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"The best Starfox GC game - lots of spoilers inside"

Rare ware as expected has created the most beautiful game on the gamecube. The graphics in this game are stunning I love them. The characters are detailed and so very furry, they seem as realistic as humanoid foxes and lizards are going to get. This was one of the earliest games on the gamecube and one of if not the best looking ones as well.

The controls were great. I found them easy to understand and reminded me of the zelda games (the game engine was heavily based of Zelda Ocarina of time) the C sick was used to open the menu where you could see your buddy tricky's commands, see your staff's magical spells and find your items. The A button was a basic attack button and also used for spells. In the Arwing the controls where B for Bomb and A for shoot with a laser.

GAME PLAY: 10/10
The game play was very different for a star fox game, most of the game was out of the arwing, this was due to the fact that this was not supposed to be a star fox game. On land the gameplay was very similar to that of Ocarina of time's which was good because a player could pick it up and remember how to do it but it was new as well with the arwing missions.

On land you would attack with your staff, use a variation of Fox's famous shine from Super Smash Brothers and Super Smash Brothers Melee, throw bombs or get your friend Tricky to help you as well as other things. Then in your arwing it was just like Lylat Wars (or Star Fox 64) with A being for shooting and B being for bombs.

In the game you use a magical staff that belongs to telepathic blue fox named Krystal. The staff can be used to hit or it can use magic. When you use Magic it takes up Magic meter stuff so to replenish your magic meter you need to smack down little beads off little trees. The staff can let you Shoot fire, put out fires, disguise you as a sharpclaw, open magical gates or propel you upwards.

Aside from using your magical staff you have another helpful weapon type thing, the young Earthwalker Prince Tricky. Yes Tricky the first boss from Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64. Tricky can find secrets and dig holes which is useful for opening up new doorways and finding buried items, Tricky also has basic come and stay commands used for making him stay on platforms and such. Tricky's best ability is probably his Flame ability which is a very strong breath of fire that can melt almost all ices and heat almost anything. Tricky can also catch a ball and play with Fox, playing with Tricky enough will result in him changing his skin colour. Although there is one downside to Tricky you have to catch him GrubTubs and feed them to him so he can use his find and Flame commands.

The music and sound in this game are what can be expected from a Rare Ware game, brilliant. The music always suits the sitiuation and moment in the game. This game has some of the best music for a game on the gamecube, it is just fantastic.

The sounds are realistic and suiting to the situation. A bang with the staff on the rock sounds like what you would think it would and the shimmering of the scarabs sounds like a large bug moving through grass, when the Grub Tubs bounce around and then when they hit the ground it sorta sounds like a mushroom squishing and the shots of fire from the staff sound like fire would if it could be propelled in high speeds from a magical staff, it's just great.

The voice actors are also terrific, I mean fantastic. I have never heard Fox sound better. Tricky's voice really added into his personality and so did General Scales' cold voice. Krystal's voice is the only one I didn't like, she had a british accent that was supposed to be sexy, I felt it was more ugly than sexy.

As I said the gameplay was similar, for me The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Lylat Wars (Star fox 64) were some of my favourite Nintendo 64 games so it was similar to the point where it was too easy for me but with the staff and the mini games it was sorta different and the final battle against Andross was hard because you have so very little time in the arwing so it was like a quick change.

The Star Fox team was already established but Rare Ware developed Fox further and made him into a sort of shoot first ask later type of person. As for the original characters made for this game they were magnificent. General Scales was the sort of guy you loved to hate, he was cold, cruel and nasty and you just hated him for what he did to the dinosaurs. Even the random generic Dinosaurs had the start of a personality development. Tricky who was already in Diddy Kong Racing as a bad guy, in this game he was a good guy and he was just annoying and lovable. Krystal was possibly the best developed because straight away we learnt she was the last of her race and she had come to Dinosaur Planet (or Sauria) to answer a distress call so we knew she was a kind caring loving person straight away and then at the end we learnt she can also be grabby and the furries thought she was sexy.

STORY: 9/10
The story starts out simply as Fox wants to get payed so he has to go help a planet, but afterwards you have to go save the Dinosaur prince, then you have to get the dinosaur medicine and then you have to do this and that and it all intertwines together to make an interesting and some what complex storyline. The only thing about the story that annoyed me was at the end when Andross revived him self as the Krazoa god and destroyed General Scales, I wanted to actually fight general scales I didn't want to fight Andross again, it was annoying but the rest of the story was brilliant.

Buy, defiantly Buy. This is by far one of the best games on the gamecube. As a Nintendo fan I admit that there were very few actually good games on the Gamecube but this is one of the best games on this system, it is actually a great little game so Buy.

This game was originally intended to be called Dinosaur Planet and it was going to be on the Nintendo 64. The game also had 2 main characters Sabre and Krystal. Sabre was scrapped in the final version and Krystal was replaced as a damsel in distress. You would switch between the two using something called a swap stone which was changed to the Warp stone. Krystal and Sabre also had their own buddies, Sabre had Tricky who was used in the final version and Krystal had Kyte who was the Cloud Runner princess and set to be Queen. In this version of the game General Scales was also supposed to be the final boss and not Andross, why was it changed you may ask because Nintendo suggested it to Rare Ware, Rare Ware agreed to this and it was moved to the gamecube and changed to a Star Fox game (the first Star Fox game to use the name Star Fox world wide too) Shigeru Miyamoto the creator of the Mario, Zelda, Star Fox and other series announced that it would be changed to Star Fox Dinosaur Planet and then was changed to Star Fox Adventures. Early 2001 Nintendo announced that they had sold Rare Ware to Microsoft so people were worried about the game but 2 months later it was released. That my friends is how we got Star Fox Adventures, how do I know this? I was looking forward to Dinosaur Planet so I always checked for information, but Star Fox Adventures did not disappoint me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/23/06

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