |  |      /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.
                 |_______/        |__|     /__/     \__\ | _| `._____|
                              _______   ______   ___   ___
                             |   ____| /  __  \  \  \ /  /
                             |  |__   |  |  |  |  \  V  /
                             |   __|  |  |  |  |   >   <
                             |  |     |  `--'  |  /  .  \
                             |__|      \______/  /__/ \__\
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    /    |    \/ /_/ |  \   / \  ___/ |   |  \ |  |  |  |  / |  | \/\  ___/  \___ \
    \____|__  /\____ |   \_/   \___  >|___|  / |__|  |____/  |__|    \___  >/____  >
            \/      \/             \/      \/                            \/      \/
    Dinosaur Planet
                                 FOR Nintendo GameCube
                              Game by RARE. 2002 NINTENDO
                               *F U E L  C E L L S  FAQ*
                                        FAQ BY
                                W i s h i n g T i k a l
                              (wishingtikal at gmail.com)
    - T a B l E  o F  c O n T e N t S -
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    3. Fuel Cells
      A)Dinosaur Planet
       a)ThornTail Hollow
       b)Ice Mountain
       c)SnowHorn Wastes
       d)Moon Mountain Pass
       e)Cape Claw
       f)LightFoot Village
      B)Force Point Temples
       a)Volcano Force Point
       b)Ocean Force Point
    4. Credits/End
    1.                        -= I N T R O D U C T I O N =-
    Hi ! This is my third FAQ and I hope it will be of some use. Although it isn't
    necessary to collect all the Fuel Cells in the game to finish it, the more you
    collect, the more you feel like you've collected all in the game. And for some
    reasons, most of us like to finish a game at 100% ! ( Uh well, actually the
    more we can get in this game seems to be 99%...) There's not much to collect
    in this game but Fuel Cells, so... In this FAQ, you'll find the locations of
    each (I hope I didn't miss any...) Fuel Cells in the game. It is all well
    listed so you can easily find the Fuel Cells you are looking for. Well...
    good luck on your quest for Fuel Cells.
    2.                               -= F A Q =-
    Q: What are the Fuel Cells for ?
    A: Actually, Fuel Cells are use to power up your spaceship. You'll need 5
       the first time, 10 the 2nd time, 12 the third time and 15 the 4th time
       you are going to a new world on Orbit. That makes a total of 42 since
       there is 4 planets (excluding Dinosaur Planet).
    Q: How many Fuel Cells are there in the game ?
    A: There is a total of 75 Fuel Cells scattered through the worlds but you can
       get more since you can buy as many as you want in ThornTail Shop (for 10
       Scarabs). You can hold a max of 135 Fuel Cells (Not sure).
    Q: Do I need to get all the Fuel Cells in the game to finish it ?
    A: The answer is no. You'll need 42 Fuel Cells only to finish it but if you
       want to feel like you've collected all in the game, collect them all.
       For myself, I like to collect every single thing I can in a game, before
       claiming I finished it..
    IMPORTANT : Do not save during the fight with the final boss [Put name here]
                or else you won't be able to return to Dinosaur Planet to collect
                all the Fuel Cells. A safe place to last save is in the Walled
                City (the second time you go there).
    3.                         -= F U E L  C E L L S =-
    Notes :
    You can use your Fuel Cell Compass to locate Fuel Cells. The more you are near
    a Fuel Cell the more your radar "bips".
    D i n o s a u r  P l a n e t
    A)a)ThornTail Hollow
    -=Fuel Cells #1-2-3-4=-
    -=You are wondering how to get the fuel cell behind the gate window to the
    right of ThornTail Shop ? Follow the river to the little waterfall. Go under
    it and a "C" command will appear. Take a Bomb Spore from your inventory
    (which can be bought at ThornTail Shop for 5 Scarabs or collected by Firing
    on the Bomb Spore plant near the river). Fox will plant it in the ground and
    a Bomb Spore plant will appear. Fire it with your staff (if you already have
    the Fire Blaster staff upgrade) and it will explode. A new path will appear
    behind the waterfall. Follow it to find 3 fuel cells at the end and 2 crates.
    Don't forget to take the fourth fuel cell which is in front of the gate
    -=Fuel Cells #5-6=-
    -=Left to the WarpStone, to the other side of the river, is a crack on the
    rock face. A "C" command will appear next to it so plant a bomb spore that
    will grow. Fire it and the wall will explode. Go in the cave to collected the
    2 fuel cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #7-8-9=-
    -=Near the little temple where the Queen EarthWalker is, you can go up on an
    edge that follow an upper rock face near Fox's spaceship. Follow the wall and
    you'll come to a crack in the wall. Plant a bomb spore and fire it with your
    staff. The wall will explode along with the plant. Enter the alcove and
    you'll find 3 fuel cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #10-11=-
    -=After collecting Fuel Cells #7-8-9, exit the alcove and continue following
    the wall. You'll see a rock near the edge with 2 fuel cells on it. Run  in
    direction of the rock so when you approach the edge, Fox will jump. If done
    correctly, Fox will grip himself to the rock face and now it's up to you to
    climb it to collect your fuel cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #12-13=-
    -=Behind Fox's spaceship is a way to LightFoot Village. You'll come to a small
    area with a burning bacon. Later in the game is suppose to be a TornTail here.
