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"There's a NEW Dinosaur Hunter in town!"

This is possibly the most anticipated game for the gamecube system, and let me tell you, Star Fox Adventures, REALLY delivers. The graphics, gameplay, storyline, and all new characters and features are all really great. All of this and more is definately worth your money! You still get all the great flying simulator missions as well as some advanced fighting tactics. The battle system, sound, and graphics are intense. Bring a friend and show them all the new stuff, they will be very surprised at what Fox has in store.

Dinosaur Planet is tearing apart!!!...time for Fox to step in and stop General Scales. You travel through different parts of dinosaur planet fighting and looking for all new stuff and powerups while saving friendly dinosaurs along the way. All together, it's a really good plot for Star Fox.

The enviorment looks really great, especially the water and lakes. The fur looks great on Fox and Krystal, all the characters have great detail. The enemies look really good and have just the right AI. Cinema and fights look great!

The controls are pretty good. All the buttons are where they need to be. The handeling is actually pretty good, I was hoping for the c-stick to be used for camera rotation though, but it's still good. All the fights are great. The new fighting system is great and similar to Eternal Darkness...except with incredible combos. The new combos and other things are really intense, you can pull of numerous amounts of combos with a tap of the A button. The strafe is there, the targeting system is there, it is all there.

The voice actor for Fox is really great, but the one thing that gets on my nerves the most is the language they use. It is like watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but it's ok the first few times it's used. The music sounds a little on the lion king side, but it will do. The sounds of the monsters and weapons are really cool. So, turn that volume up and enjoy!

This game is really great. It's gonna last a LONG time to beat, but it will be really fun along the way. Once you pick up the controller, you will never wanna stop playing. The graphics are really amazing and a marvel to look at. The languages are pretty cool to listen to...near the beginning. The battle system and extra side-quests are really fun. Boss fights are golden and can be really fun to play. Overall, this game is one of the best yet. Once again, Star Fox has delivered a hit title to add to their golden collection. Pick it up today and let your own adventure begin!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/24/02, Updated 09/24/02

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