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Reviewed: 09/26/02 | Updated: 10/30/02

Rare's first and last Gamecube game is a classic!

Star Fox Adventures started out as a Nintendo 64 project called ''Dinosaur Planet.'' For reasons unknown to me they changed it to a Gamecube game and changed the title to Star Fox Adventures. Originally it had nothing to do with Star Fox, but later on they added that part and made it into the first Star Fox game in which you control Fox on foot. This was my most anticipated game for the Gamecube, and in fact the reason I bought a cube in the first place. Let me say this is a excellent game, but it does have flaws like every game ever made.

Game play - 8/10

Star Fox Adventures feels a little like a Zelda game, but there are many differences to make it a whole different experience. I had more fun playing this than I did any Zelda game.

You play the role of Fox McCloud, as you do in Star Fox and Star Fox 64.

The battle system is simple, although more complex than any Zelda game. Your main weapon is a staff, and you can do multi-hit combos with it by pressing different directions and the A button repeatedly. There is little variety in the possible combos though. You add in your staff's extra abilities to the combo, like a fireball. As you progress through the game, you can add upgrades to the staff such as the ability to shoot fireballs. Each of these upgrades require magic power, which you can refill by collecting gems that are scattered on the ground or attached to a plant. These abilities are also essential in solving puzzles throughout the game.

You have a companion that follows you everywhere, named Prince Tricky. You can give him commands such as find (he'll dig a hole in certain spots to find an item), and they are used in many puzzles. You'll have to collect some mushroom creatures and feed them to Tricky so he'll have enough energy to follow a command. Fortunately Tricky isn't as annoying as followers in other games that I've played, he never really gets in your way.

Now the parts of Star Fox Adventures that I enjoyed the most was the mini-games! You'll play several mini-games as you progress through the game, and each one is fun. I can't mention any of them though, since none of them are mentioned in the instruction booklet it would be spoiling the game.

Puzzles are abundant, and nicely varied. They aren't so hard that you'll be pulling your hair out, but they aren't all so easy that you'll be bored either.

Story - 6/10

Eight years after the defeat of Andross in Star Fox 64, the Star Fox team has continued its patrol of the Lylat system, guarding it from threats. Falco has left the team, Slippy decided to quit flying and become Weapons R&D, Peppy retired from flight duty and is now navigator and advisor.

The Great Fox, the team's patrol ship is in fairly bad condition, and the Star Fox team needs money to fix it up. They have been waiting for a mission from General Pepper that will be worth the kind of money they need to fix up the Great Fox.

General Pepper gives them that mission. A distress signal was received from Dinosaur Planet. The the planet has been separated into 5 pieces! It's up to Fox to restore the planet to its original state and fight the cause of the problems on the planet.

Audio - 8/10

The music in Star Fox Adventures is absolutely beautiful! Each area has its own tune and they all feel just right.
Voice acting is done very well. Almost every character speaks too. Text without a voice is very rare in this game.

Visuals - 10/10

The graphics of Star Fox Adventures are some of the most gorgeous I've seen in any game. Very few games come even close. Even Final Fantasy X doesn't even top this, and that's by no means a small feat!

I found myself just exploring around to look at the beautiful scenery, and I rarely do that in video games.
The fur effect on mammal characters is amazing! It looks almost like the real thing. Fox's fur looks especially good.
You can tell that great detail was put into the graphics of this game.

- The character, Krystal, is a work of art and is very sexy
- Fox is also sexy
- You get to play as Krystal
- Play as Fox on foot for the first time
- Mini-games are great fun!
- Good balance of action and puzzle solving

- Unfortunately, Krystal is only seen for a very tiny portion of the game.
- You only get to play for Krystal for a very short time!
- Not many possible combos in battle
- Not enough boss battles
- Too short!

Overall - 9/10

Star Fox Adventures exceeded my expectations. The only major flaw is that the game is way too short! I finished it in about 20 hours. I was hoping for at least 30 hours.

To buy or not to buy? - Unfortunately this is a hit or miss game. Many people will be turned off from it because they believe that Fox should stay in the skies, yet many people will also enjoy the different direction the game took from the series. I suggest a rental first.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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