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Reviewed: 01/09/12

A Simple Game

This is my fourth review
Star Fox 64 was an amazing game and this is RARE's last game for the Gamecube some might expect it to be great but then again the maybe its the concept of the game that kind of made it a fail. I am clearly not trashing this game and I would tell you to buy it and try it because it lets you experience something you couldn't experience in any Star Fox game before it and that is an adventure outside the Arwing.

Game Play: Usually in Star Fox games you can control Fox but this game starts out by letting you play Krystal and her controls are similar to Fox's but there is a twist the Prince Tricky joins your side and he really helps you with a lot of stuff but fighting being not one of them. The controls are pretty easy to remember and you have an auto jump, and the main things are with the A button, your weapon is a staff wth powers you later get and there only two that you actually control, when I say that it kind of sounds stupid but trust me those are the only two you need to control. Final Rating 8/10

Story: The story sort of falls apart, you are a brave fighter named Fox and you journey to save Dinosaur Planet and to save this planet you must collect four spell stones and later in the quest you find ot about Krazoa Spirits. On this journey you meet many kinds of Dinosaurs that include the thorntails, the earthwalkers and the cloud runners any many more. Also you come by many puzzles that can be quite challenging. Although this story is kind of messed up once you get into details and I am not allowed to mention but a lot of events happen and you wonder how is that possible or it makes no sense and also the game didn't keep my attention. Final Rating 7/10

Graphics: Never play a game for it's graphics. This game had great detail on a lot of little things also a great impact on the scenery, if I could describe the graphics they would be 3D but with a little cartoon in it but not really noticeable, Some of the problems include the enemies that die in the game they just disappear and re-appear other problems are when you jump of a cliff sometimes you can't see Fox and all you see is the grass or dirt or whatever is atop that cliff. Final Rating 6/10

Bonus section (the concept): What I mean by the concept is the adventure outside the Arwing and that is a great concept but where the game developers headed with it they kind of got it in a hole and they really need to redeem themselves because I already said t was a fail and even when you got in the Arwing it looked terrible the shooting was bad and the bombs where just basically red lasers that hit like two enemies, and one last thing I didn't enjoy the flying at all what so ever it was terrible and done.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Star Fox Adventures (Player's Choice) (US, 09/25/03)

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