    Left to the bacon is a rock face you can climb up. Climb it and on the edge is
    2 fuel cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #14-15=-
    -=In the place where you had to find White GrubTubs, break the crate below
    the Fuel Cells to reveal a Boost Pad near the bomb spore plant. Use the
    Rocket Boost staff upgrade to reach them.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #16-17=-
    -=Right to the entrance of ThornTail Shop is a Boost Pad. Use the Booster
    Staff Upgrade to reach the top and then go to the right to find them.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #18=-
    -=In the little temple where the Queen EarthWalker is, in front of the
    Portal Device.=-
    A)b)Ice Mountain
    -=Fuel Cell #19=-
    -=There is a crack on a wall at the end of the area. Plant a bomb spore there
    and fire the plant. It will explode revealing a room with a well and a fuel
    -=Fuel Cell #20=-
    -=In the cave with the jet snow (let's call it this way), there where you
    started the race with the two dinosaurs, right to the jet snow is an alcove
    in the wall and at the end a Fuel Cell.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #21=-
    -=In the same cave as #20, at the end of that cave, past the torches, in a
    small alcove in the right wall.=-
    A)c)SnowHorn Wastes
    -=Fuel Cells #22-23=-
    -=In the sewers leading to SnowHorn Wastes, near the shaft is a Boost Pad,
    boost yourself with the staff upgrade on the upper ledge and then use
    Fox's view (Z button) to notice a red switch you can shoot on with your
    staff. It will open the gate so you can pick up your two Fuel Cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #24-25=-
    -=After the race with the two dinosaurs, after helping the mammoth (you had
    to give him two roots), he made an ice block appeared on the frozen river.
    Push and pull that block to a ledge where is two fuel cells on, then climb
    it and collect them.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #26-27=-
    -=Where the road splits in two, one to ThornTail Hollow, the other to
    SnowHorn Wastes, up some kind of hill where the sign is, is a switch you
    have to activated to make a platform appear on the river. Use this newly
    appeared platform to reach a small alcove in the wall with two Fuel Cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #28=-
    -=This one is hard to spot. Down to the area leading near the path to
    ThornTail Hollow, follow the left wall until you come to a crack in the
    rock wall. It is right next to a torch. Make Tricky use Find so he digs in
    the wall revealing a small path. Enter it and follow the tunnel to a Fuel
    Cell and two crates. In case you're wondering, you're behind where the
    GateKeeper was being held.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #29-30=-
    -=After helping the GateKeeper, head to the river but don't go in yet.
    Follow the river to the left and at the end you'll notice a big dead tree.
    Fire on it with your staff and it'll fall above the river allowing you to
    cross to the other side of the river. Climb the wall there and at the very
    top is a Bafomdad and two fuel cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #31-32-33=-
    -=Jump in the river and swim to the other side. Enter the cave there. On the
    wall at the end is a switch you can fire with your staff. You may need to
    use Fox's view to see it. It's above the torch. It will make three Fuel Cells
    appear on a little hill next to the river. Return in the river and let the
    water flow drive you to the end of the river. Follow the wall to the hill
    with the three fuel cells. =-
    -=Fuel Cell #34=-
    -=Swim to the end of the river and you'll come to a Fuel Cell next to two
    crates near the well.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #35-36=-
    -=The second time you have to return to SnowHorn Wastes (when you help the
    grey SnowHorn), these fuel cells are next to the Krozoa Spirit Shrine
    entrance in the little cave. To open the gate to this cave, play the
    SnowHorn's game.=-
    A)d)Moon Mountain Pass
    -=Fuel Cell #37=-
    -=On your way to Moon Mountain Pass, in the cavern between those two areas,
    turn right as you enter this cave and the Fuel Cell is in some herbs next
    to the hole.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #38=-
    -=In the same cavern as #36, fall down in the hole in the center and take
    the left door, when you'll be out of the hole, the Fuel Cell is behind
    some weird pink mushrooms (cool-looking alien mushrooms).=-
    -=Fuel Cell #39=-
    -=In the area where barrels are thrown at you, look behind a bunch of moon
    mushrooms and you'll find it.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #40=-
    -=After the part with the barrels, look behind the wooden house where the two
    Sharpclaws where and you'll find it on the ledge behind.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #41=-
    -=In the area where a meteor crashed onto the ground, follow the wall to your
    right and you'll come to a short wall you can climb up. There is a Bafomdad
    and a Fuel Cell up there.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #42=-
    -=Before entering the Krozoa Shrine, you'll notice a place where you can plant
    a moon seed. Plant it and climb up the vine. Behind the well is a Bafomdad and
    a Fuel Cell.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #43=-
    -=To the right of the entrance to the Krozoa Shrine, behind the pillar.=-
    A)e)Cape Claw
    -=Fuel Cell #44=-
    -=In the big well, before Cape Claw but after the mini-maze, on one of the
    bottom footbridge.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #45=-
    -=At the very bottom of the big well, under the small waterfall.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #46=-
    -=At the very bottom of the big well, behind some distaffs.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #47=-
    -=As you enter Cape Claw, follow the path that leads to the waterfall on your
    left. You'll notice down there in the water a platform with a Fuel Cell on.
