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Reviewed: 10/06/06

Second Best Starfox game Yet?....

This may contain some spoilers but not major. So when you beat the game I recommend reading it. At the very bottom contains the bosses and what I think the difficulty they were. That part contains spoilers.


Starfox graphics in the past were pretty good, for instance Star fox was pretty good for back then anyway I actually never played it. Star fox 64 (which I own) in my opinion for a Nintendo 64 game was reaally good. This game has great graphics but I think they lacked a little, because in ice mountain when you ride the speed bike when you went through the snow all you could see was the body and above.


The controls were great except for another part which was the speeder bike. It was sensitive but other than that it was really great. But one thing I would complain about is in Cloudrunner Fortress when you recieve the Sharpclaw disguise if you accidently press B (back button or cancel) then you just wasted some magic.


The main goal in this game is not only to collect items but it is to also save Krystal from being imprisoned in the glass in the beginning in the Krazoa Palace. In order to do that you must capture all 8 Krazoa Spirits.

But also not only do you walk but when you go from world to world then you get to fly in the arwing. Yeah, I know thats great but you can only go left, right, up and down. The best part about the flying in the arwing is going through the gold rings. You may think "oh thats just boring how is that fun?" but for me I just like it because its shiny but not only that but the gold rings cure you. So if your bored just keep crashing then go through a gold ring (or silver). Not like in Starfox 64 in all-range mode. But I think Rare is still hooked on Donkey Kong.

You also meet with new companions on the way. For instance, Tricky (the annoying dinosaur) is met. You can also give him commands (which I do all the time). One is to tell him to use flame (picture of fire)(burninate) because sometimes your fireblaster wont work on some things (like the Wall of thorns). He can also melt ice just in case. You can make him dig to find tunnels or treasure found underground. You can also play with a ball (a picture of a ball)(which you buy at the shop for around 15 scarabs). You can tell him to stay (which is a picture of a hand), and last you can tell him to come (which is a picture of tricky's head). People usually get confused after they beat the game (that I know of) and say "hey? why do I only have 4 of the 5 commands for tricky?" well the last one is the ball you buy at the shop (for me I think it is pointless). This game is stressful but don't give up. Just keep trying!

The thing that annoyed me the most is that in the game when you earn the Krazoa Spirts, you had to do the Tests. Well The hardest one for me is the Test of Fear. Don't get distracted by the dinosaurs and its best just to try staying in the middle and dont hit the analog stick to hard.


The music in the game was great but I think the best part was in the Krazoa Palace when Fox finally meets Krystal and there is that romantic music. This game has great music.


I can't really but a grade on the music. That is why I put a ?/10. In the test of fear after you finish the Lightfoot Village, the test of fear was the most complicated part for me in the game. I think that was a one time thing. But, the fighting and flying was simple. But the puzzles were medium, so it depends on what you are good at and what your not.

STORY: 10/10

The story was awesome but I still thought the game could have been longer.

General Scale's Ship

In the very beginning of the game there is a Ship you have to fight while flying on a Pterydactol while playing as Krystal. In case you haven't know this is General Scale's ship. I rate: */*****


In the level Darkice Mines where you fly too. The boss Galdon has 4 phases. You attack the tail, attack the the green thing thats looks like a punching bag, then you attack the heart (center of the body) when its charging up, then attack the green thing thats looks like a punching bag again and the spellstone will come out. I rate: */*****

Speeder bike Sharpclaw

I won't count them as a boss but still you have to fight them. This takes place in Ice Mountain. All you have to do is hit 3 sharpclaws on the speeder bikes 4 times. I rate: */*****

The rest if the bosses are between *** and ****** stars. Thats all I'll say.
I won't spil the rest of the game for you if you haven't finished... =P

Fuel Cells: from world to world

Now when you have to go from world to world you need something called a fuel cell. Fuel cells are used for the arwing. The first trip is need 5 Fuel Cells. The second trip 10 Fuel Cells. The third trip 12 and the forth trip you need 15. You have to have these! That is 42 fuel cells to go to all 4 worlds (excluding Dinosaur Planet). There is a total of 75 Fuel Cells scattered throughout the worlds, but you can get more since you can buy as many as you want in ThornTail Shop (for 10 Scarabs). You can hold a probably around 135 Fuel Cells though I'm not sure.

In the thorntail shop, you can gamble or buy. When you gamble to get to the spot. When you come out there will be two open areas and you may pass through any of them (you will go to the same place) and you will see the store owner.

Also, when you buy from the store owner the blue room contains Tricky's food, fuel cells, pukpuk eggs, bomb spores, dumbledang pods and fireflies. In red room it contains random stuff liek a couple of maps, bag holders, a lantern, trickys ball, an artifact and rock candy. In the final room, the purple room in contains all maps. worth 10 scarabs and 5 scarabs. but remember you can go lower on the prices but if you don't agree to his prices 2 times then the third time he kicks you out.

Posted: Friday, October 6, 2006

If you love Starfox then this game is for you! It may be complicated and maybe stressful but it is a GOT TO GET game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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