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This game was originally going to be released for the N64 as Dinosaur Planet, however for some reason Rare and Nintendo decided to make it a launch title for the Game Cube and throw in the characters from the Star Fox series, a very good idea because even though I've never found Fox`s crew particularly appealing (save for Fox himself), the original characters designed for the game were downright awful.m

We have to rescue a princes and save a bunch of dinosaurs from the evil claws of a Lizard named Scales and his minions…nothing remotely new or interesting, but there is a lot of interaction between the characters and, well, it`s a decent excuse for a 3D adventure.

Absolutely spectacular. I haven`t played that many Game Cube games but I would bet my house this is one of best looking 3D titles in its entire library, it gives games like Twilight Princess a run for its money.

Eh, not much to say about it, sometimes there is some, most of the time none, just the average 3D adventure soundtrack. Too bad nobody thought about including some sort of redux of the amazing theme from the first stage of the original Star Fox for the shooting stages, what a waste.

The voice acting is good but the characters usually speak in their dinosaur language and frankly, it sounds mighty silly.

Starfox Adventures plays almost exactly like Zelda, the control scheme is similar and your task is to wander around looking for items to break walls or trade for better equipment, activate switches, reach new areas, acquire special powers, upgrade said powers… you know the drill.

And that is the main and only problem I have with this game, right from the beginning, you know what to expect, you know what is going to happen, where it is going to happen and how to make it happen. You`ve already completed all of the puzzles and avoided all of the pitfalls in other games so there is not a whole lot much to get exited about after a couple of hours playing. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that, specially when it`s this masterfully done, but I would say the game lacks an identity of its own.

I`ve also found the inclusion of Star Fox characters kind of contrived and gratuitous, I mean, I`ve say before that it was a good idea, but that is only because the dinosaurs look terrible. Simply put, they don`t belong to this game. This is probably why Rare decided to include a bunch of shooter sequences, for example before moving to another planet you have to collect a set number of rings in a short stage, kind of like the ones from Kingdom Hearts when you move from planet to planet. Then there are some other much more interesting parts where you ride huge dinosaurs while blowing up stuff, but only three of four times in the whole game, definitely not enough.

Although a forgettable experience that doesn`t add anything to the genre at all, Starfox Adventures is a terrifically good looking, well made and entertaining game that`s easy to recommend to anybody with a minimum interest in Zelda-esque adventures.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/21/09

Game Release: Star Fox Adventures (US, 09/23/02)

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