    Jump on it and collect the fuel cell.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #48=-
    -=After entering Cape Claw, go to the right on the wooden structure and you'll
    see a platform below, in the water. Jump on it to collect the fuel cell.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #49=-
    -=To the right of the cage where the CloudRunner Queen was being held is a
    small cave. Go in and in front of the portal device is a spot Tricky can
    dig into. The Fuel Cell is in there.=-
    -=Fuel Cells #50-51=-
    -=In the cave where you had to push blocks to stop the kinda green gas,
    you'll find these 2 Fuel Cells in the right end corner of that cave but
    they'll only be there the second time you have to return to Cape Claw.=-
    A)f)LightFoot Village
    -=Fuel Cells #52-53=-
    -=On your way to LightFoot Village, behind a small wall near the entrance to
    the village is a boost pad. Lift you up to the ledge and follow it to a lower
    platform where the fuel cells are on.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #54=-
    -=In the "forest" area, where you have to use the rocket boost to lift you
    up there, go to the left and at the end is a Fuel Cell behind the LightFoot
    Chief's hut roof.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #55=-
    -=After returning the babies that like to play underground to their mother
    (the babies are in the big temple near the entrance to the village), a boost
    pad will appear near the entrance to LightFoot Village. Lift you up on the
    wall and go in the forest area. The Fuel Cell is next to the well.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #56-57=-
    -=After returning the babies that like to climb up trees to their mother
    (the babies are outside the village, where there are many trees and two
    SharpClaws, just hit the trees with your staff and they'll eventually fall
    off), the mother will open the gate to a hut with 2 Fuel Cells inside.=-
    F o r c e  P o i n t  T e m p l e s
    B)a)Volcano Force Point Temple
    -=Fuel Cell #58-59=-
    -=Near the begining of the temple, in the room with three gates, turn off the
    fire with the Ice Blast staff upgrade (if you have it) and the gate will
    -=Fuel Cell #60-61=-
    -=In the same room as #57-58, stand on the pad in front of the gate and put on
    the SharpClaw disguise (when you'll have it) so the gate opens.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #62=-
    -=In the room where you must show the SpellStone to the seal in order to open
    a gate to the temple, before showing the SpellStone, slide down the ladder at
    the begining and the Fuel Cell is on the ledge below.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #63-64=-
    -=In the same area as #61, past the colored torches (before entering the force
    point temple), slide down the ladder at your left. Below, you will have to
    plant a moon seed (defeat a monster in Moon Pass Mountain to obtain it) in the
    ground and burn it with Tricky to make a vine grow up on the wall. Climb it
    and in an alcove at the top, you'll find a well and two Fuel Cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #65=-
    -=In the large room with a lava lake below (the Force Point), to the other
    side of the room (you must jump on the blocks in the lava to go there), climb
    a short wall there to find this Fuel Cell.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #66=-
    -=When you're above the Force Point (room with Fuel Cell #8, but the upper
    area), this Fuel Cell is on one of the ledge of the structure.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #67=-
    -=The second time you return to the force point temple, up the ladder in the
    room before you take the moving platform down.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #68=-
    -=Near #10, follow the path until you come to another platform in the room, the
    fuel cell is there.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #69=-
    -=Between #66 & #67, near the statues up there on the path.=-
    B)b)Ocean Force Point Temple
    -=Fuel Cell #70-71=-
    -=On the blue structure with blue flames over the water in one of the first room
    of the temple, the right path (there a switch there) lead to 2 Fuel Cells.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #72-73=-
    -=Before entering the blue warp pad next to the colored flame.=-
    -=Fuel Cell #74-75=-
    -=In the room with many platforms and water below, break the crate in this room
    to reveal a boost pad. Lift you up to the ledge over it to find them.=-
    4.                        -= C R E D I T S / E N D =-
    * All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
     respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Special Thanks
    Special thanks to : RareWare
                        My boyfriend for supporting me
                        All of you for reading my FAQ
                        Jim Avery for some correction in the FAQ section
                        Jinjo Ghost for telling me about a Fuel Cell I missed
    Contact me
    wishingtikal at gmail.com
    on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/WishingTikal
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