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"A Nice Changeup in the Star Fox Series"

I remember when picking this game up thinking that it would be really cool to grab a Star Fox game for the Gamecube. So, when I got home and put it in, imagine my surprise when I saw that not only did this game seem at first to not be a normal Star Fox game, but your character was some female fox like creature instead of the Star Fox we all remember. I actually was a little bit disappointed at first, but I went ahead and played along, surely I'd be flying through rings in no time. As the game went along, and the opening sequence ended things got more normal. There was the cut-scene with everyone chatting it up, and then sure enough it was back to the classic flying through space, shooting enemies, flying through gold and silver rings. However, I was still a little bit confused by the command of fly through one gold ring followed up by no boss at the end of the course. I'd figured that the things they were saying about flying to Dinosaur Planet had meant flying over it when I got there. However, this was not the case, as once I was through with that level there I came into an action/adventure game.

I must admit, I was once again disappointed with this. However, I decided to play forward and keep going. As I did this I slowly got more and more into the game. I usually don't play games for more than an hour or two per sitting, but with this game I found myself struggling to pull myself away, playing for several extra hours and being very tired for my classes the next day, but still not taking a nap, because I wanted to get back to playing this game.

What you have with this game is something that still has the occasional space missions that most of the old Star Fox games featured, but it also features more of an actual story and much more of an adventure. You've got a distress signal from Dinosaur Planet, and you go in to investigate it to find all sorts of things going wrong including four large chunks missing from the main part of the planet. The space missions include flying to these four chunks and flying back. Almost the entire time you're playing the game you're on some sort of terrain. As you solve certain problems, new ones arise. I'm not going to spoil anything, so I am trying to be as vague as I can here.

Soon after you get going you get a sidekick for the game, a dinosaur child named Tricky. The thing I like best about this sidekick is that you don't have to worry about keeping him healthy, you only have to worry about keeping him fed. In order to do this you just have to feed him a mushroom for every command he completes, nothing very hard at all, and of course if they're going to give you the sidekick, he's going to be mandatory for you to complete certain things in the game.

The difficulty of this game is not very high at all. It's got it's challenge to it and certain points that bring a pretty good challenge to the table, but as a whole, the game isn't very long, nor is it something that will present too much of a challenge to the casual gamer such as myself. I was able to beat it, picking up almost everything in the game (everything I knew of), and didn't spend a whole lot of time playing it. I go back and play it again every once in a while, and by this point I can beat it pretty quickly. The one problem that I do have with the difficulty is that I find the combat to be a little bit too easy. Regular combat in the game is something that even a small child can master. The boss battles are a little bit more difficult, but they're still nothing that takes an expert to figure out.

Something that usually isn't a concern for me, but blew me away with this game was the graphics. Especially during the cut-scenes, just seeing the hairs on the face of Fox blowing in the wind is something that, especially at the time, blew me away. It still is something that really impresses me when I see it, even with all of the crazy graphics that you see in games these days.

Outside of the combat being too easy, the only gripe that I do have with this game is the annoying dialogue. Listening to Tricky and Fox go back and forth about any stupid thing that they could possibly get into an argument about. The attitude that they continue to give Fox is nothing short of annoying, and Tricky is just plain annoying as well, the only positive I really got from it was that it made it fun for me to relentlessly beat on Tricky with my staff sometimes (I'll make a great father someday).

As a whole though, this was a very pleasant surprise. I was immediately disappointed, but I quickly gained a love for this game. The storyline is very good, the graphics are excellent, the controls are very easy to figure out, and there's a great sense of adventure to this game. The only negatives are the annoying dialogue and that the combat was a little bit too easy. Other than that, this is an underrated gem that we have here.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/27/10

Game Release: Star Fox Adventures (US, 09/23/02)

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