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"StarFox Adventures...A Pure Gem"

Story: 10
The story is set 8 years after the events in StarFox 64. Fox and his team have been waiting for a job to help pay the bills, and oh boy did they get one. Fox is still the great hero he used to be, but his team has changed a bit. Falco has dissapeared from the lack of work. Slippy has changed his line of work to being the mechanical person on board, upgrading Rob and working on new weapons and devices. Peppy has retired from piloting and is now just a helping hand and a mentor to the rest of the team. Krystal also joins the cast in the game. She is the only survivor of her home planet Cerinia, and wanders the galaxy searching for answers. She gets intangled into the mess responding to a distress call from the Dinosaur Planet. The rest of the game plays on as Fox trying to save the Dinosaur Planet from General Scales, the leader of the attack on Dinosaur Planet.

Graphics: 10
These graphics are the best I've seen in a long time. The textures in this game are incredibly detailed and fluid. During the game I found myself just stopping and just watching it. It's that good.

Sound: 10
The sound is great. From fighting to casting spells to talking everything is perfect. You will never get bored from the music and every affect is great.

Control: 10
Using the staff couldn't be easier. Every task can be done in seconds. Selecting items in the C menu is extremely easy. Fighting is very easy to learn and once you do is so fluid you'd think you were the one fighting instead of Fox. Your staff gains upgrades such as Fire Blast. This shoots out a small ball of fire. These abilities can be set to the Y button for easy access. Overall, the control is dead-on.

Gameplay: 10
Adventure has never been more fun. From exploring areas for that secret staff upgrade to fighting scales, its all great. Fighting couldn't be more fun. You get to wail on many different enemies using a magical staff. You can combo chains of attacks onto enemies and even use magic through the staff to attack. I have never had so much fun fighting since Zelda OoT. You are given set objectives you are sent to complete. If your worried its all on the ground, don't be. You do get to fly the Arwing on occasions just like Starfox 64.

Overall: 10
Everything in this game is dead on. The story is superb, the graphics are simply amazing, the sound is beautiful, the control is dead on and the gameplay couldn't be more fun. Definitly a must have for every Adventure Gamer.

Buy or Rent?
Buy, without a doubt. This is easily one of Rares best and easily one of the best Adventure titles out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/27/02, Updated 09/27/02

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